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I'll begin this story in the pet store that I own and operate. I had just opened for business two days prior when young Britany came into my store. Just eighteen years old this hot young beauty was absolutely stunning. She stood five foot six inches tall weighing maybe one hundred and fifteen pounds. She stood up on the nicest pair of legs I'd ever seen . Add a perfect heart shaped ass and a set of perky 34B titties and what you have is perfection. Britany was a beauty from head to toe though. Her hair was a very dark reddish brown, her eyes were dark and mysterious. Her button nose and pouty red lips were perfectly shaped and could have only fit on her face. We exchanged pleasentries as she entered the store and I couldn't help staring as she walked slowly around the store letting her fingers drag across the wires of each cage. She was wearing a white and black checked skirt with a white blouse. She wore white barrets in her hair to hold it back away from her face. To top it all off she was wearing a pair of white and black school shoes with short white socks folded over just above her ankles. I was glad I was behind the counter so she couldn't see the throbbing bulge in my jeans. I watched her walk completely around the store stopping every so often to look and smile. When she had made a complete tour of the store she stopped and looked at me with a sad face and asked me why I had no puppies for sale. I told her that I have four different dogs but that I kept them in the back. Her eyes lit up and she asked oh! can I see them mister, can I please? I didn't want her to see the hard-on I was packing so I tried to stall her by saying oh by the way my names Dennis and what might your name be? She stuck out her hand to shake mine saying nice to meet you Dennis my name Britany. I smiled saying nice to meet you to Britany . I then explained to her that I had no puppies, just four big male dogs. I told her I had ordered four puppies but was sent adults. I also explained that adult dogs needed exercise daily and that I had no time to take them out. You could hire me to walk them for you Dennis, today was the last day of school and now I have 3 months off for summer. I asked her to let me think about it over night and to come by around 9:00am tomorrow. She agreed and skipped off towards her home leaving me with a sense of relief. I felt as though I would have died if she had seen how excited she made me.

The next morning at 9:00am sharp the door opened and She was yelling Dennis its me Britany I'm here to walk the dogs. I came in from the back walking a Great Dane. I said ok my dear heres my offer. I will pay you 20 dollars a day to walk each dog for at least an hour each. Her face lit up and she jumped up and down. Oh boy! I got the job I'm so excited . His name is Duke and he minds well but if he should become unruley well just give a tug on the leash, that will remind him who's boss. Since we have a deal then Britany here you go. Smiling as I gave her the leash I reached out and held the door for them. I watched them walk off down the sidewalk and I couldn`t help thinking how lucky Duke was.

That first day was pretty routine an hour walk for each dog and she collected her money and was off. However I noticed that she started spending more like and hour and a half with each dog and sometimes two hours. My curiousity was getting the better of me so I decided to follow her and Duke on this on particular morning.

I followed them staying about a block behind. I watched as they trotted along the stores and shops that lined the street. At the end of the street was the city park. Lots of green grass and tall trees with lots of trails leading off up into the forest. I was careful not to let them see me as she ran him up a trail mostly over grown with briar bushes. At one point I had lost them and almost turned back when I heard her voice talking to Duke saying thats a good boy you like this don't you boy. I cautiouly crept forward and peeked through the opening in the brush. I was completely shocked at what I saw. They were in a small secluded clearing and she had Duke laying on his back and her hand was holding his giant cock. I watched and before I knew it my hand was on my own cock. She was stroking his big beafy cock and she licked it and at one point started sucking on it also. She then jumped up and with one quick move she had her sun dress off and stood there in just her tennis shoes and panties. Duke also got up imediately and was sniffing her crotch as she pulled her panties off. I had a perfect view of the young nymphs bald wet pussy. She got down on all fours like a bitch in heat. She laid her head down on her arms and raised her ass up high for Duke to do as he wished. He imediately had his nose buried up in her crotch. His long rough tongue was working her over good too. His tongue licked from her clit to her asshole and when she started whining and humping her ass up and down. I could see that Duke had slipped his tongue up inside her tight young pussy. By this time Duke is humping and and Britany's telling him "fuck me Duke breed your hot little school girl bitch" Thats when I saw the giant k-9 mount her. He had his front legs wrapped around her waist pulling her back as he was wildly stabbing her with his long wet dog cock. She was being bounced and pushed around by him but somehow she managed to reach back and guide him into her pussy. When he hit his mark he sank every inch of that bone straight up in her making her shriek and gasp for air. If she was wanting him to stop it didn't show. He was over top of her, his hips thrusting so hard and so fast, pounding her relentlessly. Bitch fucking that pretty young thing just as viciously as any animal could. I knew without a doubt she loved it. He was ramming it up her cunt and she was slamming her cunt back to meet every thrust. His mouth open and his slobber dripped out and off his tongue. One side of her face as well as her shoulder and back were wet with dog drool. Standing there watching the show I jerked off untill I shot off all over the bushes that hid me from being seen. I continued watching as he pounded his knot up inside his bitches cunt. Britany went absolutely crazy, her body thrashed around underneath him as he just quivered. His cock was stretching her womb with the amount of dog cum he was filling her with. Eventually he turned and jumped off of her. They were stuck butt to butt and as he stood there still as can be she was moving her ass up and down telling him how much she truly loved being his bitch. For the next 20 min. she probably orgasmed four more times then finally his massive dog cock slipped out of her with a loud popping noise followed by a flood of his and her cum that poured from her bitched cunt. I slipped away quietly and hurried back to the store. Soon the two came in and just like always she said ok I`m ready for number two. I brought her the next dog and off she went. As the days passed I had a chance to follow her at different times observing her alone with each of the four dogs. She managed to get all of them to cum, usually by masterbating them or sucking them off. It was obvious however that she was Dukes bitch, for only he had his complete and total way with her.



