"Animal Fantasy"

      by Alex McGregor

      (MF best oral anal)

This is about how I got interested in Animal sex.

I am a lad in my late teens and I live in Northumberland (England). About 3 months ago while looking for Lesbian porn on the net a popup came on to the screen, saying do you want to see a mpeg of a woman getting fucked by a 12" cock? being a horny and very interested I clicked on this, downloaded this mpeg and to my shock it was a woman being fucked by a grate Dane! I thought I would be shocked but I was very turned on by this and for about 3 days I could not get that image so I just had to have more and I have been hooked by animal sex ever since.

My Fantasy

I got up on a bright Saturday morning with a morning glory (for those who don't know what this means it is an erection that you wake up with) so lying totally nude and knowing my mum and dad had gone out I proceeded to have a wank while thinking about that mpeg. It didn't take that long, I came all over my chest. After I came I just lay there thinking about watching a dog fuck a woman. after about 10 min I got up and got into the shower and then put some clothes on and went downstairs, had some toast, got my peddle bike out the garage and went out on a cycle not knowing what was going to happen to me on this bike ride!

I had been riding for about 20 - 25 min and I could hear a noise so I slowed down to listen. After about a minute I realized it was a woman moaning so I went to get a look. I followed the noise. The moaning got louder and I could also hear screams of pleasure "YES Oh Fucking Yes" I walked up to this wall and looked over. there was a young woman on her hands and knees. She was about 25-30 dark hair, totally nude being fucked by this big black lab. I was behind her so she didn't know I was there. I watched this for a while and all of my 7 inch went solid in s second I walked around her. She noticed me but she didn't care that I was watching. "T...take off your clothes." said the woman.

So not thinking clearly, I did what she said, letting my fully erect cock out into the sun light. I knelt by her face and she took my balls and then all 7 inches into her mouth as I watched her getting fucked. Shivers started running down my spine as her moans got louder and louder. It wasn't long before it all got too much and I blasted my thick creamy teen cum into her mouth. She drank the lot down, so I positioned my self under her pussy and I started licking and sucking her cunt as the dogs red cock was pounding her pussy. "LICK ME FUCKING DRY, OH oooh Yyyeeesss!" The dog's knot was about the size of a tennis ball and was forcing its way into her lovely cunt. "He's getting bigger oooh fffuuccckkk! as she said this she orgasmed into my open mouth at the same moment the dog came. "It's so fucking warm in me."



I got up and with all this happening I had another hard on. She started sucking it again after about 5 minute I heard a slight pop!! and the dog released his bitch. I took my cock out of her mouth. "Fuck me in the ass with your big cock." she said. I moved round to her to her ass. I looked down and saw all the doggy cum dribbling out her pussy and running down her legs. There was some pre cum on my balls. I took this off with my finger and rubbed it into her hole and ass. I got hold of my cock and slowly squeezed it into her ass hole. It was so fucking tight and warm I was in heaven. I nearly came then and there. She started fingering her doggy bitch slit and she gave off light moans. I looked around and I saw the dog licking his cock clean. He lifted his head and looked right into my eyes. It was w strange look, like he said something to me. He looked away so I looked down and continued fucking this beautiful woman that I hadn't even seen until 20 minutes ago. She started moaning louder again. "FUCK ME HARDER. OH FUCK ME HARDER" I started increasing my thrust power and speed. I was very close to cumming " Fuck, I'm going to cum!" I said.

"Cum in my ass, you fucking horny boy." As this was being said something touched my balls it was like sand paper but wetter and a bit softer. I looked down, it was her dog licking his cum out her pussy and occasionally touching my balls. It was so nice. I wanted more but her ass griped my shaft tighter which pushed me over the edge. I released my cream into her tight ass. She came about a second after me! It was fucking amazing!

I took my cock out her ass and fell back onto the warm grass. She flopped face first into the grass as well! The dog started lapping her ass hole and my cum up. Still lying face first in the grass she looked around and at me and said, "What's your name?" "Al." I said. "Rachel." She stood up and my cum and the last of the dogs dripped down her leg and onto the grass. She picked up a towel she had and wiped her cunt and ass clean. We both put our clothes on and started walking out the field. "Al....do you want to come with me?" "Yeah." I said without hesitation. I picked up my bike and started with it, Rachel put a lead on her dog. "What's his name?" "Blacky." she said. She looked at me and smiled; put a hand out and grabbed my cock through my pants. "I've never been caught doing that, but I knew I would one day, I glad it was you who did and not some 50 year old farmer." We walked to her house and went in. She shut the door. "I've been dreaming about that happening to me for a while now." I said quite shyly, which is very unusual for me because I am normally very open about things like that. She smiled, revealing a beautiful row of perfect white teeth. She took off her clothes and started taking mine off. "We need a shower!" I agreed, took the rest of my clothes off and followed her to the bath room.

- The End -

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