"Catherine's Playmate" - part 4 of 4

      by Jim Jones

      (F+M reluc MDom bestiality 1st)

A Night-time Call

Cath's life was in turmoil. She felt that she should be living in dread of the next phone call from Tim, but, every time she thought of what she had done for Tim with Duke, she couldn't help but feeling herself getting excited. She almost didn't want to admit to herself how much she enjoyed what had happened and wasn't sure what she enjoyed more, feeling Dukes dog cock deep in her pussy, or the fact that Tim now saw himself as her Master and that she was merely Duke's bitch.

A few days later when Cath got home from college there was a large package waiting for her. She picked it up from the kitchen and hurried to her room, totally excited at the unexpected arrival. She wondered what it could be! It was strange how something at the back of her mind made her take the package back to the privacy of her room before she opened it, rather than rip all the wrapping of the package right in the kitchen in front of her Mom.

Cath pulled the brown wrapping paper quickly from the box beneath it. The box was fairly shallow, about the size of a blouse. When she opened the box lid she looked in and saw that the box was a dress box, and it contained a wonderful dress. Cath's eyes almost came out of her head, the dress looked so beautiful. She couldn't imagine whom it could possibly be from. She reached in and pulled it out by the shoestring straps at the top. It was a slip dress and it was so pretty, all white and the fabric was so soft and sheer it was almost see-through. She held the dress to her chest saw that it fell down to about mid-thigh. Catherine spun around with the dress against her, loving the feel of it. Who could send her such a wonderful present? She was just about to try the dress on when she thought to look back in the box. She peered in and noticed that there were some other items in the box under the tissue that the dress had laid on, the most obvious thing being an envelope.

She pulled the envelope from the box, and as she did so she uncovered the other things in the box. She gasped, one was a small piece of what looked like lace, and the other was what looked like a collar, one made out of white leather and with chrome studs all along its length. She felt herself blushing and went an even deeper shade of red when she pulled the lace out of the box and saw what it really was, a very lacy but very, very brief g-string. Cath almost tried to stop herself running her finger along the collar that she was now looking at. The collar was so soft and supple, and the smell of it made her think about the last time she had been in contact with a leather collar, and her sex grew damp at the thought.

Finally Cath stilled her racing heart enough, by taking a deep breath, to be able to take up and open the envelope. She slid a finger into a partial opening in the sealed edge of the envelope and forced it open. Cath reached into the envelope and, with nervous fingers, slowly opened the folded piece of paper within, to read the note.

"Dear Cath," began the letter. "I do hope you like the little present that Duke and I have bought for you. We think the things that we have bought for you will look magnificent on you, with the white of the dress showing off your tanned legs to perfection." This thought made Cath blush again, thinking just how much of her legs would be shown off by the short dress.

"We would like you to come visit us again next Wednesday night at 8.00 PM, and of course, we do insist that you arrive wearing ALL of your presents. We don't have to remind you how important that you wear your collar again, because you know what it means."

Cath almost dropped the letter when she read these words, of course she knew what they meant; they meant that Tim considered himself to be her Master and that she was his dog Duke's bitch. The heat between Cath's legs was almost overpowering, the thought of what had already happened to her and what was now also likely to happen made Cath's pussy flood with her wetness. She dropped a hand to her sex and stroked along the length of her slit, feeling the fabric of her jeans drag against the inflamed, sensitive flesh of her cunt. She could feel her clitty throbbing from the thought of what she would be asked to do next Wednesday.

Cath found the waiting until Wednesday night almost overwhelming, with the mixture of fear and arousal being an interesting combination, one holding the other in check. The whole wait was exquisite torture, with Cath not knowing if she was looking forward to Wednesday night, or fearing it. Luckily for her, Cath's family had plans to go see a movie on that night. When they asked her if she wanted to join them, she begged off by explaining that she intended to go to study at a friend's house that night. So Cath heard the front door close as she finished showering and getting ready to dress for the night. Once her family had gone, Cath quickly slipped from her shower and dried herself. She had had to wash her pussy thoroughly, it was so wet from her excitement and she didn't want to arrive all smelling of her arousal and for Tim to think that she was a total slut. She went to the bed and first put the collar around her throat and fastened it there.

