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"Accidental Zoophile"


      (f, best, dogs)

Meet Jade, a successful woman and owner of a large transport company. She is 1.7metere tall, well-built, nice firm tight butt and perfect natural breasts with green eyes and blonde hair that was until her back. Her skin was soft with a nice tan. This is her story of becoming a zoophile. Her first experience was when she was eighteen and lived on the farm with her parents.

Jade was a top student in her class and every boy wanted to get in her pants, (I mean who wouldn't she was hot even then for an 18 year old), but she would never bother with them and concentrated only on her schoolwork. She did however keep her self-neat and clean ensuring that there was no hair on her body especially on her virgin pussy. Well anyway, summer break came along and she had just graduated as the top student in her class and was looking forward to spending her last summer on the farm before moving off to college in the city. She would wake up early with her parents and help her mum around the kitchen, she was done, Jade used to go to the back of the farm where no one would go, and she would tan naked in the sun.

One Saturday morning after helping her mum with the breakfast dishes. Jade went to her favorite spot, stripped, and laid on the mat she had carried with hair, plugged in her disc man and put on her shades and started to tan. While lying there in the hot sun, Jade dozed off for a little while and soon her dog Rex found her lying naked at the back of the farm. Rex was a huge Great Dane with a nice size cock on him. Rex came closer to Jade and started licking her face and breasts, when she woke up smiling saying, 'Hey, Rex. How'd you find me boy? Just don't stand in my sun ok?' and she closed her eyes again. Then she felt a strange warm feeling in her tummy and there was a tingly feeling coming from her pussy. When she woke up, she found that Rex was licking her virgin pussy and she could not believe that she was getting wet. Jade shouted at Rex and pushed him away as she stood up got dressed and headed back to the house to have lunch.

After lunch, she went to her bedroom, started thinking about what Rex did to her earlier, and soon found that the tingly feeling was back in her pussy and she was wet again. Therefore, with out wasting any more time in the house she went out side to look for Rex and took him to her spot. She played with him a little, then stripped and stood naked in front of Rex to see his reaction. Rex immediately started to lick her pussy snaking his tongue between her virgin pussy lips making all wet and moan, 'Mmmmm oh that's sooo gooood mmmmm,' as she felt her self having her first orgasm. Jade then lay on the grass and watched as Rex continued to lick all the juices from her pussy as he made her cum again. After cumming like three times she pushed Rex away got dressed and went into the house as it was getting late and was almost dinnertime. At the dinner table while eating her dad spoke, 'Jade, sweetheart. Your mum and I are going to the city tomorrow. Would you like to join us?' 'How long will you guys be gone for?' 'Well, we just going for three days, Jade," her mum replied. 'If it's okay with you's, I would prefer staying on the farm as it's my last summer here and then I will be off to college,' Jade told her parents. 'Well, that's fine by me if your mum has no objections,' her dad replied. 'Please mum, pretty please. Can I stay alone on the farm until you guys get back, it's only three days.' 'Oh well all right you can stay alone on the farm. We will be back on Tuesday and we will be leaving early in the morning,' her mum replied.

The next morning after breakfast, Jade helped her parents pack the car and watched them leave as they drove down the dirt driveway down to the road. As soon as they had left, she called out,'Rex, here boy. Come here boy,' and she saw Rex was not responding to her call and heard him yelp near the barn. Thinking that he might be hurt, she ran quickly only to discover that Rex was busy fucking his bitch. Jade stood there watching as he mounted his bitch and started fucking his cock into her, she was amazed as she walked around the two dogs watching closely and saw Rex's knot disappear into the female and he turned so that they were butt to butt. While watching the two dogs, Jade could feel her pussy getting wet; she started thinking that it was she Rex was fucking her. Anyway, when Rex was done, she saw his 16-inch purple cock sliding back into its sheath and she became wet and so lifted her skirt and moved her panty to one side exposing her wet pussy to Rex as he started to lick her, jade then called him to follow her and headed for her room.

