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The Babysitter and the Great Dane part 1

Alternate Pleasure by Unknown
All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic means, including photocopying, recording or by any information and retrieval system, without the written permission of the author.

Chapter One

Nancy Conover checked herself in the mirror one last time. A shiver tickled her spine. Tall, blonde, her tits filling out, she was happy with what she saw.

"By the time school starts... " she whispered, skimming her hands down over her lush teenaged body, "the boys will be surprised."

She giggled, remembering how she had looked three months ago when school had closed for the summer. Now her tits were swelling, her hips curving out, and her legs taking on a sexy shape.

"Ohhhhh, God," she sighed. "I'm getting hot again." That was another change that had happened during the summer months. Sex. Nancy couldn't think of anything else. She ran out of the bedroom and bounded down the stairs, her blonde pigtails swinging, her blue eyes glowing.

"Hey, Nancy," her mother called. "Where are you going in such rush?"

"Gee, Mom. Don't you remember? I'm babysitting today." A smile filled her beautiful face, a blush of pink on her cheeks.

Liz Conover smiled at her daughter. "I remember now," she said. "Theresa Rand's baby. Right?" She looked at her daughter, realized she was no longer a child, but a budding young woman, shapely and sexy. Before long, she thought, boys of all sizes and shapes would be banging on the door to take her out.

"Yeah," Nancy said. "Mrs. Rand is working on weekends and I get to take care of little Carrie." She fidgeted, anxious to be on her way.

"Have some breakfast first," Liz said.

"No, Mom. Can't. Rand is expecting me." She headed for the door. "I'll eat something there." She opened the door and, before her mother could protest, she was gone.

"Kids," Liz said, shaking her head on her way back to the kitchen. "They never stop moving."

Nancy hurried down the street, pigtails flying in the breeze. It was her first paying job.

She reached the Rand house quickly, ran up the steps, her small tits bouncing beneath her pink summer top.

She rapped on the screen door. Thor, Theresa's fawn-colored Great Dane, barked loud and deep from somewhere inside the house. "Ooo, be quiet," Nancy giggled as the huge dog ran to the door, his skinny tail wagging.

"Be still, Thor," Theresa said, pulling on his studded collar. "It's just Nancy."

"Hi, Mrs. Rand," Nancy bubbled. "I hope I'm not late."

"Not at all," Theresa said, opening the door. "C'mon in. Carrie's up in bed taking a nap." She grabbed her purse off the table in the hall. "There's plenty to eat in the fridge." Playfully, she tugged on one of Nancy's pigtails. "See you about four-thirty."

"Bye, Mrs. Rand," Nancy said. She stroked Thor's big head, scratched him behind the ear. "I'll take good care of Carrie."

"I know you will," Theresa said, and she was gone.

Alone, Nancy hurried up the stairs to Carrie's bedroom, Thor at her heels. "You wait here," she whispered. "I don't want you waking up the baby."

Thor whined and lay on the floor, his head on his huge front paws.

"Good, boy," Nancy said. She went into the bedroom, saw the sleeping baby. A shiver swept over her. Her cheeks flared red as she thought about Theresa and her husband fucking, making it possible for them to have the baby.

She tiptoed out of the child's room and headed straight for the master bedroom. Her heart was pounding. When she saw the bed, her heart leaped into her throat. An image of Theresa, her legs spread, her husband Gary on top of her, fucking her, filled the precocious child's head.

"Oh, shit," she moaned. She went to the bed, crawled to the center and spread her legs. "I can't wait until I get fucked." She closed her eyes, thinking of all the boys in school and which one she would let break her cherry. She opened her eyes, stared at the ceiling, and knew she wouldn't do it. She was chicken, afraid.

Without thinking, she squirmed in the bed, her small delicate hands roaming her body. "Mmmmm," she purred, lingering on her small tits, her fingers kneading the soft pulpy flesh beneath her pink top. "Mmmmm, I'm getting so hot."

She rolled her hips, her blue eyes glassy, the pupils black, bright. Being in Theresa's bed, where she knew the beautiful woman had been fucked and had done all the other things her imaginative mind could conjure up, made the crotch of her white cotton panties wet. She lifted her top, baring her soft smooth virgin flesh. Urgently, she squeezed her tits, whimpering each time her finger sank into the pliant flesh. She moaned.

"I wish... I wish... " She closed her eyes, pretending it was Theresa's husband instead of herself playing with her sensitive tits. "Oooo, how I wish."

She squeezed the nipples, gasping as pleasure filled her tits and spread a heated warmth throughout her lithe body. She sat up, dazed, lust running rampant through her young body. She pulled off her top, her small tits jiggling free. Climbing out of bed, she tossed the top on the back of a chair and peeled down her shorts. Stepping out of them, she caught a glimpse of herself in the long dressing mirror on the closet door. Her breath caught in her throat.

