"I Anwsered an Ad"

      by Bramble2


I am 29 years old and have never been married and did not have many dates because I am not good looking, and I guess I dress right.

I lived on a farm with my parents who were farmers, and when they both died I thought the farm would be mine but I was wrong as my father had it morgaged and the bank took over and I had to leave.

I moved into town to a small apartment and found a job as a waitress which was a job that I soon grew to hate. I didn't mind the long hours but a few of the men customers were always making jokes and were always trying to get me to go out with them.

While on the farm there was a large male dog and I used to let him lick my pussy until I climaxed. I noticed his big red cock protruding out of his belly but I never let him fuck me.

After I moved to town I got to reading magazines and newspaper ads and one evening I saw an ad that said, "wanted a woman to cook, clean house and be a companion for 3 gentlemen." There was a telephone number and I called and the gentleman who answered seemed to be very nice, and answered all of my questions. He told me he would send me money for my bus fare if I wanted to come and take the job.

Well I thought that the gentlemen were older but when I was met at the bus depot the gentleman looked to be about 40 years old. He picked up my luggage and we walked a short distance to his big Cadillac. It was a long drive of about an hour and the roads were all gravel and sand and were rough.

When we arrived the other two gentleman were setting in a large room watching a movie on the TV. I was shocked as there was a large dog fucking a woman who was down on her hands and knees. I was introduced to Mike and Jerry and the man who met me and drove me here his name was Bill.

They asked me to set down and Bill came in and handed me a drink. It was very sweet and tasted very good. I sipped on it and soon my body started getting very warm. Bill sat down beside me on the sofa and asked me how the drink was and I told him that it was good but I was getting very warm.

I don't remember too much about what happened next as I was in sort of a daze and everything looked fuzzy. I do remember Bill standing me up and taking my clothes off and then some one fingering my pussy and saying she feels tight. I was helped to lay back down on the sofa and my legs were spread apart and some one started fucking me and when I sort of came out my daze there was some one different fucking me and then yet another..

When they were thru fucking me they put a blanket over me and I slept till it was almost 10pm and it was dark outside. I sat up and wrapped the blanket around my nude body and my pussy felt wet and very messy. It was all of the cum the 3 guys had shot up my pussy.

Bill noticed me and came and helped me make it into the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and I looked a mess so I took a shower and cleaned my self and opened the door and asked if some one would bring me my clothes. They brought me a pair of short shorts that showed almost the cheeks of my butt and a tank top that made my nipples poke out.

Bill was waiting for me outside the bathroom door and asked me if I was hungry as they were going to have lunch. I told him I was famished. We ate and I was setting between Jerry and Bill. Jerry looked over at me and asked how I liked the job so far? I told him I really didn't know because I must have passed out from the heat. Jerry then reached over and pinched my nipple and said, "that isn't what I asked you." I told him that it was fine so far.

We finshed with our lunch and we all went into the big room. Bill sat beside me and Mike who was the largest of them sat on the other side of me and put his big arm around me and his hand was resting on my breast. He then ran his hand down under the tank top and squeezed my tit and then started rubbing his big finger over my nipple that betrayed my feelings as my nipple stood up bigger than a pencil eraser and my pussy was getting wet.

Mike pushed the tank top up and let my breast free and put his head down and started sucking on my tits. I could hardly set still and then Mike stood up and bent over and picked me up and carried me into a bedroom where there was a big bed. He laid me down on the bed and undone his pants and let them fall around his ankles and there he stood with the biggest cock I had ever seen.

I know my eyes must have been bugging out and Mike said, " whats the matter honey haven't you ever had a big one in your little cunt?" I was too stunned and just shook my head no. Mike then said, "well honey you are going to get the fuckin of your life cause I'm going to stick you with this big cock." Mike got on the bed beside me and started working one of his large fingers inside my pussy. I was scared and my pussy juices must have dried up as Mike's big finger was hurtig me. I told him he was hurting me and he reached over to the night stand and got a tube of something that he put up inside of my pussy. He then started working two of his big fingers in and out of me and soon he had three of his fingers inside me and I ws beginnig to enjoy the feeling of his big fingers in my pussy.

Mike got between my legs and was on his knees and his big cock looked like a big sausage with a head on it as big as a tennis ball. Mike moved his big cock up and down my slit a little before he put the head in between the lips of my pussy and started working his hips. It was a long time before the head of his big cock slipped into my hot wet pussy. Mike let my cunt get used to the size of his big cock before he started shoving in more and more of his big cock. My pussy was being stretched to what felt like its limits and it was hurting me a little. Mike asked me if his big cock felt good inside me and I told him no as he was hurting me. Mike backed off and just kept the head of his big cock insde my pussy and was moving slowly in and out with short strokes. Soon I could feel I was going to have a climax and Mike must have known and speeded up his movements and started giving me more and more of his big cock and then I exploded and spread my legs as wide as I could and let Mike hammer all of his big cock into my pussy.

