Beastiality & Furry Sex Stories This section will be devoted to beastiality and "furry" sex stories of all kinds contributed by our visitors. We invite you to submit your own beastiality sex stories to us. The stories we're looking for are similar to those posted in the newsgroup (yes, they can be as explicit as you like, no restrictions here).

You can send your sex story(s) using our online Sex Story Submission Form or check out our Writer Guidelines page to find out how to send it as an email message. You'll be given full credit for your story and your name and email address will be posted under the title (unless you prefer to remain anonymous - just let us know).

Feel free to submit your animal or furry/morph sex stories at any time. We'll also add photos or other illustrations to your story if you send them to us as email attachments in GIF or JPEG format. Drop us a line if you have any questions too.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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Content Warning...

All of the stories listed below are strictly works of fiction. However, if you're offended by tales of sex with animals, both consensual and non-consensual, or other violent and extreme acts, then please do not click any of the story links below (instead you should click here to go back to the main stories index page now).


Beastiality & Furry Sex Stories

Look for the new marker to identify the most recent stories. Usually you'll find the latest contributed stories at the top of the list. But we're now keeping story threads together when we add new writing from that author so you should make sure to scroll down the list to find new additions to existing stories too.

"No Sex, Causes Curiosity" ... by Marc (F best*)  

"Witch Bitch-Part 2" ... by Sailor (F, reluc, nc, rape, best)  

"Witch Bitch" ... by Sailor (F, reluc, nc, rape, best)  

"Accidental Zoophile" ... by Blade (f, beast, dogs)  

"The Laboratory" ... by Blade (f, beast, gorilla)  

"Sexual Hike-Part 2" ... by Blade (f, beast, hike)  

"Sexual Hike" ... by Blade (f, beast, hike)  

"My Passions" ... by Bramble2 (ff-fm-fmmm -zoo-mf)  

"The Friendly Neighbor" ... by Blade (fm, best, cons)  

"Anwsered Ad-Part 2" ... by Bramble2 (MF-MMMF-ZOO)  

"Anwsered Ad-Part 1" ... by Bramble2 (MF-MMMF-ZOO)  

"Wild Island" ... by Blade (f, best, island)  

"The New Job" ... by Blade (ff, best, real)  

"Summer Holiday" ... by Blade (fm, best, real)  

"Holiday Job" ... by Lesley (fmm, best, real)  

"Slut or Bitch in Heat" ... by Chance (F zoo) <  

"Doing It" ... by Kathy (F, Best)  

"A Big Change" ... by Bramble (MF, zoo)  

"First Time for My Girlfriend" ... by Aftershaveman (best, m, f, oral, zoo)  

"My Sexual Adventure Begins on an Exciting Note" ... by Sheperd (F, Zoo)  

"When" ... by Kathy (ff, Beast)  

"Betty's Animal Farm" pt.4 ... by Writer Mike (ff, Ff, fm, incest, group, orgy best, tg, cons, fdom, toys)  

"Betty's Animal Farm" pt.3 ... by Writer Mike (ff, Ff, fm, incest, group, orgy best, tg, cons, fdom, toys)  

"Betty's Animal Farm" pt.2 ... by Writer Mike (ff, Ff, fm, incest, group, orgy best, tg, cons, fdom, toys)  

"Betty's Animal Farm" ... by Writer Mike (ff, Ff, fm, incest, group, orgy best, tg, cons, fdom, toys)  

"K9 Life Style - An Evolution" ... by Bobbie (MF best, wife, voy, oral)  

"The Tigress and The Poet: Catchpule Station 2" ... by Horatio Wolf (MF con furry sci-fi)  

"Nelson" ... by Annonymous (F, Zoo)  

"Britany" ... by Dennis (f, mF, cons, best*)  

"Angie's First" ... by Bramble (MF, zoo)  

"Planet of the Rapes" ... by Shadow Artist (Fbeast+, orgy, rape, oral, anal)  