Stripping in someone else's house had her dizzy, her body on fire and her virgin cunt pulsing, oozing a warm sticky cream. Swinging her hips the way she imagined men liked, she sauntered over to the mirror. She squeezed her tits together, making them appear larger, fuller. Her breath hissed out.

Turning, she looked back over her shoulder at her firm ass wrapped in white cotton. She wiggled her ass lewdly and moaned. Frenzied fingers latched into the elastic of her panties. Short rapid breaths escaped her mouth as she peeled her panties down over her blossoming hips. Her panties dropped to the floor, a puddle of white at her ankles. Her breath caught in her throat as she stared hotly at the silky blonde hair that adorned her virgin cunt. Her head was spinning. Goose bumps dotted her smooth flesh. On weak rubbery legs, she staggered back and threw herself on the bed. She wriggled to the center of the king-size bed and spread her legs, ready to get herself off for the second time this morning. Trembling, she caressed her hot flesh, tormenting herself. Putting off touching her overheated cunt until the last possible moment, she roamed her hands over her writhing body, turning herself into a moaning, twisting mass of sizzling flesh.

Thor, hearing the whimpering coming from his mistress's bedroom, padded down the hall and pushed open the door with his paw. Big brown eyes spotted Nancy on the bed. His nose picked up the familiar scent of passion he had learned to detect.

Nancy was too interested in her body to notice the Great Dane at the door. She was caressing her belly, inching toward the silky down of her blonde cunt. She wriggled her hips, fingertips touching the silky hair.

The scent of Nancy's pussy flared the giant animal's nostrils. The sound of her moans aroused his pointed ears. He padded into the room, the scent stronger, pungent. It was the same scent as his mistress's, and he knew what to do. He leaped on the bed, his broad purplish-red tongue hanging from his mouth. Tail wagging, he looked down into Nancy's startled, frightened face.

"Thor!" Nancy's eyes widened in fear. Her mouth dried up, and she began to shake, expecting at any moment to be ripped apart by the Dane's sharp teeth.

Naked, frightened, her body trembling with fear, she stared up into his face. She saw his teeth, glistening, sharp, dangerous. She saw each drop of doggie spit on his drooping tongue. His black eyes seemed to blaze.

"Nice, Thor," she whispered. "Go away. Go, Thor." She kept her voice low, not wanting to agitate the dog into doing anything rash.

Thor whimpered. As if he understood her fear, he slapped his tongue over her face, telling her it was all right. Friendly licks quickly had the child's face soaked and flushed. "Oh, God," she whispered. She closed her eyes, clamped her mouth shut and shook. The dog didn't bite.

She began to relax, knowing she had overreacted. If she had been dressed and not naked, she wouldn't have been frightened at all. Thor was gentle, a big overgrown puppy. She opened her eyes.

Thor's tongue was washing her face. Tail wagging, he slapped his tongue over her mouth, eyes, and soaked one ear with warm spit. He whimpered, expecting to be petted and pampered like his mistress pampered him.

Her fear gone, Nancy responded to the wet slobbering kisses of the giant dog. "Are you horny too?" she giggled. She played her fingers over his tongue and rubbery lips. "Mmmm, you are."

Her eyes widened. An idea popped into her sexually active mind. Before she could put her idea into action, Thor already had. The huge animal's tongue slithered over Nancy's shoulders. The tip of his tongue slapped over her nipples. Her nipples hardened, ached. He slobbered his mouth over each small pulpy tit, turning them pink and wet.

Nancy's face filled with lust. The dog's tongue was fabulous. She squirmed on her back. "Thor... oooo... Thor!" It was unbelievable. "Oooo, keep licking me!"

The horny teenager was in bliss. For the first time in her life, she was enjoying the pleasures of sex without using her own hands to stimulate herself. The fact that it was a dog didn't matter. It only mattered that it was happening to her.

"Oh, Thor," she moaned. "Ohhh, Thor. Lick my titties. Ummmm, yesssss!" She brought her small hands up her body, cupped her tits, offered them to the Great Dane. "Bite 'em, Thor. Bite me!" She was delirious. The pleasure of having her tits licked blew her mind.

Thor, trained since a puppy to please and purchased by the Rands for that exact purpose, licked the whimpering child's tits like an expert. He soaked each one, drooling spit on and between her jiggling flesh. Occasionally, his long broad tongue swiped over Nancy's flushed face unexpectedly, and the child squealed, causing Thor to bark.

