"Absolute Beginners" - part one

      by Smokey and the Bandit

      (FF best toys)

It started out as a fantasy....

The kind you read. The kind that excites you, but you don't dare tell anyone about...at least that's what I thought.

I was wrong.

It should not have surprised me but it did. In the past few months my life had changed so drastically. I had found a love I never thought I would have, and with a WOMAN no less. She brought out in me the fantasies that had been hidden deep inside all my life and made them come true.

Our fantasies and relationship started out on the computer. And from the first time she said, "Open your robe." the ache started deep inside me. In all my 37 years, I had NEVER touched myself intimately anywhere. And when she guided me through taking my breast in my own hand and rubbing my clit with my fingers, something inside me exploded, and a brand new sexual being was born.

Then the phone calls started, and ecstasy was mine. I learned how to touch my clit with just the right pressure to make me climax...several times, but I always felt like I needed more and she gave it to me.

Soon after we began to get intimate I bought my first vibrator, and when she said one night, "Baby, buy batteries." I came on the spot.

That was just the beginning of my toy experiences. In time I have come to buy many more, however, that is another story.

After 6 months of great sex there came a day when porn was introduced into my life.

I had read many erotic stories, but pictures were a whole new avenue for me. And, suddenly, I was seeing pictures of things I had only read about. The sight of a dog's tongue on a woman's clit was too much for me. My overloaded senses told me this was wrong. My body under the direction of my fingers told me differently. The pictures were now burned into my mind, and the fantasy had started.

My lover and I have an extremely satisfying sex life on the phone. One filled with a lot of imagination and laughter. However, there was no way I could tell her that I felt this way about the fantasies running through my head. Was there? One day, my mind halted my body.

"Stop baby I can't do this today. I can't get the images out of my head. Those pictures, oh god what is wrong with me?" Then I heard what I had never expected.

"I like it too....They turned me on."

The thought of a dogs cock inside me, ohhhh. I was in heaven. This woman was taking me to heights of pleasure I had never known. Later that day, the plan started. I wanted to feel a dogs tongue licking me, making me cum. And well would a young dog do? I hoped so, because the mere thought of my dog Rusty's rough tongue on me made me wet.

Later that night, in the warm summer darkness. I went outside, hot and filled with need, and sat on the steps leading to the backyard, in nothing but a robe. At first my leg was his focus, licking my knee, my thigh, but then, ohhh god, he found my clit. His tongue lapping was pure bliss. I was so wet. He kept licking, his tongue slipping into my cunt sending shivers up my spine. My fingers working my clit, my juices running down only to be lapped up by Rusty. Sometimes he would bite a little making it even more pleasurable.

Here I was in my backyard getting tongue fucked by my dog. The thought alone made me move closer to the edge of the step, so his tongue could go in deeper.

As I started to cum my fingers were rubbing fast and furious on my hard swollen nub, causing me to contract around Rusty's tongue. The first orgasm was so intense that I was weak kneed as I finally rose and went into the house. But is wasn't enough, half an hour later I went back out put a mat on the ground and got on my hands and knees. It took him a bit but oh when he found my wet cunt he went at me like I was raw meat. Licking and biting me lapping up every drop of my juices, making me buck my ass against him wishing he was old enough to sink his cock into my aching pussy. He couldn't get all the juices dripping down to my swollen sensitive slit so he laid down on his back to get to them and my cunt exploded in an orgasm that rocked my body.

I fell asleep that night sated, a little sore and happy but, how was I going to tell my lover I had done this? To read and look was one thing. But to actually do? How would she react?

The following morning when we were talking, I knew I would tell her. I was terrified until I started to tell her and she said, "Tell me, tell me what you did." Her voice was breathless and the moan that came from her when I told her made me sopping wet. Although the dog fantasy was pretty new to us in theory, we both had been aroused by it for some time.

"Baby?" I asked, "do you want me to go outside?"

"Yeeeeees," she said. Please, oh god, yesss."

I took my cell phone out and she called a few minutes later. By now Rusty was a pro, going straight for my sopping wet cunt. As he ate me, I could hear her moans, and her ragged breathes, and Rusty felt so good I was begging him not to stop, holding his head gently to my throbbing clit. Moaning and moving my hips until I could take no more. I heard her intake of breath as I came.

What she was feeling and thinking as I shuddered in complete ecstasy? I shall let her own tell her tale...



For sometime, at least a year, I have been reading bestiality stories and gazing in awe at pictures on the Internet. The very thought of being with an animal excited me and aroused me to no end. But I never thought my fantasies could ever come true. That was until my lover of six months told me that she felt the same way I did, and that she not only dreamt about it, but that she was seriously hungering to do it.

The mere thought of my lover and best friend desiring to have a dog tongue inside her drove me wild. Her first time, I wasn't there, but she told me all about it the next morning and I was craving every detail. The arousal which spiked through me was intense, and never before had I been so wet. She told me over the phone how she had gone outside, and how her puppy had licked her leg and how she forced herself not to push him away. She told me how, she, in only her robe, sat down on the step to her backyard and spread her legs open, oh god, and how the puppy had licked her thigh...then had gone straight to her clit sending her wild. I was insane by now...my hands wandering all over my body...my hips moving and body stretching uncontrollably. It wasn't until the next day when we were on the phone again, of which the whole call I was mentally screaming at her to go outside! God I wanted to hear her being licked by that dog. But we talked for sometime first, and she told me that after that first time the night before, she had actually gone back for more not a half hour later. God I was instantly hot. Hell I already was, but with every word and thought it grew more intense. She told me, her voice ripe with arousal and passion, how she had got down on all fours... This sent me writhing on the bed and my hand clutching at my nipples. She then let Rusty lick her from behind. God I was screaming so loud for her to go outside. GO OUT SIDE!!! I am sure she heard me, because finally, she asked me if she should go outside. "Oh god yes," I breathed. I was so hot, I thought I couldn't get any hotter without actually cumming.

I called her on her cell phone and outside we went. At first the dog just jumped over her as puppies do, and she sat down. Just when we thought he wasn't interested, he zeroed in like a pro. Goooood, the sound she made as his tongue made contact with her pussy was amazing. It almost sent me into convulsions right then. I was certain I was by far wetter than I had ever been before in my life. As Rusty licked more, and deeper, she encouraged him, begging him not to stop. Every single word driving desire and lust deep within me.

"Oh Rusty don't stop."

"Lick me please."

"Eat me!"

"God don't stop!"

The moans and sounds of absolute pleasure were telling me what I had hoped with all my heart. This really was as good as it had sounded in every piece of fiction I had ever read.

My fingers, by now, were covered in my own juices. I could only think how the dog would love to lick them up wonderfully with his tireless tongue. And when she came, oh god, I thought she had died, and all I wanted was to hear it all over again. God I wanted more, I wanted to watch her, no, I wanted more, I wanted to feel Rusty's tongue on me! It was enough to send me over the edge and come hard, my fingers going furiously over my clit.

After we had calmed down, she told me something I had been hoping she would. When she had been on her hands and knees earlier, she told me how she had prayed that Rusty had been older so he could mount her and plunge his cock inside her.

Ohhh god. I wanted to see this, I wanted this to happen to me, and god I wanted to hear her again, and again, and again! And she did not disappoint me, for the next morning was just as wonderful. But perhaps that is for another day.

 ...continues in part two - click here to continue... 

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