"Betty's Animal Farm" - Part 1 of 5


      (ff, Ff, fm, incest, group, orgy best, tg, cons, fdom, toys)

"It won't be long now Stacy." Betty assured continuing, "Soon you'll see that adults, or people in general, tend to behave pretty much the same with their clothes off. I get horny just trying to guess what kind of action I'm going to see. Maybe a couple of women will go at it in the bedroom. I like to watch the wives engaging in Lesbianism, sometimes one or both will gush on other's face. I like to watch hot fucking and sucking session's period; 'Girl on girl, boy on girl, girl with a dog.'"

"Wait a minute," Stacy interrupted somewhat distressed asking, "You've seen these people doing it with dogs Betty?"

"Oh no just the women do it with the dogs; and boy do they get naaassty…!" Betty explained with an exaggerated hunching of her hips clearing any doubt for Stacy.

"That sounds gross." Stacy said wrinkling her nose as she unconsciously squeezed her clitoris. Stacy didn't want to let Betty know that she has no real experience with sex or that she masturbates, even though she knows Betty does.

"Maybe we'll be lucky one of them will get it on with their dog, and you'll see what I mean, 'that really does make me wet my panties.' Especially after he sinks that huge kno…" Betty paused not wanting to scare her new and innocent friend off, because she has plans for Stacy's virginity. "When he slips his cock into her cunt!" Betty said impishly, her voice breathy as she spoke turned and smiled warmly at Stacy adding, "More likely two couples will be on that bed in matter of minutes!"

Stacy didn't answer, she just looked at Betty closely, and she found that impish delight in her face strangely arousing. She felt nervous, and little guilty about peeking through the bedroom window; and yet she felt aroused by both the naughtiness of what they were doing and by how excited Betty was. She must've been out of her mind to agree to accompany Betty on this voyeuristic prank because she knew that at some point she would say something and Betty would find out that she was a virgin; but glad she did because of these new and delightful feelings she was having inside her stomach. Still she was feeling a twinge of guilt as Stacy thought, "It isn't right to spy on people engaged in sexual activities, or any kind of private activity, for that matter." Yet it was still mysterious and exciting, sneaking around in the dark, and watching people do nasty things to each other things that she had never seen. Eventually she surrendered to her hungry curiosity and the tingling warmth growing in her groin as she sat with her new friend Betty impatiently waiting for something to start.

"We're in luck," Betty whispered excitedly, when the first couple entered the room hand and hand smiling. "I've seen this couple in action before, with them selves and others." She commented knowingly adding, "they'll go down on each other before they fuck, they always do. I know you'll get a big bang out of watching that. They may even go sixty-nine, before he puts the blocks to her."

Stacy interrupted, "What do you mean sixty-nine and put the blocks to her?"

"He has a 'big…! Cock…!'" Betty said, with emphasizing 'big cock', as Betty looked through a wide circle she made with her parted thumb and fore finger and then spreading her hands disclosing his length adding, "That is when they both eat each other out. Now remember just whisper and don't get too close to the window I don't want them to find out that some one has been watching them." Betty cast a smiling glance at Stacy while she stared wide eyed through the window.

"Yes I'll be quiet." Stacy answer peering through the parted shade. She was certain that she had slipped and let on to her virginity and was glad that Betty had apparently not noticed her slip and stopped talking, as there was a long silence. Not that she thought the couple that had entered the bedroom could hear. It was warm; the windows were down and the air-conditioning was on, and music was playing, and they were laughing and giggling about something as they walked into the room. Stacy even felt a little pang of regret because they wouldn't be able to hear as well.

The man and woman both looked to be in their late thirties. He was tan, and dark haired with other good-looking features like powerful arms and a big round chest. It was the huge bulge in his pants that captivated Stacy and that wet stain at the end of the bulge. The lady was quite short, and stocky, not fat just big boned. She had a very pretty face, with big dark eyes and thick black eyebrows and full sized lips covering her shiny white teethe accented by her long wavy raven black hair. Her breasts were large yet pert, topped with large fleshy nipples their outline could be seen clearly as they jutted through her sheer blouse.

Stacy continued to stare as they began to undress them selves, standing close and keeping their eyes on each other as more and more flesh was revealed. The woman's breasts (or titties), as Stacy knew Betty would call the big twin mounds that were poking straight out, even without the bra. Soon she saw the man's cock, also poking straight out her mouth gaped as precum started oozing out making a long string and dangle a bit before dropping. In a matter of seconds the man and woman were both completely naked. Stacy failed to suppress a little gasp as the woman dropped to her knees in front of the man and grabbed his cock with both hands and started licking all around the big head and suckling loud enough for them to hear.

"She'll suck his dick till it gets real hard," Betty whispered. "Then he'll work his mouth all over her pussy before they fuck. She won't blow him off all the way. That'd mean that she'd have to wait for him to get another hard-on before they fuck. Look at that!" Betty hissed as the man's penis vanished into the woman's mouth. Stacy could think of nothing to say as she watched in awe; but thought she'd put up a fight if somebody tried pulling her away from the window now, she was panting and looking and wanted to see more… much more. The woman had started licking the man's hairy heavy hanging testicles. The man tapped the woman's head lightly and she pulled back, her parted lips glistening wetly in the light.

Betty whispered with impish glee, "Did you see that?"

"No, what did I miss? I just looked away for a moment!" Stacy hissed.

