"Betty's Animal Farm" - Part 3 of 5


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Stacy lay in Betty's arms for several minutes, head between her breasts and Betty tenderly petting the side of her face across her ear and into her hair with a dreamy smile on her face as if she was the one that had the orgasm. Soon Stacy lifted her head her eyes half closed face still sweated and red and a weak smile across her lips slithered into bed next to her new friend.

"Oh god Betty I passed out at some point and started dreaming that I was at the beach and the waves were crashing all over me. Waves of really hot water splashing over me and rolling me around in the bubbly hot water, and the roar was deafening." Stacy recounted dreamily as she drifted off to sleep.

She was awakened by Betty's body jostling about next to her and as she opened her eyes she saw Betty and an older woman looking at her both with broad beaming smiles on their faces as her eyes focused she saw that the older woman was in some of the pictures down stares.

"Stacy this is my mom her name is Sheila, mom this is my new friend Stacy." Betty introduced.

"Glad to finely meet you Betty has told me a lot about you Stacy." She said warmly and then asked, "How are you two doing?"

They both chimed, "Just fine really good."

Much to Stacy's amazement Sheila gave Betty what looked like a very passionate kiss; lip suck and bite to the dancing tongue in the mouth and when Sheila looked up she saw Stacy looking quite surprised she asked, "Would you like a little kiss too?"

As she lay there not knowing what to say Betty chimed in, "Oh come on give mommy a little sugar Stacy its okay mommy likes it."

As Sheila reached Stacy's mouth she licked both lips and sucked Stacy's upper lip into her mouth letting it go only to slide her tongue into her mouth and as their lips sealed Sheila started making soft moaning noises as she snaked her tongue inside Stacy's mouth exploring every little fold. Betty started nibbling on Stacy's ear lobe and squeezing the nipple closest to her Causing Stacy to squirm and gasp into Sheila's mouth with surprise.

As Sheila broke the kiss she gleefully sang, "Betty where did you find this sweet, juicy, ripe passion fruit?"

"At the cafe` mom. Doesn't she have the sweetest mouth you ever tasted?" Betty joyously asked, and noting coyly, "Oh mommy you feel so hot to the touch. Are you okay?"

"The sweetest and the wettest yet!" Sheila happily remarked and answered, "Oh yes honey I'm just in heat. I came into season this morning and daddy and I have been going at it all day long." Sheila slipped on top of Stacy while giving her short little kisses; as Sheila let her weight sag onto Stacy she buried her tongue inside her mouth again firmly sealing their lips and swishing her tongue into every little space of Stacy's mouth, as she broke the kiss Sheila made a loud slurping sound and exaggerated swallowing noise and quietly gazed into Stacy's eyes lifted her body just a bit and flipped her on top and asked softly, "Oh Stacy let me watch you give my little girl some sugar now."

As she started to move a little; she pensively looked back and forth at both mom and her daughter.

"It's okay Stacy." Betty assured adding, "She's a little shy mo…" Betty went silent as Stacy's mouth closed over hers giving her a short kiss.

"Oh you can do better than that Stacy please give Betty a real kiss a wet kiss." Sheila softly coaxed.

Stacy brushed her fingers through Betty's hair and cupped her ear with one hand and with the fingers of her other coaxed her mouth open and with her tongue sucked Betty's upper lip into her mouth and bit it stretching it as she pulled letting it spring free and chasing it with her tongue and as the two young girls sealed their mouths together Betty's hands closed around the back of Stacy's head holding her coaxingly.

"That's it my sweet little Stacy." Sheila whispered into Stacy's ear as she blew her hot breath across it she began nibbling it's skinny flap tracing it to the lobe with her teeth.

As Stacy broke the kiss Betty coaxed, "Now give mommy some sweet and low Stacy."

"Sweet and low? What is sweet and low?" Stacy asked with a puzzled look on her face.

"Oh that's okay honey I want to give her some sweet and low." Sheila directed as she pulled Stacy's body under hers again and looking her right in the eyes said, "This is sugar." And she gave Stacy a long wet slithering tongue kiss and as she broke the kiss and started slinking down Stacy's body and giving several kisses saying between kisses, "And this is sweet and low," as she finished the word low sucked Stacy's clitoris into her mouth. Stacy's legs sprang straight up in the air and they began slapping against Sheila's ears as they fanned. She gasped loudly as she bucked against Sheila's tightening grip around her hips, sank her fingers into Sheila's tangled hair, and mashed her face into her vagina.

"Oh my god!" Stacy blurted out in surprise between gasps, "I can feel her tongue dancing around inside me!" She shouted as she thrashed about in a mad frenzy.

Sheila was making very loud slurping sounds as she suckled on Stacy's clitoris and labia and feeding on her sweet creamy juices when Stacy started letting out a series of loud voiceless yells as her breath gust from her mouth and fell limp on the top of the bed. Only Sheila's quiet licking noises could be heard as she continued to lick Stacy's sweet juices causing her body to twitch a little, "My god Stacy you sure have a lot cum in you!" Sheila purred softly as she looked up her face covered copiously with Stacy satiny white juices.

For several minutes the three of them quietly lay there spooning with Stacy in the middle. Neither of them sleeping but not awake either.

"That was the first time I ever had a tongue so far inside me." Stacy whispered breaking the silence.