Once in her room, she took off her clothes and lay on the edge of the bed with her legs spread giving Rex full access to her wet pussy. 'Ooooh mmmm unnn mmm yesss, Rex your tongue feels sooo good. Mmmmm aaaahhh yessss,' she moaned as she orgasmed and came in his mouth while he continued to suck the juices out of her. She closed her eyes, rubbed her hands over her breasts and squeezed her nipples unaware that Rex had stopped licking her pussy, but instead he raised his front paws on the bed on either side of her horny body and started hunching his rear forward. Jade opened her eyes as she could feel his hot breath on her face and she could see his cock extending out, slapping against her pussy. 'Uh, no Rex, Rex down boy. No, bad doggy,' she yelled at him and tried to push him off. However, Rex just let out a loud growl and hunched forward one more time getting his doggy cock into Jade's pussy sinking his 16-inch member deep into his newfound bitch. 'Aaaaarrrgh,' Jade screamed as the tears rolled down her cheeks from the pain of Rex's cock being so deep in her as she could feel it breaking her hymen and enter her cervix. She felt disgusted at the fact that her dog took her virginity yet at the same time at the back of her mind her body was enjoying being filled by such a huge cock.

She started crying while Rex pumped his cock into her and could not understand the feelings that were over coming her body as a tingly feeling went throughout her body making her relax and horny. Jade soon stopped crying and accepted the joy of being fucked by Rex as she continued to rub her self she moaned, 'Oooh you good boy, fuck me deeper mmmmm unnnn yessss Rex.' By this time she couldn't keep count of the orgasms she had and then she felt Rex stop pumping as he sprayed his hot doggy cum into her, filling her womb full, coating every inch of her well fucked pussy with his cum. Rex pulled his cock out and gave her pussy one last lick before cleaning him self and sat in one corner of the room. Jade just lay there on her bed feeling all hot and sexy as cum oozed out of her pussy, she then went in for a shower to clean all the cum out. When she came out, she walked around the house naked as she was alone and went down stairs to the living room and Rex was behind her all the time sniffing and licking her butt making her horny.

Once in the living room, she got down on all fours and waited as Rex licked her cute ass and pussy and then she felt his front paws on her back. She struggled to hold his weight but as she looked between her legs, she saw his cock disappear into her pussy,'Aaaaah yesss mmmm I'm your new bitch, fuck me Rex, mmmm,' she moaned as she also humped back on his cock. She then felt something huge slapping against her pussy entrance and every time it came close, her pussy lips would stretch a little. Then with one powerful hunch forward, Rex slipped his knot into Jade, 'Aaaarrrrgh, Fuck yesss ooohhhh', she screamed as her pussy stretched and swallowed his knot and she could now feel that Rex was deeper than before and felt his cock turn in as they faced butt to butt. She soon realized that she was now tied to him as she saw with the other dog at the barn. She humped slowly against his cock bringing her self to many orgasms until she felt Rex shoot his load in her filling her up full of his doggy cum and made her cum once more, when he pulled out of her there was a popping sound and she could feel the cum oozing out as Rex gave her one last lick and cleaned him self.

Jade quickly turned on her back and cupped some cum in her hand and brought to her face, she sniffed it and then tasted it, it was kind of bitter but she soon found her self licking her hand clean. She then watched Rex as he licked his cock and went to him, slowly bending her down to his cock and flicked her tongue over his tip. Rex immediately let out more of his cock from its sheath and before he knew anything Jade had wrapped her soft luscious lips around his cock and started to suck him until he came in her mouth as she swallowed all his cum sucking his cock clean.

From then on, Jade always fucked Rex whenever they were alone as she was now a zoophile that was hooked on dog sex.

Now 12 years later, owning her transport business she is gorgeous as ever and even has her own mansion with six huge male Great Danes that she fucks everyday.

- The End -


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