"That long stringer of precum; see it hanging from his dick?" Betty enthusiastically pointed out, adding, "This guy shoots off the biggest loads I've ever seen."

"Oh! God! Do you think he pulled it out of her mouth in time?" Stacy gasped.

"In time; what do mean?" Betty asked curiously.

"Well before she got it in her mou…?" Stacy stopped talking as the woman slurped the long stringer onto her mouth. Stacy now knew that she had just given away her secret and quite easily.

Pointing out Betty added as she looked at her friend, "She had to have sucked at least a mouth full of his precum before he stopped her. Don't you get a mouthful from your boyfriend?"

"This boy was trying to get me to suck his penis like that and he promised that he wouldn't cum in my mouth." Stacy hissed trying to stay quiet looking at the ground she knew that Betty had to have figured it out by now and then quietly added, "I almost did but mom drove by and called me to the car."

"I've seen this lady take that dick out and suck it 'Off…!' And swallow every drop." Betty loudly whispered, coyly adding, "This is your first time to see it huh? Till now it's only been those dorky pictures in health class?

"Yea. I've done some kissing, and petting, but never been touched except on my tits once by that boy who tried to well you know." Stacy embarrassingly admitted.

"That's OK just watch the window we'll have some fun and we'll talk later." Betty assured and stroking Stacy's hair softly Betty whispered, "That boy told you a lie; they start leaking as soon as they get that thing inside a hot hole; and it don't matter what kind it is." As the couple climbed onto the bed and Betty whispered, "They're getting more comfortable."

Stacy had figured that out herself. She was already feeling sexy-hot from what she'd seen and was already creaming her panties. That'd be embarrassing if Betty found out but some how Stacy knew that Betty knew. Stacy's heart leaped into her throat when the man got on his back, the woman got on her hands, and knees suspended her face over his jutting cock. She licked the big red knob of a head some, then balanced on one hand and arm while she used her other hand to hold the hard fleshy dick steady, by grasping the thick base of the shaft swallowed the full length of the thick shaft pushing her nose deep into his dark curly hairs of his scrotum.

Betty gave Stacy a long look sizing her up thinking what would she do to her virgin friend first? One thing was certain Stacy was to be hers 'first'. Betty shuffled a little closer, and put her arm around her shoulder. As Stacy looked away from the window at Betty, Betty pointed and saying, "Look see how the tip is creaming." She looked back quickly, her mouth just gaped, and Betty coyly added, "Yes she is going to go down on him again anyway." Stacy moved a little closer to Betty as she tenderly squeezed her shoulder and pulling her closer.

"Is she going to swallow his juices?" Stacy asked in a weak shaky whisper.

"Yes! I do too why waste it it's just good clean protein." Betty twittered.

The woman in the room opened her mouth wide and engulfed the swollen gland. The girls could see her cheeks sink inward as she suckled the large gland and it was clear by the way her mouth moved that she was drinking his precum. She only kept the knob in her mouth for a few seconds, clearly working it with her tongue. Stacy glanced at the man's face and saw his lips moving. She assumed he told, or asked, her to stop sucking, and the woman backed off. The man parted his legs, raised, and spread his knees. The woman went down; and began kissing, licking, and dragging her teeth across his large hairy scrotum. She took one testicle into her mouth and sucked and then she pushed that testicle out; and sucked the other one into her mouth, and then she stretched the skin between her teeth. The man stroked her face, her dark hair, and squirmed about the mattress as she teethed his scrotum.

"I'd forgotten about this; this wife likes to tongue assholes," Betty whispered. "Soon she'll be giving his ass a good tongue bath."

Betty had hardly finished giving the information before the woman was performing analingus upon the man. Stacy felt that she should be disgusted with the woman, and herself for getting a strange kind of thrill from watching, but she wasn't. She'd read some where that anything a man and woman did sexually for pleasure was perfectly acceptable. She certainly wasn't qualified to argue with the so-called authorities.

The man had pulled his legs up to his chest spreading his butt cheeks with hands. The woman licked all over the anal region in small circles, getting closer to his puckering anus. Stacy and Betty had perfect views; they both gasped as the woman jabbed her tongue into the hairy brown hole.

"She has her tongue 'in' his ass, Stacy!" Betty hissed straining to be quiet and then confidently stated, "You can bet your beautiful little butt he likes it! Look at how fast he is panting. I've had my ass licked like that and it is nice… I'm telling you the sensations of having your pussy or butt licked are beyond wonderful especially when you get a good long licking!"

Stacy wasn't surprised or shocked by Betty's confession. She knew that her new friend had been around. That was one reason she'd been so eager to cultivate the friendship and glad that Betty was more than willing to let her into her life. She was tired of just reading about sex, and masturbating Stacy wanted to find out about sex first hand. She hadn't gotten the nerve do anything herself, but she was vicariously thrilled by Betty's stories of her sexcapades. Stacy looked at Betty and marveled at how womanly her young body was; full breasts or titties, as Betty would say, wonderfully full face, soft fleshy lips, auburn hair, and slender yet wide body. Just enough fat to round her out with no flab. Stacy was glad Betty told her about the local swap club and brought her for a peek. Maybe she would double date with Betty as she suggested. Her musing was interrupted by Betty's gentle nudge in the side.

"Are you enjoying yourself, Stacy? You haven't said one word since we started peeking!" Betty said with a smile.

"Oh yes I am mystified I never dreamed of these things. How many boys have you been with? Have you ever used your tongue like that, Betty?" Stacy whispered a tremble in her breath.

