"Betty's Animal Farm" - Part 4 of 5


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"Boy I thought that that woman's hairy pussy in the bed room we were peeping in on was the hairiest pussy I had ever seen she was even hairier than my mom, but Lana is without a doubt the queen of hairy!" Stacy breathlessly exclaimed as the two girls raced home at a fast walk.

"I know exactly what you mean and her clitty well I call it clitiousmaximous" Betty laughed out and stumbled slightly.

"Oh my god hers actually filled my whole mouth when I started suckling on it!" Stacy exuberantly agreed and while they continued to race breathlessly added, "Every time I teethed it I felt warm liquid squirt onto my neck!"

"Oh yes she has soaked me hips to tits many times!" Betty brayed as she panted from their fast pace.

"My…! God…! Her tongue!" Stacy gasped excitedly and then added, "I thought your mom's tongue was long the first time she Frenched me; but Lana!" She paused as she struggled to catch her breath and continued, "Lana nearly made me gag when she Frenched me, and oh my god when she slithered it up my pussy I thought I was going to leap out of my skin when she started wriggling inside me!"

"I know!" Betty roared with laughter as she agreed adding, "She has the golden tongue alright and knows exactly what to do with it!" Betty took a few gasping breaths and then brayed, "If she had wanted to she could've made you gag, she did it to me several times I think she gets a little laugh out of it."

"Well if it gives her a little thrill to gag me well she can do it anytime she wants to. Hey…? Why are we walking so fast?" Stacy breathlessly asked adding, "We have plenty of time; lets take a breather!"

"I guess I want to get home I feel really horney!" Betty admitted, adding, "I got really, really hot when you and ole Sparky got hung up!" She paused as both girls impishly laughed and gigglingly added, "The way your eyes rolled back into your head and the way your face wrinkled every time he yanked at his cock and jerking you around trying to pull it out just got me so close to cumming that when Lana put her fingers in my cunt I creamed all over her hand and then started pissing."

"I watched myself in the mirror as Sparky mounted me shit I thought I was going to explode and then when he pumped that huge cock into my cunt I really thought I was going to die right there." Stacy paused and as she relived the experience added, "When he started rubbing his hairy body on me; my skin turned into fire, and my heart pounded inside my head." She paused as her face lit up with a beaming smile and then added as she rubbed her pussy, "And when his knot entered me my stomach did exploded inside and my titties started to burn and ache and then I got so tight all over I could barely breathe, and then his cock burst like a balloon filling me with his hot sperm." Again she paused as she twisted a nipple and pantingly she added, "I saw stars every time he yanked; I started cumming as soon as he was inside me and didn't stop until after he finely pulled free! Even then my pussy muscles kept on pounding!" And then Stacy asked, "Did you get hung up like that?"

"Hell yes almost every time in the beginning!" Betty excitedly admitted adding, "I got hung up on Mytoy several times at first until Lana let Sparky nail me!" She went silent as she thought of her first time with Sparky and then continued, "Shit…! When he shoved that cock into me I really did see stars! It hurt so much when he pumped that knot into me I passed out. Lana has pictures of me; my mouth gaping with my arms, legs sprawled all over, and me out like a light dangling from his big cock as he was fervently trying to liberate it. Christ I thought he was never going to get free; and honestly… I didn't want him too! I just close my eyes and I can feel that huge globe moving inside me. Hell I'm getting horny again just talking about it; shit I can still feel it stretching my lips making me bigger and never got hung up on Mytoy again gut I still get hung up on ole Sparky once in a while. Come on lets get going I want you to suck my pussy when we get home!"

"We don't have to wait till we get to your place do we?' Stacy said her voice full of sultry sarcasm as she grabbed one of Betty's ponytails singing sexily, "I'll kiss you right here nibble on your rock hard nippies and then suck the cum from your pussy; right here right now!" And she pulled their faces together and started French kissing Betty right there and then slid her free hand up under her dress and started finger fucking Betty causing her to lift a leg up and wrap it around Stacy's side.

As she broke the kiss Stacy directed, "You just lay back on this mossy log and I am going to suck the cum from your belly!" Betty lay down on the log as Stacy pulled their t-shirts off and hoisted her dress up over her belly and started fingering her pussy again as she suckled on each of her taut nipples. Stacy moved her hands to Betty's pliant mounds as she licked her way down to Betty's clitoris. As Stacy's began teething her clitoris Betty pulled her right leg to her chest tightly and kept her left leg pointing to the sky her toes wriggling on both feet while Stacy fed noisily on her juices.

Suddenly from the brush a huge black dog leapt onto Stacy knocking her down to the soft bed of thick moss covering the ground and pinning her down with his paws and barking loudly while the two girls started screaming bloody murder, as panic swept through their bodies. Betty now standing on top of the log and screaming as loud as she could; and Stacy now in a full on panic her face in a twisted grimace of fear and she was mouthing like she was trying to scream but not a sound came from her mouth as she flailed about on the ground underneath the hulking animal.

Soon the woods were filled with Betty's screeching laughter and between her boisterous outbreaks explained, "Its Bobo…!" she paused as she began laughing really hard and then between chuckles consolingly added, "It's okay Stacy its just Bobo!" She paused again as she stepped off the log chuckling quiet loudly and added, "He must've been chasing the scent of your sweet ass all day because he lives clean on the other side of town. Now I 'am!' jealous I never attracted another dog ever; but judging by how hard his cock is he sure wants some of your sweet pussy!" Betty smiled broadly as she watched the huge black dog feverishly licking little Stacy from head to foot keeping her pinned to the ground the whole time with his paws. As the panic melted from Stacy's face and her struggling eased she asked with a very puzzled tone in her voice, "You know this animal?"

"Yea… that is Bobo he belongs to the dad of one of my exes." Betty informed while avidly watching Bobo's eager ministrations to Stacy's breasts and belly.

"Can you make him stop and let me up?" Stacy asked her voice still brimming with uncertainty as she stared at the huge red cock looming over her face and spraying his scent all over her breasts and belly while Bobo licked away at her thighs.

"No way he is haarruddah…! I think your just going have to let him fuck you with that big cock knot and all!" Betty said with lilt in her voice adding, "Just make him lick your boobies and cunt a while longer I am getting really hot watching him!" Betty smiled as she watched with her hand under her dress obviously fingering herself.

"Oh Betty I think his penis is way too big for me!" Stacy said her voice starting to ring with renewed panic.

"There isn't much you or I can do to stop him now; even if we try he isn't going to take no for an answer." Betty said with a slight giggle in her voice and then added, "I wish it were me he were after instead of you!"

Just then Bobo jumped back a foot or so placed his head between his front legs cocked his head to the side and started barking playfully jumping up and then back down letting out a loud whinny growl, and again he jumped up this time sticking his nose squarely into Stacy's pussy making her gasp and her legs splayed reflexively.

"Here goes nothing." Stacy moaned as she rolled on to all fours.

"You are just a little too short for his size Stacy." Betty laughingly observed as Bobo loomed over Stacy and tried to squat down to the level of her bottom and then she excitedly directed, "Stacy crawl up to the mossy log and hang onto it get on your feet and squat down some!"

Bobo continued to straddle her keeping his nose in her hair as she moved toward the end of the log. Still between his legs Stacy lifted him up as she lifted herself up and wrapped her arms around the moss cover log behind the two broken branched on its sides for support and laid her face on the thick padding of moss and waited with her eyes closed panting from excitement.

A loud groaning moan sounded from Stacy as her knees buckled from the weight of the lumbering animal as he shuffled into position.

"Oh Stacy that is perfect; that log is the perfect height, now look this way." Betty directed and as Stacy complied she snapped a few pictures and then commented, "I caught that huge cock perfectly with that one!"

"Huge? What do you mean? I know he is bigger than Sparky." Stacy asked as her voice filled with panic.

"Hell it is almost as big as my dad's you'll see what I mean when ole Bobo stuffs his cock into you!" Betty replied with impish delight as she continued to take pictures.

