"Buster's Bitch"


      (F best wife)

It was Dan's idea, to breed dogs that is, "A sure fire way of making a bit of extra money", as he put it, "for very little out lay". Well I wasn't convinced, "What about the rearing and vaccinations and the Vet bills?" I had asked, "Ah don't worry about any of that" he had said, "It won't cost us a cent, well apart from the outlay for a good stud dog and his up keep but that will be a pittance compared to the money we can get for the stud fees, and we get the pick of the litter too, so there's an added bonus".

Of course Dan had already set his mind on the scheme and I just knew from experience anything I had to offer in the way of problems or discouragement of the idea would be countered with a diatribe of well researched responses. So, I agreed, if it made him happy I didn't really care as long he didn't rope me into his scheme.

We spent the next couple of weeks searching through the small ads and looking up dog breeders and must have traveled at least 600 miles up and down state looking at puppies that would make a good breeding stud, Of course Dan had done all the research - and knew exactly what breed he wanted and I have to say, when he finally decided on the puppy he wanted my heart melted a little. Buster, which was the name he smugly labeled the adorable little Doberman puppy looked so cute and fragile on his little spindly legs

I guess it was my maternal instinct and we bonded very quickly over the next few months, especially with Dan working during the days. Buster would follow me everywhere and loved plenty of petting. The Kennel club had advised that we should wait at least 8 months before Buster could be introduced to his first bitch and that we shouldn't expect to much from his first attempts. In the time between Buster settled down to being a really loyal and friendly pet and it was amazing how quickly he grew by the end of the eighth month he was already nearly two thirds grown.

Well the first couple of matings were a complete disaster Buster just didn't have a clue in fact he didn't seem to get any better after several more attempts which really frustrated Dan. Problem was Dan wasn't the only one getting frustrated; Buster's inability to complete coitus with the bitches he was supposed to be servicing left him unsatisfied too.

I can't remember exactly how it all started, I just remember that one evening I was sitting watching the tv. I was stretched out on the couch in my baggy tee nightshirt and panties whilst Dan was sat drinking a beer. Without any warning, Buster got up from his basket sniffed the air and wander over to the couch. Then the dirty dog pushed his nose right up my nightshirt pressing his nose hard against the gusset of my panties. Reflexively I recoiled pulling my legs up and shrieked at the young dog. Buster shrank back and sat with his head hung in shame whilst my husband turned to look at me bemused with a - "what the fuck was that all about look on his face".

I explained to Dan what had just transpired and to my astonishment he just laughed saying, I guess he's got a good nose for fine pussy, that's my boy he said looking at Buster who on hearing the congratulatory and jovial tone of my husband, got up and trotted over to him. My husband proceeded to pet and pat him saying thing like, "Good Boy, you like that pussy, Horny dog, good boy, etc etc."

"Dan!", I had complained, "you shouldn't be encouraging him like that, I don't want him learning bad habits like sniffing my crotch every five minutes that ain't right in fact it down right disgusting."

"Lighten up" Dan replied softly, "He's just a dog, he doesn't know any better, for him its just natural to sniff at stuff"

"Yeah, well let him sniff at you if you feel that way about it" I had replied coolly

"Don't think he's that way inclined?", Dan smirked back, "If he does it again, just close you legs, push him away and tell him No, don't shriek and leap about, hell girl you nearly gave me a heart attack"

We resumed our original positions, watching TV this time I had my legs firmly crossed and my nightshirt tugged between my inner thighs.

Buster settled back down lying close to the couch but not looking at me, he still obviously felt some guilt so I petted him on the head and said, "It's ok just don't do that again". He bounced around all happy and excited on his spindly legs and started licking my hands and face - which I calmly but swiftly put a stop to as well and told him to lay down and behave, which he did.

I guess the TV show must have been pretty dull because I was awakened from a light doze by the sensation of snuffling and licking between my legs which to my horror were obscenely splayed and giving Buster superior access to the gusset of my cotton panties. What was worse was the fact that Dan was kneeling next to him and he was actually encouraging the puppy to 'Eat that pussy (boy)' It was surreal, I though I was having a lucid dream until I realized the sensations I was feeling deep inside my tummy were just to deliciously real.

