"Catchpule Station: Incoming Transmissions"

      by Horatio Wolf

      (MF rom furry scfi)

Vanticar walked down the long hallways of Catchpule station. He grumbled to himself as he passed another window. Space glistened and the small blue planet below shone brightly amongst the stars. The Sun was on the other side of the station, which suited Vanticar just fine, his quarters were on this side of the station, and he had no desire to wake up with the sun in his eyes. It reminded him too much of the cat wars. It had been two years since a treaty between the Canutan Alliance and the Felanus Empire had ended the war. Vanticar had fought in those wars but as soon as it was over he had been released.

Vanticar was a pure-bred Wolf, war was in his blood. It coursed through his veins and pulled at the power of his rippling muscles. He had the scars to show it and Vanticar knew he could never escape their meaning; he was a warrior. Once the war was over he had traveled as a bounty hunter, but that wasn't as exciting as humans believed. Eventually he had settled down here, the security chief for the Catchpule station. It was a civilian run station, but on the outskirts of known space, there was rarely a dull moment.

Vanticor flipped to another page of a report. There was nothing of interest in it and he was glad that work was finally over. The pistol at his hip was getting heavy, as it did from long days spent sitting in a chair. Usually he got a chance to draw it every day, if nothing else but to empty a clip into a training dummy. It was just one of those days where you couldn't get off your tail, not even for a moment; which reminded him, his tail was killing him.

Vanticor growled softly as he rounded a corner and ended up face first in his door. He reached over and punched in his code. The door slipped open. The lights were off, and the large room was completely dark except for a large bay window which displayed the inky darkness of space and the planet below.

His keen wolf senses activated, he drew in a quick breath and his brow furled. "Computer, lights." he said slowly. There was nothing, just cold darkness. His keen senses searched the room, his nose could smell the enemy, the scent was familiar. His ears turned quickly as the door behind him closed. The room was suddenly darker then he ever knew. He drew his pistol and cocked it in one movement. A small laser sight shot out of the weapon. It seemed to follow Vanticar's gaze as he his eyes traveled around the room.

"Which gun are you going to shoot me with, Soldier?"

There was no time for Vanticar to react, his gun flew out of his hands and clanged noisily on the deck. There was a sudden shock to the back of his knees as he fell forward unto them. He hit hard, the body armor protecting him from the shock. The enemy was suddenly on top of him, it was a female Dalmatian. The female climbed on top of the helpless wolf before he could do anything, his arms sprawling to either side. The Female lodged a foot in Vanticar's belt and forced another knee up against the Wolf's chest. She balanced herself with a hand on his shoulder and with her free hand, gripped Vanticar's chin. She pushed his head backwards and bringing her snout close to his; kissed him. She prodded Vanticar's mouth with her tongue, their saliva mixing.

In a single breath, the assailant pulled her tongue back and pushed off Vanticar's strong body. She flew through the air like only a limber Dalmatian could. She landed sideways on the bed. "Lights to 50," She said quickly. The room suddenly illuminated in a dim light as Vanticar fell backwards into the deck.

"Ow. That hurt." he said smiling as he tried to right himself. He pulled himself up unto his haunches and looked over at his assailant. She was lying on the bed, laughing hysterically. Her breasts heaved with every movement of her body, her hair waving back and forth behind her head. She wore only a very long shirt, her legs were totally bare and she wasn't wearing anything beneath.

"Just trying to keep you on your toes, Van." the Dalmatian said, smiling.

Vanticar smiled at the female he loved. Catherine was a Dalmatian, and a beautiful one at that. She kept her fur short and her smell was intoxicating. She was the communications officer for Catchpule station. Vanticar pulled himself to his full height and smiled. "Will I be needing Armor then?" he asked playfully.

Her smile grew, "That depends on whether or not you feel like safe sex tonight."

Vanticar smiled deviously as he pulled the hardened plastic up off his chest and allowed it to fall to the floor. He pulled up his dark blue shirt and tossed it on the floor with the armor. His chest was rippled with muscles and his dark grey fur was marred only by a nasty looking scar which ran down his chest.

"Mmmm." Catherine began as she viewed this creature in front of her, a creature that she knew would soon be inside her. Her hand reached down to her lips and she rubbed her clit in anticipation. She grew moist at the feeling.