Laughing low in her throat, Betty said, "Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies! I want 'some' secrets. I've teased more than I've been with, and I've never asked someone to do something I wouldn't do in return."

"That's answer enough," Stacy said, smiling and musing over the idea of kissing Betty.

"You aren't disgusted with me, are you?" Betty posed and asked whispering coyly, "Are you excited maybe even getting hot between your legs?"



"No I like you!" Stacy said, looking back into the bedroom. "What you do is your own business and Betty, you know damn well I enjoy listening to your stories. And yes I am getting really turned on watching!" she whispered.

The shade was up only about four inches, and there was more than enough light for Stacy to see Betty's flashing dark eyes when she turned her head to look at her. Betty shuffled a little closer put her arm around Stacy's waist and whispered into her ear, "Have you started creaming in your panties yet? I've soaked mine to my thighs!"

"God! Yes! Betty I'm oozing more than I ever have, I ache deep in my stomach, and my nipples are hard 'so hard' they hurt." Stacy trembled as she whispered raspyly as her embarrassment and shyness were being melted away by her budding passion.

Betty left her arm around Stacy's waist while they watched on. The man had straddled the woman after she'd gotten on her back. One of his hands was kneading one big breast and he was tonguing the other mound. The man's tongue flitted around and into the nipple making it hard. Stacy had become vividly aware of her own stiffly erect nipples. They were poking against the restraining bra. Stacy wished she was alone so she could masturbate probably just touching her spiked breasts with her fingers would start her coming like crazy. As soon as she got home she'd finger the hell out of herself. Stacy felt her face flush turning hot and knew that Betty was reading her feverish mind.

"That's what I call all right," Betty said, letting out a little low laugh again. "That horny swapper's going to take time for some tit-sucking!"

The man sucked the nipple through his teeth and soon greedily engulfed the whole firm nipple with his suckling mouth. The woman squirmed on the mattress, lifting and squishing the breast against the man's mouth. Soon he moved over and lavished the same attentions upon the other thrusting mound of taut-tipped flesh. Stacy wondered, as she had so many times before, just how it'd feel to have her own titties tongued and sucked. She was starting to swoon as she asked Betty in gasping whispers, "What does it feel like?"

"What does what feel like?" Betty teased knowing full well what Stacy wanted to know.

"To have some one kissing your breasts!" Betty asked in a raspy whisper.

"That feels damned good, Stacy! You know what; it feels four times better when both titties are being sucked on by two different mouths!"

"You… You had two lovers at the same time?" Stacy timidly asked as her mind raced over the images. She knew that Betty couldn't really read her mind, even if it did seem that way. She wished she were as experienced as Betty is. The worrying about taking so many important steps and not knowing how to take them, knowing she would take them even if they made more worries of different kinds. Once a girl went all the way she could never retreat, and she'd had the romantic dream of saving herself for her husband ever since she thought about marriage.

Betty slid her hand to Stacie's cheek, put her lips close to her ear, and passionately whispered, "Shhh do you really want to know what it feels like, to have a mouth suckling on your nipples? To have a tongue slathering between your legs?"

Paralyzed by both the shock at Betty's question and her passionate thirst to know the answer caused a stammering, as she looked into Betty's eyes, "Oh au uh y-y-yes… God…! yesss! Betty I do I really do!"

"Shhhh… I know a perfect place really close," Betty coaxed.

"Oh I feel so weak, and dizzy; my heart is racing." Stacy hissed, as she reached for Betty to steady herself and asked her voice turning weak with insecurity, "Will I still be vir…?"

Betty interrupted coaxingly, "Shhh it's ok I can get you to cum and yes you will still be a virgin." Betty gently cupped Stacie's cheek and kissed her and purred, "Come on it's real close. I promise it won't hurt at all and you will really love it! But lets watch just a little while longer."

The man left the breasts and trailed his mouth down along the woman's squirming body. He snaked his tongue around, and into the deep belly button tugging on the hairs that surrounded it with his teeth; then kissing, and licking, his way lower, skirting around the long, thick dark pubic hairs, going near one of her rounded hips, and on down to her inner thighs when she parted her legs. After tonguing both thighs he then ran the flat of his tongue up through her fanning labia, and suckled on her clitoris.

"That's enough for now." Betty whispered and led Stacy away to her secret hiding place in the trees. Hand in hand they quietly walked into the dense stand of trees not a block away from the window where they were watching the adults playing. Inside the trees there was a hollow a chair, a padded lounge, a small table, sat in a thick padding of moss and on the side of the clearing was a low lying four-stalked tree with one of the stalks cut away forming a wonderful settee. The lush bed of grass and moss had little white flowers all over and ran up the sides of tree.

"What do you think of my secret spot?" Betty murmured.

"It's beautiful, almost like a room outside." Stacy admired.

"I've been coming here since forever, to play house, play with my dolls when I was real young. I've only brought my close friends here," Betty cooed as she stepped behind Stacy and wrapped her arms around her waist and nuzzled her ear adding, "No one can see in here night or day but if we make too much noise people might come in and find us."

Stacy lingered within Betty's tender embrace her eyes closed as Betty suckled on her ear, and whispered, "That feels so good, you are making my insides tremble and turn warm." She turned to face Betty asking, "Is there a special place to go pee?"

"Not special but I go over there by the big tree stump." Betty said, pointing to an old rotted stump, and beckoned for Stacy to wait, "Here Let me help you take your sweat pants off." The baggy pants, and soaking panties slipped right over her sneakers.