Both Bobo and Stacy started grunting as he shifted his weight and probed both of her thighs and buttocks with his stiff member spraying his scent all over her each time the tip bounced off her skin. After several minutes he hopped down and started licking up and down her right side stopping at her armpit. The rushing air could be clearly heard as he quaffed deeply the scent of Stacy's sweat and enthusiastically licked it from the trembling girls armpit.

Stacy could see several bright flashes as Betty took pictures of the animal's probings and lickings. Soon he started slithering his wet rough tongue down her body and started licking her anal tuck as well as her vaginal tuck, buttocks and thighs. Stacy's creamy juices coated his jowls as he licked and even though his tongue completely covered her genitalia Stacy's juices still ran down her inner thighs. Stacy's body tensed and her breath turned to loud sighing groans and grunts as she raced to her orgasm; it was then Bobo clambered back on and shimmied up her back until he found the spot, his spot and with precision placed the pointy tip of his huge red member at her dilated opening and shoved it in making a loud wet squelching noise as it entered. Stacy groaned loudly and her legs quivered as the beast buried his huge cock into her loin and then pressed knot against her parted mons.

"God damn that looks good!" Betty hissed as she excitedly rubbed her groin. Her eyes grew large watching the hairy beast start to rock rubbing his hairy body on Stacy's and pressing his nose to Stacy's neck and licking her skin while he worked the front half of his member in and out.

"Oh God…!" Stacy groaned loudly as her face grimaced adding, "He is huge and so very hot inside me!" She paused grunting from a powerful thrust and then added, "God Betty that hurt; it feels like he is going to split me open. His juices are so hot as he squirts them into me!" Stacy went mute as he pounded his knot forcefully against her vaginal opening. Another loud wet squelching sound was made followed by a loud gush of urine as he yanked his cock out and hopped down.

Stacy's sighs turned frantic as Bobo eagerly licked the sweet creamy juices mixed with urine from her thighs, buttocks and mons. As he started licking at Stacy's anus her whole body started trembling and turning pinkish her eyes were squeezed shut and her face strained as it twisted from the painful pleasures being delivered by the hairy beast's tongue. Stacy's breaths again rushed from her mouth as she gasped and her body tensed when Bobo bounded onto her back tightly wrapping his front legs around her waist and skillfully sinking his cock into her juicy tunnel as he shuffled into his spot and started licking Stacy's neck and ear all the while keeping his knot pressed firmly against her wetted mons.

Stacy writhed and bucked against the hairy beast's ever tightening grip as her orgasm surged throughout her body; she moaned loudly and breathlessly as she gasped for her every breath. As her climax passed her face turned soft her eyes now half open and her breathing now in time to the rhythmic thrusts of the hairy beast on top of her.

"Oh Betty I have died and gone to heaven!" Stacy purred as she smiled at her friend adding, "His skin so hot it is making me sweat all over!" Stacy went silent has her eyes rolled back showing their whites as Bobo pressed his hairy body tightly against Stacy's buttocks trembling slightly. In a deep throaty but soft voice Stacy recounted, "I can feel him squirting his essence inside me; it is so hot!" She paused as Bobo gave her several powerful strokes." As Bobo slowed she continued, "I can feel them squishing passed his penis and running down my thighs!" again she went silent as he pushed his knot firmly against her mons causing Stacy to lift her head up and grunt loudly, as he pumped several times.

Betty by now had forgotten about her camera and stood there gaping as she watched the black hairy beast hump Stacy; lifting first one hind leg and then the other as he looked for better traction and shuffled about on Stacy's back as he loosened and tightened his taut grip around her waist trying penetrate her with his horrendous globe and complete the act of mating. The crescendo of his thrusting heightened and yet remained rhythmic as he licked his jowls and tenderly licked Stacy's neck and ear, blowing his hot breath across her face as he panted.

Stacy's moans again grew throatier and louder as she raced towards another orgasm, every square inch of her body was now shinny with sweat and her back arched as she pushed her vaginal opening against his thrusting cock. Bobo gave a powerful jabbing thrust and loud grunt lifting Stacy up off both her feet and plunged his huge knot passed Stacy's vaginal sphincter. His hind legs now under Stacy's torso firmly ensconcing her buttocks to his hairy belly. Stacy's legs flailed about, as Bobo's hunching turned feverish.

The sight of this huge hairy beast frantically humping her friend shocked her back to her senses and she turned the camera to audio video and filmed the animal's mad thrusting and little Stacy's thrashing about; capturing Stacy's painful grunting to her wriggling toes as well as the rippling of her buttocks as Bobo pounded her with his powerful hairy haunches. Betty even caught his spasmodic thrusts as he began ejaculating inside Stacy's vaginal well, and the tendrils of their juices as they ran down Stacy's legs.

"My god!" Stacy groaned as Bobo went limp and then between gasps asked, "Am I bleeding!? The juices on my legs are so warm." Bobo gave several hard yanks trying to free his member and then hopped off while trying to yank his penis free making Stacy grunt even louder and wretch with every yank.

"No not at all." Betty answered quickly and then added, "I think you enjoyed it more than you know." And then squatted and started pissing and then exuberantly added, "Hell I even had the piss fucked out of me and all I did was watch!"

"Betty my insides feel electrified." Stacy exclaimed between grunts, as Bobo's yanking turned more forceful. He even tried to extricate his cock by pushing against Stacy's buttocks with one of his hind legs and then the other. Scratch marks were starting to show on both of her buttocks as the two of them sat there butt to butt panting; Bobo with his head hanging down, half open eyes and his tongue flailing about as he panted and Stacy's head between her arms and ponytails swinging to her panting breaths. They looked quite the picture and Betty snapped several.

"Stacy I think we need to run." Betty cautioned and then asked, "Do you hear that?"

"Yea it sounds like two dogs fighting." Stacy breathlessly acknowledged.

"It 'is…!' two dogs fighting and you better shake your ass free or your going to be fucking another dog or two and they might not be as nice as Bobo here." Betty snapped out her cautionary words.

Stacy grimaced and groaned as she grunted and in a few seconds sprang free started to squat and pee when Betty cautioned, "Piss on the run honey!"

Bobo stayed there licking his cock as Betty and Stacy made a mad dash all the way to the house upon entering the yard Stacy squatted and her urine gushed out loudly.

"You know Betty Mytoy is really nice but there is something about Bobo." Stacy remarked a warm smile beaming from her face as she mused and peed.

"Yea I know what you mean; I feel like that about Mytoy." Betty warmly admitted and then purred, "The way they lick our necks and ears it is almost like they know we like it."

"Hell they do know!" Stacy brayed as she squeezed out the last few squirts.

Off in the distance the baying of four or five dogs grew louder as they neared the house; when Stacy finished peeing they both burst in through the front door shutting it and locking the doggy door. As they looked around they noticed that they had interrupted Sheila and Randy during oral sex. It was obvious Randy was busy stuffing his dick back into his pants as he walked toward the bathroom.

Sheila jumped up right away and slurped some saliva from her chin into her mouth and then asked, "What is it girls?" an unnerved look on her face.

"Oh Stacy's sweet scent has attracted a bunch of hounds; shit we had to stop and let Bobo have some." Betty breathlessly exclaimed as a smile beamed from her face she started waving the camera in the air indicating that she took pictures.

"Bobo?" Randy repeated with astonishment in his voice stopped in his tracks and then added, "Shit he lives all the way on the other side of town." He moved closer to Stacy as he crowed and asked, "You doing okay? I see you two just left your t-shirts where you tossed them huh."

"Yea we both got kind of scared!" Stacy exclaimed excitedly.

"Yea dad!" Betty chimed in, in support.

"Turn around dear." Sheila directed and as Stacy turned around she asked, "Did Bobo scratch you like that?"

"Yea…" Stacy answered pensively.

"Well it isn't bad just barely a scratch with no blood." Sheila remarked and then asked, "Ole Bobo huh? You and him get stuck together?"

And before she could answer Betty chimed loudly, "They sure did!" and yanked her hips in acting out.

As Sheila petted Stacy on her behind she asked, "You two girls hungry?"