Cath moved to the mirror and gasped, she almost looked naked. The dress was so sheer and her nipples were so hard. She wondered if she dare go out, but stopped that thought quickly, she knew that Tim would not let her do something like that, especially since he had gone to all the trouble with the clothes. So, heart in her mouth, Cath threw a coat over her outfit and left the house. She looked over to Tim's house, but it was all dark and quiet.

She walked across to Tim's house and saw that it was indeed dark and quiet. Pinned to the door was a note. The note read, "Cath, please let yourself in and go to the lounge room and get ready. Duke and I will meet you there." Cath turned the doorknob and pushed the door open. She couldn't believe how quiet the house was and she couldn't think where Tim might be. She walked into the entrance, which was dark and proceeded towards the lounge. She noticed that the room was lit and that the entry way into a large rumpus room was closed, which is something she had never seen before. Those doors were never closed.

Cath noticed another note pinned to the door and she read it. "I will call you in a minute, knock on the door when you are ready and let me know you are there, and, make sure you are wearing all the things that I sent you." Cath wanted to run from Tim's house; what was going on? She almost didn't want to stick around to find out, but the heat from her sex and the arousal that she was feeling made sure she didn't leave. So, she moved towards the door and knocked.



"Come in," she heard him call from the other room and she opened the door handle and started to push the door open. All of a sudden it went completely dark and then, as she pushed the door open further, she was suddenly hit by the glare of a light, like a spotlight. She couldn't see a thing, her eyes were so dazzled, but then she heard Tim speak again.

"You look wonderful Catherine, move forward into the middle of the room, so I can see you and turn around. Slowly." Cath did as she was told, knowing that the light that was blazing over her was making her little dress totally see through. She tried to look beyond the light, but could not see anything in the darkness beyond the pool of light that she was standing in.

"So, Tim likes to see me show off," she thought, " Well, I'll give him something to really look at." With that, as she slowly turned on the spot in the light, she started to run her hands up her sides and cupped her breasts in her hands, pushing them up and together, so Tim could clearly see her nipples hard and proud through the soft material of the dress.

"Kneel on the floor, facing away from me, with your legs open, bitch," came Tim's voice from the room, more than a hint of arousal in his voice. Cath smiled to herself as she lowered herself to her knees, so she WAS having an effect on him...OK! As Cath lowered herself forward onto her hands, she arched her back, so that the slip dress rode way up over her ass, showing the tiny strip of fabric at her crotch that covered her sex. She could feel her wetness soaking through the panties and trickling down her inner thighs. Without being told to, she slid a hand back under her tummy and between her thighs and started to run a fingertip up and down the gusset of the g-string, stroking at her puffy inner lips beneath it.

"Pull your panties aside and show me how much you like being my slave, bitch," came Tim's voice again. Cath pulled the fabric of the g-string to one side and fully exposed her cunt to Tim. He would be able to see how aroused she was, as her outer and inner lips had parted slightly, like a flower opening its petals, exposing her hot and wet inner warmth. Cath couldn't believe that it was her doing these things as she slid first one finger, than another up into her sex, to show Tim what a good slave that she was. She heard herself start to moan as her fingers slid easily in and out of her sopping pussy. She spread her knees wide, to make sure that Tim could see how well she obeyed her Master, so he could clearly see her fingers sliding deep into the inner recesses of her sex. Cath could hear the scratch of nails on the timber floor and she looked into the blinding light to see Tim's shape appear behind her, and that of Duke. She could see what Duke wanted.

Cath almost came as she felt Tim bend down towards where she was debasing herself for him and clip a leash onto her collar.