"Hummm…" Betty purred as she held Stacy's panties to her nose taking deep breaths as she quaffed and cooing sang, "Stacy your love juice smells really sweet!"

"No body has ever said that to me before." Stacy said coyly as she squatted by the stump and started to 'pee' a light trickle at first then turning to a healthy flow as she relaxed and looked at Betty and smiled. When done she used her sweatshirt tail to wipe with.

Betty stood and peeled her shorts off, saying, "Listening to you pee made me half to go too."

They both giggled and looked at each other as Betty stood and walked toward Stacy, with a wet smile. She put one hand to the small of her back pressing Stacie's belly to hers the other behind her head holding her face upward as she leaned over to kiss her parted lips. Hesitantly at first Stacy put her hands upon Betty's shoulders. Her eyes were wide open with uneasiness that soon faded. Stacy closed her eyes as the kiss lingered on, a warmth spread through out her young body, and she began to melt into the arms of her young lover.

"Ewwww! Oh! That feels wonderful Betty," Stacy sighed as Betty slid her mouth down to her neck to suckle the soft skin under her chin. She moved both hands inside Stacie's sweatshirt grasping both her bra snap and shirttail and with a single movement they both came off.

Betty purred with impish delight, "You have beautiful titties, ooh you have big nipples that are already hard." She looked as she placed the shirt between the tree and Stacie's back shielding her soft skin from the rough bark. Betty lavished Stacy with an other lingering kiss, this time suckling both Stacy's lips one by one inside her mouth and then slowly plying her tongue to every fold every space, pressing her body to Stacie's

"Pheeeww…! Au God…! Ewwww!" Stacy gasped loudly as Betty sucked her fleshy nipple through her teeth pressing her face into the newly formed mound, while plying the other pliant mound with her fingers. She was sending shudders racing through out Stacie's young body. Betty moved her soft wet tongue between Stacie's breasts sliding it to her belly button, and lifted her left leg and put it on the tree stalk next to her fully exposing Stacie's genitalia.

"Oohh…! God! Oh! Au! Au God…! Betty Au…! Betty! Betty god Betty…!" Stacy cried out loudly as a spontaneous orgasm exploded inside her when Betty pressed her mouth to her erect clitoris and suckled. Stacy grasped at Betty's hair with both hands and held her face into her pussy as her sweet cream flowed from inside her writhing body onto Betty's face. Stacy gasped for every breath shuddering as the orgasm eased.

Betty stood up her face glistening with Stacy's creamy juices and held Stacy in her arm listening to her breathe nuzzling cheek to chin silently the two girls embraced a few moments. Stacy raised her lips to Betty's and gave her a lingering kiss, and whispered in her ear, "That was beautiful Betty I didn't know how delightful it could be. You knew exactly where and how to touch me to make me cum, and so easily."

"Oh Stacy it isn't that I know something you don't or have a magic touch," Betty warmly whispered between the tender kisses she lavished on Stacy's face, "It is simply you were ready to be touched that way and more importantly you wanted to be touched by 'me'."

"Yes I did and do want to be touched by you; I've liked you, ever since the first time I ran into you at the store, I've wanted to spend time with you." Stacy purred as she nuzzled.

"I'm glad you want to be with me, I like you too. I know we are going to be best friends for a long time." Betty whispered as she stroked her friends hair, and face.

They lay together quietly a few moments savoring the tender kisses they shared, and the warmth they felt together. The two of them looked up at the same time and giggled and Betty said, "What do you think the adults are doing?"

"I don't know. You want to see?" Stacy snickered.

"Oh yea, I bet they haven't even started to fuck yet" Betty laughed out loud, as they both quickly scampered back to the window with impish delight, "Shh 'Shh' quiet remember I've never been caught." Betty cautioned.

They got to the window just in time to see a woman lurch upward and groan loudly, as a hard dick entered her rectum. There were five people in the room now three men and two women, one of the men had just slid his dick all the way into one woman's rectum, while the other woman suckled at her clitoris. One of the other men had slipped his hands under her legs, behind her knees, and folded her legs back until her thighs were mashed against her titties, and was feverishly shoving his dick into her pussy. Stacy wasn't sure that she'd want to be placed in such a position she'd feel so exposed but she found it to be a very arousing sight. She'd never had such a good look at these intimate acts; and to have so many people touching you seemed so strange yet so enticing, so nasty she felt her belly warm and wetness spreading on her panties again.

Stacy's attention was focused upon the penis. It looked to be at least eight inches long, and very thick, as it slid into the woman's rectum. It wasn't too big for the woman because it slipped right in. She noticed a thick canal form in the middle of the shaft.

Just then Betty nudged, and pointed hissing, "Look Loook!" Excitedly yet quietly whispered, "See how his sack is getting tight and that tube inside the shaft is forming?"

"Yes and the veins on his penis have gotten much bigger and the whole thing looks much harder and bigger ." Stacy hissed in amazement.

"Yea he is about to cum Oh! Right…! Yeasss…! Oh! There he goes, see his butt squeezing and his shaft inflate and deflate," Betty gasped adding, "See how the shaft goes soft and hard?"

"Yes! Yes…! Oh God yess…! I see it moving like it is flexing. That's what it looks like when it cums?" Stacy hissed tightly.

"Yea…! That guy is squirting sperm into her with each flex," Betty assured.

