"A Dog's Life"

      by BlackWidow

      (F 1st cons best)

Up until five months ago my life was pretty normal as far as dogs go. You see, I am a four-year-old black and silver Great Dane named Baxter and I live with my master Jennifer and her kids. She has had me since I was very young, a couple of months old I think. My master used to have a husband up until recently when she came home and found me locked in the kitchen closet and her husband was subsequently found in the bedroom with some other lady. Well, to say the least all hell broke loose and for the first time in my whole life I actually got to be this vicious protector. Wow did that feel good to growl and bark and to chase this guy out the door. Jennifer's husband had always hated me for some reason even though I had never really done anything to him. Except if you count the time I ate his brand new shoes. Hey, they smelled great and tasted even better. Got my ass kicked for that one, let me tell ya. He made me stay outside in the cold and the dark for a week. Of course my master snuck out to see me.

After she caught him with that other lady it got to the point that she was sad all the time and that really made me mad. Hell, I was so mad that when he came to pick up his stuff I just stood there and growled at him the whole time. I wanted so bad to bite the crap out of him for making my master so sad. Well, it seemed that after he was actually gone she started to come back around. Things really started to turn around for me as well. I got to sleep in the bedroom and even sleep on the bed. I was never allowed on the bed and rarely allowed in the bedroom except when he wasn't home. With him gone I had the run of the house and even got to follow Jennifer everywhere she went without someone protesting all the time.

Two month ago I was laying in the living room in front of the fireplace as I usually did. The warmth felt so good on my fur and I had a great view of the front of the house. I heard the door open and I leaped to my feet and bounded to the door to either greet the person or to eat the person. It was with great joy for me to see that it was my master. She had just come back from working out and I just loved the way she smelled and after she got all sweaty she smelled even better. Of course as a young and horny dog I was always trying to sniff her butt and her crotch. Hey, I am a dog, which is what we do. Anyways, I waited for her to bend over and when she did I put my nose close to her rear end and inhaled deeply, taking in her scent. Now here is the funny thing. This time she did not slap my nose or tell me to knock it off. This was very unusual for my master but hey I was not going to argue or try to analyze the situation, I was going to take advantage of it.

I kept my nose in close proximity to her rear end and continued to sniff until she stood. She just looked at me and smiled and then walked off toward the kitchen. Well, I trotted along behind her, wondering what the hell was going to happen next. Upon reaching the kitchen she opened the fridge and pulled out a bottle of wine and some cheese. She poured a glass of wine and cut some cheese and put it all on a tray and headed for the living room. This too was unusual for Jennifer and my curiosity was getting the best of me. I stayed very close to her hoping to get a treat and maybe another good sniff. I was thinking that I might even get to sniff her crotch today being she was in such a different mood. Had I known how limited my vision was at the time I might have exploded in anticipation.

Upon reaching the living room she put some more wood on the fire and sat in the oversized leather chair that was nearest the fireplace. I took up my usual position with my head on her knee and watched as she quickly drank her glass of wine and poured herself another. I decided to push the envelope and I moved my head from her knee to her thigh. I was now close enough to get a good sniff her crotch and could smell her musky fragrance. Good God did she smell good and I could feel my balls twitch and tingle as I took her wonderful scent in. As close as my nose was to her crotch I fully expected to get slapped but instead she just put her hand on my head and rubbed my ears as she continued to consume the bottle of wine.

I slowly and methodically moved my nose closer and closer to her pussy until the only thing between my nose and her pussy was the thin layer of cloth that her workout shorts were made from. The whole time she never once pushed me away or told me I was a bad dog. My nose was going a million miles an hour as I tried to take in as much of her intoxicating fragrance as I could. Never before had I been allowed to get this close to my master's crotch let alone been allowed to linger in such a wonderful spot. After she had polished off the bottle of wine she looked down at me, smiled and asked, "Do you like that Baxter"? I was not sure of what she was referring to exactly because she was still petting my head. It did not take long for me to figure out what she was talking about because she pushed her pussy up and forward forcing my nose down between her legs.

This was the single greatest thing to happen to me up this point in my life. She held my head in place, not that she had to, for quite a while before she pulled my head out of her crotch and then pushed me away. My master then stood and made her way to the bedroom and believe me I was not far behind. Entering her bedroom she did not turn on the lights as she walked through to the bathroom, which was odd. At this point I did not care and was not about to leave her side. I followed her into the bathroom where she went pee, washed her hands and brushed her hair. Leaving the bathroom she grabbed a towel and turned off the light as she made her way to the bed.