"Oh, doggie," Nancy purred, floating on a sensuous cloud of passion. "Ooooo, I love it!" She rolled her hips. Her fingers, soaked with doggie drool, caressed the beast's face, scratching and playfully pulling on his ears. She humped up. "Unnnnn, Thor!"

Thor nipped at the bullet tips of her plump young tits. His cold nose brushed against her sizzling flesh. Tail wagging, he licked his tongue over her tits and into her armpits. The strange new sensation boggled the virgin child's mind. She spread her arms, shivering as his tongue slithered over her tits, across her face, and under her arms. He was soaking her, drenching her upper body in warm doggie drool, and she loved it.

"Yes, Thor," she sighed. "Oooooo!" Her glassy blue eyes floated in their sockets. She opened her mouth to moan. Thor's tongue slipped in. She choked for a moment, recovered, then sucked and chewed on his tongue until he yanked it from her mouth. She moaned. She licked her own tongue out, trying to attract the beautiful animal back. "Let me suck you," she sighed. "Gimme your tongue." It was like the time Billy had frenched her, only better.

His coal-black eyes picked up the flicking of her tongue. He slapped his tongue over her mouth, plunging back into her throat. He licked inside her cheeks, the roof of her mouth, her tongue, into her throat. Nancy was wrapped in a blanket of lust. His tongue was wonderful, no matter what he did with it. She sucked, her enthusiasm getting the better of her. She sucked too hard, her teeth gnawing on his tongue. Thor pulled his tongue from her mouth, scraping it over her teeth. He yipped and shook his head in protest.

"I'm sorry," Nancy moaned. She lifted her hands, caressed his rubbery jowls. "I'm sorry." She writhed. "Don't stop. Please."

The dog had no intention of stopping. He went back to slopping his spit over Nancy's tits, nipping occasionally on her swollen nipples. His tongue slopped through her armpits, but he stayed away from her mouth.

Nancy gasped. Her body was on fire. She wanted more, craved the pleasure of his tongue on more sensitive parts of her body. When this thought finally penetrated her lust sopped brain, she gasped. She lifted her head, watched him slobber spit on her tits. A shuddering spasm shot around in her virgin pussy, where she wanted his tongue next.

"Yes... yes," she sighed. "My pussy. Lick my pussy!" She used her hands with urgency, pushing the hungry pet away from her tits, toward the fiery gash of her virgin cunt. "My pussy. Lick my pussy!"

Nancy's urging hands caused the dog to lift his head. He barked, backed away, then used his tongue to lick down the child's body. A warm drooling path led to her virgin pussy and the seeping fuck juices of her untouched cunt. The scent of her turned-on pussy made him whimper. The scent was strong.

"Yessss," she hissed, her blue eyes popping as she lifted her head to watch. "Lick me, Thor. Oh, God, lick me!"

She humped her tight ass up from the mattress, banging her cunt into Thor's snout. She dropped back, trembling, waiting for the first swipe of his fantastic tongue. Legs spread as wide as possible, she waited. Thor buried his snout between her outstretched legs and sniffed. The aroma filled his nostrils. He snorted, banging his cold nose and blunt snout against Nancy's pussy.

Nancy went insane. She bucked up, twisted her hips and collapsed back in a heap of whimpering goose flesh. "Lick," she gasped in a pleading voice. "Please... lick me!" She rolled her hips, enticing the animal to her cunt. Her fingers clawed their way down her body and pulled the puffy folds of her cunt apart, exposing the pink never-before-touched pussy. "Lick me!" Thor slapped his tongue over her pussy. Again, it did it. Nancy's whimpering cries of joy made his tail wag and his ears flick.

"Oooooo!" Her mouth opened, her eyes widened, and her nipples swelled as if to burst. Her lithe creamy body spasmed. "Thor! Ooooo... Thor!" She lunged up and banged her cunt into his snout. "Aghhhhh!"

The taste was to Thor's liking. He slithered his tongue through her virgin cunt. Warm sudsy pussy juice flowed coating his tongue. He slobbered it up, savoring the taste of the child.

Nancy didn't believe the joy she was being bombarded with. It overwhelmed her, made her dizzy and light-headed. "Oooooo, Thor!" She clawed the bedspread and humped her cunt into his snout.

Thor slurped his tongue through her gash, parting the folds, seeking entrance to her steamy cunt as he had learned to enjoy. His way was blocked. Not understanding, he lifted his head and barked. His tail wagging, he barked again.

Nancy looked at him desperately. "Don't stop! Please." She twisted her hips, lifted her ass, rubbed her juicy pussy against his blunt snout. She didn't know why he had stopped. She was too hot and innocent to figure it out. Thor dropped to his belly. His long thick rubbery tongue whipped out, slapping over Nancy's pussy. He did it again and again as if punishing the child for refusing him entry into her cunt.