"Oh! God Betty I want to feel a dick cum inside me!" Stacy said; in a loud whisper, stopping short, as the second woman started to move.



The second woman also had big breasts, but they were hanging slightly, not unattractively, and her legs were long and shapely. Her pubic hairs wet with a glistening glaze. They were thick, dark, and parted back from her wet, meaty, vaginal lips. She went to the other end of the bed and grabbed the second man's dick and testes with both hands. The second man already had a throbbing erection the tip wet from oozing precum. His cock looked to be only about six inches long, and not as thick. She sucked the whole length into her mouth sliding her tongue down, and around his testicles.

Betty started excitedly poking Stacy in the side and hissed loudly pointing to the third man as he rounded the bed from the far side of the room, "Ooo…! Loook! Loook at the size of that thing will you."

"Shh! Shh! They're going to here you. He must've cum already there is so much goo coming out of his dick. Damn that thing is ugly." Stacy hissed straining to be quiet."

"No he hasn't; he is just hot he hasn't started yet." Betty whispered smiling, quipping, "That thing is ugly but I bet she is about to fly into heaven when his hot sperm starts gushing onto her cervix."

Stacy was glad she wasn't in her bedroom right then she was being thrilled by all she has seen so far and now watching the third man positioning him self behind the second woman made her start creaming her panties. Stacy watched intently as the second woman crouched on her knees sucking the second man's dick and massaging his testicles. Stacy's mouth gaped wide as the third man started to press the head of his large cock into the woman's vaginal opening. He took only a few very short quick strokes and buried his full length.

"That's enough to make any girl cream her panties!" Betty whispered excitedly, and assuring, "I'm wet to my knees!"

"I'm about to cum again with out touching my self" Stacy panted as she moved closer to Betty and behind whispering as she nibbled Betty's earlobe, "I have more cream coming out of me than I thought I possible!" While putting her face cheek to cheek, Stacy slid her hand into Betty's panties and found her genitals were completely covered with her copious sweet cream clinging to her fingers as they slithered over her engorged genitalia finding her vaginal opening. Betty's vaginal muscles convulsed gripping Stacy's fingers as they penetrated her opening, while she rubbed her thumb over her clitoris.

Betty stuffed two fingers into her mouth and bit down hard in an effort to stifle her gasps as her vagina dilated and hot sweet cream gushed from within covering Stacy's hand.

The two young girls looked into the window as they both heard the woman call out loudly "Yesss! God yes! Shove it in all the way in!"

Their mouths gaped the two girls were in awe as the huge cock head sank into the pliant vaginal opening followed by the thick fleshy ring of skin that was bigger than the head; soon the whole shaft was buried inside; again and again withdrawing his full length and pushing it in.

Both girls stared wide-eyed and gaping mouthed, as the man pulled it part way out showing a shinny wet shaft covered with a thick glaze. Stacy started urinating uncontrollably when the man forcefully shoved it back in.

Betty tugged on Stacy's sleeve, and beckoned, "Come on quick we've made too much noise." They both moved back into some trees several feet away and watched the house a few minutes, and no one stirred.

Betty said, "That was the first time I've taken anyone with me. We were kind of loud; I don't think they heard any thing, so we don't half to worry."

Stacy sighed, "God! Betty my vagina feels like a balloon has been blown up inside me, and my lips feel all tingly."

Betty leaned over and kissed Stacy, and cooed. "I'm glad you liked my little secrete. That was some nice fingering you did too." And she asked, "What are you doing this weekend?"

"Nothing much." Stacy said, "What do you have in mind?"

"What would say to a sleep over for the weekend?" Betty asked adding, "My parents are going to be gone for most of the weekend starting Friday afternoon. I'll have the whole house to myself; just tinker and Mytoy."

"That sounds heavenly." Stacy said and with a little trepidation said, "I don't want to lose my virgi..."

"I won't deflower you with a strap-on or try anything like that." Betty interrupted and assured as she nibbled on Betty's earlobe blowing her hot breath across Stacy's neck as she whispered.

"I guess I sound like a whoosy." Stacy said weakly.

"Not at all! I totally know what you mean. I didn't lose my virginity to a toy either. Well I haven't seen any one walking around outside." Betty noted and looked over at Stacy and smiled warmly. "Lets go back and see what they are doing in a little bit." Stacy warmly cooed as she tugged at Betty's arm.

Betty rolled on top of Stacy cupped her face with both hands and gave her a deep throat French kiss. Stacy moaned while lifting and spreading her legs allowing Betty's body to slip between them and as she folded her legs around Betty's waist rocked her hips up grinding her clitoris into her pelvic bone. Betty's mouth muffled Stacy's sighs as her tongue snaked into all the moist folds she could find. Both of them lay on their backs breathing quite heavily after breaking the kiss and stared at the stars for a few minutes.

"I'm sure that we're going to see some gay stuff now," Betty whispered. "Female gay stuff, that is because I've never seen any of the husbands going at each other."

Betty was right. The man lifted his head and grinned at the second woman and man and left the woman he'd been lapping. She opened her eyes and smiled as the other man moved from between the second woman's legs, and the second woman was taking the first man's place, and started sucking on one of the first woman's thrusting titties as both remaining men left the room and the two women by them selves.

Stacy didn't say anything, but was one hundred percent ready to watch. She wondered if Betty was going to have an orgasm without touching herself, she was trembling so as she watched. The woman's head was bobbing and her hair was swirling as she performed the intimate oral act. As the two men left they shut the door and the second woman was swishing her fingers inside her friend's meaty labia and in a few minutes the first woman's body was squirming and breasts heaving to her deep breaths as an orgasm washed over her.