"Well that was my first time of having a young girl soak my face her with her cum." Sheila softly toned into Stacy's ear as she moved her finger inside Stacy's pussy and then added, "You are still flowing…"

Sheila was interrupted when Mytoy bounced back into the room put his two front paws upon the bed let a few loud moof moofs and stood there panting and licking his jowls whining and wagging his tail eagerly. As soon as Mytoy announced his arrival Stacy's breath quickened and she started squirming trying to get out from between Betty and her mom.

Betty pushed Mytoy down as she got up announcing, "I want to watch this mom!" and she quickly moved to the back of the room.

Mytoy quickly hopped upon the bed and started lavishing Stacy's face and neck with his rough wet tongue.

"Is he who you want Stacy?" Sheila asked. As Stacy opened her mouth to speak Mytoy's tongue started darting in and out as if drinking from his bowl causing Stacy's body to wretch as she coughed a few times. He soon started moving up and down the full length her trembling body covering every square inch of her with his rough wet tongue; Stacy's gaze was fixated on Mytoy's every move, she would fill the room with screechingly joyous laughter every time his tongue passed over her armpits and nipples Mytoy would answer back with a whiny growl and start back in eagerly licking and sniffing and Stacy would make soft gurgled moans when he started drinking from her mouth again. When he got to Stacy's pussy and found Sheila's fingers still inside her he barked out as if saying this treat is mine and started hungrily lapping at Stacy's gelatinous juices as soon as Sheila had removed her fingers. As he eagerly fed on Stacy's sweet fruit he would cast furtive glances at Sheila as if he were fearful of her taking his sweet doggy treat. He didn't seem to mind when Sheila started suckling on Stacy's taut nipple.

"Bite it! Oh god bite it hard!" Stacy shouted as she started drumming her bottom on the bed grabbing Sheila's hair and almost pulling it out by the roots mashed her face into her breast. Her chest heaved heavily as she gasped for every breath her body undulating as her tormenters continued their pleasureful ministrations.

As Stacy's body turned into pudding Mytoy looked up the hairs on his face had a copious coating of Stacy's juices; her gelatinous creams dangled from his jowls as he stood there on all fours anxiously waiting his head cocked to one side whining. Stacy's face lit up as she rolled over and shuffled off the side of the bed dragging Sheila to the side with her. Mytoy jumped to the floor as Stacy's knees hit the floor and immediately started licking at her vaginal tuck stretching her labial folds as his rough textured tongue slowly passed over as she opened her mouth to moan loudly Sheila pressed Stacy's lips to her open mouth sealing their lips.

Stacy kept her legs splayed wide and feet even farther apart and arched her back as to open her vulva and invite more of his sweet ministrations. Mytoy's stiff dick was now protruding well beyond his hairy sheath and just inside his hairy sheath was the bulge of his huge knot as he paced eagerly from side to side and front to back. He hungrily licked the sweat from Stacy's sweated body and as he neared her head he hopped upon her back with his front paws scratching her skin and started licking her ear rolling it up as his tongue passed over it. He continued to lick the whole side of Stacy's face as he side stepped between her open legs and with his tail wagging wildly he gave one deliberate poke sinking his cock up to the knot inside Stacy's pussy. Stacy grabbed onto Sheila tightly moaning into Sheila's mouth as Mytoy's knot pressed against her mons. Stacy's vaginal muscles moved his solid cock in and out as they sucked inward and pushed outward from their reflexive responses to Mytoy's penetration and his licking of Stacy's face. With a pop he yanked it out, jumped to the floor, and started lapping up their juices as they ran out of Stacy's now dilated vaginal opening.

As Stacy cried out into Sheila's mouth Mytoy mounted her from behind and as his front legs slipped between Stacy's parted thighs his big hard cock slipped into her vagina. He put his nose in her hair took two steps placing his hind legs further under Stacy's body and he buried his knot with a grunting thrust. As his tail swished between their legs; Stacy's head jerked up as their haunches crashed. The only sounds coming from the room was Mytoy's hair rubbing on Stacy's buttocks as he rapidly humped. Stacy was making quiet humming moans as Mytoy's rapid short thrusts just jiggled his hot cock inside her; but it was enough to make Stacy cum because in a few minutes she started exhaling quietly several deep breaths, and slurped back a drool she kissed Sheila. As their lips met Mytoy's thrusts turned erratic and forceful as he began grunting feverishly and again he too lay still draped across Stacy's back and after a few seconds he hopped to the floor and started licking Stacy's pussy and his fully exposed cock with it's knot now turning flaccid.

Stacy offered her hand to Betty urging her to join them in bed as she lay on top of Sheila. Betty straddled both their bodies as she kissed them both in turn. Betty slid down next to the side of the bed in front of Sheila and Stacy slipped between the mother and daughter; the three of them drifted to sleep in a matter of minutes. As Stacy slept she dreamt that she was washing a giant dog while Betty masturbated her big dick as she washed she heard Betty say, "Bend over darlin' I want to give you some of this." She looked to see what it was and saw she had the shiny wet head squeezed shut and was walking kind of funny she asked, "Are you going to cum in me again?" adding as she bent over, "You'll make me wet the bed again." Just as Betty pressed her head between Stacy's mons the bed started bouncing wildly, wildly enough to wake Stacy from her dream just in time too. When she opened her eyes and looked she saw a man climbing into bed with them and laying down on Betty. As Betty's feet came into view she could see they were kissing and she could hear them both grunting. She started to speak but Sheila placed her finger on Stacy's lips and whispered Shhhh quietly into her ear.

