"A Big Change"


      (MF, Zoo)

Earl and I were married soon after we had graduated from High School and both had good jobs with a large company. The good jobs were because our fathers both worked in the main office.

Our parent's both helped us with a down payment on a house and we had worked all the over time we could. Paying our house off in 22 years, and we celebrated by buying a new computer that we did not know how to run, but had friends who came over and taught us how to get about on the internet.

Bill was much better on the computer than I so I sat beside him and tried to learn from him. One evening Jim was surfing the internet and got into some sexual thing. We both were astonished to see such things, but we were interested as we both had a high sexual drive.

Jim looked at me and saw that I was red in the face and was fidgeting in my chair and asked, "are you getting horny?" I said, "well just a little bit, but keep on looking." It wasn't long until Jim ran into a program of Beast Dating and then started to get into the ads that we read together.

I was getting hornier by the minute and I had never even thought that a woman could have sex with a dog. Jim asked if he should shut it down and we could go to bed. I told him, No to keep on looking...Jim finally found a free movie clip and down loaded it and then I saw the possibilities of how a dog could give pleasure to a woman.

I was very hot and bothered and Jim turned the computer off and we went to bed and had the most wonderful sex we had ever had as I had Jim fuck me dog fashion and I thought about a big dog fucking me with his big red cock with the knot.

After we were thru having sex and I was cuddled up in Jim's arms I asked him what he thought about a dog fucking a woman? Jim thought a few minutes and then said, "well I guess it wouldn't hurt her and maybe she would get a lot of pleasure from the big knot." I than asked him what he thought about getting a big dog, and he asked me if I was thinking I wanted to try screwing a dog? I told him yes, I wanted to try it if it was alright with him. Jim took his time and finally answered that if I wanted to try it we would stop at the Humane Animal Shelter tomorrow on our way home from work and see what he could find in the way of a big dog..

The next day I was all a dither wondering if we could find a big dog at the kennel. There were a few times when I could hardly set still and my thoughts almost got me in trouble.

At 4:00pm Jim was waiting for me and we drove to the Animal Shelter and went inside and asked if they had any large dogs that were gentle and were up for adoption. The attendant took us back to where the kennels were and there were few large dogs but none like I had in mind. Jim asked me if there were any there that i thought I wanted and I shook my head no and we were about to leave when another attendant came in and said that some one had just brought in a big Rottweiller and he was out in the outdoor enclosure.. We went and took a look and he was so big and friendly I told Jim that this was the one I wanted.

Jim made out the papers and paid their fee and we took Bosco out to the car and he got in the back seat and sat there like he owned the car and we were his chauffeurs.

Bosco was about 90 pounds and the typical colors of a Rottwiler black & brown..He must have had a caring owner because he seemed like he was well trained and in good physical condition. When we arrived home Bosco walked in the house and took a few smells and went and laid down in a corner. Jim said, as soon as I change my clothes i will go to the Pet store and get some food and food & water dishes.

Jim came home loaded down with every thing he went for plus a few toys and a soccer ball. I mentioned giving Bosco a bath and Jim got Bosco in the bathtub-shower and we both lathered him and gave him a god bath and dried him good and Jim had gotten some kind of oil for his fur and it made his coat shine and he smelled a lot better.

I fixed us a lunch and we sat and talked as we usually did before the news come on the TV. Jim asked me if I really was gong to go thru with this and I said, "yes in due time." The news came on and we both lay back in our recliner chairs to listen to the news. I called to Bosco in a real low voice and he came over to me and laid his big head down in my lap and I petted him and scratched behind his ears..

I really was not listening to the news but was really thinking of how we were going to get this big dog in the mood to give me a good fucking? I started pulling my skirt very slowly up from over my legs with out disturbing Boscos head and when Bosco noticed that his head was laying on my bare leg he looked up at me with his big brown eyes and ran his tongue over his lips. I still had my panties on and Bosco's nose was near my pussy slit.

Bosco looked up at me and then took a smell of my panty covered pussy and gave it a good lick with his big tongue and it sent shivers up my spine. I pulled the crotch of my panties aside and spread my legs a little and Bosco started licking my pussy. I said to Jim, turn around and look. Jim turned and took a look and he said, does it feel as good as you thought it would? I said, Yessssss! Betttter.