"She's coming, Stacy! Jesus, would I ever like to be in her place and have those sweet fingers splashing in my juices, and those lips suckling at my breasts! It's really great to be fingered down there with a tongue and lips working away above! A lapping tongue and a sucking mouth below and fingers plying my hard nipple works really good too. And, to settle any curiosity you may have, yes, I've had my pussy sucked and lapped by females and males!"

"I can still feel your tongue dancing on my clitoris and how tightly my muscles squeezed. It felt like my insides were being squished out through my vagina." Stacy softly whispered as Betty gazed open mouthed through the open window.

Just then the bedroom door burst open and a large dog bounced in eagerly licking both women's faces, and sniffing at their armpits, butts and pussies. Whining and moof moofing and prancing all over the room as the women spun around trying to hider their privates in what was obviously an act of false modesty. He jumped up on the bed back down to the floor and then upon both women in turn sniffing and snorting at their mussed hair; his tail wagging feverishly as both women playfully petted him as they pushed him down.

As soon as the dog popped into the room Betty was so surprised she jumped up and dropped back to her knees gripping her crotch tightly and Stacy stared dumbly as she struggled to keep her gaspings quiet.

As Betty regained her composure slinked behind Stacy wrapped her arms around her waste and whispered hotly into her ear, "We are going to get a treat…!" and held her tightly as they watched the show unfold wide eyed.

In a few seconds both women were on all fours on top of the bed as the huge black and brown haired dog sniffed and licked at both their hairy butts and pussies, all four hairy arm pits, and their faces and still taking long sniffs at their mussed hair. He was acting like a young child in a toy store with daddy's charge card as his tail thwacked the headboard loudly; and as the minutes passed it became obvious which toy he was going to buy.

"Oh my god…!" Stacy gasped tightly. "Betty look how he is so intently licking at her butt and vaginal opening. It is like the other woman isn't even there! Oh…! My…! God that is so nasty looking yet it is making me so very hot. What do you think is making him lavish her so much and not the other woman?"

"As my friend at the horse ranch says 'that mare is in season'." Betty quipped and then asked, "Can't you see how beet red her mons are and those bright red pussy lips are really puffy."

"I see her sure but isn't that from having all that sex?" Stacy questioned and asked, "How would a dog know any way?"

"Maybe but my money is on her being in… 'estrous'" Betty hissed knowingly as she exaggeratedly hissed the word estrous and added, "Dogs can smell a female in heat weather she is a dog or a human; and that scent drives them crazy!"

"It sure looks like he really wants her look how feverishly he is feeding on her juices; and still her juices are running down her legs and covering his jowls!" Stacy huskily whispered.

"Oh yea he wants her something awful; but then so does she, see how she is sweating and look at her trembling did you see how her pussy gapes when that tongue passes over it!?" Betty recounted and asked, "You're creaming your panties now aren't you?"

"Oh god yes…! Betty I am wetter than I ever thought I could get I'm soaking down to my knees!" Stacy breathlessly admitted and then with a pleading whisper begged, "Oh betty would you please slide your hand inside my panties and finger my clitoris?"

In a teasing manner started moving her fingers over the smooth skin between Stacy's belly button and the elastic band of her panties and moved her other hand up to her breast and asked, "What will you give me?"

"I'll give you anything! I'm coming over this weekend I'll be your slave! Just please finger my clitty!" Stacy gasped.

"My slave huh? What will you do for me? You have to say!" Betty quizzed as she slipped her hands into Stacy's privates.

"I'll suck your clitoris, I'll lick your butt, I will try my best to get you to come!" Stacy pleadingly assured.

"Shhh." Betty said as her fingers hit both hot spots. Stacy's eyes closed as Betty's fingers danced so tenderly yet firmly on Stacy's aching clitoris and nipple. She didn't notice The raven haired beauty's skin bristling with goose flesh and sweat beads as she rolled onto her back. Stacy was oblivious to the feverish whinings from the dog as he impishly licked the strange woman's sweated flesh stopping only long enough to quaff deeply at her armpits and lick her sweat as it ran down her sides.

Soon Stacy's breath started gusting through her nose and she grasped both of Betty's hands as her body tensed from the orgasm washing throughout her body. She laid her head back on Betty's shoulder as the orgasm eased and started softly kissing Betty's neck.

"Look quick!" Betty urged just as the dog stuffed his snout into the woman's bushy pussy and eagerly licked up her sweet cream as it poured out.

As Stacy opened her eyes she gasped loudly hissing, "My god her whole body is quaking and she is thrashing about!" Then quickly bit her knuckle in an effort to be quiet. As Stacy went silent the woman started gasping for every breath and moaning loud enough for them to hear over the music and through the closed windows.



"Oh…! God…! Betty are all doggy penises that big?" Stacy hissed as the dog turned sideways to the window showing his half exposed penis.

"No; but that dog has one big cock!" Betty excitedly whispered singing, "That bitch 'is…!' in heat!"

Soon the dog straddled the woman as she lay on her back and began licking her neck, ears, and face; while spraying her with his scent as he lavished her face with his tongue.

"Betty! Betty look he's pissing on her!" Stacy exclaimed as she hissed straining to be quiet.

"He is marking her with his scent; that means he is really ready to mount her!" Betty explained and then directed, "Look at her face tell me what you see."