Vanticar flexed playfully, his muscles made Catherine become even moister. She smiled deviously and jumped up off the bed. "You've had a hard day, Van." She said, smiling up at the tall wolf. Her head only reached his chest, and smiled playfully at her mate. Vanticar held out his arms in silent submission.

She turned her attention to the beast in front of her and began to lick at his scar. She worked her way over his body until she was at his nipple. He smiled and clenched his teeth as her tongue smoothed over the nerve endings. Her eyes closed, and Vanticar brushed the hair away from Catherine's ear. He reached down, and nibbled the tips of the spotted ears. She couldn't resist, she moaned.

Vanticar, enticed by his lover's sounds, began to lick at her ears. She couldn't continue her movements; she pressed her head up against his chest. "But I'm supposed to be pleasuring you," she said, her voice half muffled by the Wolf's fur. Vanticar ignored her pleas, and continued with her ears. She pressed her body up against his and put one of his legs between hers. Her love juices were flowing now, and they cascaded down his leg. She moaned again as Vanticar continued with her ears.

When Catherine decided she wanted to return the favor she reached her hands down to his belt buckle and undid his pants. The heavy armor leggings fell quickly to the ground without support. Vanticar stepped forward and over the fallen armor. Catherine moved with her mate, her legs still straddled over his. She stepped back slightly and crouched down so that her face was level with his crotch.

Vanticar licked his lips in anticipation. He placed his hands on top of Catherine's head and began to massage her ears. Catherine moaned again.



"You really know what I love." she said quietly. Vanticar only nodded. She knew what he liked, and without another moment, she undid the restraints, and pulled off the armored jockstrap. It fell to the deck with a loud bang. Vanticar could feel the release, and his member growing to its full length.

Catherine smiled to herself, and grew even wetter thinking about it. She didn't give Vanticar a chance to get comfortable. "Let Cathy kiss it and make it all better." she said as she licked the pre-cum off his now fully enlarged cock. She began to massage his balls with one of her hands as she grabbed onto his length with her other. As she finished lapping at his tip, she slowly kissed his piece, and closing her eyes, took him into her mouth.

Vanticar muffled a grunt as her tongue and mouth began to massage him like only a female could. She moved her head slowly, Vanticar's hands massaging her ears all the while. With each movement his length moved in and out of Catherine's mouth, her saliva covered his cock. Her mouth overflowed with a mixture of her spit and his pre-cum. The mixture ran down her chin and then down her neck making her fur stick to itself. Catherine moaned, her voice was barely audible with Vanticar's cock filling her mouth.

She continued to fondle his balls as she worked him. Vanticar muffled a second groan as his length grew even more. Catherine felt her lover suddenly grow tense and she let him go. She stood slowly and wiped the flowing mixture from her mouth. She wiped it in her fur making it seem to glisten in the low light.

Vanticar looked at her as if to ask what was wrong. Catherine only smiled, she stepped back and pulled off the shirt which covered her body. She tossed the shirt aside and stood a moment letting the male take her body into full view; her tail swishing behind her. Vanticar smiled at this. He looked her up and down, her small body quivered in the low light. Her breasts were large, but not massive, her stomach was well toned but not muscular. Her fur was short and supple and her face was wonderfully formed, She was perfect, at least to Vanticar.

She stepped backwards and fell down unto the bed. "Incoming transmission." she said smiling.

Vanticar decided to play along, "Who's it for?" he asked as he stepped up to the bed. His length was still strong and Catherine moaned with pleasure. Vanticar could see that her juices were soaking the bed-sheets.

"From Cathy to Van," she began. "Do with me as you will." She laid her arms wide on the bed and waited for him to take her.

Vanticar smiled and reached out a hand. He ruffled the fur on her belly and traced her naval. He rounded the hole a few times before allowing his digits to trace down to her clit. He rubbed the small nub but he knew where he was going. Slowly, he pushed two fingers into her pussy.

"Ahhh!" she cried out as he penetrated her. He pulled his fingers out halfway and then forced them into her again. "Ahhh!" she cried out again. Vanticar pulled his fingers out. They were covered in Catherine's honey. Vanticar brought the fingers up to his muzzle and took a long breath. Her smell was intoxicating. He wanted to be inside her so bad. His cock, which had partially receded, now grew back out to full length. He licked his fingers. She was so sweet, especially when she neared climax. That was the best time.

