"The Tigress and The Poet: Catchpule Station 2"


      (MF con furry sci-fi)

Vanticar peered out over the shuttle landing deck, He watched the people coming and going. One wolf stepped out of the large transport shuttles and stretched his arms, breathing deeply as if to signify he was now somehow free. The wolf wore a hat that Vanticar noticed immediately it was the insignia of the Sunrise Train, now that was uncommon. But uncommon was the order of the day, every day, on Catchpule Station.

The Wolf proceeded to the customs stations and disappeared from his view. He breathed out slowly and shifted his gaze to a strange cloaked figure passing nervously through the crowded deck. Vanticar could smell her from here, a Tigress, trying to mask her scent and appearance with a dark brown cloak. A Growl slowly filled the grey haired wolf's throat as he eyed the figure, he would have to keep his eye on that one.

People came to this station to disappear, it was a station of the lost, those seeking a new path to follow, and however they found it as long as they kept the peace Vanticar didn't care.


The blank page stared back at Dallan as he tried to figure out something to put on it. He had been blank for days and this wasn't helping. He reached over and slowly took a sip of his Delvian Tea; it tasted terrible. Dallan was a wolf, his light brown fur gave away his southern-cluster heritage. He had lived on the station for more then a few years, he found it peaceful here amongst the outcasts and strangers. He scratched a line or two into the page and then growling to himself tore the page out of the small book and threw it across the room towards a waste basket on the other side of the promenade restaurant.

People walked slowly by, looking into the shops and talking to their friends. The restaurant was all but empty, the humans were gone, the wolves and cats too, gone to wherever they went in the day, leaving Da las alone with his writing. He couldn't get anything to work, anything to come together. It was a nightmare and he had to hold himself back from throwing the entire book across the room.

He slowly sighed to himself, calming himself down, taking the pen he returned to the matter at hand. Slowly, as he did, a Tigress slowly walked by. She wore a long dark brown cloak, trying to mask her appearance and scent from as many as she could. Slowly she turned her head to the wolf in the restaurant and stopped sharply. Her body responded immediatly, her eyes closed gently in thought of heat and warmth cascading over her hot body, a hand idely rolled up her chest and then stopped suddenly, she slowly revealed her head gently, and ignored the faces that turned, she smiled gently and moved over to the wolf.

"I'm sorry, I don't want to interrupt" she swallowed quickly, thinking she had spoken out of place worried she might lose the wolf seated in front of her.

Da las looked up quickly, he swallowed and forced a smile "no, you're not, please," he said motioning to the chair in front of him. She smiled gently and sitting down she parted her legs gently, letting her smooth sex spread itself as she gently and lightly spread her cloak to reveal herself lightly, but only under the table, she gently returned her hands to the table and lightly ran her fingers gently over his paper, lightly reaching his hands. Da las swallowed gently as he could smell and feel her heat close to him, not touching, but he sat there thinking about her body, her breasts underneath the folds in her clothes. She licked her lips gently as she gently rubbed up and down Da las hand, gently rubbing and caressing, he knew she had exposed herself to him, to give him her scent as she smiled to him. Her soft warm fur gently streaked with red and gold as she smiled.

She suddenly looked at him pleadingly. "Please", she moaned gently, leaning in across the table she gently licked at his muzzle. I love a poets hands, she licked his chin again lightly as she moaned lightly, looking into his eyes, another gentle moan as she lowered his hands beneath the table, and lightly, helped his fingers towards her warm hot sex. "please."



He gave a quick small gasp as his fingers gently began to rub her light fur, he breathed slowly and gently as he lightly explored her sex lightly tracing the soft warm fur with his fingers, the softness surprised him as he gently and lightly felt her wetness as it soaked his fingers and the fur around her warm sex, he watched her closely as she moaned, her eyes closing lightly, he could feel her heart racing as he gently and lightly rubbed and caressed her warmth.

She couldn't help it, she moaned as her legs opened completely. He stopped suddenly, drawing his fingers away from her, she smiled a sorry to him as she closed her legs a little to hide herself from anyone else, gently, she took his had and pulled it back to her heat, he didn't resist. He let himself be drawn, rolling his fingers back as she smile, moving a hand to caress his chest through his cloths. She moaned again as he found her sweet nub, he lingered there, teasing it with his fingers, rubbing and caressing it and pinching it gently before he ran his fingers lightly back to her sex. She moaned again and relaxed back "please".