"It's okay Stacy This is Randy Betty's dad he is just giving her a little lovin'." Sheila explained and then directed, "Go ahead slide your hand between them and play with her clitty."

As Stacy's fingers began diddling on Betty's clitoris she gasped out in surprise, "He has his penis inside her." As she continued to play with Betty's clitty she started to buck upward into her daddy's downward thrusts.

"Hey you two take it easy!" Sheila cautioned adding, "Daddy's sperm belongs to mommy tonight."

"I'm not close yet honey." Randy breathlessly exclaimed as he noticed Stacy watching him he paused saying, "Hi my name is Randy what's you'res."

"St… Stacy…" She pensively answered.

"That is a pretty name." He noted and went back to kissing Betty and working his penis inside her.



"Slide under me." Sheila softly directed as she rolled over straddling Stacy. Sheila began tracing Stacy's lips and nose with her fingers and quietly said, "He is starting to slow down that means he is close." And kissed Stacy passionately sucking on her upper lip and as her tongue slipped into her mouth she felt the bed jostling and Randy's knees straddling her legs. A sudden gust of air rushed from Sheila's nose as her body was pushed forward a little. Stacy could feel the bed rocking rhythmically as the two had sex over her. She thought she felt drops splashing on her belly when Sheila's pussy started sounding quite wet. As the rocking became sporadic she definitely felt something going plop, plopping on her belly; and as he withdrew his penis something quite heavy, warm, and gooey plopped right on her belly button.

With a playful slap across Sheila's buttock he hopped off asking, "Will you be in soon?"

"Yes dear." She replied as she sat on Stacy aligning their vaginal openings perfectly and asked, "What do you think of our family so far Stacy?"

"Uha…! Ooo…! I feel your husbands hot sperm is oozing out and oozing all over my vagina." Stacy said as she squirmed under Sheila.

"Oh that is okay he will put more sperm into me in a few minutes." She answered warmly and then asking, "Does it feel good Stacy?"

"It is so thick and warm and squishy but it does feel kind of nice in a strange way. I like your family a lot really a lot!" Stacy finely answered and remarked with amazement in her voice, "There is so much sperm I can feel it pooling under my fanny!"

As Sheila got up and headed for the door both girls could see a tendril of Randy's sperm winding it's way down Sheila's thigh. As she walked Betty called out, "Mommy Wait!" And then softly coaxed, "Stacy tell mom what you are doing for me tonight and what I am doing for you." after a few seconds she gently urged, "Come on tell her… You 'are…!' having fun right?"

As Stacy cast a few furtive glances around the room she started to talk, "I am Betty's slave; I belong to her tonight. I have promised to do anything she wants me to; and right now…" she paused as her face flushed red and finished, "Right now she is teaching me to be her barnyard slut." And then blurted out, "I'm not a slut…!"

"Oh honey of course not; no one here is, or thinks that of you, but sometimes in order to find your real joy you have to walk the full length and width of the road." She stopped caught her breath and added, "I have to pee so I'll come right back and we'll talk."

"Okay mommy we'll be right here!" Betty excitedly expressed and as she petted Stacy's shoulder pressed, "Right?"

"Oh yes we'll be waiting… well is it okay Betty if I go potty with your mom?" Stacy asked as she stood up crossing her legs.

"Sure go ahead." Betty agreed warmly.

As Sheila turned for the door Stacy jumped and placed her hand between Sheila's legs causing her to jump and call out in surprise, "Yiieeuh! Wh…"

"Some sperm was going to leak onto the floor and I caught it!" Stacy said pleased with herself.

"Oh thank you but ole Mytoy would have found it like he will find every little drop that got missed but still thank you for the startle." Sheila assured as they walked to the bathroom.

"You go first." Sheila directed.

As Stacy sat she asked, "You know Betty wants me to do anything you want?" She went silent as her urine gushed out.

"Oh really? Anything my little heart wishes?" Sheila quizzed.

As her flow turned to a trickle Stacy replied, "Yes anything!" And she beamed a big smile as she stood.

"Well…" She sounded thoughtful as she started to pee. When she finished sighed, "How about a wipe to start with."

"Sure!" Stacy happily complied as she reached for the paper adding as she wiped, "But surely there must be something else. Oh my you have a really strong scent." Stacy said as she sniffed at the toilet paper.

"Oh that isn't how I smell that is how I smell after having sex all day you'll see." Sheila assured as she walked back to the bedroom hand in hand with Stacy in tow.

"Well mom you think of something?" Betty pried.

"I did." She sang as Stacy stepped closer Sheila bent her over the bed and slipped her hand between her legs and while running her fingers over Stacy's mons and staring at her bottom asked, "When was the last time you were in diapers?"

"Oh…! That feels nice! I don't remember the last time I was in diapers." She replied puzzled.

"Well I want to diaper you and I want you to promise to keep them on until I… until I take them off." Sheila asked as she smiled wetly at Stacy.

Stacy fidgeted and looked around the room as if looking for an escape and then asked, "What if Mytoy wants me again; I still feel hot inside." And as no escape was what she really wanted Stacy relented, "I guess sure."

"Ask mommy nicely." Betty urged.

"Would you put me in diapers please Mrs. Riley I think it would feel nice." Stacy obediently complied as she lay back on the bed lifting and spreading her legs.

"Betty go get my basket in the hall closet." Sheila directed as she knelt between Stacy's open legs she added, "Oh honey we have to give your sweet little lips a rest they looks so swollen and so sore."