"She has a beaming smile; as if she were in second heaven!" Stacy exclaimed adding, "She really does liii…" She went mute and covered her mouth with her hands as the animal's tongue started darting in and out of the woman's open mouth.

He soon began to sniff and lick at her armpits again as well as snaking his tongue along her sides and working his way to her pussy. While sniffing licking and snorting the woman lifted and spread her legs wantonly inviting him to continue to lick he just lifted his head and let out an exaggeratedly loud whiny growl and jumped to the floor and let out a series of muted barks followed by another whiny growl.

Betty hissed as she squeezed Stacy's nipple and clitoris, "It's show time!"

"Oowha…! Wha…! Wha…" She went mute and her eyes widened blinking as she looked on.

The raven haired beauty slinked to the floor and was now on all fours half on and half off the bed resting her head on the dark creamy textured skin of the second woman's breasts. She was a dark haired and dark skinned big eyed beauty too. There was some Spanish or Italian blood in her; a little more chubbier but still not fat.

The huge dog was now frantically pacing back and forth licking the full length of her body and whining as he paced; hopping on and off from one side then the other. He would leave his front leg draped over her waste as he licked at her under arm for a while and then he would lick tenderly at her face and ear.

"Oh…! My…! God…! Betty his penis has gotten so big!" Stacy whispered excitedly.

"Shh…! That is just the tip!" Betty calmly whispered and nibbled at Stacy's earlobe.

"There's mo…!" Stacy stifled herself with both hands.

As she did there came from the other side of the window a blast of gleeful screeching laughter followed by deep raspy gruntings of 'Ughs!' and 'Ahs!' and 'Yeses!' and 'Oh god yeses!' as the moose sized dog mounted her and started shuffling and shifting his position. His tail was arched so far back it touched his back exposing a perfectly round ass-hole and large hairy sack swinging back and forth as he probed her buttocks with his cock; taking short quick strokes as he searched for her sweet spot.

"We can't see anything!" Stacy hissed. Her words filled with the unmistakable sound of disappointment and then added, "I really wanted to see that thing go into her! How will we know when it does?" "We will." Betty assured adding, "Don't worry we wi…" she was cut off by the woman's loud gusty groan as the beast lunged forcefully against the woman's buttocks; his tail swished between their legs as his cock penetrated her vaginal lips.

The animal's probing turned to long powerful thrusts as he pushed his member deeper into her vaginal sheath. Both the dog and the woman were groaning and grunting in time to his rapid forceful thrusts. There was a loud slapping sound as his hairy hunched collided with her buttocks; his nose was buried in her long black hair. Her loud grunting and moaning was now being muffled by the mouth of the second woman as she held her lips to her's kissing her passionately.

In just a few minutes the animal's thrust turned convulsive and loud growling grunts erupted from deep inside his throat as his hot sperm filled her vaginal well. The three lovers lay quietly for a while; the beast being the first to move when he gave a sharp yank, and splawoosh…! Out plopped his cock along with a gush of both their love creams which he quickly started licking up first his penis and then all over her thighs, buttocks and vagina.

Stacy's eyes blinked wide and her mouth gaped as the loud wet squelching suck sounded when he yanked his penis free leaving a sperm soaked gaping vagina. Tendrils of their juices ran down her thighs, and her body would lurch as his tongue snaked across her thighs and genitals. Both of the young girls watched in silent awe.

From inside the room they heard, "Oh Marie I've had that dog's cock inside me a hundred times these past few months…" She paused as she sighed loudly and went on, "and every time it gets better and better! My god just thinking about it makes my skin groin ache!"

"I know Silvia I am so glad we added him to our fun and games…" Marie paused as they kissed and nuzzled and then added, "I was hoping that it was me that came into season because I really wanted to feel that cock thrusting into me." Then Marie paused as she mused over something and then smiled saying, "I think George has gone and gotten me pregnant."

Stacy pushed away from the window ledge and both girls walked briskly into the tree line.

"What's wrong?" Betty queried as she followed.

"I feel so dizzeee…" And Stacy swooned into Betty's arms. Betty could bearly hold her but managed to let her down softly and held her till she came around a few seconds later.

"Did you see her?" She asked as she looked around through her half open eyes and then said, "I am so dizzy everything is spinning. Did you see she really… really liked it." She recounted breathlessly.

"Yea she sure did! She came hard and wet!" Betty sang as she agreed and then teasingly asked, "You want to know something else?" "What! Yes…! Tell me!" Stacy pleaded.

"It ain't over yet either!" She paused as she petted Stacy's hair and face smiled and added, "That mammoth hound is going to mount her at least another six times quite likely more than that!"

"Do you think she will have another orgasm?" Stacy asked quietly as she regained her composure.

"Honey she is going to cum several times over tonight!" Betty assured. Just then loud riotous screeching laugher erupted from the room they were watching and Betty said, "See what I mean?"

"I never thought till tonight that a woman would like an animal inside her. Hell until tonight I've never seen animals do it before." Stacy admitted. They both looked at the house as the woman let out with a bunch of loud grunts and 'Ughs' and 'Oh gods' followed by a long silence.

"This is going to go on all night!" Betty informed adding, "I haven't seen anyone walking around so I don't think they heard us." She paused as she looked around and asked, "You've never seen any other animals not even dogs or cats doing it?"

