"Angie's First"


      (MF, Zoo)

To start this story off I am going to tell you about myself first. I am 35 years old and have a good physical body as I do heavy construction. I weigh about 220 pounds with very large arms and a broad chest, blonde wavy hair and most times I have a smile.

I live in a trailer because I move about from city to city and sometimes it is hard to find lodging. I also have a male rottweiler dog that weighed 90 lb. the last time I had him to the Vet for his shots. His name was Rotty and I had gotten him out of a dog pound because my trailer had been broken into and I lost a lot of things.

I had just moved here and found a place where I could park my trailer and after getting everything in place I went to a bar a few blocks way for a beer.

The bar was crowded but I found a place at the end of the bar where I could stand and watch the people drinkng. I drank the first beer rather quickly and ordered another and then saw a woman come in who looked out of place in here as she was dressed in a ladies buisiness suit with a bright red blouse. I noticed the bartender handed her a drink that she never ordered and saw her thank him with a big smile.

The bar seemed to empty quickly as most were going home for supper. I saw the lady setting by herself at a table in the rear and I needed to go to the biffey which was near her table. I went and got my radiator drained and as I passed her table I stopped and ask her if she wanted some company or if she just wanted to be alone.

She looked up when I stopped and said , "yes I would like some company." She had the most beautiful smile that I had ever seen. I went and retreived my beer and went back to her table and introduced myself and she then told me her name was Angie. I told her that was a very pretty name.

Angie then asked me where I was from and what I was doing in this town. I told her I was from Arizona and that I traveled around the country to places where there was heavy construction.

The conversation some how got switched over to sex and she asked me out right if I liked sex. I told her yes very much. She then told me that she was in the process of getting a divorce because her so called husband had not touched her for over 6 months, she said she had been looking for someone to make her feel like a woman again.

I told her I just had a trailer and if she wanted to go with me there I would see if I could make her feel like a woman. Angie sat there just staring out into space. I thought I had offended her, but soon she looked at me and finished her drink and got up and took my hand and said, "lets go."

We were walking slowly back to my trailer when she asked me if I had anything to drink in my trailer, I told her there was a bottle of bourbon and some mix in the refrigerator.

When we arrived at my trailer and I unlocked the door and Rotty was standing just inside the door. Angie asked if he would bite her if she petted him and I told her No he was friendly except that he guarded the trailer when I was at work.

I reached into the refrigrator and got the bottle of bourbon and the mix and mixed us a drink. The trailer was a little warm so I turned on the air conditioner which felt good to me but Angie said it made her feel cold so I turned it down on low. We sat and sipped our drinks and slowly Angie stood up and let her skirt drop around her ankles, and she bent over and picked it up and laid it on a chair. She then satback down and started unbuttoning her blouse and then slid forward on her chair and slipped it off her shoulders..There she was setting at my table in just her bra and panties.



Angie had stood up and let her skirt drop around her feet and picked it up and laid it on a chair and then sat down and sipped her drink and slowly unbuttoned her blouse and slid forward on her chair and took her blouse off and here she sat in my kitchen only in her panties and blouse. I did get a short glimpse of her pubic hair thru her panties before she sat down.

Angie's body looked smooth and silky and her breasts were not too big or too small and her hips were wide. Angie complimented me on making her a good drink and then said, "well I thought you were going to make me feel like a woman again so where do we start?"

I motioned for her to move down the hall towards my bedroom, (I was sure glad I had put on clean sheets and pillow cases and made the bed). When Angie got to the bed she laid down and held her arms out for me. I bent over and kissed her and then started getting my jeans and shirt off and when I got them off I twisted around so I was laying beside Angie...

We started kissing and then I played with her breasts, her nipples were standing up straight and I sucked one and then the other for only a short time and she stopped me from sucking them as she told me that they got too sore if they were sucked too much. I moved my hand down over her dark pubic hair which was only a tuft of hair as she was clean shaven, which surprised me. I cupped my palm over her slick pussy....and she started pushing up against my hand with her hips. I worked one finger into her slit and found her clit and rubbed it lightly which started a low moaning sound in her throat.

