"Catherine's Playmate" - part 3 of 4

      by Jim Jones

      (F+M reluc MDom bestiality 1st)

Is It Going To Happen Again?

Catherine was living in fear of that phone call. She knew it was just a matter of time until Tim called again. Everytime the phone rang she would almost jump out of her skin. She was not sure what she was feeling, which made things worse. She thought that she should have been feeling disgust over what she had done but rather, everytime she thought of what she had done she could feel herself getting wet...just at the thought.

She would only have to think about King and she would feel her sex getting hot, her inner womanhood getting slick with desire. She knew she shouldn't feel like this, but she couldn't help herself. But she hadn't heard from Tim for so long she thought that maybe he had finished with her. How wrong she was!

"Ring, ring, ring, ring," sounded the telephone. Cath was at home alone and had no choice but to answer the phone.

"Hi Cath," said Tim. Catherine's heart went cold, but her pussy ignited as if it were on fire. "King and I have been so busy, we haven't had time to see you," he said. Catherine almost couldn't believe her ears. Did this mean that Tim wouldn't want her to come over again? She almost couldn't believe herself, but Catherine was feeling disappointed. She shouldn't have.

"King and I were hoping that you might be able to come over and play," said Tim quietly over the phone. "We'd like to see you again...right now actually."

Cath knew there was no point arguing, Tim wouldn't take "no" for an answer. She also knew that Tim could see that no one else in her family was home, he could see the empty garage.

"I'll...I'll be right over," Catherine said tentatively into the phone. She could feel her hands shaking, not with fear, but with desire. Her nipples were already hard and pushing up against her t-shirt. She could definitely feel the heat of her arousal smouldering between her legs as well.

"Good," said Tim and he hanged up the phone.

Tim didn't have to wait long until he heard the knock on the door. In fact, she was over so soon that he couldn't help but smile to himself as he opened the door.

"Hi Cath," Tim said as he opened the door and let Catherine into the room. Catherine could not meet Tim's eyes with her own and she began to walk through the doorway into the front room. As she walked into the room she heard Tim cough.

"Haven't you forgotten something?" said Tim, a hint of amusement in his voice.

Cath stopped where she was, her hands dropping to the hem of her t-shirt and pulling it up and over her head in one fluid movement. The cool breeze caressed her bare breasts and hoped that Tim thought that the coolness of the room was the reason that her nipples were hard. She then dropped her hands to the front of her cut-offs, unsnapped the buttons and pushed her shorts and panties down over her legs. Catherine went to cover her nakedness with her hands, but then dropped them to her sides, knowing that she really wasn't hiding her nudity from Tim.

Tim looked Catherine up and down...damn but she looked hot! King gave a bark, which made Cath jump.



Tim laughed "See Cath, King is really happy to see you." The dog was sitting on the floor in the room, but Catherine could see his tail wagging furiously and she swore she could see a gleam in the dog's eye, or maybe it was just the sunlight reflecting.

Tim walked passed Catherine and moved to a low coffee table in the middle of the room. On the table Catherine could see two new studded black leather collars. He dropped a hand and picked the first one up and moved to King. Tim clipped the collar in place and turned to speak to Catherine.

"Doesn't King look handsome with his new collar?" said Tim, running his hand over King's neck.

Cath was not sure why Tim was asking her this question but nodded her head in agreement.

"I'm sorry Cath, I didn't hear you." Tim said quietly.

Catherine spoke this time "Yes Tim, he does look handsome in his new collar."

"Good girl...and of course I want to make sure that his bitch looks pretty as well." Tim said, again staring straight at Catherine. Cath wasn't quite sure what this meant, but had a feeling that she was about to find out. Her own body realised unconsciously what Tim meant, as Catherine's sex was now burning with lust. Tim moved away from King and took up the second collar from the table and called to Cath, "Come here, bitch."

Catherine almost couldn't believe her ears...had he really called her a bitch? The worst aspect was that Catherine's feet started moving her towards Tim before her mind could stop her. She stopped before Tim, her head bowed. "Down on the floor where you belong, like King!" Tim growled quietly. Cath did as she was told, dropping down on all fours on the ground, just like King.

Tim spoke, the anger out of his voice, "Good girl Cath, you are learning fast," and he snapped the second collar in place around her neck. As the leather came in contact with her skin, Catherine felt a jolt like electricity run through her being and the jolt wasn't pain...it was pure pleasure.

Catherine almost swooned as she felt her neck encircled and, as a result didn't notice that Tim had reached to the leg of a nearby chair and dragged out the short length of a metal dog's leash that was attached to the chair leg. "Drop your neck bitch, closer to the ground." Catherine could hear the command in Tim's voice and did not dare refuse him. She heard the clip on the leash click shut. Catherine now found herself on all fours on the ground, with her neck held tight by the leash on her collar. She felt extremely vulnerable, a feeling made more pronounced as she saw from the corner of her eye that Tim was moving behind her to inspect her.

She felt so embarrassed because she knew that if Tim looked between her legs he would be able to see the results of her arousal. She could feel her wetness running down the insides of her thighs. She was totally surprised when she felt the toe of Tim's shoes thrust between her thighs, pulling her legs open. Tim drew a sharp breath and almost had to bite his tongue in case Catherine heard him. She looked so sexy down on the ground like that and he could see how horny she was, her wetness was very apparent and her pussy lips were parting like the petals of a flower that was opening to the sun.