Stacy got an embarrassed smile on her face as she replied, "Only little birds in the trees and oh yes I saw a rooster jump a chicken once." She paused as she mused over a memory and then said, "It is so hard to imagine a woman liking what that dog is doing right now!"

"It's terribly oh so wonderfully nice, honey! Someday you'll know just how nice it really is! Some females are really, really good at eating and fingering pussy, and any male with an ounce of brains and a real desire to make a girl happy sexually will eat pussy and try to do alright before fucking it!" Stacy remained silent as Betty paused and then continued her expose`, "but all they really want to do is stuff their dick in you and cum; but it takes a dog to do it best! A dog wants to drink your love juice. Sure he wants to stuff his dick into your pussy, but he will make you cum first! And then lick you clean afterwards; but a boy just gets up pees and runs off."

"You sound like you have had a dog licking your vagina!?" Stacy asked in disgust and amazement and still smiling warmly.

Betty looked at Stacy for a few seconds and asked, "You won't get disgusted with me will you?"

"No! Not at all; its Friday now I am your slave!" She sang and kissed Betty's hand and in a sultry voice added, "If you had a penis I would give you my flower right now; if you were a dog I would let you spray me all over with your scent, and claim me as your bitch. I swear!"

"I've gone all the way with a dog and more than once a lot more!" Betty admitted.

And with that said Stacy rolled onto all fours wriggled her ass and said, "Mount me you dirty dog mount me and hump me hard!"

Betty giggling impishly climbed on sunk her teethe into Stacy's ear and wrapped her arms around her waste and started play humping and growling, while Stacy stuck her tongue out and panted like a dog.

"Oh Stacy I do wish I had a penis so I could spray you with my scent and claim you as mine." She whispered as she licked at Stacy's neck.

"We can! We can pretend! Lets go to your secret place!" She proclaimed with gleeful excitement in her voice.

"What? How?" Betty stammered some what puzzled as she stood. Both girls raced to the clearing once inside Stacy stripped bare and laid down on her back and urged, "Quick you strip too!" and in an instant both girls were completely nude.

Looking down and smiling licentiously at Stacy Betty asked, "Now what?"

Smiling back luridly lifted her and splayed her legs exposing her loin to Betty's gaze and cooed, "You play like you are that dog and lick me all over and go pee-pee on me and we can pretend that that is your scent."

"Oh you'll just get grossed out and hate me later!" Betty said.

"No! No I won't! I promise; I'm your slave, look!" Stacy pleaded as she parted her legs farther and there just inside her parted vaginal lips was a shimmering white dewy pearl. As Betty looked she slowly dropped to her knees between Stacy's legs and watched the wet pearl grow inside the perfectly round opening of Stacy's small dilated vagina.

"Say it again." Betty urged softly knowing that Stacy belonged to her.

"I'm yours." She cooed and then whispered warmly, "Take me, mark me with your scent, and claim me as your slave."

Betty pushed Stacy's thighs to her breasts leaned down and sucked the fruit of Stacy's lust into her mouth and with her tongue coated kissed Stacy on her open mouth sliding her tongue in for a long sensual kiss. Both girls caressed each other's face and combed each other's hair as they ran their fingers through it. Betty sat up on all fours and started letting little squirts of pee trickle out and splash on Stacy's belly. Betty giggled and started spinning in circles excitedly just like the dog in the room and letting go of little squirts; hitting her in the face the breasts, on the arms and legs and stomach. She then moved to the side and nudged Stacy on the hip with her nose and she obediently rolled over and Betty sat on her fanny and let the full stream splash onto Stacy's anus and flow over her vagina.

"Ooohh…! That feels nasty and strangely wonderful!" Stacy purred.

With a wriggling shuffle Betty pulled Stacy under her saying as she giggled, "Now it your turn to pee on meee…!"

With tentative squirts scarcely a trickle at first; she twittered as she scootched around wetting her belly, legs, and breasts she hissed, "This feel so strange I've never gone pee-pee on anyone before."

"I've never thought of it as spreading my scent around before either." Betty twittered and then purred, "Just relax and let it out. I've been peed on before, it happens sometimes when a girl climaxes; yes… even to grown women. That's my girl." She sang as Stacy's trickle turned to a full flow.

"Ooo it has turned cold out here!" Stacy said as she shivered.

"Well I guess; we're all wet!" Betty agreed with a snicker.

"I wish tonight didn't have to end but I do need to get back home." Stacy said sadly as she grimaced and as a smile beamed asked, "You think they are still going at it?"

"Yea. Maybe. I bet that is one pooped pooch if they are." Betty sang with a laugh in her voice.

"What are you going to tell your mom if she asks?" Stacy queried.

With a giggle quickly sang, "Having sex with my new girlfriend Stacy! What you are you going to tell your mom?"

"Out walking and talking with my new friend Betty and forgot the time. You'll really tell her you were having sex with another girl?" She asked as she wrinkled her nose.

"It will put her at ease; she prefers that I have sex with other girls or masturbate because that way she doesn't have to worry about me getting as she puts it 'knocked up'." Betty said slyly.

"Oh I would be grounded for ever if my mom found out I had sex with anybody male or female." Stacy said regrettably and with a cheerful note added, "So I will see you this afternoon after I finish my chores around the house and we will spend the whole weekend together. My parents won't mind I am sure. And yours?"

"Not even a little in fact they will be gone most of the weekend and even if they are home they will be glad to see you and have you over." Betty assured firmly. So they dressed kissed one last time and went their separate ways into the night.

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