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The Babysitter and the Great Dane part 3

Alternate Pleasure by Unknown
All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic means, including photocopying, recording or by any information and retrieval system, without the written permission of the author.

Chapter Three

Theresa had fed the baby and was finishing her own dinner. She sipped her coffee, scratching Thor on the top of his head. "Were you a good boy for Nancy?" she asked, gently twisting a pointed ear.

Thor whimpered, his head on his mistress's lap. His tail wagged, and his big black eyes looked up lovingly into Theresa's face.

Theresa heaved a sigh, her nose picking up the faint scent of pussy. She sniffed again, her dark flashing eyes lighting up.

She finished her coffee. "C'mon, boy. Into the living room.

Brushing against his mistress, the giant Dane bounded into the front room. He barked, waiting tongue hanging out, tail wagging.

Theresa plopped on the sofa and took her dog's head in her hands. She brought her mouth to his, then sniffed. A knowing smile broke on her face.

Thor's tongue snaked from his mouth, sloshing over Theresa's face. He did it again, wetting her.

"Ooooo; you devil," she sighed. She released his head and leaned back. Her bright dark eyes flickered as her mind put together what she suspected. "Have you been doing something with my sweet innocent babysitter?"

Thor squirmed his butt on the floor. He barked, then dropped his head and tried putting it under her dress.

"Oh, no." Theresa giggled. "Not yet." Her eyes caught a glimpse of something on the floor. Her curiosity already aroused, she pushed her pet away and dropped to her knees, crawling to where it was.

"Damn," she muttered. It was dry, caked, but she knew what it was - Thor's cum.

Thor had followed his mistress. Persistent, he licked the smooth curve of her calf. His tongue worked up and tried once again to get under her dress.

"No, Thor." She pushed him away. "Not yet. I want to shower, get comfortable." She stood and winked at her dog. "Did you eat our little blonde virgin's pussy? Damn, I wish you could talk." With Thor beside her, Theresa headed up the stairs to the bedroom.

Peeling off her dress, her eyes picked up another telltale sign of Nancy's flight into sex. She leaned over the bed, smiling at the stain on the spread. She touched it. It was still damp. She leaned close. Pussy.

She laughed, pushed her anxious pet away from her body and headed into the bathroom, her ass tightly wrapped in snug panties, her huge tits encased in a lacy bra.

"You wait here," she said. "Down, boy."

The dog watched his mistress disappear into the bathroom. With nothing to do, he plopped and waited, amusing himself with his hairy sheath and the red tip of his cock which kept peeking out.

Twenty minutes later, her lush body glowing pink from the thick terry towel, her black shining hair thick and fluffy from the blow dryer, Theresa opened the bathroom door. She looked at her pet and saw what he was doing. It excited her. "Thor. You know that's my job." She licked her lips and padded over to the bed.

Thor followed, expecting, hoping, the head of his cock now sticking out.

Theresa spread her legs wide. Using her long fingers, she parted the lips of her delicious pussy. "Lick me, Thor. Get me hot."

Thor obediently went between his beautiful mistress's legs. His tongue slapped out, slithered up through her exposed pussy gash. Warm sudsy fuck cream greeted his tongue, coated it. He did it again. His reward was Theresa's whimpering moans of pleasure. "Oooo, Thor. This is the only way to relax." She heaved a sigh and whimpered. Thor's broad tongue was licking away the tensions of the day.

Theresa's dark eyes turned glassy as she leered down at her pet. The sounds of his slavish tongue sent shivers of joy throughout her body.

"Oooo, Thor. Did you lick Nancy? Did you fuck her?" Theresa's head was filled with unanswered questions. Her mind conjured up all kinds of answers, none of which she knew were true. "Oooo, damn, Thor. If only you could talk."

Thor slithered his tongue over Theresa's clit. Her clit was hard, sticking out like a swollen finger from its sheath. He whipped his tongue over it, his rump jerking as Theresa's moans and sobbing cries of pleasure bombarded his brain.

"Oh! Yeahhhh!" She squirmed her ass on the bed, then glanced over at the stain Nancy had left. "Eeewww, I'll bet she tasted good."

Thor's tongue wormed into the entrance of Theresa's pussy. No cherry blocked his path. He fucked his tongue to the hilt, whipping it through her pool of warm creamy fuck juices. Snorting and growling, he continued to lap at the spongy walls of her cunt.

Theresa's pussy muscles milked and tugged on his tongue as if it were a fucking cock. "Ooooo, Thor... mmmmm. Ooooo, you're so deep!" She mashed the swollen lips of her cunt into his muzzle. "Unnnnn."

