"Slut or Bitch in Heat"



After Kathy's husband had taken the job as a long haul truck driver, he made her quit the job she had worked the past five years, and become a stay at home mom to take care of their three boys. The job meant he would be gone for long periods of time, and he would be home for a week or two, then back on the road. She enjoyed being home with the boys at first, because it kept her busy, and focused, but when they were all in school, and her days became lonely, and at night she would lay in an empty bed, and feel the pains of hunger to be touched and feel the hardness of her man. Kathy had always concealed from her husband the slut that struggled to break the bonds of her guilt, and be the woman that would make her feel free. She feared what he would think or do if she revealed that side of her, so she kept those feelings buried deep inside her and played the innocent sweet housewife. After a time, Kathy hated to take matters into her own hands, but what was a girl to do, so she ordered a dildo off the net to take care of the hunger that tortured her flesh at night. What Mike did not know would not hurt him.

Then when the break in of the house down the street occurred, Kathy became frightened for her and the boys safety. When her husband Mike came home the following week, she pleaded with him to do something. He bought a large black lab for the back yard, and had a local company put alarms on the doors and windows. The dog, Duke, became the family pet and stayed more inside the house than the back yard, but that was ok, because she felt safe with him around; she looked at him as her protector.

Kathy had gotten up early, and got the boys off to school, and set out food for Duke, and still in her gown she poured herself a cup of coffee, and relaxed at the kitchen table for moment of quietness to plan out her morning.

Her eyes happen to drift down to the black Lab, and noticed he had finished his food, and her eyes slowly traveled down the dog's beautiful black fur. In disbelief her eyes flashed wide at the sight of the dog's cock. Almost hypnotized by the sight, she could not take her eyes away from the massive large red blood shaft. The dog's shaft was thick, long, and red with blue and dark red veins running through it. Her breath became shallow, and the stir of the warmth inside her sent a wave of juices to her womanhood. The dog's tongue slid along the length of his cock to clean it, and the sight of something so intense brought a gasp to her lips. Kathy became aware what was happening to her body, she shook her head, and raced from the kitchen.

Kathy entered the bathroom, and rested her hands on the sink, and stared into the mirror with the look of displeasure on her face. "You slut." She spoke the words in a whisper like she feared someone in the house might hear. "How could you let something like that stir feelings in you, a fucking dog, a beast." She pulled the gown over her head, and looked at the wet spot on the back where she set. In disbelief, she shook her head and threw the gown into the dirty clothes, like discarding the garment would hide the evidence and it would all go away. It angered her that an animal could have that kind of effect on her, and arouse the slut she struggled so hard to keep hidden and locked away.

Even at the age of forty-two she felt she had a young woman's body. Her hands went to the firm mounds of her breasts, and gently squeezed the flesh. A smile crossed her face as she turned to look at the reflection of her modest breasts that were well rounded and still stood at attention. "Not bad for an old broad," she said, looking into the mirror at her body.

Kathy's red hair came to her shoulders, and her pale white skin looked as if she never ventured out into the sun. After three kids, her stomach still flat with only traces of childbirth. She placed her hands on her hips, they were still narrow, which had given her problems when giving birth to her babies. Before she met Mike, she had been with several men before him, and the slut had been alive and well in her younger days, but she would die and go to her grave before he would learn her secrets from her lips.

Kathy pushed away the thoughts of the morning by keeping her mind on her housework. No way she would let the slut take control of her body, and destroy her life. She kept her self occupied with house work, and fixing the boy's dinner. A frown crossed her face when she noticed the boys had tracked in dirt and mud, and scuffed the floor. Kathy took pride in keeping her house spotless, and this meant she would have strip the kitchen floor to get that shine she loved on her floors.

After helping Josh, her youngest with his homework, she stumbled into the bedroom, and pulled off her clothes. She thought about putting on a gown, but she wanted to feel the clean sheets against her skin. Kathy struggled to sleep, but flashes of the dog's massive cock filled her thoughts. No matter how hard she tried, she could not push the images from her mind.

No longer able to deal with her tortured flesh, she opened the drawer next to the bed, and pulled out the dildo. She kicked the cover from her body and spread her legs. The image of the dog's massive cock still haunted her as she closed her eyes. The hardness of the dildo felt good on her body, and her nipples became erect when the dildo's harness slid across them. The wetness in her pussy became more intense as the dildo slid down her stomach toward her heat. The image of the dog's cock fed the fire that raged in her body. She could no longer stand the hunger that tortured her very existence, and her body started to squirm against coolness of the sheets. The tip of the dildo slid over her clit that sent a shiver through her that felt rocked her soul.

She forced the thick dildo into her hole, and shoved it deep. In her fantasy the dog had mounted her, and his thick red cock was deep inside her. Kathy opened her eyes, and pulled the dildo out of her pussy, and threw it across the room in anger at herself, and buried her face into the pillow with tears filling her eyes. "Kathy you slut, how can you let something like a dog turn you on." She mumbled the words to herself because of the shame she felt. A married woman, and a mother of kids having such thoughts, how could this be. The mental exhaustion clouded her every thought, and she slowly drifted to sleep.