"What a good little bitch you are, we are going to enjoy ourselves this evening, aren't we?" said Tim throatily into Cath's ear.

"Yes Master," was Cath's reply, her fingers buried in her cunt and her juices flowing even more knowing what Duke was about to do to her.

Tim stood back up and held Duke behind Cath. "Open you lips wider, bitch, ready for your Dog to mount you!" he said aloud. Cath did as she was told, forcing her puffy lips as wide open as she could with the fingers on her right hand. She could feel Tim's tight hold on her leash and was almost shuddering with desire.

Duke began to strain even harder on his leash as Cath's scent his nostrils as she opened her pussy wider. Hi cock slid even further from its sheath, the knob of his cock all red and angry. Tim let Duke move forward, so that he was about to jump up with his forelegs around her waist to draw himself into Cath when a groan went up. Cath's back arched and her eyes flew open, the sound came from her left side, in the dark, and Tim was behind her.

Tim laughed "Come forward, get a better look," he said. Cath's head snapped to look at him, she couldn't believe her ears.

"What are you looking at bitch?" Tim asked harshly. "Y-you," she stammered, "who were you talking to? "Master, address me as Master, slave," Tim said gloatingly as he held Cath tight by her leash.

Cath gulped, and again asked her question, "Who were you talking to, Master?" almost not wanting to hear his answer.

"Why some of my friends, who I invited to watch Duke serving his bitch." he replied as two other men came out of the darkness beyond the pool of light she was bathed in and stood to watch.

Cath went bright red with shame, the flush starting at her face and quickly moving to color her whole body. How had she let this happen, she felt so ashamed! She even felt more ashamed of the fact that she should have been feeling even worse, except that deep inside of her, the thought of being watched by these strangers made her even more excited. So, they had seen her like this now and it couldn't get any worse! Cath decided in a split second that she would do anything that Tim wanted, she wanted to be fucked by Duke so bad that she would do anything to feel his long, hot doggy cock in her again.

So, rather that snap her legs together, as she might have, rather Cath arched her back more, thrust her ass back at Duke and stretched her cunt lips even wider open. In a clear voice Cath spoke up, "This bitch is ready for her Dog to mount her, Master."

Tim smiled and let Duke move forward, to jump up and wrap his forelegs around Cath and to bring his hindquarters straight up between Cath's open legs, his cock arrowing up and her finger-opened sex. Cath reached down and guided Duke's meat straight into her sodden sex, the dog driving deep into her as he felt his cock bury into her slit. At this everyone seemed to moan; Cath, Tim, his visitors and even Duke. Duke began to buck furiously at Cath, his hips hammering against her, his knot swelling deep inside her to stretch her inner walls, his cock fully extended from his sheath. Cath moaned again and pushed her ass back against each thrust.

Cath was slightly aware of the men around her moving even closer to see Duke ramming his cock deeper and deeper into her cunt. She could clearly see the bulges in the front of their pants and looked at each of them and smiled, licking her lips lasciviously, knowing that they envied Duke at the moment. The two men looked to Tim, who nodded, and they both began to undress. Once they had taken off their clothing, Cath could see that she was right, they were getting really horny watching Duke at work. Their cocks were standing hard in front of them as they stood watching.



Meanwhile Duke was almost at fever pitch, his haunches slamming into Cath from behind, He was moving so hard that his sheath was dragging up against Cath's clitty with every stroke, pushing her closer and close to the edge of her own orgasm. She loved the feeling of being a total slut, performing for the men before her and enjoying the dog's rampant cock fucking her to ecstasy. Cath began to moan and arch her back even more as she felt Duke and herself reaching a crescendo. She began to moan and whimper; "yes, ohh yessss," as Duke drove her closer and closer to her cumming. Cath groaned ever so deeply as she felt herself beginning to climax; at the time that she could feel Duke starting to jet his doggy cum deep into the recesses of her sex.

