"Art's Surprise"


      (MF, Zoo)

My husband Art and I had been married for 22 years and both of our children had left home. Art and I had no secrets and talked freely about sex and other things. Art loved sex and done every thing to please me.

Art worked for a big company and he got a promotion, but he had no idea they were going to transfer him and we would have to move to another state.

Art had bought a male black Labrador puppy home about 3 years ago and he built a big pen 10' x 20' and built a big dog house. The dog proved to be a good hunter and was well behaved. He loved Art and was with him every time he was home.

Word got around about Art's lab Jake and had guys calling and wanted to bring their female labs to get bred when they came into season. I watched thru the kitchen window and saw how big Jake's cock was and how big the knot was. It always made me hot to watch Jake breed a female some one had brought over and I fantasized that it was Art screwing me. When the breeding was over Art would come into the house and we would go right to the bedroom and have wonderful sex.

Arts company sent him off to a school for 30 days and I had to feed and water Jake. I ate supper and went out to feed and water Jake. He had tipped his water pan over and had slid it under the dog house. I had to get down on my hands and knees to reach the water pan and when I got bent over I got one big surprise! Jake had seen me on my hands and knees and had jumped on my back and had his front legs wrapped around my hips and was humping me.

I got him off and finished feeding and watering him. When I shut the gate Jake sat there and howled as he wanted to run around the yard like Art let him do when he was home.

I opened the gate and let Jake out and he came and sat down in front of me and gave me one of those sorrowful looks that Labs can give you. A few weeks ago Art was on the computer and found beast dating and had called me over to see some of the ads. We both got horny and went to bed and had sex. While we were having sex Art asked me if I thought I wanted to try Jake. I told him I didn't think I wanted that big knot inside me. Art and I both read more about dogs having sex with women and when Art was gone I had been reading some of the stories on the subject and the stories turned me on.

Well this night I had been horny all day and Jake jumping on me and humping and I thought I would give it a try so took Jake in the house and took off my jeans and panties and sat on the divan and spread my legs and called Jake. Jake took a smell of my cunt and started licking me and it felt so good I didn't want him to stop as he was making me cum and cum. I couldn't take any more and needed for him to screw me.

I got down on my hands and knees and it took Jake only a few seconds before he smelled my cunt and licked me only a few times and mounted me and started jabbing his cock every where but in the right place and I had to reach back under me and get a hold of Jake's cock and guide it in to the right hole. Jakes cock was not big around and when he found that he was in the right hole he jammed all of his cock into my cunt and started humping and squirting and I could feel his cock getting bigger and bigger and then I felt his knot starting to swell up inside me.. I knew that I could not get Jake to stop and gritted my teeth thinking his knot was going to hurt me, but my cunt did keep his knot inside me and it didn't hurt but it did feel like my cunt was full.

Jake kept screwing me until he stopped as his knot was stuck inside my cunt and he couldn't move his cock any more. Jake was squirting his hot cum inside of my cunt and it felt so good and I almost had another climax. Jake and I were tied together for about 10 minutes before his cock slipped out of my cunt along with a lot of his cum. I got up and went in the bathroom and let Jakes cum leak out of my cunt. I washed a little and slipped my house coat on and went in to the front room and Jake was still licking his cock clean.

Jake looked up at me and headed for the back door and I let him out in the yard to do his thing and when he scratched on the door I went and let him back in the house. I turned on the television and sat down in my chair. Jake came and lay down by my feet. I got half way interested in a movie and was not paying much attention to Jake. Jake had moved so his nose was up inside my house coat.



I said to Jake whats the matter didn't you get enough the first time? I slid down on my chair and spread my legs and Jake started licking my cunt and I was going crazy as my cunt was a little tender after Jake had had me with his big cock. Jake didn't lick me long enough and moved back and I knew he was waiting for me to get down on my hands and knees.

I got out of my chair and got in position and Jake wasted no time in getting on my back and wrapping his front legs tightly around my waist and started humping me but his cock could not find my cunt. I reached back under my self and got a hold of his cock and got it into my cunt. Jake screwed me much longer this time before his cock swelled up and his knot was stuck inside my cunt. The swelling in Jake's cock stayed hard and we were stuck tight for over 30 minutes before his cock slipped out of my cunt. I was exhausted but got up and went into the bathroom and took a shower and Jakes cum was still leaking out of my cunt.

I put on my house coat and took Jake back out to his kennel. When I returned to the house I had to clean up the floor as so much of Jake's cum had leaked out of my now red and sore cunt. When the floor was cleaned I called Art on the phone and told him I had a surprise for him when he got home.. He kept asking what it was and I told him he would have to be here to see for him self.

Jake and I got together a few more times before Art came home. I had supper ready when he got home and we ate and Art kept asking me what the surprise was and I kept telling him to wait till after supper was over.

Art went out to see Jake and when he came back in the house he brought Jake in with him. We were setting in the front room watching TV and Jake was lying by his feet. I had changed into my house coat and I was setting in my chair and I called Jake over. Art looked up with a very surprised look and I told him here was his surprise. Jake had his nose up under my house coat trying to reach my cunt. I slid down in my chair and spread my legs and let Jake lick my pussy and when I had enough of Jakes licking I got on the floor on my hands and knees and Jake mounted me and gave me one hell of a fucking.

Art sat there for a few minutes before he was down on his hands and knees and feeling under my belly to see if Jake really did have his cock inside me. Art kissed me and asked me how it felt. I told him I would answer his questions after we were thru as things were feeling too good..

Jakes cock finally went down and slipped out of my cunt.. I got up and went into the bathroom and cleaned up and Art took Jake out to his kennel.

When I came out of the bathroom Art smiled at me and said, when did you find out that Jake would fuck you?? I told him the night that I had called him. Art then wanted to know if Jake was better than him.. I told him No but I did like the fullness that I felt with Jake's cock inside me. Art said he was glad I had found out something he knew I would find out for myself.

- The End -

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