The next morning Kathy got the kids up, and off to school. In fear bringing back the thoughts and images her eyes avoided the dog. She went into the bedroom, and without bra and panties she slipped on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts to strip the kitchen floor. After getting everything she needed, Kathy got down on her hands and knees to remove scuff marks, and the weight of the large dog rising up on her back took her by surprise. She could feel something poking between her legs, and out of panic and fear she moved away from the animal and turned and look at the Lab. Kathy started to reprimand the dog, but when she saw the dog's long thick red cock the words seemed to drift away. The warmth inside her stirred the fires again, her pussy became wet, and the hunger filled every fiber of her body.



Kathy set there with her eyes wide, and her thoughts filled with curiosity. Something about being fucked by an animal, a beast excited her. Something about a dog using her as his bitch stirred something inside her she had never felt before. Maybe because of the taboo, but she could not deny the feeling that tortured her body.

Without thinking, Kathy raised her butt from the floor, and used her thumbs to push the shorts down her body without taking her eyes off the dog's cock. No way she would spend the rest of her life wondering, and fantasying about the animal. The slut inside her would know what pleasures the dog had to offer.

Kathy rolled onto all fours, and with her head lowered she offered the beast her body. The fear raced through her with uncertainty, but she knew the slut inside her would endure. She took a deep breath, and quietly waited, and it was only seconds before the dog mounted her, and started to thrust his big cock at her backside. At first she thought about guiding him in, but she knew it was not her place to help. She was the dog's bitch, and whatever hole he entered she would have to endure like any other beast.

The sudden force of the dog's rapid thrusting hips pushed the tip of his cock between her pussy lips, and deep into her body. "Oh my gawd," she screamed out. Her eyes flashed open, she gasped for a breath, she felt like she was being torn apart by his massive cock. The pain rushed through her like a tidal wave, but the feeling of being impaled on the beast shaft turned the pain into pleasure she had never experienced before. The dog's thrusts were hard and fast, and the first thing that flashed through her thoughts was the dog's cock was warmer than a man's, and she could feel his seeping hot cum entering the depths of her body.

As the dog continued to fuck her with force, the pain turned to intense pleasure, and she drifted into the world of pure lust. She had never felt such pleasure, and she found the slut in her pushing back against the dog's cock. No longer aware of the things around her, she became the slut she knew was in side her.

"Oh yes, fucking yes, fuck me, fuck me." She screamed out the words, without caring who heard her cries of pure lust. Her whole body felt on fire, her skin felt like thousands of creatures were crawling on her flesh. There were no words that would describe how she felt inside. She had never felt this with a man, and for the first time in her life the slut inside was getting what she needed, a good fucking.

It was like she had started climaxing the moment his cock entered her body, but when the big one hit it shook her whole body. It felt like every muscle, and every fiber of her body exploded like the eruption of a volcano, and she struggled to keep from losing conscious.

"Oh yes, fucking yes, gawd I'm dying," she screamed out. In her weak state, she could not prevent the dogs knot from entering her battered pussy.

"Oh my gawd," she screamed out. The knot going in had sent pain throughout her body that went beyond words. Her beautiful face was marred with pain, and tears started to trickle down her cheeks. The pressure of the dog's cum filling her insides became over whelming. The mere thought of her cum mixing with the dog's brought on another climax that rushed through her.

The dog made an effort to pull back, but his effort only tugged her body toward him. The pressure of his knot against the inside opening of her pussy was painful, but at the same time she drew pleasure from it. Now she felt she had become one with the beast, and he was her Master who had the control, and she was his bitch who had to endure whatever happened. Kathy became submissive, and did no move. The animal stood, and his knot held her in place. She lowered her head down on her arms and closed her eyes in an effort to gather her thoughts and to calm her body from the intense fucking the dog had given her. Her pussy felt numb, and bruised, and the constant pain kept pulsating through her body.

No idea when the knot would go down, she remained still and thought about her ordeal with the dog. His cock, and cum is hotter than man's, and the thrusts are faster and harder than a man's. She had never climaxed so hard in her life; it was like her whole world had exploded.

Kathy had lost track of time, and with one lunge of the animal the knot slipped from her hole, and the sudden gush of the dog's cum rushed from her pussy and down her thighs. The sudden rip of pain from the knot brought a scream from her lips.

She set there on the kitchen floor, her thighs spread and the dogs cum seeping from her womanhood. Her hand slipped to her pussy, and used her fingers to slide along her sensitive fold to coat them with the dog's cum. Kathy brought her fingers to her lips, and sucked the dog's cum from her flesh.

"Don't taste nothing like a man," she mumbled to herself.

Until she tried to get up, she did not realize how sore her body felt. A grin came to her lips, the first time in her life the slut had been fucked down. She looked at the kitchen floor.

"I guess this will have to wait another day," she said with a smile. Kathy went to the bathroom and filled the tub with hot soapy water. The water felt good to her flesh, and the heat seemed to penetrate her body and relieve the soreness from the throbbing pain. She leaned back, and closed her eyes to enjoy the fulfillment that seem to generate from her body. At the thought of being with the dog again brought a smile to her beautiful face.

- The End -

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