"Catherine's Playmate" - part 1 of 4

      by Jim Jones

      (F+M reluc MDom bestiality 1st)

The First Time

Tim looked out his back window across the yard to his dog's pen. He noticed Catherine was out there again. She had been back there a lot by his big black Husky lately. At first he didn't think much of it but now he was curious. He decided to go out there and find out just what was going on. He walked out the side door and around to the back. He walked across the yard and stopped by the pen.

"Hey Cath...whatcha doin?" Catherine started. She didn't know anyone was home! She stood up. "Oh um...hi Tim...I was just...talking to King. I hope you don't mind. You're just away so much and he seems so lonesome." She reached down and scratched the dog's head. "No I don't mind at all. I just wondered though. Why it is you have to take him over to your house to play with him?" Catherine's heart started to pound. "Umm...no reason...really." She started to walk away. "I won't do it any more."

"Catherine wait," said Tim. She stopped.

"Do you do something over there with King that you don't want any one to see?" He smiled at her.

"No Tim, honest I don't" said Cath.

"Well Catherine, I think you should come into the house and show me how you and King play."

Catherine looked confused for a minute until Tim said, "If you don't, I guess I'll have to go talk to your mother about what I think you've been doing!"

"NO, please...no". Catherine thought about turning and running back to her house but she was scared. She didn't know if he really would talk to her Mom or not. So she just stood there.

Tim called to King and started walking toward the house. "Come on, Cath," he called over his shoulder. They walked into the house and back to the family room. Tim sat in a chair in the corner of the room and King lay on the floor in front of him.

"Now Catherine...just what do you do over there? Where in your house do you take him?" Catherine couldn't look at him. She was so embarrassed.

In a voice barely above a whisper she answered, "to my bedroom". "I see, and do you let King watch you undress?" said Tim. Catherine only nodded.

"Good, undress then." Catherine quickly looked up at him but he raised his eyebrows as if to ask...is that a problem? She decided she'd just better do what he asked and get it over with. She pulled off the white t-shirt she was wearing and clutched it in front of her. Tim watched her closely.



"Your bra too please" Shaking she set the t-shirt down on the chair in front of her and unhooked her bra. She let it slide off her arms and set it with her t-shirt. She tried to cover herself with her arms.

Tim spoke again, "Good girl, now your shorts." Using one hand she pushed her red shorts down to the floor and stepped out of them.

"I'll bet you take your panties off too, don't you?" She didn't answer but pushed her panties off as well. "Now, what do you do once your undressed?"

Not looking up from the floor, Catherine answered, "I lay on my bed." Tim answered "I see, well, why don't you just lay here on the floor then." Catherine walked from around the back of the chair and sat on the floor. When she did King stood up. Tim laughed.

"I guess HE knows what you do next doesn't he?" The Husky walked over by Catherine and sniffed at her legs. She tried to push him away with one hand.

"No, let him be" Tim told her. "Lay down like you do on your bed." Catherine lay back on the floor and King put his nose between her legs. She closed her eyes tightly. Tim leaned forward to watch. The dog lapped at the girl's pussy and Tim got immediately hard. He reached down and quickly pulled his own t-shirt off. Then he said, "Spread your legs Cath. He likes you doesn't he?" Catherine moved her legs apart a bit more and the dog began to lap hungrily at the juices between her lips.

"Use your fingers and spread yourself apart." Tim said. Catherine whimpered but reached down and gently spread herself, exposing herself to the dog and his owner. The dog lapped even harder now, his rough tongue lapping at her clit and dipping deep into her hole.

Tim stood up and pushed his shorts down and took his hard cock in his hand as he watched. This was the hottest thing he had ever seen in his life! When he heard Catherine begin to moan he knew she was about to cum. Suddenly she cried out and he shot his load of creamy cum all over his own chest and stomach.

"Oh My Gawd Cath...That was the hottest thing I've ever seen. Do you do anything else with him?" Cath shook her head.

"No just that I swear "said Cath, all red-faced. Tim smiled... "That's OK we'll work on that...now...come over here and clean me up." Cath stood and walked over to him.

"Where are your towels?" she asked.

Tim grinned. "You don't need a towel...use your tongue." Cath hesitated for a minute and then knelt before him. She leaned forward and began to lick the thick cream from his belly and chest. Tim leaned back, enjoying the feeling of the girl's warm tongue on his skin. He held his cock up..."This too" he grinned. Cath lapped the last of the salty mess from him. Tim sat forward again. "Very good Little one... We will have so much fun with King...and don't worry...it will be Our Little Secret.

-- continued in part 2 ... click here --

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