I slowly started to move down on the bed so I could use my tongue on her clit. Angies cunt smelled like a new bottle of cologne. I moved my hand and spread her legs and moved over between her legs and got my tongue in her slit and found her clit which now was swelled up peeking out from under its hood and was almost an inch long. I sucked it very gently and she soon was grabbing my head in her hands directing my head where ever she wanted. She was going wild.....She was moving her hips so much I could not keep up with her movements so I moved up over her and got my 7" cock into her slit which was very tight. Angie kept bucking her hips upward trying to get all of my 7" into her at once.

I tried to slow her down but I could see that it was a losing battle so rolled over where she was straddling my body and thought I would let her move like she wanted. She was grinding her pelvic bone on mine and moving up and down all at the same time. Just like a wild woman.

She finally slowed down after she had a couple climaxes and was still straddling me, when all of a sudden Rotty stuck his cold nose on her butt and she jumped off of me and was standing on the floor beside the bed with a big smile on her face. I thought she would be mad or at least annoyed but she took it with a laugh and a smile.

I really didn't know what to say or if I should just apologise for Rotties actions, so I chose the latter. I apologised and Angie said it was alright as Rottie probably wanted some also. I laughed and told her it had been almost a year since Rottie had some with some stray in the last town where I worked. Angie then said, "well why don't we remedy tht situation?" Angie sat on the edge of the bed and called Rottie over to her and she spread her legs wide and she directed Rottie's nose in between her legs. Rottie was licking her and my juices out of hr pussy.

I noticed his cock was sticking out of its sheath a couple inches. Rottie raised up and tried to put his front legs around Angie's hips. Angie said, "I am too high setting here on the bed so get some pillows and put them on the floor!" I grabbed a couple pillows and placed them on the floor and Angie quickly got her self situated and called to Rottie. Rottie came back into the bedroom and sensed that Angie was down where he could reach.

Rottie walked right in between Angies spread legs and mounted her missionary style. His big cock was not hitting her slit so I gave Rottie a little help and guided his red cock into her pussy. As soon as rottie knew his cock was in he gave one big hump and he had all of his cock in her pussy and was starting to move his hips back and forth faster and faster. Angie was laying there not saying much until her eyes opened wide and she said that Rotties cock was getting the knot in it and she didn't know if she could take that much swelling up inside her. I reassured her that every thing would be alright and it would come out after he was thru.

Angie must have had 4-5 climaxes, Rotties cum and her juices were running out of her pussy and downover her ass. Angie looked at me and said, "I suppose that you think a lot less of me after that?" I told her no I did not think less of her for that as I had enjoyed the performance. Angie went in the shower and cleaned up, slipped on my terry cloth shower bathrobe, came back and we both had another drink. Angie said she knew that dogs got a big knot in their cocks but the way Rotties had swelled up so fast inside her she didn't think she could take it, but after my reassurance she relaxed and just enjoyed the feeling of his big cock knot swelling up in her pussy.

We talked more and had a few more drinks and Angie started telling me about the first time she had let a dog smell and lick her. She said she was about 12 years old and the neighbors had a large dog and ond day she was playing out in their big barn the dog had come in the barn and she was bent over and he snuck up behind her and smelled her pussy and started to lick her panties, she had lifted up her skirt and pulled down her panties and the dog had licked for a long time. She said she had enjoyed the feeling very much and a few days later when her mother had gone to some meeting and would not be back until after 4pm she had called the dog and gone out into the barn and laid on a bale of hay and let the dog lick her pussy and when he had tried to mount her she said she had wiggled her butt and he had mounted her and gave her a hard screw. She had gotten scared about the knot but after the first time she got to enjoy it swelling inside her pussy. Since she was 12 years old she had never tried it again but now that she was older she had decided to start again enjoying dogs.

Angie said she was planning on buying a large dog and asked if I would help train him?

Angie bought a Great Dane and we have been training him every night and don't think it will be too long before she lets him screw her.

- The End -

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