Nancy loved it, soaring wildly toward an explosive orgasm. "Yes. Thor! Don't stop!"

Thor didn't. He banged his snout into her pussy, mashing her clit against his teeth. He used his tongue, swishing it over her blood engorged clit, sending her speeding toward the peak, the most intense orgasm of her young life. Nancy, like never before, climaxed. The dog's tongue cut across her soft oozing cunt, making her explode. She belonged to the beast now as she thrashed on the bed. One after another, her climaxes built, enveloping her, filling her with joy. "I'm cumming! Cumming!" She lifted her head and saw the tan beast between her parted legs. "Ohhhh, my Christ!" Her head dropped back with a thud.

Thor's tongue lashed violently over her pussy. Warm soupy pussy-cum streamed out and over the pink puffy lips of her virgin cunt. The Dane scooped it up greedily with his tongue. Long sweeping strokes of his tongue gobbled at her juice and kept her soaring at the peak.

Nancy's ass thumped on the bed. Her small tits jiggled like jello. She rammed her cunt into his snout, squirming, twisting, forcing his cold wet nose between the velvety folds of her pussy. "Oooo, Thor! Thor! I'm cumming!"

Thor's snakelike tongue lashed over the child's pussy. He wriggled his tongue between her pussy lips and found her cherry again. Growling, juice flowing over his snout, he gave up on her cunt hole and concentrated on her seeping pussy gash and her hard bullet clit.

"Oooo, Thor! Eat me! Eat me!" She arched her back, face red, eyes glowing. She squished her cunt against his muzzle, whimpering as her clit banged into his teeth. "I'm creaming... God... I'm creaming!"

She drummed her ass against the mattress. Her slender maturing body twisted in bliss, contorted in agony. She raked her jiggling tits with her nails.

"Oooo, Thor. I'm in heaven!" She slapped her legs against the mattress, her hips constantly moving, constantly drenching the dog's snout in a never-ending deluge of warm virgin pussy-cum. She felt his slapping tongue on her cunt. His touch made her cream more.

"Lick! Lick! Lick!" she cried deliriously.

His nose flooded with pussy-cum. He snorted, gooey cum gushing from his nose. The hot buttery ooze clogged his nostrils again. He shook his head, his teeth banging against her vulnerable clit. It sent the child screaming into bliss.

Nancy lunged up, mashing her cunt into Thor's mouth. Cum gushed from her pussy hole, coated Thor's tongue, flowed into his mouth. Her hips churned violently, urging him on, agitating him into attacking her cunt.

Thor, aroused, knew what to do. He had done it often enough to his horny mistress. His tongue lugged hot globs of cum from her flowing cunt hole. Practiced licks snatched them quickly up. Fuck juice gushed in pulsing rushes, drenching him, washing his black rubbery lips and nose. "Oh, Thor! Fabulous! You're... tongue... ohhhhh, Thor!" She jerked her hips. Her clit scraped against his sharp fangs. Lights flashed behind her eyelids. She gasped, believing that the fabulous ride was about over.

It wasn't. Suddenly, orgasms more overwhelming than the first swept over her quivering twisting body. Her young slender body jerked viciously against the dog's muzzle. His tongue never stopped, but kept her flying. She went insane, the room spinning, everything turning fuzzy.

Cum dribbled down the dog's snout and the crack of her ass. She lunged up, bowed her back, almost snapping it in two as an orgasm ripped through the steamy depths of her untouched pussy hole. His tongue was like a whip, never stopping, always slashing over her cunt and clit.

With one struggling move, she jammed her pussy against Thor's hard mouth. The action almost poked his teeth into the soft swollen folds of her cunt. She collapsed back with a thud, shaking, twitching as she crashed down from the tremendous high Thor's tongue had taken her to.

"No, more," she cried. "No, more!"

Thor didn't listen. There was still a pool of pussy-cream to be licked. He slurped, savoring the fuck juice, enjoying the texture, becoming angry only when he tried to invade her virgin cunt. He licked her sticky thighs, always returning to her pussy to lick any drops that oozed out. Nancy couldn't take anymore. She crushed her thighs together, trapping the giant dog. "No... more! Stop!"

Thor yelped, then pulled his head out and stared at the teenager, a quizzical expression on his face. He barked, expecting his reward. Nancy stared at him, giggled with embarrassment. He looked, with his jowls covered in white cream, like a rabid beast. "Go away," she said. "Leave me alone."

Whimpering like a puppy being scolded Thor leaped from the bed and padded from the room.

Nancy stared at the ceiling, excitedly going over the events of the last few minutes and projecting new ideas into the future. "Goddamn," she said. "This is only the beginning."

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