"Yea sort of." They both chimed.

"Good we've been waiting for you to get back before starting in on the snacks." And as they all moved towards the table Sheila asked, "Well Stacy how do you like being Betty's barnyard slut?" her face beaming as she asked.

"I like it just fine." She answered eagerly and added, "I never even imagined myself as a slut or having sex with another woman much less with animals and I never dreamed it could be so pleasurable but now after meeting Betty, I have discovered 'sex…!' and glad too!"

As they sat down and started passing the plates around Sheila asked another question, "So how many dogs have you had sex with?"

"Three!" Stacy excitedly answered and brazenly adding, "Mytoy mounted me eight or nine times, Sparky nailed me twice, and Bobo well I only had time for one, but I am ready for more!"

"Well you've had sex with three dogs my daughter and me; how about having sex with a two legged male animal?" She asked coyly.

"I'm ready bring it on." She excitedly invited as she bit down on a juicy peach letting the juice run down her chin and neck.

Just then Randy pushed his chair out from under the table and pulled his already hard dick out milking the shaft saying, "Well here it is come and get it!"

Stacy's eyes got big as she looked at Betty and Sheila then back at Randy's penis just as some precum oozed from the slit and back at Sheila and then back at Betty and in a shaky voice said, "Its so big!"

"It isn't as big as Bobo's knot." Sheila pointed out and then added, "Go ahead and give daddy a little sugar and sweet and low and then climb on it won't take long he was about to cum when you two came bursting in!" Sheila drooled as she said the word 'in' and as she wiped her chin she missed half of it.

"Bobo!" Stacy liltly sang as her face lit up and she squirmed in her chair.

"Oh go ahead Stacy I want to watch you give daddy some sugar and sweet and low!" Betty fervidly urged and then added, "Daddies need some too!"

As Sheila stood she took Stacy's hand and coaxingly tugged her to her feet and as she stood Sheila whispered into her ear, "We'll help you, you'll see it will feel really nice."

Her knees warbled as she walked Sheila and Betty joined her by her sides. As Stacy stood in front of Randy her eyes were fixed on his shiny wet penis. As both Sheila and Betty started fondling her breasts and nibbling her earlobes they gently pushed her until she straddled Randy as he sat in the chair and she slowly pushed her lips to his as he cupped her face. Stacy jumped a little breaking the kiss as Sheila's hand reached through her legs and cupped her mons making her knees weak. Both Sheila and Betty coaxingly nudged Stacy mouth closer to Randy's erect penis and as her lips found its wet head she started suckling while all three looked on. Suddenly she coughed and jerked her head up and grimaced.

"It spit in my mouth!" Stacy groaned as she jumped to her feet.

"That is supposed to happen!" Both Betty and Sheila Chimed and then Betty gleefully added as she gave Stacy a push, "It just means he is really close to cumming!"

Stacy stumbled on to Randy as Betty gave her a playful push and Sheila reached through her legs to steady Randy's shaft while he gently held Stacy. She centered it right under her vaginal opening. Again she jumped as Betty reached around and started fondling both her breasts and gently pushing her downward with her chin to Stacy's shoulder. A shudder raced across Stacy and she started to pant as Randy's gland parted her labia and again she shuddered as Sheila started massaging her clitoris with her thumb as she held his gland inside her opening.

Stacy moaned and grunted softly as Randy's shaft vanished into her vaginal canal and as both women massaged her clitoris and nipples she lifted her feet off the floor allowing full penetration by Randy's penis. Randy placed his hands on her buttocks and started moving her subtlety back and forth moving his penis inside her. As Sheila promised in just a few seconds Randy tensed and exhaled loudly several times while ejaculating inside Stacy causing her to gasp and grip Randy tightly around the neck and grind her pelvis against his, as Randy's hot sperm filled vaginal well and leak out forming a creamy tendril that ran between his testes.

The four of them sat there quietly as they savored the moment with Stacy being the first to speak saying, "My god Randy you pumped a lot sperm into me more than any of those dogs did." Kissed him on the mouth and then hopped off. She gasped loudly, grabbed a napkin from the table, and put it between her legs remarking with amazement in her voice, "Shit It just runs right out huh!"

"Oh that 's okay." Sheila sang as she pulled the napkin away and both Sheila and Betty daubed their fingers in Randy's sperm as it oozed out; each of them taking turns sucking the creamy cum from the other's fingers.

"Look mama see how her face is glowing!" Betty excitedly remarked motioning towards Stacy as she sat back down in her seat.

"Yea!" Sheila acknowledged as she took a bite from the peach Stacy had taken a bite from and as she handed it back to Stacy she asked, "So Stacy you like being Betty's barnyard slut and as she likes to say fuck every dick that comes along so how about going up to the next level?"

"Hell yes I am ready for anything!" Stacy eagerly replied but still somewhat winded. Just then a loud ruckus sounded out side.

"Wha…" Sheila went silent as she looked at Betty pouting and staring at the floor and as every one looked on she asked, "What is Betty?"

"Oh its just that it has been weeks since Mytoy has acted excited about my scent and now Stacy has attracted god only knows how many hounds with her sweet ass sce…" The dogs loud fighting outside again interrupted Betty.

As Randy looked out the window he reported, "Well let us see there is old Blue, Big Red and Little Red, Bobo, Jake and his littermate Sammy and three or four more that I don't recognize so that makes nine or ten dogs Sheila. I think there is enough to go around."

"It wasn't all Stacy. What would you do if I could make those hairy beasts just as hungry for you as they are for Stacy?" Sheila quizzed and then asked cajolingly, "You'd like that wouldn't you Stacy to be able to watch Betty your new friend being humped the same time you are?"

"Hell yes I haven't seen a dog cock go in yet except in the mirror." Stacy excitedly replied and then looked a Betty as her face started to light up.

"You can do that mom?" Betty asked puzzledly as she started to smile she quizzed, "What do you mean it wasn't all Stacy?"

"Lets say I could; what would you do for me?" Sheila teased and avoided answering her last question.

"I would let you put me in diapers tonight." Betty eagerly replied a smile now beaming from her face.

"Only tonight? How about every night this week starting tomorrow night?" Sheila pressed farther.

"If you can get them to take turns with me you got a deal!" Betty enthusiastically exclaimed as she squirmed in her seat and greedily tweaked her nipples.

"Would you tell me why it wasn't all me?" Stacy pressed.

Sheila took a bite from her apple and then directed, "Okay girls both of you on your hands and knees and pull those panties down." And as she got up and walked to the cabinet both girls complied instantly. Sheila looked at the girls on the floor bottoms up and remarked lustily, "I see that neither of you are wearing panties!" and as she neared the table she opened the brown bottle in her hand and directed as she sat down behind the girls, "Okay hoist them sweet little fannies into the air." Both of them quickly obeyed. As Sheila swirled her finger in the clear yellow oily jelly like substance she sang out, "Yahuummm…! Those are some pretty butts, come over here Randy and have a little lookie." Sheila urged as she imitated a southern drawl and then gave all four cheeks a wet kiss.

"Yeas Maam them sure are pretty bottoms!" Randy excitedly exclaimed playing along with the southern drawl and running his fingers over their mons.

"Well dear where do you want them to hump you in your cute little butt or in your sweet little pussy?" Sheila asked as she continued to stir the jelly with her finger.

"In my pussy mama! I want them to stuff their cocks my cunt mama!" Betty answered without a second thought; she shuddered and exclaimed, "Ooh that is cold mama!" as Sheila stuffed her thickly coated finger into Betty's vagina working it in and out and swirling it around.

"Hold your finger right there mama!" Betty excitedly directed.

"Right here? She teased as she moved it to the side.

"No closer to my clitty. There…!" Betty shouted as Sheila's finger found 'the…!' spot.

"I guess you do like that as tightly as your little pussy is squeezing my finger. But not yet!" Sheila sang as she pulled her finger out, and again as she swirled her finger in the oily jelly she asked Stacy, "Now where do you want it?"