Dan hadn't realized I had awoken and the sensations of the dog tonguing my panty gusset and lapping of my inner thighs was disgustingly good and if Dan didn't know I was awake then he couldn't accuse me of being pervy or hypocritical, secretly I yearned for him to pull the gusset aside to let Buster really 'Eat Me', It didn't happen, instead Dan quietly pulled Buster away, gently replaced my legs and took him into the kitchen to give him some biscuits and water.

By the time they came back I had 'woken up' and I was looking pretty annoyed. After all my panties where soaked, and not just with my juices and I wanted an explanation.

Dan explained that it was all his fault, he'd had the idea that perhaps if I acted like a bitch we could train Buster better, "You know let him mount you like a dog and pretend to fuck you - I mean not actually fuck you but give him the right idea of what he should be doing"

"You must be insane", I had replied with a look of total disgust. Secretly however something primal about the thought of being mounted by a beast excited me.

"No, look" Dan continued, "you got your panties on and a night shirt, its not like he can actually enter you, in any case I will be her to get him off if it get out of control.

I had looked skeptically at him, "You mean you want me, your wife to give herself to your dog?"

"Well not exactly give yourself to him, let him use you to practise on, jeez it's not like I am asking you to actually let the damned dog fuck you" he retorted somewhat offended



"Look I don't want a fight about it", I replied "if it makes you happy honey I'll do it", and with that I rolled onto my hands and knees and presented my bulging gusset to Buster, who eagerly began lapping and licking my pussy juices that unbeknown to my husband were now soaking into the gusset.

"Lift him onto me then I had commanded and Dan helped Buster 'mount' me for the first time. I adjusted my position so that he was comfortably placed on my back as he started to hump. Dan knelt beside us urging the dog on as he simulated fucking me.

I could feel his hard doggy cock rubbing back and forward over the front of my panties which was turning me on immensely, but was even more arousing, and what Dan couldn't see because my nightshirt obscured the sight was the periodic sprays of doggy cum squirting onto my tummy and occasionally my breasts, I could feel it running over my gently swinging globes and dripping from my aching hard nipples onto the fabric of my nightshirt. This continued for about 5 minutes, occasionally Buster adjusted himself and his poor doggy cock stabbed against the gusset of my panties, in fact had I not been wearing them he would have nailed me on that first night but it was time, even though I was tempted to reach back and expose myself for him I wanted it to seem like I was reluctant although by now I was anything but.

After Buster had 'dismounted' from me, Dan poured me a glass of wine and we sat an talked about what had just happened. Dan - poor naive Dan, had seen nothing more in the act than me 'helping' to train Buster to fuck Bitches. I said to him - that I though Buster had done really well and agreed, suggesting that perhaps after a couple more training sessions we could try and stud him again.

That's how the next couple of evenings where spent with me on my knees in a baggy nightshirt and panties getting my tits sprayed by a secret doggy sperm shower whilst Dan encouraged Buster to 'fuck your bitch'


Dan had arranged to meet a guy out of town who owned a doby bitch that weekend so having given Buster a couple of nights to 'replenish' we set off. When we arrived we introduced Buster to the bitch and once they had 'gotten to know each other' left them in the privacy of the backyard to do the deed. In fact Buster did much better, the bitch presented herself and he took the lead. Unfortunately, he did everything right but penetrate the bitch and on completion, dismounted, licked his cock and balls and trotted over to the backdoor whilst the bitch stood there somewhat bemused with cum dripping from her fur.

It was obvious Buster needed more training and it was whilst driving home that Dan sparked up with a really bright idea. Perhaps I should let Buster penetrate MY pussy. Well you can imagine how I pretended to be utterly disgusted by his suggestion, I mean have a dog slid his lovely hot cock into my aching pussy and flood me with dog sperm - not in this life I told him, no way am I having a dirty dog dick in my pussy. Then he suggested using a condom so it would really be just like having sex with a dildo that was attached to the dog and there wouldn't actually be any flesh on flesh contact, but I knew it was flesh in flesh contact I wanted but I wasn't letting on to Dan yet.