"I'm I hurt." Stacy asked sounding a little scared.

"No honey you're not hurt just a little raw is all." Sheila calmly reassured.

"But everything was so wet and slick feeling how can I be raw." She asked still feeling uneasy.

"Well how many times did ole Mytoy jump onto you and stuff that wonderful cock of his into you seven maybe eight times it is no wonder; well this is your first time and well honey we all got sore the first time. Right?" Sheila questioned Betty as she walked in the room.

"That's right mom." Betty quipped handing the basket to her mom.

"Oh Betty you made this washcloth just right." Sheila complimented Betty adding, "Oh my you are covered with cum you'res, mine, Betty's, Randy's, and yes Mytoy's." Sheila cajoled as she cleaned Stacy's bottom and belly asking, "Betty would you be a dear and get me another please." And then put her hand on Stacy's belly and started lightly circling Stacy's clitoris with her thumb.

"What are you doing?" Stacy asked a little breathless.

"Oh just watching your beautiful vaginal opening wink at me while I rub your little clitty. Does it feel good?" Sheila asked softly.

Just then Betty returned announcing, "Here mom." Betty announced as she handed the freshly rinsed cloth much warmer than before.

Stacy jumped as she swished the piping hot cloth over her genitalia finishing with her puckering anus and then sang, "Stacy honey I am going to put some salve on your labia and your clitoris and inside your vaginal opening it help ease the itch and burn." Sheila paused as she opened the jar and added cautiously, "It might sting a little at first just let me know."

"I uh it doesn't sting it tingles." Stacy said relief filling her voice and as Sheila continued to apply the salve she added, "It is starting to feel really warm deep inside like way back in my vagina."

"Would you like me to put a little more inside you and maybe on your anus?" Sheila asked as she slipped her finger in and out of Stacy's winking vaginal opening.

"Oh yes if you want to." She answered right back and as Sheila slathered more over little Stacy's openings she cooed, "Au oooh I'm getting really warm in my stomach and I am really starting to relax you know like turning back into pudding again. That is magic stuff huh?"

Stacy's face turned soft as she smiled at Sheila as she pinned the cloth diaper around her waste and legs with Betty looking on from behind her face beaming brightly chimed, "Mommy makes me wear diapers all the time. Right mommy?"

"Oh yes dear." She confirmed as she slipped the rubber pants into place adding, "I just like to diaper my girls. You are my little girl?" She asked as she lavished a wet kiss on Stacy's belly button.

With a soft smile and half opened eyes Stacy replied dreamily, "Yes mommy." And then rolled over and crawled into bed raising her hand to Betty and half asleep called, "Come on Betty lets go to sleep now." And snuggled to betty's back and they fit like a spoon with Betty smiling back at her mother as she shut off the lights both girls went right to sleep with out a stir a dream right up to the time Betty gave Stacy a playful shove and wriggle.

"Come on let's get up I have a busy day planned for you." Betty sang as she giggled and up Betty jumped adding loudly, "We got a long walk ahead of us we're going to the horse ranch today!"

"Oh the room is still spinning and I feel all tingly." Stacy exclaimed a wry smile on her face as she looked around the room and asked, "What is that stuff?"

"An old family recipe. I have to go pee I'll be right back." Betty said as she walked out the door.

"No wait I'll go with you." Stacy cried out.

Betty looked back in, a silly grin on her face and said, "You have to wait for mommy. Remember the diapers and you did promise to keep them on until she took them off. Come on it isn't that bad and it'll make her day."

"Oh… Oh… Okay." Stacy agreed somewhat indignant.

A few minutes passed and then a half an hour and soon she was standing in the middle of the room and finally Sheila entered the room with her basket in hand.

"Stacy you look so tense!" She noted and asked, "What is it?"

"I have to go really baaad…!" Stacy whined as she fidgeted.

"Well just go; that's what diapers are for honey." Sheila consoled and then with a small smile beaming gently directed, "Now lay down and let me wash your feet and legs." "Can't I ju…" Stacy went mute as Sheila put her finger to her lips.

"You want to make me feel good don't you?" She asked and said, "Here give me you foot."

And as the steamy hot washcloth draped across Stacy's foot a geyser erupted inside Stacy's diaper and she started making little grunting noises as she went pee. As it began sagging from the weight of urine Sheila sang, "Oh…! There good girl. Now that wasn't so hard now was it?"



"No I guess still it's a little strange." Stacy admitted.

"Well as soon as I get you cleaned up and play with your wonderful clitty awhile you can join Betty, have a bite and then head off to what ever adventure she has planned for you. Here give me your other leg." As she finished her legs and feet Sheila asked, "Do you have to go poop?"

"No not right now." Stacy replied sounding eager to get on with her day.

As Sheila pulled the rubber pants down she sang, "Oh my you really wet these diapers you did." She threw the wet diapers into a bag and started washing Stacy's vulva and buttocks from the small of her back to her belly button and after she threw the washcloth into her basket Sheila started fingering Stacy's clitoral hood with her thumb and forefinger purring, "You're not so sore looking now; but my, my your clitoris is still really hard! Does this feel good dear?"

"Au… Ooo ya…yes it does!" Stacy breathlessly answered adding, "I think I might cum again!"

"I love watching little labia fan out and turn wet." Sheila cajoled and added suddenly as she slipped Stacy's Crotchless pantyhose in place, "Keep that thought! Betty is waiting in the kitchen."