Thor plunged his tongue inside her steamy cunt hole, lugged out gobs of white delicious pussy-cream. It coated his muzzle, flowed into his nose. He snorted, shook his head, his teeth scraping against her exposed clit. He growled in his throat. His blunt snout pressed hard against Theresa's pussy. He paused, tried to bury his entire head inside her steamy body. The act was impossible, but the benefits drove Theresa wild.

She fell back on the bed, grabbed the spread, pulled it to her nose and sniffed the erotic aroma of Nancy's pussy as Thor's tongue carried her into a mild, yet relaxing climax.

She humped, twisted, and collapsed, satisfied for the moment. The first stage of the long night ahead was over.

She lifted her head and looked at Thor who was still diligently lapping his never-tiring tongue up through her pussy. "Ummmm, you're so good to me."

She squirmed, inching her ass off the bed until she was able to plop her ass on the floor.

Thor kept his snout glued to her cunt. He dropped to his belly, attacking her pussy until he was told to stop.

Tiny orgasms skipped through her cunt and over her sizzling flesh. She allowed the dog to linger for a moment, her passion building with each slap of his tongue.

"Heel,'' she gasped, ready for the next stage in their nightly ritual. "Heel."

Thor obeyed. He yanked his head from between her legs and sat up, stiff and erect. Pussy juice dripped from his jowls. He licked himself clean.

Theresa caught her breath. Her blazing gaze flowed over her giant dog's powerful body, settling on his prick sticking out from its sheath. "Ooooo, you look so delicious." She licked her lips, wondering for a moment what Nancy had done with Thor's cock.

Thor squirmed, anxious for what he knew would be next. His prick throbbed and jutted out a mile-red, thick, dripping, greased for speed.

Theresa swooned and rubbed her hands over her large plump tits. Hot flashes swept through her body. "Now, Thor. Come! Come!"

Thor barked, got to his feet and leaped at his mistress. His long red glistening cock swung like a steel beam as he dropped his front paws on the bed.

"Ooooo," Theresa sighed, staring hungrily at her dog's gorgeous cock. "So nice and thick."

Theresa stroked his cock with her hand, anticipating the taste, the cum she knew churned in his balls. She touched the pointed tip. Sticky jizz clung to her finger. She licked it.

Thor, well trained and obedient, waited. His hind legs were stiff, firmly planted on the floor, his front paws sinking into the bed. He remained still. His mouth was open, his tongue drooling. Muscles flicked under his smooth fawn-colored coat, muscles he couldn't control.

This part always fascinated Theresa. She knew Thor was ready. Knowing the power she possessed over this powerful beast, a slave to her every sexual desire, made her enjoy him even more.

Thor whimpered, every muscle in his body coiled, ready to explode at her command. He kept himself ready, soft whimpering sounds escaping from his throat.

Resting her head back on the bed, Theresa stared boldly at her pet's magnificent prick. She stroked his cock, savoring the power that surged through his mighty prickshaft. She hefted his balls. The cum that now churned in his balls would soon be squirting into her mouth. It blew her mind as it had done for months, ever since Gary, her husband, had purchased him.

"He'll take care of you while I'm gone," Gary had said. At the time she hadn't understood. The night after Gary had left, she learned and was grateful. Gary would be back in a few more months and they would resume their lives. For now, the dog satisfied her every need.

Theresa was ready. Hunger for his cock filled her mind. She wrapped her hands around his prickshaft, tilted her head forward and kissed the tip of his prick.

It was the signal Thor had been waiting for. Yelping, he lunged forward, driving his prick into Theresa's open mouth.

Theresa took his cock to the root. She stifled the urge to choke. It became easier each time. The dog's power overwhelmed her, as always.

Yelping, his rump jerking, Thor fucked his mistress's mouth with his overgrown cock. He leaned forward, his thick neck stretched, black rubbery lips drawn back, his gleaming white teeth bared. His front paws fought for balance. His hind legs danced, seeking footing

Theresa's clinging lips caressed Thor's fucking cockshaft. "Unnn," she moaned, the sound gurgling in her throat. She loved the taste. the strength, the surging throbbing beats against her lips and the roof of her mouth.

A heated wave of excitement engulfed her. Nancy might have done the same thing. The thought made her head spin.

Thor's lean muscled body unleashed the fury of his lust. Hard lightning stabs fucked the pointed tip of his cock deep into her throat with each thrust. He yelped, his ears drawn back against his head. His balls, swollen with doggie-jizz, whacked painfully into his mistress's chin each time he fucked his cock into her mouth.