I wanted Buster's first proper encounter with Me to be perfect even if our first fuck was to be a nasty latex covered one, I had that covered too. I told Dan to feed and walk him so that he would have no distractions for the rest of the evening whilst I prepared my body for Buster's training. Having poured a hot bath and soaked in the waters for a good half hour I proceeded to prepare my pussy carefully shaving every last hair from my pubic area and pampering my smooth mound with aloe vera. I stood in front of the floor length mirror wiping the steamy surface with a damp cloth to reveal my bald pussy. Oh my gosh, I had forgotten what it looked like. Slowly I probed my own folds exploring my sex like a rediscovered old toy savoring the smoothness and plumpness of my outer labia and the wet rubbery texture of my inner flaps, I felt myself slipping a finger into my moist pinkness, my thumb instinctively pressing on my bud and wondered just how good Buster would feel.

I wrapped my hair in towel and wrapped a second around my body, then I headed to the living room to await my pupil. I have to say sitting there on the couch I was more than slightly aware of the heavy musk my excited pussy was emitting, I was worried that Dan would smell it too and realise that I was actually excited by the though of the acts I was about to perform. In fact he did comment on my aroma, but in his single minded vision he actually thought I had frigged my own pussy to get it ready for Buster with no thought of the sexual act at all, and Buster, bless him he trotted over to me nudged at my knees, encouraging me to spread my thighs and give him access to HIS pussy.

I was enjoying every minute, slowly parting my legs allowing the towel to fall open revealing my hairless crotch, I watched as Buster began to salivate and move in between my thighs his nose dipping lower and lower till the cold tip touched my bare mons and his doggy tongue flicked out over the smooth outer lips of my pussy curling up into the folds and lifting my tasty essence into his mouth. His tongue worked deeper into my slit and I had to bite my lip and get Dan to prepare Buster for me.



Dan pulled the condom from its wrapper and tried to guide it over Buster's doggy cock but Buster wasn't having any of it. So I said I'd do it. Kneeling beside Buster with my legs wide open to allow him to continue to bathe my pussy with his lovely tongue I was easily able to apply the condom, infact it was a joy to actually handle the cock of my soon to be 'Mate' It felt fabulous, hot and smooth as I squeezed the air from the teat of the condom I felt the need to do more than just hold this bright red doggy cock. I asked Dan to fetch me a coffee as I was a I little thirsty, a nervous thirst I said as I latched the condom over the bulb of Buster's cock. As soon as he was out of the room I was under the dog sucking the tip of the condom covered dog cock into my mouth. I felt the teat fill with air and locked it against the roof of my mouth whilst slowly closing my teeth on the latex sheath. When I was sure that I had just the latex trapped between my incisors I quickly ground them from side to side, causing the latex to tear but appear intact. I knew that with very little force Buster's Cock would slide out the end of the sheath allowing my aching pussy to caress his beautiful bone.

Dan was still out of the room when I presented myself to Buster and he had no problem mounting me his cock rubbing against my smooth mons, I looked back to see the tip beginning to slip through the tip of the torn condom and the little pee slit of his cock oozed with thin clear dog cum. Of course I couldn't let Dan see the condom was ripped, I needed to make sure that Buster was buried in my love tunnel before he got back with that coffee. Reaching back I grasped Buster's engorged penis as he continued to hump erratically and slowly guided it up into my wet and welcoming cunt.

As the tip passed my outer lips and into the tight entrance to my feminine tube, it was like Buster suddenly had a revelation, thrusting forward, I knew his cock was through the condom and fully rooted in me as he fucked in and out of my hole.

And that how Dan found us, Me his wife moaning softly with pleasure as his stud dog serviced me and it was then I think that he started to realize his mistake I could see him out of the corner of my eye, jaw gaping and speechless as Buster humped furiously into my oh so welcoming cunt, squeaking as trapped air was expelled, oozing with my juices and Buster's cum and me moaning like a whore as Buster ejaculated, filling my pussy and womb with spurt after spurt of thick gooey dog sperm.

Shall I get him off you Dan had offered, to which I clearly remembered saying "don't you fucking dare? You wanted me to give myself to Buster Well I guess now I must be Buster's Bitch!! "

- The End -

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