"How I Made the Wife Curious"


      (MF, K9)

My wife and I had been married for 7 years and had just moved into our new house that we had built for us by local contractor.

We went out to eat that evening to a very expensive restaurant and had a couple drinks at the bar before we ordered our steaks.

On the short drive home my wife snuggled up to me and put her hand close to my privates. I knew what she wanted when we got home.

We both were still excited about our new house and the new furniture we had delivered just this afternoon. We got in bed and were having sex. I knew she liked it hard and fast and did my best to make her happy but my stamina did not hold out long enough for her. I just plain ran out of steam.

I don't know why but the idea of her letting my big black Labrador screw her came into my mind for some unbeknown reason. (I had seen this act performed one time when I was in Tiajuana, Mexico many years before.)

I kept on screwing her and started whispering in her ear about getting screwed by a dog. I told her it would be hard and fast and she would enjoy it and his cock would most likely be larger and longer than mine and then she would feel his big knot enter her and he would shoot his hot cum into her and she would feel every squirt. And just maybe they might get stuck together.

She was silent and I kept on screwing her at my own tempo and finally she said, "do you really think so" My wife had her climax and I pounded her hard and fast and I came shortly afterwards.

We cleaned up and the wife said lets watch the news before we go back to bed. When the sports came on she turned the TV off and said lets talk a little bit.

Her first question was just what was I going to think of her if she did try this and would I still love her? I reassured her that I would love her more and things would still be the same between us. Her next question was did I think Char's cock would be too big for her. I told her no I did not think his cock would be too big for her and besides her pussy would stretch.

She quit talking and just sat and thought for a few minutes and then raised her head and said ok I will try it but if he hurts me you get him off of me quick. I started to go out the back door to Char's kennel and stopped and told her to put on one of my heavy hunting shirts. I brought Char inside and he sat beside my chair and my wife had spread a large towel over the davenport and sat down. I told her to slide her butt out closer to the front and spread her legs.

I took Char by the collar and led him over between her legs and he smelled her pussy and started licking it. I let go of Char's collar and let him go after the wifes pussy with his big long tongue. She was squirming and moving her butt around like she wanted Char's tongue up inside her. I let him go for a short while and then asked the wife if it felt good. She tried to answer thru her clenched jaws and said, "yesss."

Char was really going after the wifes cunt and she had pulled her legs up and was trying to hump Char's long tongue.

I looked under Char's belly and his red cock head was sticking out of his sheath about 2". I told the wife it is time for her to get down on the floor on her hands and knees. I pulled Char out from between her legs and she slid down on to the floor and got down on her hands and knees.



I led Char over to the back of her and he licked her butt a couple times and then found that her pussy was under that and started licking her pussy. I took Char and raised him up and put his front legs around her waist and he got the idea and started humping. His cock was shooting out his juices all over the wifes butt and pussy as he was trying to find her pussy. I could see that he was going to need some help so I got down on my knees and guided Char's cock into the wifes pussy.

When Char realized that his cock was in the right place he jammed all that he could into the wifes pussy and really started humping her hard and fast. Soon she started having climax after climax after climax. Chars tongue was hanging out of his mouth and he was panting hard, then the wife hollered and said his knot was inside and it hurt just a little but she would be ok. They were tied together.

I lay down on the floor beside my wife and asked her how it had been and she said well it was sure different and Char's knot was awful big and it had hurt for just a little bit but was ok now. She was enjoying feeling his hot cum squirting into her. I put my hand under her and moved it towards her pussy that was filled with Char's big cock and knot. Her pussy was stretched and she said she had never felt this full before. It was a short while before Char's knot went down enough for his cock to slip out of the wife's pussy along with a lot of his juices that he had squirted inside her pussy.

The wife said she was drained and she was going to go take a shower and go to bed. Char was setting there licking his cock clean and the wife looked at it and said he sure has a big one and he knows how to use it too. I took Char out to his kennel then returned and got in the shower with the wife.

She was still talking about how good it had been and how she did not think she could take all of his big one inside her.

The wife and I finished showering and got our pajamas on and went to bed. The wife was still talking about how good it had been and why hadn't I ever mentioned it before?

I told her I did not think she would do it so why ask but when she kept wanting me to screw her hard and fast I thought about the show I had seen.

It was a few nights later and we were having sex when the wife asked me if she could have Char again after we were through? The wife likes to have Char at least once a week now and says she likes to be stretched and her pussy to feel full.

- The End -

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