"Oh mama just like Betty. I want them stuffing their cocks into my cunt pleeease!" Stacy eagerly responded as she waved her bottom at Sheila. Her knees quivered a little as Sheila stuffed her coated finger into Stacy's vagina with the icy goo on it and then teased her special spot too.

With Sheila's finger still inside her Stacy asked, "What is that stuff?"

"The scent of a female dog in heat." Sheila paused and then remarked, "My god Stacy your pussy muscles sure have a grip to them!" She paused again and then started to read from the bottle, "Guaranteed to fool any hound into thinking the bitch is in heat or your money back."

"Does it really work?" Stacy asked.

"Yes dear. I've been using this stuff for years." Sheila firmly assured and then directed, "Okay that's it girls lets finish our snacks and wait for it to soak in and start working." Sheila then admonished, "Now no sticking your fingers in your pussies for a while. You don't want them hounds getting confused and humping your fingers now do you?"

As the girls got up they dashed for the window and looked out Stacy slurping back a drool she excitedly exclaimed, "There is Bobo! Oooh there's Bobo! I can see his hard cock sticking out!" and she stuck her butt out as she stared out the window and Betty got behind her and started humping her like she had a penis.

"Girls your mom said to finish you snacks!" Randy rebuffed firmly but warmly as he smiled he added, "Mom has something to ask."

They all sat back down the girls squirming in their seats but eating as they were told to do Sheila started to talk, "Well Stacy you are Betty's new friend her sex slave for the weekend as well as her new barnyard slut in training and Betty is our daughter." She paused as she looked over at Randy and then continued, "and that makes you our sex slave and barnyard slut too! Right?"

"Oh yes Sheila I'll do anything you want me to I trust you not to want to hurt me so yes I am really okay with that!" Stacy excitedly replied and then asked, "When did you first put this on me?"

"Well good then I think you are ready for your coming out party." Sheila explained and then admitted, "I put just a really little dab on you this morning when I took your diapers off because I knew that you would want a taste of ole Sparky and just look your sweet scent combined with a little bit of this stuff has brought half the dogs in town home with you!"

Betty chimed loudly, "Oh goody, goody! Yea mom she is definitely ready for her coming out party; you should have seen her with Bobo!" A smile began to beam from Betty's face as if she had just thought of something beautiful and she asked, "Is this the surprise you wouldn't tell me about this morning mommy?"

"I really enjoyed Sparky but Bobo I can't thank you enough for him." Stacy interjected as she smiled dreamily.

"Well if I told you then it wouldn't have been a surprise now would it. So it's done." Sheila said happily and then directed, "Well Randy I think you should open the gate to the patio now."

"Oh mommy you're so sweet!" Betty excitedly cried out as she ran over and kissed her on the lips and then in a sultry tone added, "I think someone is falling in love," and she motioned at Stacy.

Randy walked to the wall he flipped a switch, walked to the back window, and remarked, "They all have collars on so they belong to someone." As he sat back down a loud ruckus of barking and dog fighting could be heard as they moved from the front yard to the back yard patio.

All of them ate in silent anticipation of the up and coming event. The two girls breathing sounded like panting animals as they ate, and Sheila and Randy watched them eat and smiled as they held hands and noshed themselves.

Soon a knock came at the door, "Come on in its open." Randy shouted.

And in walked Ms. Svetlana Bronoski with Sparky on a leash and paper bag in her arm commenting, "My god there are a lot of dogs out there. I think I know every one of them." She looked at the girls, smiled, and then ordered, "Sit Sparky and stay." And as he complied immediately with her orders she put the bag down rolled up his leash unhooked it and put it in the bag and joined every one at the table grabbing a orange as she sat between the two youngsters and started peeling it.

"Well Girls give Ms. Svetlana Bronoski some sugar." Randy directed.

The girls instantly rushed over and waited for Ms. Svetlana Bronoski to pick them up and kiss them. One at a time she French kissed both of them and made both Betty and Stacy gag a little with her long tongue and as she set Stacy down she directed, "Now both of you give Sparky a little sugar." He jumped up on and licked both of their faces in turn. Soon the three of them were seated at the table with Ms. Svetlana Bronoski between the girls.

"I see…" Sheila paused as her cheeks turned bright red and then started again, "I see Ms. Svetlana Bronoski you brought your bag of toys!" Sweat now beaded on her forehead and, as she looked at Ms. Svetlana Bronoski her lower lip quivering a little.

"Yes I did you can't have a proper party without the right tools now can you." As she stroked the two girls hair her face beamed and as she began to play with Stacy's ear and she purred, "I see this little filly is still in season." Stacy squirmed as her ear was stroked and then Ms. Svetlana Bronoski asked, "Do you mind me calling you a little filly?"

"No Ms. Svetlana Bronoski." Stacy quickly answered and added, "You can call me anything you want to." And she nestled her face in Ms. Svetlana Bronoski's hand and asked, "How can you tell I'm… in sea… I'm in season?"

"By how red and sensitive your ears are." Ms. Svetlana Bronoski answered as she kissed her ear and whispered, "If I were blind I could tell by the scent of the sweat between your legs!"

"Oh that is just the stuff Sheila put on me." Stacy countered.

"I smell that too." Ms. Svetlana Bronoski assured warmly as she continued to finger her ear softly causing Stacy to have a few shudders.

"And my fav…" Sheila interrupted and was cut off as Svetlana interjected.

"Yes my dear I have you favorite toy." She paused as she stood up lifted her dress by the hem and brayed, "I have it on!" as she shook her hips making the dog cock shaped strap-on huge knot included flail about and then dropped the hem of her dress and sat back down and beamed at Sheila and leaned towards Stacy and asked, "You think she is in a hurry for a bone?"

Stacy was hesitant to answer as the two girls cast furtive glances back and forth and Randy looked at Sheila a wet smile washing across his face as he watched his wife squirming in her chair like the two girls have been doing; knowing that she really wanted that dog dong strap-on inside her. He got up, walked to the back window, looked out, and then announced, "Well it looks like Clemens the wrangler has the hungry hounds muzzled so as soon as I pay him and send him on his way we can get started." And walked out side money in hand. As the backdoor opened the muffled barking and growls of several dogs could be heard; and the girl's chairs started squeaking from their restless fidgeting.

"Ms. Svetlana Bronoski must we stand on ceremony all night?" Sheila asked her voice shaking from desire as she reached across the table for Svetlana's hand.

"Come here Sheila all of you just call me Lana okay." Lana directed as she petted Sheila she asked, "What did the girls tell you about their much too short of a visit today?"

"Just that Stacy let Sparky mount her." Sheila replied as she laid her head in Lana's lap relishing Lana's petting.

"I also let them watch Mr. Nibs mount me just like we're going to let them watch me… mount you with your favorite toy." Lana Purred as she hoisted Sheila's skirt up around her waist, tucking it into her belt and exposing her slightly hairy buttocks and started sliding her hand along her hairy mons and the inside of her cheeks; she moved behind sniffing at the air like an animal and remarked impishly, "Smells like your two girls are certainly ready. Are you?" She pried looking at Sheila and continued running her hand over her hairy mons.

"Yes… Yes I am already dripping wet." Sheila pleaded as she spread her feet wide apart and eagerly waited.

Lana looked at the girls as she tucked the front part of her skirt under the strap-ons' straps and energetically remarked, "My, my I see you are wet!" and then looked at the girls as she slid three fingers into Sheila's opening and asked, "Come closer girls and watch mommy tremble as this tool slips into her juicy vagina."

Sheila's elbows quivered as Lana sank the imitation dog dick into her; wriggling it as she shook her hairy buttocks when the knot neared Sheila's mons. She soon adopted the dog's pose as she wrapped her arms around Sheila's waist and started hunching just like a dog would; only taking slower, and shorter strokes, stopping and teasing her with the huge knot.

