"Bad Girl Comes In First"


      (MF, Zoo)

I was married right out of high school to what I thought was a very nice guy, and he was for the 4 years after we were married. His name was Herb and he managed a chain of hardware stores and made a very good salary. We had about everything that one would want and a nice house even if it was old. I grew up in Reno, Nevada and liked Nevada.

I don't know what happened but one Sunday morning Herb was up early and was dressing to go out with a white shirt and his suit. I asked him where he was going and he told me that he was going to church. Herb took the bible out of the book case and went out the door.

When Herb came home I thought that we would have sex like we had every Sunday morn since we were married and still had my house coat on with just me inside. I waited until Herb had his suit off and went into the bedroom and lay down on the bed and waited. Herb finished changing his clothes and turned to me and said, "Don't you know that fornicating is against the words in the bible?"

I didn't know what to say so just kept my mouth shut. I had never had Herb speak to me in that tone of voice. After Herb left the bedroom I was in need of something to relieve the stress in me and had started to pleasure my self, when Herb walked in and told me to get my things together as he was not going to live with a harlot. Herb gave me a big suit case and told me to put my things in it and he would take me to town.

Herb drove me into town and told me to get out. I got my big suit case out of the back seat and Herb drove off.

I was not prepared for this and didn't have much money with me and didn't know where to go so I could make my way until I found something better. With no formal training for a job I ended up working in a whore house.

I liked sex and I thought I knew most of the tricks but the other girls taught me a lot more, especially giving oral to a lot of guys.

I had been working only about 3 weeks when a guy came in dressed in jeans and a short sleeved shirt. He picked me out of the line up and we got together on the price and what he wanted, and then went to my space where my bed was.

He told me his name was Tuck but I knew he was lying. We had just regular sex and he screwed me for about 30 minutes before he had his climax and got up removed the condom and put on his clothes and left.

Well to make thing short he came back the same day every week. We had become quite friendly and he asked me if I wanted to get married. I told him I was waiting for my divorce so couldn't get married until it was final. Tuck kept asking me questions and especially if I liked sex.

I told him yes I like sex very much and he told me that if we were married we might have sex 3-4 times a day and if that was ok with me.

I got to thinking after he left just how could he have sex 3-4 times a day. I thought that I could wear him out in a few weeks where he would not want sex so much.

Herb was back again the next week at the same time and he came up to me and said, "Do you want to marry me?" I stuttered and stammered and told him we needed to talk. We went back to my space and we sat on the bed and he then said, if you will marry me and live with me for a year I will take out an insurance policy for $100,000 payable to me.

I packed my suit case and Tuck drove us to Las Vegas where we were married. Then I found out that his real name was ------- and he was a millionaire. I never let on that I knew he was a millionaire and as we drove to his house I wondered what kind of a house he owned. I found out very soon when Tuck rounded a hill and there stood a mansion. There were servants. A butler, cook, and a guy he called the handy man. Tuck asked me if I wanted a maid and told him no I didn't think I needed one.



When we drove up the driveway the butler came out and took my bag and asked Tuck if there was anything else. Tuck told him No! Just take this suitcase up to my room. Then Tuck showed me the house. It was beautiful both inside and out.

When Tuck finished showing me the house we ended up in his bedroom and after I had looked around Tuck told me to take a shower. I got in my suit case and pulled out my old house coat, and Tuck told me to put it back and said that there was a white one in the bathroom. I showered and slipped on the house coat and went out into the bedroom.

Tuck was in bed and asked me to come join him. I knew we were going to have sex. Tuck was a better lover here at home in his own bed. He told me he was glad that he now didn't have to wear a condom. Tuck asked me if I would give him a blow job and I complied until he told me to quit and he then got between my legs and spread them wide and jammed his cock into my pussy. It hurt a little as I was not warmed up but I did my best to satisfy him. Tuck took his time and every time he would get close to cumming he would stop and rest until the feeling went away and then screw me for a while longer. I didn't think he would ever cum but finally he shot his cum and had his climax.

Tuck lay there on top of me getting his breathing back to normal before he pulled his now half hard cock out of my pussy. We both took a shower and dressed and went down to eat lunch. Tuck said that he was having a few friends in tonight to meet me. I had no idea he was having them come over to fuck me.

That evening Tucks friends arrived and there was three of them all with shorts on and t-shirts. One was short and had a big smile and the other two were both way over 6' tall. Tuck introduced them and their names were Abe for the short one and the next tall one was called Tiny and the tallest was called Vern. They came into the den and we all had a few drinks and I was feeling fine until Tuck told me to stand up and strip! I didn't know what to say but did hesitate a little before I stood up and let my clothes fall in a pile at my feet. I was a little shy being looked over by 3 strangers.

After they all had looked me over Tuck told me to sit down and finish my drink. I sipped it slow but soon my glass was empty. Tuck saw that my glass was empty and he came over to me and took my hand and stood me up and said to Abe, "take her in the bedroom and see what you think of her."

Abe took me by the hand and pulled me down the hall and into a bedroom where there was a beautiful bed with matching night stands and each had a fancy lamp with a switch that would dim the lights down. Abe sat on the bed and took off his shorts and t-shirt and lay down. I had seen a few big cocks while I was working in the whore house but nothing like the one Abe had lying between his legs.

It looked a lot like a baseball bat with a big purple head. I was worried but thought it might be something if my pussy could handle all of his big cock that was now starting to get hard. I lay down beside Abe and took his big cock in my hand and started moving my hand up and down and he asked me to suck it, I moved down and tried to get the head of his big cock in my mouth but it was too big so I just licked around the head and took as much of the head of his cock in my mouth and ran my tongue over the top of his big cock.

Abe told me it was good and his cock was now hard as a rock, throbbing and sticking out of his belly like a fence post. I excused myself to go to the bathroom and when I got there I started going thru the medicine cabinet looking for some lubricant. I finally found a tube of KY jelly and put a lot on and in my pussy. I took the tube out and smeared a lot on Abe's big cock.

Abe was now in a big hurry to get his cock into my slick cunt. Abe got the head of his big cock head in between my pussy lips and started pushing. His cock head was just too dam big, but he kept trying and soon my cunt opened up and the head of his big cock slipped inside, oh god he was big and didn't know if I could take all of his big cock inside me. Abe kept pushing and pulling back and it took a long time before the head of his big cock slipped inside my cunt.

Abe took things slow and easy and let me get used to his big cock. Abe got into a rhythm and I was beginning to enjoy his big cock moving back and forth in my cunt.

- The End -

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