Cath shuddered as wave after wave of pleasure rippled through her body whilst Duke spasmed deep inside her, his knot fully engorged and almost locked inside her. She moaned long and deep as she slowly came down from her high and Duke dropped back off her. Whilst Duke might have been spent, the men around her weren't. Cath opened her slitted eyes to see that while she had been cumming, her two unknown watchers had stroking themselves and she could see clearly how excited they were at watching her with Duke.

While Tim silently moved Duke away from Cath, one of the men moved close to Cath and then sank to the ground. He sat back onto his behind, propped his arms back behind him and lifted his feet, so that his knees were raised and slightly bent. Tim returned to where Cath was still kneeling on the floor, her body bathed in a warm glow from her orgasm and Tim pulled her up by her collar. He led he closer to the man on the floor and spoke to her for the first time in ages. "Get up slave and mount my visitor" Tim commanded in a voice that she had heard before when he had addressed her before that left her in no doubt that she was not to disobey. She got to her feet and stepped over the man before her, a leg either side of his hips. Whilst she continued to look straight into Tim's eyes, she started to lower herself onto the upright and rampant cock of the man beneath her. As she started to swat, her pussy lips opened and Duke's cum started to ooze from her slit.

She looked up at Tim, seeing the huge bulge in his pants and knew that he was very excited by what she was doing. First his dog and now this stranger. She was enjoying herself immensely; being forced to be such a slut. Tim moved to the front of Cath, near the man's head and slowly pulled her forward by her leash, so that she had no choice but to place her hands on the man's shoulders to stop her collapsing forward onto him. Tim didn't pull her all the way forward, but held her leash tight so that she had to remain holding onto the man's shoulders, her back arched. Cath could see that Tim was looking behind her and she could feel a presence at her rear. She stopped rocking on the man she was straddled and wondered what was to happen next.

She didn't need to wait long until she felt a wet finger at her ass. The slippery finger began to rub its way around her anus, forcing her to loosen up and letting the lubricated finger enter her slightly. She had never tried anal sex and never thought that she would, but the finger probing at her ass felt so good while there was also a cock buried in her pussy. She arched her back further and made her virgin ass relax as the finger slid slowly deeper and deeper, circling into her ass and stretching her. She started again to rock back and forward and the probing finger started to move in time to her thrusts. But then, just as suddenly as it had invaded her ass, the finger withdrew. But it wasn't that she was to be left alone, as she soon felt something else circling into her ass.

Cath looked over her shoulder to see that the second man had moved right up behind her, holding his cock in his hand and rubbing the head of his cock against her ass. His cock seemed to be coated with gel and she presumed that the finger that had so recently been in her ass had also been covered in gel and had been used to lubricate her ass. Cath felt the head of the man's cock push against her anus and, when she relaxed, it pushed slowly just inside her, so that only the man's corona was inside her. Two hands dropped onto her shoulders and she felt the cock in her ass slowly but firmly being driven up inside her. She could feel the head of the second man's cock sliding against the inner wall of her ass and pushing against the cock buried deep in her pussy. God she felt so full and so bad, two cocks buried deep inside her. She looked up to see Tim smiling as he looked down on her. "You like that, don't you slut?" he asked her, looking her straight in the e She looked up and stared straight back at Tim and in a low voice answered, "Yes Master."

"Show me how much you like that, make my friends enjoy themselves, and use your ass and pussy to fuck them, while I watch," came Tim's reply.

Cath didn't say anything, but began again to slide her hips forward and backwards, first pushing back on and then drawing away from the two cocks deep in both of her orifices. She could feel that her movements were having the desired effect, as the men's cocks seemed to grow even harder inside her. She again looked up to see that Tim had moved closer to her, his penis pulled from his pants and aimed directly at her mouth. Cath licked her lips and opened her mouth, taking Tim as deep into her mouth as she could. She could taste the salty precum on the tip on his cock as it entered her mouth for the first time and she ran her tongue all around the shaft of Tim's penis. She opened her throat and pushed forward, so that she swallowed Tim's cock right down to the base. She could feel Tim's pulse beating hard at the root of his manhood, as she drew her mouth back and forced her pussy and ass back onto the strangers.