"Don't you want to make me cum again?" Stacy asked as she jumped up and slipped on a t-shirt

"Yea but I'll save it for later; you belong to Betty and so you belong to me." Sheila replied as a broad smile beamed from her face adding, "I want to make Randy's cum in me again and fill me with more his sperm! Go have fun with Betty." And walked into her bedroom.

As Stacy entered the kitchen she saw a table full of all kinds of cereals, juices, breads, and meats, along with scrambled eggs. Stacy grabbed a slice of bacon a buttered biscuit and a spoon and followed suit with Betty and started eating the eggs from the bowl and grabbing bacon from the plate.

The feeding frenzy was interrupted when Betty cautioned, "Don't eat too much we might have to do some hard work at Ms. Bronoski's, but I promise it will be worth it. Remember call her Ms. Bronoski until she tells you different!"

"Okay but what kind of work?" Stacy asked anxiously.

"Oh probably feed the horses maybe clean inside the coral." Betty answered informatively.

"Do you think she will let us ride the horses?" Stacy quizzed.

"Don't ask let her offer; you'll have better luck." Betty explained and then asked, "You ready to go?"

"Yes I'm ready." Stacy responded and threw her arms around Betty ensnaring her by the door and kissing her squarely on the mouth and for several minutes the two girls melted in each other's arms and breaking the kiss Stacy said, "Now I'm really ready!"

The two girls bounced down the trail as they leaped over fallen logs and when just walking their pace was a fast walk as they headed for the horse ranch.

"Are you a little sore from last night?" Betty asked.

"Just in my legs and stomach." Stacy explained.

"I thought your pussy lips might be a little tender." Betty remarked with a little chuckle and snickering added, "Especially with as many times as Mytoy pumped his big cock knot into you.

"No not sore I just feel really tingly and warm on…" Stacy was interrupted.

"Say it like I told you to! You are still my slave right?" Betty softly rebuffed.

"My cunt and cunt lips are just fine my clit feels really tingly and warm I could do it all again and will when we get back!" Stacy proudly expressed as she rubbed herself between her legs in a exaggerated gesture of proof and then adding, "That salve is magical stuff."

"I wish you could have seen yourself the way you started humping into Mytoy's thrusts; I swear I almost came without touching myself." Betty recounted, "Yea it really makes raw skin feel like new."

"Yea I would've liked to see what I looked like too." Stacy admitted as her face blushed as she looked around and added, "I wish he would have followed us because if he were here I would fuck him right here and now!"

"I believe you I believe you!" Betty sang out adding, "Mom just has him tied up in the back yard. She didn't want him following us to the ranch. So when we get back he will be all tied up unable to escape your hungry appetite." Betty ended with a small laugh and a side ways look like she were saying, 'if you only knew.'

"Besides work what do you think we will do there?" Stacy asked brimming with curiosity.

"I have some more surprises in store for you!" Betty replied eagerly and then as they broke out of the forest and onto a drive way announced, "We're here!"

Stacy's mouth gaped as a very large barn and barnyard came into view quickly forgetting about the bombshell Betty let go of just a few seconds earlier. The driveway went through an open gate splitting the barnyard down the middle with a big house on one side and a huge barn on the other and both sides of the drive way were lined with same sized square fenced corals each with their own gate. There sitting on the fence of the coral closest to the barn was a woman a very big featured woman as she looked over at them she waved eagerly, easing some of Stacy's misgivings as the size of the ranch was unsettling.

"Come on over here girls your just in time to watch!" as Ms. Bronoski urged them to join her on the fence and with a friendly tone added, "This must be Stacy I'm glad you could make it. Have you ever been on a horse ranch before?"

"No Ms. Bronoski." Stacy replied stunned at her towering figure as she sat on the fence. Her long raven black hair was pulled tight into thick braids it outlined her strong round face and was still dense as it disappeared under her collar. Her pouty dark lips looked inviting and a warm sharpness shined from her eyes. Her clean white teethe shined and her dark skin had a creamy color to it. As Stacy politely glanced over at Ms. Bronoski she could see she had large feet to match her powerful looking legs and thighs that fit to her large round buttocks but appeared to be quite firm. The way she sat on the fence concealed the size of her breasts and stomach.

"So you've never seen horses mating before?" She pressed further pretending not to notice Stacy furtive glances.

"No never Ms. Bronoski not even pictures." Stacy honestly replied.

"I guess this will be a real eye opener for you." Ms. Bronoski remarked with a slight laugh in her voice and adding, "You see those two horses how they are kind of dancing around and bumping into one another?"

"Yes Maam; they act like they are playing with each other." Stacy answered.

"They are; I put them together yesterday after finding the mare was in season and they have been going through the getting to know you dance and she is almost ready to be mounted by him." Ms. Bronoski explained with emphasis on the word mounted and then informed them saying, "This is one of the last few breading ranches that still let the animals mate when specified."

Suddenly Betty shouted impishly, "Oh lookie he's sniffing her butt." A smile beaming from her face she added exuberantly, "Look Stacy see his big cock pouring out of his sheath!"

As Stacy looked her eyes grew wide with amazement as the huge black and red member extended from it's sheath and start to stiffen and in a dazed voice exclaimed, "He'll never get that monstrous thing inside her! My god it's way too big!"