Bosco got with licking my pussy and I was getting turned on more than I ever had with Jim eating my pussy. I couldn't take any more as I had 2 big climaxes and now I wanted to try and see if Bosco would fuck me good. I told Jim to pull him off of me so I could get my panties off. I almost tore them off and pulled my skirt up around my hips and got on the floor on my hands and knees.

Jim let go of Bosco when I was on the floor and Bosco came up behind me and took a big swipe with his big tongue from my pussy to my bum. He soon found that all of the juices were coming from the slit and started trying to get his big tongue up inside my pussy. I was in heaven it felt so good, but I still need more and that was Bosco's big cock fucking me.



Jim was setting beside me and said that Bosco's cock was sticking out from his belly a couple inches. I told him to see if he could get him up on my back and get his big cock in me as I needed it bad. Jim lifted Bosco up where his front legs were around my middle and then reached down and tried to guide Bosco's cock into my slick pussy. Bosco took a few jabs but didn't find my pussy so he got off and walked around me and then took another try and mounted me and that time squirting cock found my pussy and he jammed every bit of his cock into my pussy and started moving his hips like a jack hammer.

I know I screamed as I had never had a cock in me so far and so fast.. I had to brace my self as Bosco was going so fast and so deep and I could feel his cock squirting his hot juices into my pussy and then all of a sudden I felt his knot start to grow inside of my pussy and he slowed down and then I could feel more of his hot juices gushing into my pussy.

Jim ran to the bathroom and came back with a towel and wiped the juices off of my legs before they reached the carpet..Bosco was laying on my back with his big dog cock firmly imbedded in my pussy. Bosco's cock stayed in my pussy for about 10 minutes and then when he pulled it out our juices gushed out of my pussy. I lay there on the floor exhausted and Bosco went over to his corner and was licking him self clean...

When I finally had recuperated enough I got up and went to the bathroom and sat on the commode and let more of Bosco's juices drain from my now well fucked pussy. The lips of my pussy were sore & swollen more than I had ever remembered them being, but I was well satisfied from Bosco's first fucking. I cleaned my self and slipped into my house coat and went back into the front room. Jim said, he had let Bosco out in the yard and was going to see if he was ready to come back inside. Jim opened the door and Bosco came bouncing in and came straight to me and jammed his nose into my crotch.

Jim laughed and said, well looks like you started something and now you are going to have to finish it! I told Jim I was too sore to do it again, but Bosco kept trying to get his nose in my crotch, and Jim said, well, just look at his cock sticking out so he definitely wants more! I sat down on the edge of my recliner and opened the front of my housecoat and spread my legs. Bosco walked right up in between my spread legs and took one smell and started licking my sore swollen red pussy lips and I soon had a climax and wanted to feel his big red dog cock inside my pussy. Bosco took over from there and rose up and got his front legs around my middle and started his humping and about the second hump his big red cock slid into my sore pussy and all the way to the end of the tunnel and then Bosco really started moving his hips like a jack hammer and his big dock cock started swelling and I soon my pussy was filled with his dog knot.

I couldn't move much in this position and could only lay there and hold on to Bosco's collar so he couldn't try and pull his big dog cock with the knot in it out of my pussy as I knew it might tear me as it was bigger than a tennis ball. It was a lot longer this time being tied with Bosco's big red cock deep in my pussy but it felt so warm with all of his hot dog cum inside my pussy.. After about 15 minutes the swelling in his big red dog cock went down enough where his cock slipped out of my pussy along with a lot of our combined juices. I was exhausted and Jim had to help me up an into the bathroom. I took a shower and cleaned my pussy and was ready for bed.

Jim the "big bum" wouldn't take no for an answer as he was horny so I had to let him fill my cunt again with his big cock.. Jim is only 8" long and almost 5" around and the head of his big cock turns blue when he gets a hard on and is bigger around than 5".

The next morning I did not go to work and stayed in bed till noon and when I did get up to go to the bathroom my pussy was so sore I could hardly wipe my self.

Bosco was out in the fenced yard and when I let him in the house he tried to jam his nose into my crotch area but I warded him off and told him NO and to be good. Bosco went and laid down in his corner for a couple hours but when Jim came home he was up and ready to p lay with Jim in the back yard but when he came in the house he wouldn't leave me alone.. I made Jim put him back outside until after we had eaten but when Jim let him in he was all over me so after about an hour I let Bosco have me once again and told Jim if this kept up he would have to take him back to the Humane Shelter as I could not take it every day.

We still have Bosco but Jim has built him a pen out in the back yard and he stays out there unless I want to play.

- The End -


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