Mike stopped moving and let me get my breathing back to normal before he started hammering his big cock in and out of my now stretched out pussy and it was beginning to feel much better and I was enjoying Mike's big cock. I don't know how long Mike fucked me until he started fucking me faster and then shoved all of his big cock into my pussy and had his climax. I could feel every spurt of his cum hitting the sides of my pussy as he filled my pussy with cum.

I told Mike that it had been wonderful but I needed to go pee so he pulled his big cock out of me and let me go take a pee. When I came back from the bathroom Mike was laying on his back and his big cock was hard again and the big head was almost purple and the veins in his cock were swollen up and throbbing. Mike told me to get on top so I got astraddle of him and had to get on my feet so his big cock would go in my now well fucked pussy. I sat down slow and easy and the head of Mike's big cock slipped inside my pussy. It felt like it was as big as a baseball bat but my pussy ws stretched and I knew I could now take all of it inside my pussy. I bounced around on Mike's big cock and soon I could feel a climax building and I jammed all of my weight down on Mike's big cock until my climax passed.

Mike laughed and said you sure get a funny look on your face when you cum. I told him I was too tired to stay on top of him and he would have to get on top and I rolled off and lay down and spread my legs and Mike got between them and pulled my legs up where my knees were touching my shoulders and slid his big cock into my pussy and started pounding his big cock hard and fast. He was hurting me a little but it soon passed and we both climaxed together.

I went into the bathroom and cleaned my stretched out cunt and showered and when I came out of the bathroom Mike called and asked me to come into the big room.

I was shocked as there on the floor was a large mattress and there was a young girl on the mattress on her hands knees and there was a very large dog fucking her. She seemed to be enjoying it. I sat down beside Mike and watched the show. Soon the dog must have had his climax and tried to pull his cockout but the girl told them he was hurting her and Jerry took a hold of the dogs colllar and held him in place. I knew it might be some time before the dogs cock knot would shrink enough so he could dismount.

Mike asked me if I would like to try the dog and I told him no not tonight as I was just too tired, but maybe another time.

I really was tired and wanted to get some sleep but Jerry came over and took my hand and pulled me up on my feet and led me into his bedroom. I told him I was just too tired but that made no difference to him and said, "all you have to do is lay on your back and spread your legs." I slipped my shorts off and the tank top and lay on the bed. Jerry undone his pants and they fell around his ankles. His cock was not as big as Mikes but still very large and I knew my stretched out sore pussy could handle all of his cock. Jerry wasted no time and got between my legs and pulled my legs up where I had my knees on my shoulders spit in his hand and put his spittle on the head of his cock head and placed it in between my swollen pussy lips and shoved all of his cock into my pussy. Jerry's cock was not as big around as Mikes but longer and he had the head of his cock up against my womb. Jerry seemed to be in a hurry and started jamming his cock in and out of my pussy like a jack hammer and he soon had his climax and filled my pussy with his cum and pulled his shrinking cock out and went to the bathroom. I followed him and we both took a shower and I asked him where I could sleep. He told me that I would sleep with him tonight.

I was exhausted and fell asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow. I woke up in the morning and Jerry was gone. I dressed and went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth and dressed and went out to the kitchen where the young girl who was letting the big dog fuck her was cooking breakfast. I sat down and she handed me a cup of coffee and a plate with scrambled eggs and a slice of ham and toast.

I asked her where every one was and she told me they had gone to work in the fields a couple hours ago, but they would be back about 2 pm. As I ate I kept asking the young girl what her name was and she told me Ann and that she had been here for 2 months and she thought she must have a high sex drive because she said this was the only place where she had been where she got all of the cock she wanted. She then asked me what I thought of Mike? I told her I thought he had too big a cock and I had a hard time with him last night. Ann said that she too had a very painful screwin from Mike but she was now used to it, but there was a friend of theirs who was black by the name of Nig and he had a bigger cock than Mike, and he had about killed her the first time he tried to fuck her as he tore her at the entrance to her pussy and she had bleed a lot.

Ann and I cleaned up the kitchen and prepared sandwiches for lunch as she said they did not eat a big meal at noon. They all came in from the fields at 2pm and showered and ate. Mike looked at me and asked if I was ready after lunch. I told him I had taken the job so guess I was ready.

Ann & I cleaned the kitchen and Jerry told her that Nig was coming over about 5. Ann said she didn't feel like she could take him tonight. Jerry said well I'll get you ready for him and reached up into a high cupboard and came out with a pint bottle of yellow liquid that he poured a small amount into a glass and filled the glass with a can of soda and put it in the fridge and told Ann to drink it about 4:30.