Cath started to move on the three cocks with a slow and steady rhythm, sucking hard on Tim as she drew the cocks out of her ass and cunt and then letting him slide a little from her mouth as she moved back to impale herself again. She could hear all three of them begin to moan and groan as her mouth, ass and pussy took their toll on the men. Tim began to shudder and pulled his cock from Cath's mouth, stroking hard and fast on his length as he started to cum. Cath left her mouth open as Tim aimed jets of jism over her lips, nose and face, coating her in ropes of cum. Before his spasms finished, he placed his cock back into Cath's mouth and she began to suck hard on his cumming cock. She could feel Tim's cum jetting up through the length of his penis and hitting the back of her throat and she made sure she swirled her tongue around the head of his prick. This achieved the desired effect, with Tim groaning loudly and going so weak at the knees as to almost fall.



Meanwhile the tempo of the action with Tim had elicited a reaction in the two mounting Cath. While she was still moving up and down on the two cocks embedded in her, the two were also making a rhythm of their own, pushing hard against Cath as she moved down with each thrust of her hips. The cock in her ass started to twitch, with its owner calling out "God, ohhh my God," as his cock exploded in a rush of hot cum that seemed to scorch Cath on the inside. She could feel each twitch of his ejaculation as more and more of his seed pumped into her ass. The frenzied motion that accompanied this climax forced the cock in her pussy over the edge as well, so that Cath could now feel her ass and now pussy filling with cum. Just at this time, Tim reached down and took a nipple from each breast between his thumb and forefinger and slowly started to apply pressure to her already hard and swollen buds. This and the pressure on her clitty from her mount's pubic bone was enough to push Cath over the edge.

Once her shuddering had subsided, Tim placed his arms gently under Cath's arms and he slowly drew her up. As he did this, first the penis in her pussy and the one in her ass slipped out of her, with a slightly popping noise. Tim held Cath against himself as he spoke quietly to the two men. It seemed to Cath like they were leaving, because Tim moved Cath to where Duke was leashed to a chair and stopped to untie the lead and take it up before leading both Duke and Catherine further into the house.

Tim lead Cath into what looked like his bedroom. The room was large and sparsely furnished, but with very modern and minimalist furnishings; a simple king size bed, with matching pillows and duvet, a lamp and a large deep-piled woollen rug on the floor. Tim moved Cath to the rug and let her slowly down onto the rug. Her knees were weak and she felt quite exhausted from everything that she had been doing, but a very contented exhaustion. She thought that Tim meant her to lie on the rug until she regained her composure, so she could go home, and she lay back down on her back on the rug, to enjoy the afterglow of her playing.

As she lay back, she could see Duke lift his head, his nostrils quivering. She knew he would be able to smell al of the smells of sex on her, her own arousal as well as the men's (and dog's) cum that was now oozing from her pussy and ass. Duke slid closer to her legs and Catherine raised a hand to push him away. "No Cath, don't do that. Duke is just wanting to clean you up," she heard Tim saying, noting the same hard edge of command still in his voice. "Open your legs, so Duke can lick you clean." Cath almost couldn't believe what she was hearing, but didn't want to argue and so did as she was told, opening her legs and raising her knees, so that Duke could move forward to her cunt. The dog's long tongue flicked out and began to lap at the cum on the inside of her legs. This felt so good that she lay still on her back and opened her legs wider. Duke's tongue seemed to be everywhere.