"That is exactly what Bobo did!" Stacy moaned as she watched twisting her nipples as Lana ground the knot against Sheila's mons and then pleadingly groaned, "Put it in her!" and before she could finish asking, Lana gave a jabbing thrust and buried the knot inside her vagina. Sheila grunted as it entered her and she bucked under Lana's over powering body. Both girls gathered around Sheila, fondled her breasts, and nibbled at her ears as Lana rhythmically worked the toy back and forth inside Sheila's vaginal canal. Both women were breathing heavily and in a sweat now as Lana steadily hunched.

Betty whispered into Lana's ear, "Please make mommy cum."

"Aeeyyah..!" Sheila cried out and started chanting, "Yes pump it just like that! Yes rub my clitty just like that!" She groaned and gasped trembling from the orgasmic rush brought on by Lana's skillful ministrations. With the dildo still inside Sheila's elbows buckled and she collapsed to the floor with only her fanny in the air. Lana sat up on her knees still holding onto Sheila's hips and keeping her toy buried deep in her loin and she purred, "Well girls I guess we have a party." And slowly pulled the dog dong strap-on from Sheila's pussy. Both Betty and Stacy started acting like doggies as they eagerly licked Sheila's creamy juices from the dildo. Stacy grabbed onto it and shoved it down her throat until she heaved spitting it out and she dry-heaved several times more.

"Easy Stacy easy!" Lana cautioned and then assured, "I'll teach you how to deep throat a big long cock the very next time you come out." She paused and then added, "As long as I keep hearing good reports about you."

"That was wonderful Lana." Randy enthusiastically remarked when he got a chance to talk adding, "I've seen you and my wife together numerous times and I still get an aching hardon watching." He paused as showed off his huge erection and then continued, "We are all set out side only thing left to do is get the girls out of their clothing. And before he could finish his statement the girls were completely nude and standing, looking out the back window eagerly waiting for him to say lets go; and again Betty was play-humping Stacy while Stacy wriggled her ass.

"There he is there's Bobo I can even see red cock god I can't wait for Bobo to do me again!" Stacy said in a sultry voice as she pumped her buttocks into Betty's thrusts.

By the bag close to the front door a loud thump thumping arose as ole Sparky reminded everyone he was still here by vigorously pounding his tail on the wooden floor, eagerly licking his jowls and sniffing the scents now filling the room.

"Come here boy!" Lana ordered and he leapt up and padded straight to Lana. "We won't give him an edge." Lana said as she fashioned his cloth collar into a muzzle and then fastened it around his snout; and they all headed for the patio.

"No wait!" Sheila shouted and as she ran to the laundry room and got two little body suits she directed, "Here girls put these on; Yeasss…! they are crotchless." She sang in anticipation.

The girls quickly complied and dressed in their body suits. As they dressed Betty remarked, "Hey these are cool they don't cover any of the important stuff you know like the pits and tits!" as she ran her fingers over Stacy's buttocks.

Stacy chimed in adding, "Yea I'll still get my pussy, titties, and armpits licked! God my insides are all in a flutter!" Stacy paused as she looked at Lana and Sheila and asked, "Do you two like your armpits licked?"

They both chimed, "Oh yes honey we certainly do; almost as much as we like getting our pussies licked! Even ole Randy likes his armpits licked isn't that right?"

"It sure is dear." Randy replied and asked, "Are we going out to the patio?"

"How do we look mommy?" Both girls chimed as they spun around showing off their suits on all fours and then crowded the door like dogs do when they want out.

"Good enough to eat." Lana sang out as she made a loud slurping sound and licked her lips.

"I'm getting hot just looking at you two and thinking just what them starving pooches are in for." Randy sang as he rubbed his penis.

"You two look wonderful!" Sheila said excitedly as she made a few last minute adjustments to the straps opening the crotches more and then directed as she smiled, "Okay girls out you go and start acting like good little doggies." And the six of them trotted for the patio; with Sparky moof moofing and whining as they went out side.

The lights dimmed as the door closed quieting the group of animals somewhat but that was short lived as the two girls bounded on all fours into the mix and started sniffing at every butt they could get to. Randy settled down between the women, and the three of them watched as their girls teased the hounds.

Randy and Lana chimed together, "This is going to be a great show!"

"Look! They are doing really good at acting like little doggies!" Sheila excitedly remarked and then added as she squirmed in her seat, "Look! Look! See their pearly white cream is making their labia all wet and shiny. All three of them looked on in amazement as the show unfolded.

Lana noted warmly, "See their sweet pussies are so open you can see inside them." Smiling as she marveled and stripped off all her clothes exposing the huge red-dog dong strap-on. Randy and Sheila followed suit seconds later.

Stacy would sniff and try to lick one hounds sack while a hound tried to sniff and lick her butt. Both girls would spin away from the dog's nosy noses only to put their cute little bottom into another hounds eagerly waiting nose and playful wet tongue. The playful group of doggies was all sniffing snorting and licking; both Betty and Stacy were playing along beautifully doing their own sniffing and licking. Soon the playfulness took a turn for the worse as the hairy animals formed two groups surrounding the girls and started vying for dominance; but because of the muzzles they could only growl, make muffled barking sounds, and push each other away from their bitch as they must have been thinking by now; causing the smaller dogs to stay to the back and wait for their opportunity.

Big Red was the first to mount after marking the stay away zone with a few sprays of his scent and by circling around growling and barking he then straddled Betty's back. It was obvious as he towered over Betty that she was too short and he was unable to stoop low enough to reach her opening with his penis and backed off. She scrambled for one of the cotton lined beach balls for support with Red's nose in her ass all the way. As Betty stood on her feet and steadied herself Red kept on licking her fanny with his huge rough tongue. Old Blue was holding Stacy to the ground as he feverishly licked her head to foot barking and growling at the other dogs when they got too close. It was obvious by how much scent Ole Blue was spraying on Stacy that he claimed his first time rights to her. She knew she was too short for Blue too so she started inching her way to the other ball every time he changed his hold on her. Jake, Sammy, Bobo, and Sparky were busy barking and growling making the three smaller strays cower, and hover by the gate with their tails tucked between their legs.

Soon a loud grunting screech sounded from Betty as Red shoved his cock into her vagina and taking a few more powerful thrusts stuffed his huge knot through her vaginal sphincter and as his grip tightened around her waist he hurriedly hunched and groaning loudly as he ejaculated inside her. He growled and snapped at the other dogs as they tried to crowd in; but they were going to have to wait as they were hung up. Red and Betty both grunted as he strained to extricate his cock pulling her along behind him butt to butt as he yanked. Just then Little Red started to hump Betty's face and Big Red yanked free. Betty fell to the ground and rolled on her back just to tease him into licking her pussy.

Randy hissed loudly, "That's my girl make him work for it!" as he got up and headed for the gate removing the muzzles and ushering the strays out through the gate.

"The dogs are making each other nervous. I've never seen Red cum so fast." Lana remarked.

"He has a huge dick her pussy had to feel tight to him." Sheila argued.

"Yea still he would've stopped if he didn't feel rushed." Lana countered and then smiled as she mused and then added, "You know they are… just like the men in our lives."

"Yes I suppose. Randy does go slower when he has had a few days off." Sheila ceded as she reached under Lana's dress and played with her clitoris.

A growling barking fight broke out when the Sammy tried to horn in as Blue tried to mount Stacy. The battling hounds knocked Stacy to the ground but she got up and quickly took her place on top of the ball and waited with her legs parted and back arched and her eyes closed as she waited for the victor to mount her making a very inviting picture.

Lana leaned over saying, "I bet she will make ole Blue lick her pussy first!"

"You know she will." Sheila cooed and added; "You should hear her crow when she talks about your golden tongue wriggling deep inside her pussy. You certainly have the longest tongue I have ever had wriggling inside my…pussy!"

As Blue chased the other dogs back a few feet he started to mount Stacy when she swished her butt to the side making him hop off, and try to remount her again, she swished her fanny to the other side, and when he jumped off he ran around barking and growling loudly warning the other dogs to stay away. Finely he put his paw on the small of her back and started dragging the full length of his tongue across her anal tuck as well as slithering it across her mons and stretching her pliant vaginal flesh with his sticky tongue. She spread her feet wide as she knew that Blue was about to mount her by the way he was running his tongue along the full length of her side. As he neared her buttocks up he hopped on and as he wrapped his front legs around her waist he found her sweet tunnel with his large pointy cock and shoved it in and with another sharp jab and sank his knot into her vaginal well. Ole Blue humped feverishly as Stacy grunted and laughed wildly. The other dogs tried to mount him; but Blue just growled and snapped at them chasing them off and started pumping his meat into Stacy much faster and harder causing them both to groan loudly.