"K9 And Then Some" ... by Bobbie (MF, Beast)  

"Deanne's Zoo Ordeal" ... by Keldric (F, reluc, anal, best)  

"Training For Doggie" ... by Bobbie (MF, Beast)  

"Dogs and Women" ... by Bobbie (F, Zoo)  

"The Crime, The Victim, and the Criminal"- Ch. 1 ... by Writer Mike (rape, best, mdom)  

"The Crime, The Victim, and the Criminal"- Ch. 2 ... by Writer Mike (rape, best, mdom)  

"The Crime, The Victim, and the Criminal"- Ch. 3 ... by Writer Mike (rape, best, mdom)  

"Teresa's Story" ... by Teresa Prince (F, Reluc, Best)  

"Wild Old Chick" ... by Bobbie (F, Zoo)  

"Self Sucking Zoophile" ... by Chris Knott (b, solo, zoo)  

"Horses Are More Than Beautiful" ... by Bobbie (F, Zoo)  

"Wife's First Bestiality" ... by Shutterbug51 (MF best, bond)  

"Buster's Bitch" ... by Megumi (F best wife)  

"Gretchen and the Piper at the Gates of Dawn" ... by Bear (FMM,furry,magic,reluc,bd,size)

"My Wife's Little Business" ... by Stryker (F nc rough cheat zoo real)


Animal Sex Movies
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"It's Not Possible" ... by Bramble (MF, K9)

"How I Made the Wife Curious" ... by Bramble (MF, K9)

"Anna Revisits Marineland" ... by Batman 88 (MF, Fbeast, cons, oral, anal, toys, slow)

"The Perks of Bein a Farmboy" ... by Farmboy (M, solo, zoo)

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"Art's Surprise" ... by Bramble (MF, zoo)

"Bad Girl Comes In First" ... by Bramble (MF, zoo)

"Enough is Enough" ... by Onall4s2112 (MF reluc Fdom zoo)

"A Dog's Life" ... by BlackWidow (F 1st con best)

"Maximilian" ... by Teddie (MF best FF cons anal oral tv)

"Sunrise Train: Lonely Hearts" ... by Horatio Wolf (MF-cons anal furry Scfi)

"My First Erotic Animal Experience" ... by Jean (best oral cheat)

"Deb's Family Farm Training 20/33" ... by Jake Spears (best FDom no sex)

"Animal Fantasy" ... by Alex McGregor (MF best oral anal)

"Katie and Mugs and Carrie" ... by Teddie (FF cons fist best oral)

"Hog Raising" - part 1 ... by Grandpa Jack (MM beast)
     "Hog Raising" - part 2
     "Hog Raising" - part 3

"Young Amy Gets Caught" - part 3 ... by Amy C. (f best Mf interr reluct oral)

"Young Amy Fights Her Desires" - part 2 ... by Amy C. (f best reluc oral)

"Anna Kournikova at Marineland" ... by David Oberman (NC best rape MMF oral anal)

"Labradazzeled" ... by BlackWidow (F 1st cons best oral)

"Sissi Cops" ... by Tervicz (best scat voy anal)

"Bo Derek - Best of the Beast 01/02" ... by Doberman (M+F oral anal voy cuckold reluc best)

"Catchpule Station: Incoming Transmissions" ... by Horatio Wolf (MF rom furry scfi)

"Shania Twain, the Making of a Video" ... by Doberman (M+F rape oral anal best)

"Deb's Family Farm Training" ... by Jake Spear (incest zoosex F dog bd nc)
      [editor's note: now available by chapter, with more to come]
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7
Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14
Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20 more to come

"Tracy's Shepherd" ... by Sci Fi KID (F reluc best)

"One Damp Evening" ... by Graham (beast bi trans)

"Samantha's Mother Could Be A Bitch Too" ... by Cobber (beast FM oral anal)

"Samantha Makes Some Discoveries" ... by Cobber (f-solo voy MF FDog ws zoo)