Slowly she removed her shirt and then her bra letting her clothes fall to the floor where I spared no time working them over with my sniffer. She then slid her shorts down her thighs and let them fall at her ankles and carefully stepped out of them. My master then kicked them over to me as if offering them to me to sniff at will and sat down on the bed and watched as I buried my face in her well-scented shorts. She sat there and watched for some time as I sniffed and licked her short trying not to miss out on a single smell. Out of the blue she said "Come here Baxter, I have a treat for you." A treat! Well, that was something that sounded good to me and I obeyed without delay.

She reached out with her hands, grabbed my head and drew it to her face. Bringing my nose up to hers she kissed me and hugged me showing me that she cared for me and I was about to find out just how much she cared.



With her arms wrapped around my neck and her face next to mine I could feel her breathing grow erratic as she held me. Pushing my head back and looking into my eyes she said, "Now you are going to get to do what you have wanted to do for so long." and with that she placed her hands on my head and pushed my head down. I looked down to see her slowly spreading her legs as my nose got closer to her sweet smelling crotch and it was then that I knew exactly what she was talking about. I needed no further instruction and stuck my nose into her crotch and I heard her moan softly when my nose came in contact with her soft shaved pussy. My master spread her legs wider and wider as I sniffed up and down her crotch from her ass to her belly.

Jennifer then lay back and it was then that I slowly snaked my tongue and tasted the most wonderful thing in the world. Her pussy tasted sweet and tangy and the more I licked the more she moaned. She kept saying, "Yes Baxter, yes! Lick it Baxter, more, more"! Who was I to disobey my beautiful master and I plunged my tongue hard and fast into her pussy and between her ass cheeks cleaning every last drop of flavor from her body. Jennifer allowed my to lick her lovely pussy at will as she screamed my name over and over again for better then fifteen minutes. I was the happiest dog on earth and I could not have hoped for more but I was to find out shortly that she had much more in store for this black dog.

Jennifer unexpectedly sat up and pulled my head from her now throbbing pussy. At first I thought that I had done something wrong until she leaned down and kissed my pussy-covered nose. Then she did something that surprised me, she got down on her knees and rested her chest on the bed. Well, I leaned my head down and began to lap away at her ass and pussy. My master then rose up and reached behind her and grabbed my paws pulling me forward up against her back. With my paws still in her hands she lay back down pulling me up on top of her. I was not sure what she was doing at first but it became very clear when she reached down between her legs and wrapped her hand around my now hardening cock.

She began to slowly stroke my furry sheath back and forth as the tip of my red-hot cock started to sneak out. I had this really bad urge to start humping as she stroked my cock and it took everything I had in me to stand still for her. I could feel her pulling my cock closer to her and as if struck by lightning a huge shock went through my body when the tip of my hardening cock came in contact with her hot wet pussy lips. I could no longer contain myself as the tip slid into her fiery pussy and I lunged forward driving over half of my cock into her soft tight pussy. My master screamed out as if in pain and I froze in fear that I had done something really bad.

After a moment of silence she told me to be gentle and to slow down. She started to stroke me again slowly, pulling and pushing me in and out of her pussy. With slow movements I began to take over for her and she must have trusted me not to hurt her anymore because she removed her hand from my cock and began to meet my thrusts. I humped slow and gentle as she moaned loudly as I slowly and steadily sank inch after inch of my rapidly swelling cock deeper and deeper until the knot at the base of my cock was planted firmly against her cunt. My master was moaning and screaming as she fucked harder and harder against my cock, which caused me to drive harder and faster to meet her quickening pace.

The ball at the base of my swelling cock was slamming harder and harder into the entrance of her cunt causing her pussy to be stretched more and more with each thrust. I wanted to lock with my beautiful master but I did not want to hurt her in any way. As I pounded in and out of her tight cunt she slammed herself back more forcefully each time and with our timing perfect my love knot forced its way into her cunt and Jennifer screamed in delight at its entrance. My cock was swelling into place in my master's pussy as I fucked harder and faster as my orgasms came one after another building slowly to the finally grand finale. Jennifer came again and again as we fucked together in our first lovers coupling. With everything I had left in me I lunged as far forward as I could driving my now massive cock hard and deep into her as shower after shower of my come coated the inside of her cunt.

Even though I was now spent we remained locked together for ten minutes or so and Jennifer continued to fuck my cock until I shrank enough to pull out. As my cock slid out of her sweet cunt I could feel every contour of her vagina and it made me want to do this again real soon. Once out she would not allow me to clean myself. Instead she made me lay down and then she sucked my cock clean of our juices and with her ass close enough for me to reciprocate I lapped at her cunt bringing her to orgasm one more time. When finished with my cock, Jennifer headed for the shower and I made sure that there were no leftovers on my cock.

Since our first coupling we have gotten into a routine which gives me the opportunity to please my master several times a week and I know for sure now that I am the most privileged dog on earth.

- The End -

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