"You are in for a surprise!" Ms. Bronoski said with a loud laugh and then explained, "See how she is standing still and twitching her tail to the one side and how shi…" She went mute as the stallion mounted the mare and with precise aim stuffed the head of his huge cock between the mare's vulva finding her hole with a single thrust and as he hopped on his hind legs buried the full length of his shaft inside the mare's womb. As he humped; both the stallion and the mare were making loud deep grunting noises that could be heard through out the entire barnyard. After several minutes the stallion's thrust became convulsive and his grunts turned to quite loud groans ending with staccatoed grunts; a few seconds later the mare jumped out from underneath and pranced around the square coral proudly as if she were bragging. The stallion stood there with his huge member now softening and long white stringers of viscous cum dangling from his tip and then drop to the ground forming a pool and soon he too was prancing around the coral.

"Lets go inside quietly girls and have something to drink." Ms. Bronoski directed. And the three of them headed form the house.

"O…" Stacy was interrupted.

"Quietly!" Ms. Bronoski rebuffed as they neared the door. Once inside and the door closed behind them Ms. Bronoski said out loud, "My…! God…! I've seen that a thousand times and I still get wet! How about you two girls?"

"I've soaked my panties!" Betty excitedly admitted as she lifted her dress up exposing her soaking thighs.

"And you Stacy?" Ms. Bronoski pried and sarcastically asked, "Cat got your tongue?"

"Aw she's just a little shy still; we're working on her." Betty playfully explained and then pressed, "Come on Stacy you can spit it out she's my friend."

"Au I'm about to explode!" Stacy started as Betty moved behind her she continued, "My heart is beating no pounding inside my womb and I've soaked my legs to my knees. I have never even imagined anything like that not even in my dreams!"

"That is wonderful that is what you are suppose to feel." Ms. Bronoski comforted as she stepped closer she announced, "My name is Svetlana Bronoski but in here and only in here you can call me Lana." And as she knelt down she emphasized, "Call me Lana only in here okay."

As Stacy started to speak Lana cupped her face and kissed her on the lips as Betty started to nibble on Stacy's ear. When Lana moved her hands to Stacy's side Stacy wrapped her arms Lana and Betty began to fondle Stacy's breasts. Soon Stacy started making quiet little grunting noises as Lana's long tongue found the back of Stacy's throat. Betty slipped her hands under Stacy's t-shirt and started tweaking her taut nipples as she fondled her small firm mounds; and Lana's hands had hefted the hem of Stacy's skirt and found their way to her steamy wet mons and were busily fondling her labia and clitoral hood. As one hand reached from behind and the other working in from the front all the fingers from both hands were dancing over Stacy's genitalia.

Again the mouth of one of her lovers' muted Stacy cries of ecstasy. Lana's fingers plied their way long the Stacy's wet pliant vaginal flesh the thumb and forefinger of her left hand were playing with her clitoris while she daubed Stacy's cream onto her anus with the middle fingers of her right. Stacy's writhing became fervid and her moans turned desperate as Lana sunk two of her fingers into Stacy's anus and the other two into her vaginal opening and began thumbing her clitoris. Stacy broke the kiss as she started to jump within the grasps of both women she let out a loud voiceless yell as she gasped panickingly for every breath and then went limp falling onto Lana panting as she caught her breath.

A few minutes passed and Stacy purred, "Oh Lana you made me feel so good; both you and Betty made me cum so much I don't know how to thank you." Stacy said as she gave each of them as wet kiss on the lips.

"Sure you do Stacy; tell Lana what we've been doing she would like to hear about it." Betty coaxed.



Stacy looked around the room as if making sure no one else was there and pensively at first started talking, "Well I uh I promised to be Betty's slave and do…" She paused relaxed some and started again, "I promised to do anything and everything she wanted and she is teaching me to be her bar…" Stacy's face turned bright red and then she continued, "I learning to be Betty's barn yard slut!" She started trying to hide after she finished.

"Come here Stacy, sit by me, and tell me what all you two have been doing since last night." Lana insisted as she patted the space next to her and as Stacy sat down wrapped her arm around her and pulled her close and pried again, "Come on you can tell Auntie Lana I know what it is like to be young and in heat like you are. Now what kind of nastiness have you two girls been up to?"

"Aw come on Stacy it's okay she is my friend too." Betty urged.

"Well okay we took turns kissing the other's pussy and making each other cum and after a while I asked Betty to take my cherry if she wanted…"

"You were a virgin till last night?" Lana interrupted asking and then urgently coaxed, "Keep talking!"

"Betty talked me into letting Mytoy have me since I wanted a real peni…" Stacy paused to slurp back a drool.

"What I say to call it?" Betty rebuffed teasingly.

"I gave my virginity to a dog cock. It really hurt at first but just as Betty promised it started feeling really, really good." Stacy recounted feeling more at ease as she continued, "I think he mounted me eight or nine times I just know that I can't wait to get back so ole Mytoy can do me again!"

"You don't have to go back to Betty's to get humped by a dog. Why you can do my dog if fact… Betty you tell her!" Lana excitedly directed.

"Stacy I want you to give yourself to Lana's dog Sparky and I want you to hold on to Lana like you did mama and me last night!" Betty gleefully directed and then asked, "Lana why don't you tell Stacy about ole Sparky."