Horny also described how Tim was feeling, his cock was straining at the fabric at the front of his jeans and he felt as if the heat of his arousal would burn a whole through the fabric of his pants. Tim moved over and took up another leash and snapped in place on King's collar. He heeled King beside him and had the dog walk by his side for a while. The tip of the dog's penis was clearly visible for the end of his sheath...clearly Tim wasn't the only one aroused by the sight and smell of Cath. Tim walked the dog and stopped him behind Catherine, her legs still open as he had forced them.

"Open your legs wider, bitch," said Tim in a low voice. Catherine tried to look behind her and, rather than open her legs, began to close them.

"Thwack!" The end of King's leash landed upon Cath's exposed ass, making her jump and cry out.

"Do what I tell you or I will do it again," snarled Tim through clenched teeth. Catherine knew that she better not do that again, Tim might hurt her again with the leash, which he has used like a whip and secretly Catherine didn't want to miss out on what she knew was about to happen. So Catherine opened her legs wide, exposing her sex to Tim and his dog. Her pussy lips opened wide and the slick of her arousal was apparent all over the inside and outside of her lips.

Tim had to hold King back as the dog strained at his leash to move forward to Cath. His tongue was extended from his mouth, sampling the scent of Catherine's arousal that was in the air. Tim let the dog move forward so that his tongue was able to touch Catherine's sex. Cath shuddered as she felt the dog's rough tongue begin to flick and slide over her inflamed womanhood. Because she was so horny and her lips were parted, the dog's tongue could easily slip between her cunt lips and slide some way inside her. Catherine arched her back as the dog lapped at her, her nipples, pussy and body burning with desire.

Tim smiled as he watched the girl abandon herself to what she was feeling. He unzipped his jeans and pulled his cock from his fly. He had never felt himself being so aroused and he was sure that if he touched himself he would cum on the spot. King was also getting off on what he was doing, as his cock was now almost fully extended from its sheath.



Tim let King have more slack on his leash and helped the dog to wrap its legs around Cath's waist, so he could pull himself forward on her. Tim manoeuvred Catherine's hips so that King's cock was at the entrance to her pussy and almost came as he saw the dog pull himself forward, so that his cock slide home deep into Catherine's snatch.

Catherine couldn't help but groan as she felt King entering her, his rough forelegs gripping hard onto the top of her torso as he ground his pelvis into her. Cath felt like such a slut as she almost immediately began pushed her hips back against the thrusting of King's hips as he got into a rhythm of fucking her. She couldn't stop herself as she started to groan and grunt with each thrust of the dog's cock deep inside her.

This was almost too much again for Tim. He had to get some of this, and fast, before his blew his load from just watching his dog screwing his pretty, young neighbour. So without letting the dog's leash get too slack, Tim moved forward and knelt at Catherine's head.

"Suck my cock bitch. Show your Master how much you like to suck his cock as his dog fucks you." Tim looked down as Catherine opened her mouth wide and almost swallowed his cock whole. He felt the heat of his cock engulfed by the warm wetness of Catherine's mouth and couldn't help but groan himself. He dropped his hands to each side of Catherine's head and wrapped his fingers into her hair, forcing her mouth hard onto his penis and he began to fuck her face, thrusting into her in time with King.

Tim could feel his cum bubbling up in his balls and increased his tempo, thrusting deeper and faster into Cath's willing, open mouth. He screamed out, "Oh yes...yes," as his cock erupted deep in Catherine's mouth, his cum spewing forth and filling her. Rather than gag, Catherine somehow managed to drink Tim's cum as it flowed into her mouth and throat, taking him all and milking him dry.

Tim dropped back onto his ass, his cock slipping from Cath's mouth, his breath coming in great heaves, which he tried to quickly control. He look up at Catherine and, now that his cock was out of her mouth, he could hear her moaning with pleasure as King's long red cock slammed faster and faster into her cunt. The dog's haunches were almost a blur, he has ramming into her so fast and he could clearly see Cath's cunt lips being parted by King's cock scything into her with his every thrust.

Catherine began to arch her back and a scream erupted from her mouth as she started to cum. She was thrusting hard back again King, who also began to yowl, his cock thrashing in frenzy into the girl as the dog too began to come. "Yes King, yes...cum in your bitch, oh yessssss," growled Catherine as the dog caused spasm after spasm to run through her body, her orgasm reaching almost earth-shattering proportions. She collapsed forward onto her arms, with King still thrusting into her, but at a slower pace, after the dog had come himself. As she slid forward, King's cock slipped from her cunt and slid into the groove of her ass, the last of the dog's seed spurting there.

By now Tim had regained the use of his legs and stood over Catherine. He bent down and unclasped the leash from her collar. He took up a towel with his other hand and wrapped it around her, pulling her to him. Tim looked down into Catherine's eyes and dropped his lips to hers, his tongue parting her lips and invading her mouth.

"You were a good girl today...a very good girl," said Tim after he broke from the probing kiss. His hand went to Catherine's neck and he unclasped her collar.

"This is also to be part of what you do when you first come here, you are to bring you collar to me, so I can put it on you."

Cath couldn't raise her eyes to Tim, so she merely nodded her head in agreement.

"I didn't hear what you said Cath."

"I...I said yes" Catherine muttered. Cath felt Tim's fingers curl hard into her hair and take firm grip upon her "You will address me as Master from now on," Tim said, his voice returning to the angry snarl that he had used earlier.

Catherine couldn't raise her eyes. She couldn't believe what was happening to her, but she remembered how much the lash on her ass hurt and so answered Tim "Y...yess Master"

"Good," said Tim "you can go now, but I will call you again soon and be sure that you don't keep King or I waiting."

-- concludes in part 4 ... click here --

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