He gently felt for the warmth and source of her river, gently litting his fingers spread into her as she slowly and gently pushed into her warm pussy, pushing in slowly and gently, caressing warmly inside of her, teasing her heat as his fingers lightly and gently caressed up and down inside her body, she stifled a moan as she opened her robe and let him catch a glimpse of her round breasts, the nipples already hard as she let out a deeper moan, she tried to stifle it but it was too much, his fingers worked in and out as he watched her, intranced by her movements. His fingers pushing in deeper, he found her G-spot as she lay her head down on the table to close her eyes, moaning as she gripped his coat in her hands, pulling at him as she groned gently, his fingers in deep and hard, rubbing and caressing inside of her, he let his thumb lightly rub over her hard clit, pushing in on it, she closed her eyes tightly, her body began to shake as he could feel his fingers soaked with her juices. Covering his hand.

He smile gently, she weakly and lightly reached down, taking his hand slowly she helped his soaked fur to her lips and licked it off gently, she smiled gently to him as she straightened herself up, smiling to him "thank you", as she gently reached in and kissed him.

"Do you have a place to stay?" he said horsely, still intranced by her actions, she smiled, shaking her head gently. "no" she whispered. "you can stay with me." Her face brightened and she smiled, closing her legs and wrapping herself up in her cloak as she smiled gently. "Thank you, my name is Marissa", she said, gazing warmly into his eyes.

He stood up gently, "I'm Dallan the Poet." He collected his things and then reached down and helped her to her feet, she smoothed out her cloak with an idle hand as she leaned against him, purring gently, she clung to him gently, looking around slowly, a hand bringing up the cloak around her head as she re-gained her composure, moving with him nearly graciously as people passed by idely, watching the couple from half opened doors and quiet corners.

They moved slowly down the hallways, moving slowly from the bright lights down into the darker depths of the station. They moved up to a old door. Dallan pushed a hand against it slowly and it beeped with a gentle blue light and opened slowly, he smiled back to the Tigress, her lips parted gently as they entered, the door closed behind them with a swish and a half-broken light flickered on over the soft bed. Warm furs rolled across it, gentle reds and blues danced across the room as a gentle scent of ink and musk filled the room. Dallan smiled softly "Be it ever so humble.." as he turned around his eyes came up with hers, her naked body flowed out before him, the soft gentle curves of her slender hips, the lightly flowing tuffs of hair and deep golden fur which hung tigly and sensuously to her body. She moaned again softly, she pushed up and kissed him softly, moaning as his leg came between hers and rubbed against her sex, she moaned as her delicate hips began to thrust slowly against him, he kissed her deeper and passionately as her moans increased, her hips moving faster and warmer. She moaned again and closed her eyes, Dallan didn't move, he held her close to his chest and rubbed her back and hair softly and gently as she satiated her lust on his leg, he had never known a female to do this and was unable to look away as her body thrusted against his leg, moving faster and harder she moaned harder, beads of sweat broke out across her forehead and her back, rolling down her tail as it flowed back and forth slowly and gently in the air, waiving slowly and softly. She kissed his chest softly as her thighs moved faster and harder against his leg, pushing her heat unto him harder, rubbing her clit hard as she clinged to him, forcing her body against his as she moved faster and harder, stronger and warmer as he pushed against her. She had enough, she moaned loudly and exploded, falling against him softly, moaning she smiled up to him, kissing his chest softly.

"should I...." Dallan began, "should I draw you a bath?" she only smiled and shook her head, moving away from him slowly, her hands on his hands as she reached out and kissed them softly and gently, lightly with her lips, tasting his light fur. She drew her gentle form over slowly and softly to the bed, rolling gently in the soft covers as she spread her legs slowly for him to see, then reaching over, she grabbed up a dirty ink bottle and a brush, beckoning him to her.



Dallan was lost, his mind ran and he had no idea what had happened to him. Her scent was intoxicating, he couldn't resist, and the words came from somewhere inside her and He obayed her without either of them releasing a breath. He took the brush, and moving down, felt the words he wanted come into him. Slowly, he dipped the brush and began to write on her chest. The gentle ink slowly rolled across her chest, writing slowly, the tigress smiled gently and began to remove his cloths letting out his rough grey coat. He wrote slowly across the gentle swell of her large breasts, rolling the brush over her still hard nipples, the ink leaving black lines across the golden sheen of her fur.