"He's a big dog a lot bigger than Mytoy in every department." as she indicated with her hand in front of her crotch as if measuring an imaginary penis "Honey you will know you have a cock inside you but don't worry your vagina is big enough to take him on no problem. I am sure you are strong enough to support his extra weight when he 'mounts…!' you. He is a little taller but you will be able to hold your sweet little fanny at the right height so he can mate with you; besides I want to watch him mount you I just love watching a mare being mounted." Lana paused to catch her breath and went on, "He is a mixed breed like me; he has Blood Hound, Shepard, Saint Bernard, and Rottwilder, and I have a little Russian, Swede, Spanish, and Samoan." She paused as she mused over a pleasant thought her face brightened up as she added, "He is a good dog. Hey Stacy you want to see something completely surprising?"

"Sure I do I am ready for anything now!" Stacy eagerly admitted.

"Come here and pull my pants and panties down Betty." Lana directed and before anyone could blink Betty had eagerly complied lay the clothing on the chair and then Lana continued, "Reach in the middle drawer and bring the bottle here and give it to Stacy." And as Betty handed the bottle to Stacy Lana ordered, "Read it out loud Stacy."

Stacy's eyes opened wide as she looked at Lana's thick long black pubic hairs and watch Betty's face disappear inside them. She reached down, grabbed a handful, and pulled them back and there was Betty suckling on Lana's meaty clitoral hood. As Betty looked up her face glistened with Lana's juices and her huge clitoris fell from Betty's mouth. After only a few minutes of Betty's ministrations Lana's grip on Stacy's shoulder tightened and her free hand gripped Betty's hair pressing her face into Lana's hairy pussy and her breath gust loudly from her mouth as she gasped in orgasm and in a few seconds Lana went limp and sat there quietly with both girls in her arms.

"I get so turned on watching the stallion mount and mate with the mare." Lana admitted breathlessly and then added, "I am going to let you watch me get mounted by a stallion. Go ahead and read Stacy."

"The Mare's Scent; These gel caps contain the scent of a mare in season and guaranteed to make any stallion think a near by mare is in heat. Guaranteed or your money back." Stacy read and was starting to get a smile on her face as she opened the bottle and gave it an experimental sniff.

"Now give one of those caps to Betty and close the bottle." Lana directed adding as Stacy gave the cap to Betty, "Betty put the cap in your hand and show our new friend how deep I am."

Betty got a wet sultry look on her face as her hand vanished inside Lana's pussy and after several soft pushes and pulls Betty's arm was buried up to her elbow and it's full length slid easily in and out as Lana breathed heavily.

Breathlessly Lana said, "That's enough now get that short skirt hanging on the door and lets go out side. I have a treat to share while we wait for Sparky to come back."

"Oh Stacy you are really going to love this I've seen this before!" Betty eagerly sang.

As the trio neared the far coral they saw one horse standing eating the last of his hey and as they entered the coral Lana coaxed, "Now just watch how slowly he follows me as I walk across the coral."

It seemed unremarkable as Lana walked up to him and handed him an apple and turned heading into the barn signaling the girls to meet her inside. Once inside some soft bells started chiming and a horse could be heard snorting as he fidgeted.

As the three of them met Lana said, "I think it is time for Stacy to see the difference in Mr. Nibs' behavior now that the scent is leaking into my hairs so girls take a seat on the fence and watch."

As Lana walked into the coral Mr. Nibs slowly walked over to meet her and she handed him another apple and started petting him behind the ears and under his chin, and Mr. Nibs started kissing Lana on her ear; all the time seaming as thought nothing was different. His tail was swishing lazily back and forth and his demeanor was quite calm.

I quiet whinny sounded as Mr. Nibs' head bobbed and he started snorting as he lowered his nose to Lana's dress hem; once his nose was between Lana's legs loud breathing noises could be heard as the air raced passed his nostrils. As Lana headed away from the barn he neighed loudly in protest, bolted in front of Lana's path stopping her from walking any further but not touching her, and then gently nudged her back towards the barn. Lana would teas him by turning away but then he would nudge her with his big head until she was headed for the barn again and Mr. Nibs followed behind her. As they neared the barn his tail was whipping side to side and his penis was already starting to extend out from it's sheath.

"My god Betty is Mr. Nibs really going to mount her?" Stacy asked startled and in disbelief straining to be quiet.

"Yeaaahh…!" Betty exclaimed excitedly adding, "Look his cock is already sticking out and getting hard.

Soon Lana and Mr. Nibs were inside the barn and the girls calmly walked into the barn and watched their jaws gaping open as Lana hoisted her skirt up around her waist and slowly rubbing her torso on Mr. Nibs' side moved under his belly bending at the knees and placed her head between his front legs. His eyes turned wild and his nostrils flared when Lana started petting his front legs causing his shaft to turn rigid and his back to arch as the head of his cock skillfully found Lana's vaginal opening. He let out a loud groan as his shaft slipped in deeper and deeper. As Lana's hips dipped he started his rhythmic thrusting moving his cock inward only a few inches each time. Mr. Nibs started humping faster as he learned how deep his stroke could go; the two of them grunting like animals in heat locked in the throws of passionate mating. It was Mr. Nibs that started cumming first as his head turned downward and his groaning turned into feverish grunts. The two girls watched in silent awe as his shaft sagged and turned taut as he ejaculated the last of his sperm into Lana's vaginal well and soon long stringers of his semen dangled from Lana's hairy vagina and then fell to the ground and then his flaccid penis slipped out with a loud sloppy wet squelching sploosh followed by a copious gush of white horse sperm. As she slid out from under his belly Lana wrapped her arms around Mr. Nibs' neck and stroked it as they savored the moment.