Tim looked down at Cath on the floor, with Duke between her legs and spoke, "Pull your pussy lips open, so he can clean you up properly. He is after all trying to look after his bitch." Cath didn't care how crude she was now, she had no more to feel ashamed about has Tim had already totally degraded her, so she just gave in to his desires and, as it was turning out, her pleasure. She reached down and took both of her throbbing inner lips between her thumb and forefinger and slowly pulled them open. As soon as she did this, the cum in her began oozing our, but not for long. It was not for long because, as soon as Cath parted her lips with her fingers, Duke's long tongue was deep inside her, lapping at the seed flowing from her pussy.

Every time Duke lapped, his rough tongue grazed over her clitty, sending new waves of pleasure through her body. Her breath began to come in short gasps as she could feel herself once again building up to another orgasm as the dog's tongue moved deep inside her pussy, lapping at her inner walls and up and down her slit. "Turn over and get on your knees" Cath heard Tim say. She was so close to cumming again that she almost didn't comply with Tim's command, but she didn't want to feel his hand or belt on her ass if she did not do what she was told. Once on her knees, she noticed that Tim had placed a pillow at her head. She did not know what this was for until he spoke again.

"Open your legs wide, slave and grab your ass cheeks. Pull your ass cheeks open, so Duke can lick your ass clean as well," he stated. Cath realized that the pillow was for her head as, when she put her hands back to her ass, she realized that she was going to be supporting herself by her head or shoulder. Surprisingly she found she was not that uncomfortable in this position, and any discomfort was almost immediately replaced by pleasure as Duke began to lick her again. As he licked her in this position, not only did his tongue travel over her ass, but also with each lap his tongue still moved over her slit and her clitoris. That and the fact that his tongue was now caressing her sensitive rosebud as well had her quickly back in the state that she was in before Tim had her turn over.

"Open you ass wider, so Duke can really clean you, but don't you dare cum until I say you can." Tim commanded as the dog licked at Cath's ass. She did as she was told, parting her cheeks wider and opening her asshole to Duke. Much as he had done to her pussy, Cath could feel the dog's tongue sliding into the opening to her ass, sending jolts of pleasure rippling through her body. The dog's tongue lapped faster and faster at her ass and cunt, reaching for the last of the juice inside her. Cath felt that she could not control herself much longer, so intense was the sensations that she was feeling. She could feel that this time when she came, it would surpass everything else that she had felt tonight.

She looked up to Tim and spoke quietly. "Please Master," she said. "Please what, bitch?" Tim shot back. He could see that Cath was having trouble holding her orgasm back and smiled to himself as he prolonged her agony and stopped her from giving into the pleasure she was feeling.

"Please Master, I want to cum" she pleaded, her breath ragged and labored by now as Duke continued to dip his tongue into Cath's open ass and pussy.

"Have you been good slave? Do you deserve to cum for me?" Tim asked, a glint of wicked pleasure in his eyes, as he knew that Cath knew that he would stop her from cumming if she did not say what he wanted to hear, he would call Duke away.

Cath stammered "Yes Master, I have been good, I do deserve to cum."

"Then thank me," Tim said, "for letting Duke and my friends use you." This was the final humiliation, to have to thank Tim for letting his friends and Duke use her for their pleasure. At this stage Cath realized that her servility was complete, that there was nothing that she could deny Tim now. She had given herself totally to Tim and there was nothing that she could do about it. But that was the funny thing, because she wanted to be like this, totally dominated by Tim, used anyway that he wanted to, with Duke fucking her, or his friends, or anything.

She looked up at Tim, pulled her ass wider and said "Thank you Master, thank you for letting your friends use me, fuck me and debase me."

Tim almost couldn't believe his ears, how willingly and wantonly Cath was speaking to him. He realized that he now had total control over the girl and smiled to himself. "You may cum now slave' Tim said quietly.

With that, Cath began to cry out, as she let herself go and surrendered to the feeling washing over her. She dropped onto her belly, her orgasm rippling through her body, wave after wave of pleasure coursing through her being. She lay on the warm rug, her body sore but exquisitely and pleasurable sore. She let herself relax and felt herself drifting off in to a contented and exhausted sleep.

-- The End --

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