Over the weeks that followed I continued to spy on her, obsessed with the idea of fucking hermyself. Then one evening just before I was closing up she was saying good night to all the animals when she turned to me and said "Dennis how come you only watch me and never join me". I froze, my jaw dropped, I had no idea she knew. She calmly said " I'm sure it would be fun to have you both at the same time." I managed to say yes it would Britany. She was smiling as she walked towards me saying how about we just see if your as excited as I am ok Dennis. With that she dropped to her knees and unbuttoned my pants. My cock jumped out at her growing harder by the second. Oh! wow! it's so big Dennis. Her hands caressed the shaft as she kissed and licked the head. She cupped my balls and licked up and down the shaft wetting it. Then she opened up her mouth and stuffed about half of it in. Her tongue swirling around it her eyes staring up at me. I put my hands on the back of her head, I was going to force every inch down her throat but when I realized I could hurt her I stopped. At that moment she grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me towards her as she pushed her head forward. I watched her mouth sink into my pubic hair. She held my cock deep in her throat untill she needed to breath then she pulled back and threw her face back at me, my balls gave it up right there. I was shooting off in her throat as I fucked her mouth. She started gagging and pulled her mouth off my cock, to my supprise I was still cumming. The last stream that shot from my cock drew a diagonal line across her face. She was coughing and choking but still had both hands around my cock pumping it. I stood there overwhelmed an in shock at what was taking place. When she could again, she was sucking the head and jacking me at the same time. Every once in a while looking up at me saying. Oh please get hard again my pussy needs this big juicy cock to use it long and hard. With that it began to stiffen up and once fully erect she turned and positioned herself for me as she did for Duke in the park. She was digging her fingers into her swollen pussy. Looking back over her shoulder she said treat me like the little bitch in heat that I am Dennis, make me your bitch, your nasty young fuck toy. I'll do anything you say Dennis just use me and abuse me, call me a dirty dog slut and worse. I'm your property Dennis use me hard. I got down behind her and grabbed my cock at the base I smacked her pussy with it a few times then just as I saw Duke do I rammed every big fat inch of my cock up her bald young cunt. My hands held her ass as I slowly pushed and pulled my huge cock in and out of her. I felt her pussy spasm as I fucked her steadily, Then I reached up and grabbed her by her hair and started to ride her hard, fast and deep. My big cock completely filling her with every thrust. Long hard determined strokes penetrating her little 18 year old pussy from behind. As I fucked my new bitch relentlessly, beating her bald swollen cunt I told her she was my dog slut, my property, mine to have as I wish and Britany barked like a dog and slammed her pussy back over my stiff cock. I could feel the orgasms rolling threw her body making her cum all over my cock as I continued my assult on her. Fucking harder, faster, deeper, pounding my cock up her little school girl cunt our bodies banging, my balls slapping her clit. I felt another cum load rising up in me. My cock got harder, longer and fatter as my body began to jerk wildly I moaned out loud and felt the cum shooting from my cock and her pussy greedily excepting it. She humped and bucked her body, she screamed as my hot seed filled her womb. I held my cock buried inside her and let her hot young cunt milk my cock. I pulled my cock out thinking dreams do come true but also feeling an emptiness that could only be cured by her.

- The End -

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