The poem worked its way across her fur and body, she massaged his scalp and sung softly to him, the gentle sound rolling across them as the gentle poetry crissed and crossed across her supple body. The curves and hills moved slowly, his head flowing starting to roll gently as he worked on her naked form, she smiled, she moaned with each flick of the brush as Dallan wrote soft caresses across her midrift, she moaned and let a hand trail across her nipples as she watched him, rubbing slowly and softly, trying not to smudge anything as she smiled gently. Her naked body heated up with each stroke, she could barely wait until he reached her warmth and she would get his release.

The room heated up, more and more as he trailed around her belly button, her hips pumped slowly as she thought about it, her lips parted and she slipped in a soft finger, sucking it slowly as she tingled with desire, the brush moved slowly, then stopped. She had waited so long, and now she felt his tongue lapping at her pussy, tasting her sucking at her as she moaned, "yes" she panted softly. "sign me, make me yours." He licked and sucked at her warm inviting sex. Her thighs parted further to allow him to push his long tongue deeper into her warmth, she moaned rubbing his hair back as his tongue lapped at her hot warmth as her fur beaded again with sweat, her scent increased and it rolled around him as his body rubbed against her, she caressed down his back, beckoning him up unto her, he obayed, moving up her slowly, hovering over her.

"Fuck me" she asked slowly and softly "please", and Dallan wouldn't disappoint her. Slowly he pushed his member to her hot and throbbing sex, slowly pushing it inside her throbbing wet pussy. She screamed softly and clenched at his body as her juices were forced out, smudging and smearing as she moaned harder and deeper. "oh yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me" her hips pumped without effect, trying to get his hard member to slide deeper into her gaping sex, she pushed against him, trying to get it out of him, but the poet never moved, he looked down at her, she moaned as her naked body writhed underneath him. Her eyes came open slowly, gently she gazed up at him. "please, please fuck me," he simply smiled and stroked back her hair, she moaned as her sex throbbed and juiced more and more at the need for his strong cock to move inside her hot sex. She gazed up at him, moaning, she whispered softly to him please she said simply.

He smiled, and kissing her gently, pumped his powerful hips pushing his member deep into her throbbing hot pussy, she thrust against every hot movement as he speared into her throbbing hot sex, slamming into her, spearing her deep and strong as he slammed into her, warm and hot, deep and hard the juices pumped in and out, she cried out as her back arched warmly and hotly as his speed increased inside of her body. He could feel her heat rising as she moaned and cried out, her breasts rolled across his chest leaving smeared ink as she cried out, grabbing at him, trying to get him in deeper as he pushed into her, thrusting in and out faster and harder as he pushed against her, pushing her down into the bed. The tigress screamed as she was pounded into, her screams were soon replaced by hard moans as she closed her eyes, her hands rubbing her own breasts, tugging hotly and hard at her tits as she wrapped her legs around him, she moaned again as he pumped and thrust into her hot spread sex, the sweat and juice soaking the bed.

It was too much, they pumped and thrust in and out harder, faster, warmer, sliding in and out slamming into her harder and faster, her juices built up inside her, they moaned together. She screamed as her orgasm hit, exploding hot warm juice bathing him, milking him as he came, filling her with his seed. Dallan was losing his battle, he fell over unto the bed, and blacked out.

* * *

The sun rose slowly over Catchpule station, the Poet Dallan woke slowly, finding himself in his own bed, the warm covers wrapped around him, he rubbed his forehead, and felt the steam still rolling from his shower room.

Dallan held his head softly, he was alone as he stood, wrapping a house coat around himself as he moved over to his desk, there he picked up a series of pages, written in another hand, but his own words. A lipstick kiss at the end, and a gentle thank you.

Dallan smiled to himself gently, and remembered the Tigress. And somewhere across the station Vanticar flipped through a security report, he stopped when he found a day old statement that showed a missing millionaire Tigress who wandered off with a Poet. He smiled gently to himself, and deleted the file, letting her disappear softly into the Station.

- The End -

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