Betty groaned and grunted loudly as Bobo hopped on after chasing Little Red off. He quickly found her pussy burring his cock and knot in a single pounding thrust and madly pumped as he rubbed his hairy haunches tightly against Betty's buttocks. Two more people walked into the patio as the dogs feverishly pounded their meaty cocks into the girls causing them both to screech and laugh wildly and grunt loudly as the animals bodies collided with theirs. Stacy started gasping out loudly as she bucked beneath the hairy animal on her back racing to her orgasm completely oblivious to the new comers even as her orgasm eased and her eyes opened. Bobo and Blue both began ejaculating and turned limp at the same time; that's when Stacy noticed that two more people had joined the party. Soon both animals started trying to extricate their cocks. The yanking causing both girls to screech out and groan with every yank; finely they hopped off and started dragging the girls behind them as they struggled to free their trapped cocks. It was quite the sight both girls hung up on the two dogs and being dragged around the yard behind them butt to butt, and their faces making twisted grimaces and grunting as the animals yanked struggling to extricate their cocks and by pushing against their buttocks with their hind legs. It was then that Stacy got a good look at who had joined the party and froze as her mouth gaped she became completely oblivious to the struggling animal.

"That's my girl." Stacy's dad sang out adding, "Your doing just fine!"

"Its okay honey." Her mother chimed in and consoled, "That is suppose to happen you'll be just fine."

"Don't worry about a thing just have fun!" Both Suzan and Raymond sang out together.

"Go for it honey!" Raymond excitedly encouraged Stacy as he sat down next to Sheila and poured himself another drink.

"How much have we missed?" Suzan asked Lana as she kissed her ear.

"Well this is Bobo and Blue's second time up and each of them have taken a turn with the girls. Red, Little Red, Sparky, and Sammy have all taken turns too." Lana recounted and paused as she smiled and then added, "Your little Stacy has turned into and very amorous creature."

"I thought she might given how early she started her reproductive cycles; and when she said she wet the bed a little while ago I checked and she wet it alright but not with piss." Suzan agreed as she proudly recounted some of the history.

Betty was the first to shake Bobo loose but was quickly tackled by both Jake and Sammy when Jake decided not to wait any longer. She squealed and laughed impishly as both dogs licked every square inch of her writhing body. Stacy was soon freed from Blue's huge cock after Sparky jumped onto his back startling him and causing him to give a powerful yank. Stacy screeched out in pain as she jumped to her feet only to be knocked back down by Sparky. Both girls filled the night air with their screeching laughter as they impishly enjoyed their beastly tormentors ministrations. Jake was feeding on Betty's sweet creamy nectar, as Sammy was quiet unmistakably French kissing her with his jowls covering her face and snaking his tongue deep inside Betty's throat causing her body to wretch when she gagged.

Both Bobo and Sparky had successfully chased off some of the competition and were now sharing Stacy; they each had their own armpit, titty and ear to lick and they both took turns at licking her mons. Sparky's attention soon focused between Stacy's legs and started licking her vaginal folds and covering his jowls with her sweet creamy nectar. He looked up and barked loudly as if threatening; and the other dogs all but Bobo stayed back as Stacy rolled over onto all fours and with a single bound Sparky mounted and planted the full length of his cock and huge globe inside her loin forcing a very loud grunt from deep inside Stacy's throat. While he pounded her buttocks with his hot hairy haunches making waves in her firm fanny; Bobo circled around standing guard. Sparky's humping turned frantic and forceful and his growling turned into loud grunting as he ejaculated inside Stacy's vaginal canal.

"Look how Bobo and Sparky are staying so close to Stacy." Sheila paused as she mused.

Lana interjected asking, "You thinking of your old guard dogs Starsky and Hutch?"

"Yea I still miss them once in a while." Sheila admitted smiled and kissed Lana.

For a few seconds Sparky lay draped across Stacy's back and then with a loud grunt yanked his cock free causing Stacy to groan and her pussy made a loud wet squelching suck when his knot came out; he gave her pussy a several licks and as he turned his attention to his penis Stacy scrambled to her feet and onto the ball just as Bobo lumbered onto her back and started licking her ear and neck and pushing just enough of his hard red cock into her to squeeze her mons and started sliding it back and forth and then pulling it out; over and over he repeated this action as if he knew it was teasing Stacy and exciting her. Soon Stacy was gasping for her every breath and as her body tensed he shoved his cock deeper into her vaginal well forcing his huge knot through her vaginal opening. He gripped her waist tightly as she bucked against his mammoth black hairy body as she climaxed she yelled voicelessly as she humped into his thrusts. Before long Stacy's gasping breaths turned to quiet moans and sighs and her face turned soft, but she kept her fanny pressed tightly to Bobo's hairy belly. He started taking slow shallow thrusts just barely moving his cock inside her and Stacy would rub her fanny against his hairy belly and sigh loudly as if she were asking for more.

Big Red and ole Blue were sitting by the water and food dishes their tongues hanging out and flailing as they panted obviously spent after mounting the girls three times each. Jake just chased Sammy off he was whining and moof moofing at Betty so she would roll over onto all fours; and as she did he started licking at her anus and buttocks and as he towered over Betty he tried to stoop but obviously having a lot of trouble finding her vaginal opening so he could mate with her.

Betty's mom called out, "Climb up on the ball honey it will be easier for him to mate with you."

As Sheila called, Stacy looked over just in time to see Lana push her dog dick strap-on into her mother's gaping vagina as she sucked Randy's cock. Her dad Raymond was busy pumping his meaty dick into Sheila's pussy and at the same time stuffing a long double ended dildo down her throat until she gagged, when she did he backed it out a few inches and slid it back in making her gag again.

Sammy was sitting on the grass next Jake and attentively watching his every move. Stacy was marveling at Jake's quite large, erect, cock that was protruding way beyond his sheath, it was clearly the biggest dog cock in the yard. She gasped the same time Betty did when Jake climbed onto Betty's back and slid his cock between her cheeks hosing down her back with his scent and then slipped it between her legs bouncing it off her clit making Betty screech out with laughter as he actively searched for her sweet pussy. He hopped off and started licking Betty's urine as she peed and then he cleaned her thighs sniffed her pussy again and hopped back on and as he shuffled his weight and gripped Betty's waist tightly with his front legs he moved his back legs under her and pumped.

Betty face twisted in an ugly grimace as she screamed out, "God damn it mama he's in me and he is so big it hurts!" She was unable to free herself from Jake's grip; his weight pressed her into the ball, and his powerful grip around her waist kept her fanny ensconced to his hairy belly and the curve of his haunches kept her sweet little fanny right where he wanted it.

Sheila consoled Betty saying, "Just breathe and relax it'll start to feel really good when he starts sliding it back and forth inside you!"

"It'll feel so good you'll see stars when he starts to hump you Betty!" Lana eagerly consoled.

Stacy watched as Betty grimaced, moaned and grunted as Jake shoved that horrendous cock deeper into her loin. Stacy's eyes grew wide as she saw his monstrous knot spreading Betty's buttocks apart when Jake thrust it forcefully against her vaginal opening. Jake grunted and groaned loudly as he hunched Betty and occasionally giving her a sharp powerful jab lifting both feet off the ground as he tried to shove his grape fruit sized knot into her.

Stacy's attentions soon shifted to her own hairy lover as Bobo started making long rapid thrusts forcing her breath to gust from her mouth as his haunches crashed into Stacy's buttocks. Bobo started grunting as his body convulsed causing Stacy to grunt louder. The grunting and groaning was soon joined by loud sloshing noises as he ejaculated in her vaginal canal and his convulsive humping slowed and stopped. Stacy's body just sagged under Bobo's weight as he lay draped across her back; and with a wet squelching sploosh he easily yanked his cock out and after giving her pussy several licks he then started licking his penis and then padded over to Sparky and he took his another turn with Stacy.

