"Absolute Beginners" - part 2

      by Smokey and the Bandit

      (beast FF toy)

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What started out as a simple fantasy had grown, grown for me into a desire to fulfill the rest of it. I found that just having a dog lick me to orgasm was not enough, I wanted more. I wanted it all. And so once again I set out to fulfill the fantasy both my partner and I had, only this time I was going to really let it happen.

Our sex life albeit on the phone and computer was rich and extremely satisfying. She was the first to show me how to touch myself. How to explore with my fingers and bring myself to the edge only to stop and start all over. The first to let me allow myself to bring pleasure I never knew I could achieve by using my own hand, a toy, or just an ordinary household item. I never knew how to express what it was like for me when she awakened my sexual self. Until now, I wanted to share with her every sensation every feeling all of it.

Once I met Mo the rest was history.

I had read of dogs trained to please a woman, always thinking, yes this is fantasy for sure. Well don't discount everything you read. Mo was a professional and I was more than ready to be pleased.

After making arrangements to "baby sit" Mo for the evening I called her to let her know what I was planning.

The arousal in her voice was enough to make me wet. To begin that familiar ache inside me. The one that made me want to lay on the bed and take the nearest toy and slam it inside me hard enough to make me come instantly. But I refrained. I wanted to be ready for him.

I almost lost my mind with the waiting but finally he was there and I was wet beyond belief the moment he was in the door. I got on the bed in a short nightgown hot, wet, breathless with excitement and dialed the now instantly memorized number only to hear her breathless voice and the words that I now longed to hear.

"Tell me." Mo had been trained to obey a series of clicks of the tongue to signal he was wanted. After giving the call he was instantly licking my hot wet cunt with a tongue that knew the precise amount of pressure to exert and I was in heaven. It felt so good as he slipped it over my clit , all the way up from my ass. My legs spread fighting his tongue to reach my clit. Suddenly he slid it inside me , just a bit at first but oh god it was like liquid fire inside my pussy just causing more and more juice to come where he had already licked me.

I was moaning , panting I could hear her breathing and her saying oh god don't stop. But I wanted more.

I wanted that cock inside my cunt. I wanted to feel is slide in and out of me. I wanted Mo to fuck me until I screamed.

So I got on my hands and knees and he needed no other signal. It took a few thrusts but when his cock found my cunt and slid in. I was overtaken by his power. He was strong, his cock feeling different than a mans and I little more painful but I like it hard and I like it deep inside me. I could feel the tip of his cock pushing in and then deeper and deeper. He was thick and felt so damn good. I was shuddering, panting

And then I came so quickly I did not even know I was coming until I convulsed. But he was not stopping just because I had cum he wanted more; paws pinning me he kept at my cunt with that cock for so long that I was screaming, panting. I thought I would die if he did not stop but the hard cock sliding in and out was too good.

I could not stop , I don't recall how long it was but it seemed like he had been fucking me for hours before I finally felt him start to come. When he came inside me I could feel how hot it was and that there was much more than a man, but it took a few minutes for his knot to go down enough for him to pull out. My ass still in the air I felt him drip out of me and then that long wet rough tongue go in for one more time , and even though I was exhausted it was enough to bring me to yet another orgasm.One that brought me back to reality and the words "Oh god baby."

One of the most erotic things I have ever heard is the sound of a dog licking my girlfriends cunt. Orgasm after orgasm he would lick and lick, her shrieks of" Oh god his tongue is inside me!" would send volts of pure pleasure through my body. The sound of his lapping at her, so clearly when she would lower the phone so I could hear the dog licking her. God this dog loved to lick.

I couldn't help myself wishing that she wanted more. I would have given anything to hear her get on her knees and let that huge fucking rotweiller mount her, and shove his cock inside her.

I almost died when she gasped and moaned, then she growled,

"More! I want more!"

"More?" I breathed. Gods, hoping she was saying what I thought she was.

"I want him to fuck me," she panted. My body seemed to seize with the thrill and anticipation.

"Yesss," was all I was able to gasp out loud.



I heard her move on the bed to get onto her hands and knees, and a moment later she moaned.

"Oh god, he's on me," then a scream of pain and pleasure as the dogs two and a half inch cock slammed inside her.

"Oh god, oh god!" She screamed over and over, gasping and moaning, completely enwrapped in pleasure. She could barely talk, but she didn't need to, my imagination from the sounds alone was driving me wild.

"Yes, fuck me, fuck me," she chanted in between the screams. The whole neighborhood must have heard her being fucked that night.

"Oh god he's so big. Against the back of me!" She moaned, her words clipped in time with each thrust into her. "Ohohohhh his knot. Oh god, it's inside me!" At that last scream of intelligible words, I finally touched myself for the first time. The sensations from merely listening to hear alone up till then had been all the stimulation I could handle.

She came again and again, even her own multi-orgasmic ability heightened beyond anything she had ever experienced before.

But that dog just kept fucking her, at one point she panted,

"Help, god help!"

But even I could tell that the last thing she wanted was for that dog to stop fucking her. Then at last, after what seemed like forever, she let out a long, low moan. And breathed,

"Ahhh god, hot. He's coming inside me. Different to a man..god."

Both her and the animal finally collapsed to the bed, the dog on top of her, still tied inside.

"Good boy," she praised our new friend, keeping him from pulling out too soon. After a few minutes she let out a little squeal and moan as he pulled out.

Still on her front, her ass in the air, the dog couldn't resist.

"Oh god he's licking me again," she moaned. And as spent as she was a few minutes ago, I heard that moan and intake of pleasure that told me she wanted to cum again.

The dog licked her from top to bottom, making her moan and pant in a way that could drive me insane in a few short moments.

"Hold your ass apart for him to lick," I told her, commanded her.

She did as I said and the moan of pleasure that erupted from her sent me all the way to the edge again.

"Tongue inside me! In my ass! oh gooooood," she moaned.

It was this moment I shoved my two inch dildo inside me and came instantly.

"Oh god," I gasped as I came down. I had cum so hard.

"Thank you baby, thank you," I told her, my smile clear as a bell over the telephone.

As we lay on our beds talking, Mo happily licking himself in the corner of the room, we talked about our fantasies and how wonderful tonight had been, and that we both wanted more. And just as I was beginning to recover and calm down enough to sleep she said,

"I think Mo and I are going to go for a walk in the park tomorrow."

Never again will the mention of taking the dog for a walk have any other effect other than instant arousal for me. But the story behind that can wait till next time.

-- to be continued (soon) --

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