Vanticar forced his fingers back into her. This time Catherine stifled her voice, but threw her head back in pleasure. He pulled out his fingers and crouched over her so that their faces met. Vanticar offered his fingers to her. Catherine turned her head and sucked on the offering. She could taste her honey mixing with her spit. She swallowed hard and moaned. Vanticar kissed her and probed her mouth with his tongue. Her breath increased and her breasts began to heave up and down. Vanticar's cock began to press against her pussy, and Catherine bit her lip in pure enjoyment.

Vanticar couldn't ignore her breasts. He pushed his muzzle down into her cleavage. He found her nipples and began to bite, suck, and lick them. Catherine moaned out loud as Vanticar continued his work on her. She began to move her hips, rubbing her pussy against the head of Vanticar's penis.

"Please." Catherine pleaded between moans. "Take me."

Vanticar reached up and kissed Catherine again, then he stepped off her, allowing her to spin her body. He stood looking at her back, it was glazed with sweat now, and Vanticar loved the musk that Catherine gave off when she was this hot. The Dalmatian crouched on all fours, and panting hard, reached between her legs and spread herself to Vanticar's waiting eyes.

"I need your cock in me." Catherine said between breaths. Her juices were flowing freely down her hand, beads of her honey covered her fingers and were dripping down unto the already soaked sheets. Vanticar smiled. He nearly pounced on her as he shoved his muzzle at her waiting fingers. He flicked his tongue and it easily slipped through her lips and into her body. Catherine moaned out loud, she couldn't contain herself.

Vanticar grabbed the Dalmatians tail and began to work his way up her back. He kept his muzzle close to her back, licking sporadically trying to take in both her wonderful smell and the sweat which coated her back. When his member touched against his mate's lips he knew she was ready. He released her tail and cupped her breasts in both his hands. He squeezed them slowly and Catherine gave out a slight cry of pleasure.

At long last, her wish came true. Vanticar speared her, sending his cock deep into her body. She cried out in pure pleasure, her head was thrown back in pure enjoyment. Vanticar released one of the Dalmatians breasts and grabbed unto the throbbing head. He turned Catherine's face and kissed her. She kissed him back but soon let him go as she cried out again. Vanticar easily pierced into the Dalmatians womb, she loved the feel of him that deep inside her.

"Fuck me." she pleaded. Her body was nearing climax, as was Vanticar. He began to pump his meat in and out of her body. She cried out with each intrusion of his length. Her hips moved with his, matching his pace and moving to meet each thrust. She cried out again and again with each movement of her hips. "Yes, Yes!" she cried, "Ahhh!" she screamed. Her body was nearly boiling. They moved faster, then faster, until the heat was too much. Together, their bodies tightened and they reached climax. Vanticar pushed one last time, penetrating deep into his mate's womb.

The orgasm peaked, their bodies were as one. Vanticar grit his teeth and stifled a howl as his loins convulsed, sending his seed deep into the Dalmatian. Catherine cried out with pure ecstasy as she came. Her walls tightened around Vanticar and began to milk every last drop of cum from the wolf. Catherine lost her strength and began to fall. Vanticar caught the movement and rolled so that they lay side by side on the bead, both drenched in sweat; their fur was matted and wet with their bodily fluids. Vanticar came for another few seconds, but after a short time he felt himself begin to shrink. He eased out of her body. Catherin caught the move and slowly pulled herself around to face his shrinking cock. She licked off what was left of the mixture. Both her juices and his cum tasted sweet in her mouth. After she was satisfied she snuggled up close to her lover. She smiled as her head began to stop spinning.

"I love you," Catherine said.

"And I you - forever," Vanticar replied. Catherine smiled with that, and the two of them drifted off to sleep.

"The Time is 0600 Station Standard." the computer said. Catherine began to open her eyes. She was alone in her bed. The sheets had been brought up around her. She searched the room with quiet eyes and found Vanticar pulling on his body armor. Noticing the Dalmatian stir, he moved over to the bedside. He smoothed back her hair and cooed softly.

"I got you the day off." he said in a quiet voice. She smiled, her eyes drifting away. "Go back to sleep. I'll see you again tonight." And she fell asleep. Vanticar picked his sidearm up off the floor and holstered it. Turning towards the door; he left, allowing his wife to sleep.

- The End -

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