Over and over the two girls were mounted by every one of the remaining hounds some of them mounting the girls numerous times as their parents looked on changing their position and partners. Jake tried to bury his knot in both girls and never sunk it in either of them but made sure they both had plenty of his sperm in them. Bobo and Sparky continued claiming Stacy for their own and wouldn't let any of the other dogs near her; they each took turns mounting Stacy. They each stood guard as the other took his turn with Stacy; mounting her nine more times each. That left Jake, Red, and little Red, Sammy, and Blue crowding around Betty tails wagging as they eagerly waited for their turn with the feverishly amorous girl.

As the night sky gave way to the morning light Stacy's mom Suzan stood up, announced, "I am going to give Betty a hand." and yelled, "Here Jake!" She made kissing noises and again called out, "Come here old Jake and let Suzan help you out."

Jake looked at her; looked at the circle of hounds around Betty, looked back at Suzan cocked his head and sniffed at the air, and then padded over as he neared Suzan, she got down on all fours with her hairy butt facing Jake. He stuffed his nose right into her pussy and sniffed and snorted loudly and then he started licking her whole fanny from her knees to the small of her back; his tongue soon lingered at her very wet pussy making loud slurping noises as he lapped her sweet creamy juices. He started sliding his wetted jowls along Suzan's back and as he neared her shoulder he gave her armpit several loud sniffs and sloppy licks, and then stuffed his nose into her tresses and Jake mounted her from the side and quickly sidled behind her and with one hard thrust pumped his cock with its gigantic globe into her. Suzan started grunting loudly as he enthusiastically pounded her buttocks with his hairy haunches and in a few seconds he lay motionless groaning with his nose in her dark hair breathing in her scent as he rested. He made a loud whinny groan a loud wet sploosh sounded when yanked his member free and hopped off.

He quickly started slathering Suzan's pussy with his tongue and then his dick; but as Suzan started to get up he jumped right back on thrusting his huge cock into her once again and humped her wildly and then ejaculating even quicker this time. When he slipped back to the ground he took a mouth full of hair and held Suzan's head to the ground ensuring that Suzan was going no where as he caught his breath. Suzan's gaspings and gruntings could be heard across the yard and both Betty and Stacy were watching as well as Randy Raymond Lana and Sheila they were all attentively watching Suzan pant and sweat just like the girls as Jake kept hold of her.

Jake stood up after a few minutes his cock obviously erect again and with his mouth still full of hair sidled back behind Suzan's fanny; she started to sidle away but he stopped her with his front paw on her waist.

"Do you think he is hurting my mommy?" Stacy asked as she looked on.

"No! Hell no Stacy." Betty averred adding, "She wants it as much as you or I do."

Suzan's started gushing piss as he shuffled onto her back causing him to let go of her hair hop off and start licking her warm urine as it spewed out Raymond jumped up and rammed his cock into Lana's rectum while she continued to work her doggy dildo inside Sheila's pussy. She had Randy's cock stuffed all the way down her throat. It was obvious by the sounds they were making that Randy and Raymond were cumming at the same time. Raymond was pumping his sperm into Lana's rectum and Sheila was getting Randy's semen shot down her throat.

Suzan yelled out as Jake bounded onto her back and delivered two powerful thrusts causing her elbows to buckle as his massive cock slid through her vaginal sphincter the faltering caused Jake to yank free and hop off. Suzan quickly regained her posture and in a few seconds Jake was on top of her again shuffling and shimming as he adjusted his holds. It was apparent by the way Suzan was chanting the words 'yes' and 'oh god please yes' and holding herself quite steady that Jake's cock was already part way inside her. Jake soon buried his nose in her raven locks and took two short steps placing his hind legs outside her and pressed his haunches against Suzan's buttocks shoving the front half of his huge member in until his knot squeezed her parted mons, and started rocking. Suzan's sighing grew louder and everyone was now watching this animal skillfully work his tool; teasing his hungry bitch by pressing his huge knot onto but not into her vaginal opening; parting her mons and then pulling it back as soon as she wriggled. Suzan wriggled her fanny side to side and moved it up and down pushing into the beast's cock trying to engage him fully. She again held herself steady when Jake started taking longer strokes; and with a loud slap their bodies joined.

The slapping of their flesh, Suzan's loud gaspings, and Jakes loud groaning was all that could be heard. Jake lifted his head up nose to the sky and with his tongue flailing as he panted started driving his cock in and out pulling the knot all the way out and shoving it back in… all the way back in, A loud wet sloshing sound could be heard as the gigantic globe pistoned in and out Suzan's juicy vaginal canal, tendrils of their juices windered down her thighs as he pumped. Suzan's gasping sighs turned to voiceless yells as her face twisted from her pleasures and she thrust her sweated body backwards into the animal's pounding haunches. His thrusting soon turned frantic and spasmodic and his gruntings turned deep and throaty when his sperm gushed into her vaginal well; he too was now motionless laying draped across Suzan's back. In a few seconds Jake gave a yank and with a loud wet sucking sound his flaccid member sloshed out; Suzan laid her head on the ground as Jake cleaned her bottom and he soon started licking his own organ, for several minutes he went back and forth from Suzan's genitalia, buttocks, and thighs to his own cock and balls.

Both Stacy and Betty squatted and pissed as soon as Jake yanked himself free followed by Lana, Sheila, and Suzan all pissing as well as the two boys. Lana and Sheila were the first ones back on the couch followed by Raymond; Randy was walking to the gate when Suzan started for the couch. She looked dizzy as she made her way back and kissed Lana whispering something into her ear and then Lana lay down hanging her head over the side and Suzan straddled her and squatted over her face.

"What is mom doing Betty?" Stacy asked.

"I bet Lana is drinking some of ole Jake's sperm." Betty answered with a saucy giggle.

"Have you drunk dog cum yet?" Stacy pried further.

"Hell yes my mom and me take turns jacking Mytoy off and drinking his sperm." Betty confidently answered adding, "It tastes kind of sweet and salty at the same time. You know I think it tastes just like a man's sperm." She paused a few seconds and then went on, "You know Mytoy is still fresh maybe if you want you can try it out you know like me and mom."

"I would like that you're on!" Stacy replied eagerly.

As the sky turned lighter the hounds started wondering through the gate heading to who knows where as Randy removed the muzzles; their tongues were dragging, and they were much quieter than when they arrived. Sparky took his place at Lana's side Bobo was laying next to Stacy and Jake was lying down by the couch; Randy removed their muzzles as he passed. Stacy was the first to stand up a little shaky on her feet but up just the same and taking a few steps; as she stepped away Bobo sprayed his scent all over the spot where she had peed continuing to claim her for his own. Betty soon stood and smiled a tired smile as they looked at each other and then at their parents and Lana.

Raymond called out to Stacy, "Come here and sit in my lap baby." As she neared Suzan started massaging his stiffening member, looked at her, smiled, and then looked at his erect penis in her hand, and Stacy got on her knees and straddled her dad. Bobo and Sparky moved closer to the couch and watched their every move as they lay on the grass. Suzan swished his penis around her opening and as she sat down it vanished inside her and they all three sighed. Betty was sucking her dad's penis while her mom fondled her breasts. Lana was using her dog dick strap-on on Suzan everyone was making their own animal noises as they performed their sexual acts. Soon Raymond squeezed his eyes shut, hugged Stacy, and exhaled loudly as he shot his sperm into her vaginal well. Randy started groaning from cumming in Betty's mouth and she was making gurgling noises as she swallowed her daddy's semen.

The ten of them Bobo Jake and Sparky included watched the sky turn red and listened to the birds start their singing all of them quite satisfied. They took turns kissing each other all over their bodies and Bobo and Sparky licked each other's face. Lana soon started lavishing Stacy with her ministrations to her clitoris and Sheila started suckling on her daughter's clitoris.