We all went into the big room and a xrated movie was put in the vcr and it was a movie that must have been made in South America because the women were all dark skinned. the first scene was a woman who was on some kind of rack and a burro was screwing her. Jerry said that the rack was to keep the burrow from putting all of his cock into her as she could not take 18" of the burros cock. The second scene ws a woman letting a big dog fuck her in the ass and when the big dogs knot swelled up inside her she screamed, so guess it hurt like hell.

Ann kept looking at the clock and at 4;30 she got up and went to the kitchen to the fridge and drank the glass full of soda and the other liquid and went into Jerry's bedroom.

At 5pm Nig drove up in an old car and when he got out of the car I could see that he was a giant as he was about 6 1/2 foot tall and his shoulders were so wide he had to turn sideways to get into the house. Every one greeted him and Jerry said she is in my bedroom. Nig went in the bedroom but left the door open. A short time later Jerry took my hand and led me to the door of his bedroom..Ann was laying on the bed nude with her legs pulled up and had a very large vibrator in her pussy. Nig was setting on the bed nude playing with Ann's tits and watching Ann with the big vibrator in her slick cunt.

I got a good look at Nig's cock and it looked like it was as big around as the big end of a baseball bat. IO knew I didn't want him to fuck me with his cock of distruction. I can see what Ann ment when she said his cock was big. Ann pullesd the big vibrator out of her pussy and Nig got betwen her spread legs that she had pulled up where her knees were touching her shoulders giving Nig a clear shot at her shaved pussy. Ann's pussy was swollen and she acted like she could hardly wait for Nig to get his big giant cock in her pussy. Nig put a lot of lubricant on his cock and some inside Ann's pussy and lined his cock head up between the swollen lips of her pussy and shoved and the big head popped into her pussy and she scramed. Nig looked at me and Jerry and smiled and then said well the hard part is over and now I'm goin to fuck her brains out and he started moving his hips shoving his big giant cock in and out of Ann's cunt.

Jerry pulled me away from the door and closed it and said Nig will fuck her for about an hour before he comes so lets you and me go and have us a good fuck. Jerry was a gentelman and gave me a good fuckin and filled my cunt with cum and when I went to the bathroom he told me not to clean my self and not to dress. I came out of the bathroom into the big room and there on the floor was the big mattress and a very large dog laying at Jerrys feet. I knew what was going to take place now: I was going to get fucked by a dog.

I laid down on the mattress and the big dog came over and put his nose into my crotch and started licking the top of my pussy slit. It felt different but enjoyable and I spread my legs wide and let him lick what was left of Jerry's cum that was in my pussy. (There was a scream from Jerry's bedroom and Jerry and I ran to the door and Jerry opened it and Nig was still fucking her. Nig said she had a good cum) Jerry closed the door and led me back to the mattress and the big dog started licking my pussy again. I got so hot and I wanted to see what his big dog cock would feel like inside my pussy so rolled over and got on my hand and knees. Jerry threw a heavy blanket over my hips and the big dog got behind me and mounted me and started spraying his precum on my butt and pussy and was making a jabbing motion and his cock was looking for my slit that he soon found and shoved what felt like all of his dog cock into me and started humping me hard and fast and he soon stopped and started squirting his hot dog cum into my swollen pussy and his knot was swelled up inside my pussy. We were stuck together for about 10 minutes and when his knot shrunk enough for it to slip out of me and a lot of his and my juices went on the mattress.

Jerry came and helped me up onto my feet and led me to his bedroom where Nig was still fucking Ann. When Nig saw me he smiled and then had his climax and filled Anns cunt with his spunk. Nig pulled his big cock out of Anns cunt and he pulled me onto the bed and forcfully spread my legs and started forcing his big cock head into my cunt that still had some of the big dogs cum inside. Nig pushed hard and finally when his big cock head popped inside my pussy I had to scream as it was too dam big. Nig was very forcful and didn't take much time letting my cunt get accustomed to his big size as he just startd taking longer and longer stroked driving his big cock up inside my cunt. Nig was hurting me but he didn't seem to care and just kept shoving his giant cock in and out of my cunt. It took a long time for my cunt to get used to his giant cock and then i started to like the feeling of my cunt being filled full of cock. It took a long time before Nig finally hammered my cunt hard and fast and we both climaxed togther. We laid there with Nig's big cock still in my pussy as both of us were still breathing hard. I had to pee bad and told Nig and he pulled his large cock out of my well fucked pussy and I went and took a pee and a lot of cum leaked out of my pussy. I felt well satified and tired and thought I was going to go to bed but Nig had his giant cock hard and he screwed me again for almost an hour before he climaxed and I was too weak to get to the bathroom and just rolled over and went to sleep.

- To Be Continued... -

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