"Samantha Grows Up" ... by Cobber (f 1st solo reluc beast ws)

"Dog Breath" ... by Dafney Dewitt (mf nc best ws)

"Absolute Beginners" - part 1 ... by Smokey and the Bandit (FF beast toys)
"Absolute Beginners" - part 2 (beast FF toy)

"The Family Ritual" ... by Canaco (M+f mf ff mf cons inc beast)

"Summer Fun on the Farm" ... by Mareslut (beast MF MM group dom)

"Maylea's Furry Job" ... by {Canaco} (F cons zoo/beast)

"A Horse of a Different Color" ... by The Rider (beast MM anal)

"Young Amy In Her Bedroom" ... by Amy C. (f reluc solo best 1st)
   "Young Amy Fights Her Desires" - part 2 ... (f best reluc oral)
   "Young Amy Gets Caught" - part 3 ... (f best Mf interr reluct oral) new

"A Dogs World" ... by Tracer (F-dog 1st reluc zoo)

"The Hound" ... by celeste (F beastiality)

"A Whorse Story" ... by Joey (bestiality horse)

"Catherine's Playmate" - part 1 ... by Jim Jones (F+M reluc MDom bestiality 1st)

"Catherine's Playmate" - part 2
"Catherine's Playmate" - part 3
"Catherine's Playmate" - part 4

"Stacy's First Time" by Scott ... (beast F/dog)

"Donkey Sex" by unknown author ... (bestiality video FFF/donkey FF/dog)

"Hilasko" by Paul Stacy ... (furry magic MM rough bd anal)

"Outcast Island" - part 1 by nightshade ... (furry)

"Outcast Island" - part 2
"Outcast Island" - part 3

"Interview" by nightshade ... (furry)

"Montana Sheepherder" by anonymous

"Solitude" by nightshade ... (furry)

"The Virgin and the Stud Dog" by anonymous

"My Girlfriend's Surprise" by Scott ... (beast dog rotwieller)

"Devil" - part 2 (looking for part 1)


"Pets" - part 2

"Riding Bareback"

"The Leopardess"

"Sisters: Alice and Sue"

"Sisters: Alice and Sue" - part 2
"Sisters: Alice and Sue" - part 3
"Sisters: Alice and Sue" - part 5
"Sisters: Alice and Sue" - part 6
"Sisters: Alice and Sue" - part 7
"Sisters: Alice and Sue" - part 8
"Sisters: Alice and Sue" - part 9

"The Babysitter and the Great Dane"

"The Babysitter and the Great Dane" - part 2
"The Babysitter and the Great Dane" - part 3
"The Babysitter and the Great Dane" - part 4
"The Babysitter and the Great Dane" - part 5
"The Babysitter and the Great Dane" - part 6




"Animal Orgy"

"Vanessa Loves Horses"

"The Summer Of '98"

"Ranch Raised"

"City Girl"

"First Time"

"Wife's Best Friend"

"A Snake In The Grass"

"Jeannie's Horny Pets"

"Watching The Dog" ... wife and dog

"Watching The Dog" - part 2

"Doggie Heaven"

"Alternate Pleasure"



"Zoo" is short for zoophelia/zoosexual

For those not familiar with the term, zoosexuality is an orientation, in the same category as hetero-, homo- and bisexuality. It has long been called zoophilia, but that term has come to mean a mental aberration or sickness, and so it has no place in the zoosexual world. We are not sick at all. For the purposes of this page, a zoosexual is a person who has a profound emotional and/or physical attraction to animals. This attraction is manifested in many ways, including sexual contact with animals. The term bestiality is also used to describe sexual contact between humans and animals, and 'bestialist' and 'zoosexual' are similar terms. Within the zoo community, it is becoming a convention that zoosexual refers to someone who has an emotional attraction for their animal partner(s), while a bestialist is only interested in the sexual aspects of such practices.

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