Lana's eyes were half closed and a very satisfied smile beamed from her face as she walked towards the girls and asked, "Well what do you think?"

"Lana every time I watch you have sex with Mr. Nibs my insides go crazy with desire. That is definitely the biggest cock I have ever seen go into a woman's pussy." Betty excitedly exclaimed as she kept her two middle fingers inside her pussy.

"I am without words. I ache inside from being so horny after watching." Stacy explained and asking, "Mr. Nibs really knows how to have sex with you without hurting you doesn't he?"

"Yes and it was easy to teach him and now it is like he even knows when I'm ready for him." Lana recounted in a quiet satisfied tone and then suggested, "Let us go have some tea and wait for Sparky." Lana sounding more energetic as she spoke and then adding, "It will be your turn to perform soon Stacy."

As they entered the house Stacy remarked with surprise, "Horse sperm smells just like human sperm." knelt between Lana's legs, and licked some of the seminal fluid from Lana's legs. Just as the teapot started to whistle in the doggy door opened and in bounced Sparky and loudly announced him self by barking loudly sniffing at all three women and quickly finding Lana's sperm covered legs and started cleaning them right away. It was how ever Stacy that soon began to receive Sparky's ministrations and the other two women soon took a side seat as Sparky's attentions focused on Stacy.

"My god his whole body is a lot bigger than Mytoy!" Stacy excitedly remarked as she hungrily gazed at the animal and added, "Jesus his balls are a lot bigger too!" Stacy's eyes were now fixed on the image of Sparky's hairy scrotum in the mirror as it dangled. She quickly stripped her t-shirt off and cried out, "My god his tongue is really going inside me as he licks my pussy!" She laid back on the floor and her toes wriggled as she splayed her legs widely.

Lana and Betty were now naked too and in each other's arms playing with each other's pussy and avidly watching as Sparky eagerly fed on Stacy's creamy juices. They could clearly see his rigid cock extended from his sheath as he stepped back and barked loudly. Without a second of hesitation Stacy rolled on to all fours showing both women her now fully dilated vaginal opening as Sparky moved between her legs and placed a front paw on her back started licking at her mons again with his nosed pressed against her anus.

Stacy grunted loudly as Sparky hopped onto her back and slipping his large cock into her vagina in a single bound and as his front paws pressed against Stacy's hips started fervidly bouncing his huge knot against vaginal opening; suddenly with a thwop Stacy's head popped up and her face twisted in pain as the huge knot entered her. Stacy's buttocks rippled as his haunches pounded against them; she clawed at the floor and bucked into his thrusts racing for her own climax. Soon Sparky's thrusting turned spasmodic and his grunting became loud as he started ejaculating inside her vaginal well. He sat there with his cock still buried deep inside Stacy, as he looked around the room his tongue flailing as he panted and their juices running down her legs.

When Stacy moved a little he tightened his grip around her waist and renewed his thrusting; rhythmic and slow at first but long and forceful was Sparky's hunching. Stacy's moans grew loud, as did her grunting as she writhed within the powerful animal's gripping front legs. Soon the room was filled with Stacy's voiceless yells as she gasped loudly for every breath bucking into the animal's powerful thrusts; again Sparky's thrusting turned spasmodic as he franticly pounded his hair haunches against Stacy's buttocks. This time Sparky went limp and draped across Stacy's back for a few seconds; and he tried to pull his dick out as he slipped off but it was being held inside Stacy as her vaginal muscles gripped it tightly. There the two of them sat butt-to-butt Stacy grunting and her face grimacing as Sparky tried to yanking his cock free.

"I don't think he can pull it out." Stacy groaned while Sparky rested; as panic started to filter into her voice she excitedly added, "Something inside me got really, really tight and won't let go!"

"Well don't be scared you'll be just fine." Lana consoled and asked, "You don't hurt now do you?"

"No…" Stacy's voice trailed off.

"And didn't it feel good?" Lana asked purring softly.

"Oh yes it still does!" Stacy said sounding more at ease.

"And to have that wonderful cock pistonning inside…" Lana was cut short by Stacy's loud groan as Sparky pulled himself free, and after giving his cock a few licks and Stacy's pussy a few licks he padded off to the kitchen. Stacy sat in the middle of the floor looking like her head was spinning, like she was about to cry and laugh at the same time.

"Come here Stacy and let Auntie Lana look at your sweet little pussy." Lana happily directed and sang out as Stacy lay down in front of her and parted her legs, "Oh my Stacy you look just fine." And gave Stacy's clitoris a little kiss and as she looked up added, "Yes that is a finely fucked pussy."

"It is starting to get dark so we should be going." Betty sadly announced, as she dressed she urged Stacy, "Come on and get dressed we still have to walk home."

"Wait let me drive you." Lana offered.

"Thank you very much but you have been really kind and really it is okay we have plenty of light." Betty politely declined the offer and added, 'besides it isn't cold or rainy."

"We'll be fine really Ms. Bronoski Lana we… I had a really wonderful time." Stacy said as she pulled her t-shirt on.

"Well if you girls insist but promise me first that you'll come back and soon." Lana warmly asked.

"We will and soon we promised they both chimed." As they each kissed Lana softly on her lips and headed out the door closing it behind them.

 ...continues in "Betty's Animal Farm (pt. 4)" - click here to continue... 


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