After several minutes Stacy and Betty cried out, "No more no more and clamped their legs shut as they panted.

Raymond and Suzan stood up and stretched and then announced, "We have an early work week this week so we have to head back to the house."

"Is it okay if Stacy stays the night?" Sheila purred and smiled as she swirled two fingers on her labia while Lana suckled on her clitoris.

"Sure!" Raymond sang as he poked Suzan's butt with his finger.

"We gave her permission to stay till Tuesday as long as you didn't mind." Suzan explained as she squirmed.

"Then its done you two girls go on up to your room I'll be up soon to sponge you down and tuck you in." Sheila directed.

"Stacy we will talk later about tonight." Raymond said warmly as kissed her then walked out the door.

Sheila turned to Lana and asked, "You want to watch as I diaper up my baby girls?"

Both Stacy and Betty looked at Lana and teasingly smiled wriggling their bottoms as they walked up the stairs. And both women followed the girls up the stairs watching their sweet bottoms as they walked.

"Okay girls lets get out of those dirty body suits and get you sponged down." Sheila softly directed and as she looked them over she remarked, "My god you two girls are simply covered head to foot with sperm!"

Lana returned from the bathroom with several hot washcloths and remarked, "They didn't get too scratched up." Adding as the girls lay down on the bed and spread their legs as they lifted them, "That is a perfect picture isn't it Sheila. I just love the smell of cum don't you?"

"Yes it makes my mouth water, and yes they do make a pretty pair don't they." Sheila agreed as both women gave the girls their sponge bath.

"Those cute little vaginas look like they might start burning and itching soon." Lana pointed out.

"I think you are right they look so red and raw." Sheila agreed and asked, "Lana would you hand me that dark brown bottle there in the basket?" A wet smile washed across her face.

"Sure." She said and handed her the bottle and then remarked, "I use to use to use something like this stuff on myself."

"Well then which one do you want to slather it on and in Lana?" Sheila asked and brayed, "Not this stuff this is my own family recipe.

"I'll take Stacy." Lana responded and then asked, "Would you like Auntie Lana daubing the salve on your sweet little bottom and in your sweet little pussy?"

"Sure Auntie Lana. I like the way that stuff makes me feel so warm and softy inside." Stacy eagerly chimed adding, "I like the way you touch me too." and then asked, "Would you put a lot in me? Please!"

"I think I can do that." Lana purred as she opened the jar and started slathering the white gelatinous salve on Stacy; working it into her anus and pussy with her fingers and then covering all of her genitalia.

"O put more in my pussy please Lana. I want to feel your fingers in me again." Stacy pleaded. Lana dipped her finger in again and handed the jar to Sheila

As Sheila put the salve on her finger Betty started panting and squirming as her mother worked her fingers inside her pussy.

"Is that you want me to do?" Lana asked.

"Oh yes please make me cum again!" Stacy pleaded.

"Tell me what you feel when Bobo sinks his knot into your womb." Lana asked as she played with a taut nipple.

"I can feel my heart beating in my nipples, they turn really hot, and I hear it pounding in my ears." She paused as she squirmed and went on, "All kinds of colors swirl in my eyes and I explode inside and my muscles squeeze so tight I can't breathe." She paused again as a smile beamed from her face she added, "I wish he would just leave it inside me."

Stacy went silent as Lana slid her fingers in pressing them towards her rectum she asked, like this?"

"Yes no yes please only move to the froaw…" Stacy went silent as Lana's fingers found her special spot.

"Is this where you want my fingers?" She asked as she began to thumb her clitoris and swirl her fingers over Stacy's special spot twisting her taut nipple.

All Stacy could do was voicelessly gasp and squirm as Lana held her to the bed and after several seconds she turned soft and quiet.

When Betty stopped squirming and panting Sheila laughed softly and remarked, "Have you ever seen such angelic faces?" Sheila put another glob of salve on her finger, slipped it into Betty's pussy, swirled it around, and took it out.

"No." Lana replied as she stood back and noted, "Look both of their little pussies are still winking at us."

"Well we did them good didn't we." Sheila proudly sang and then asked, "Lana would please get two of those cotton swabs and dip them into the salve and hand me one?"

"Certainly." She said as she promptly complied dipping the swabs as directed giving one to Sheila.

"Okay girls roll over and spread those beautiful cheeks for mommy." Sheila directed liltly. As they rolled and spread their fannies Lana and Sheila slowly slipped the swabs into their rectums until the girls let go and started making quiet cooing noises and wriggling their bottoms; they pulled them out swished the swabs over their anuses and then back in and held them in for a few more minutes.

"Oh that feels so strange but really nice mommy." Both girls chimed.

"Oh…! Mommy it feels like you are filling me with something really, really warm." Betty cooed.

"Oh yes it feels strange but really nice like I am being filled from inside me…" Stacy energetically added and then cooed, "I feel so warm inside."

Lana and Sheila chimed, "You girls have really good tonight." They paused and then added, "You two have been mommy's little angels. Mommy's little baby angels." And as she slowly slipped the swabs out directed, "Now roll over and we'll get your diapers and rubber panties on." The girls slowly rolled over raised their arms over their head, lifted, and spread their legs to let Sheila diaper them.

Lana stepped back and watched Sheila pin their diapers. Both women stepped back and marveled at the two girls lying on the bed in their white diapers with white rubber panties next to them with their legs pointing to the sky and their arms over their heads.

"Betty are you getting warm in your belly too?" Stacy softly asked.

"Yes I am the room is starting to float so it is working already." Betty confirmed quietly as she started to fade.

"Don't you just love the way their faces turn so soft looking?" Sheila marveled to Lana. And slid the rubber on adding "Just look at those eyes so big!"

"Did you give your cherry to a dog?" Stacy asked in a whisper almost as she started to fade.

"Yes honey. When I was young I had two guard dogs that I loved very much and when I came into heat the first time I didn't know what to do; I just knew I wanted them and well I stripped naked and I just let them have me and have me. The three of us were lovers for several years. We'll talk tomorrow you just go to sleep now."

Then they each kissed both girls and tucked them in as their eyes became deep. Betty started sucking her thumb and twirling her hair with her finger and Stacy started sucking her thumb and rubbed her nose with her finger, as they lay together like spoons in a silver drawer.

"They are simply beautiful!" Lana energetically remarked as she walked out the door hand in hand with Sheila, "That potion you concocted turns the clock back several years huh."

"Yes they are." Sheila agreed then answered, "Yes it does." and paused as she mused adding, "Yesterday Stacy was virgin and today… well today she turned into a hungry licentious woman willing to give herself away as the wind."

"Yea just like you and I." Lana interjected and then added, "she took to it like a bird takes to the sky."

"Damn did you see her try to hump Jake and force his grapefruit sized knot into her belly!?" Sheila Excitedly remarked.

"How about the way she just held herself so openly while she waited for Sparky or Bobo when they claimed her for their own." Lana so warmly pointed out.

"Yes and the way they treated her licking her the way they did." Sheila paused as she mused over the dog's ministrations adding, "I think they have taken a shine to her just like my Starsky and Hutch did with me."

"I think you are right." Lana agreed as she stepped behind Sheila and then added, "I think that Stacy has the hots for Bobo too. Did you see the way she was watching him chase off the other dogs?" "You know I did I just didn't think about it that way." Sheila agreed and smiled.

"Do you think that salve would work on me?" Lana asked.

"I would have you sucking your thumb and twirling you hair just like Betty in less than ten minutes." Sheila eagerly expressed and added, "You let me diaper you and I'll show you."

"You are on but not today." Lana purred letting her dress fall and pointed out, "There is Randy laying on the bed with a huge hardon. What do you say to sucking him off while I pump this toy dog dick into you?"

"I like it just fine." Sheila purred as they walked into the room leaving the door ajar.

"Work on the head a little first will you babe." Randy quietly asked. And as Sheila started loudly slurping as she suckled and she grunted a little as Lana buried her strap-on in her loin.

To Be Continued...


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