Theresa groaned deep in her throat. Thor's cock was fucking her mouth wonderfully. Her pussy, empty for the moment, responded, pulsing and oozing as if a cock were actually fucking her cunt. The throbbing of his prickshaft filled her mouth, her throat, and beat against her slashing tongue as she whipped it across the underside of his long cock.

Thor yelped, his hind legs prancing. He lunged, mashing his body into her face as he fucked her mouth. He was an enraged beast, uncaring except for the agony that was in his balls.

It was this brute strength that excited Theresa beyond her wildest dreams. Her warm drooling spit and the natural goo of his cockshaft kept his cock fucking in and out of her eager mouth at fantastic speeds. The pounding of his balls against her chin filled her with joy. It was there where the first explosion would take place.

The hot sucking mouth of his horny mistress kept the giant Dane highly aroused. He fucked, the muscles in his body coordinated for efficiency. He fucked into her face, spit dribbling from his drooping tongue. He yelped, his prick swelling, his balls tightening.

Her mouth worked like a sucking machine. Each fucking plunge had her gurgling with joy. Each pull back had her sucking. She caressed his hind legs, scratching her nails over his smooth shiny coat.

Wildly, the dog fucked Theresa's face. He fucked his fat meaty prick at a blinding speed, fucking noisily towards an explosive orgasm. Her sucking mouth had his balls in agony. Her whipping tongue had his prick on fire. He yelped, his neck straining, his eyes bulging. She was now using her teeth.

Clawing his flanks and hind legs with her nails, Theresa then added the sensation of her teeth. She began to chew his prick, blending the sensations, taking the howling beast closer to creaming her mouth.

The muscles in Thor's powerful body tightened. Blood surged through his veins. His prick thickened. His yelping cries became more frantic, louder. He dug his front paws into the mattress. He was ready to drown his mistress in a shower of doggie jizz.

Nancy knew what was going to happen and she welcomed it, encouraged it with her sucking mouth, chewing teeth, whipping tongue. Her own body prepared for the final assault, the brutal pounding that would fill her mouth with doggie-cum.

She kept her head steady, absorbing his tremendous blows, loving it. His cock stretched her throat. His hairy groin mashed her face. His heavy balls slapped her wet spit drenched chin.

The hard vacuum sucks ignited the fire in Thor's balls. They ruptured, spewing hot white doggie cum up through his thick cock and out his pisser. Jizz gushed with pulsing beats, quickly filling Theresa's sucking mouth.

Theresa gulped, trying to catch the rhythm of his spurting prick. Hot cum gushed easily, down her throat. Jizz filled her cheeks. She swallowed, gagged, swallowed again.

She used her teeth with more intensity. The pounding of his cock had her cunt creaming, her nipples swelling. She gurgled as cum oozed out her mouth, dribbled from her soft clinging lips.

Thor went berserk. His mistress's mouth, like always, was hot, wet, and destructive. It felt as if he were fucking into a meat grinder. He jerked, fucking rapidly into her mouth, squirting cum with each thrust. Yelping loud, he lifted his head, his neck muscles straining as his eyes bulged and rolled into his skull.

More cum spewed from the head of his fucking prick. She sucked, drank at his spurting cock, but wasn't able to get it all. Cum gushed from her mouth, down her chin, splattering her tits. It flowed from her mouth, her nose, choking her as she greedily continued to chew and lash at his prick.

Thor's mouth hung open. His front paws were crushing Theresa's head into the side of the bed. His rump moved back and forth, fucking his cock into her face. More cum surged through his throbbing prickshaft, then squirted from his pisser and splashed against the back of Theresa's mouth.

Theresa sensed the end was near. She took over. She gobbled his cock into her mouth. She chewed harder, sucking deeper, whipped her tongue more viciously. She was rewarded with a renewed Thor.

The beast fucked her mouth for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, the last of his cum sprayed from his prick, emptying his balls. He began to twitch, balls empty, prick spent. Yelping, he stopped. Jittery steps with his hind legs announced he wanted to be free.

Theresa took one long deep suck. She heard her pet squeal like a puppy. She gobbled, sucking up the dredges of his balls, then opened her mouth, releasing his cock.

She leaned back, breathing hard as she licked her lips. Her glazed dark eyes saw the stringy globs of cum on her heaving tits. She cleaned herself like a cat, not wasting a drop of precious cum.

"Oh, Thor," she sighed, swallowing the last few drops of his jizz.

Thor was on his belly, resting his head on his front paws. His eyelids drooped. For now he was whipped.

Theresa crawled up into bed, sprawling her hot overexcited body out on top of the covers. She glanced down at Thor. "Get your strength back, Thor. I need a fuck tonight." She closed her eyes for a short nap.

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