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The Babysitter and the Great Dane part 4

Alternate Pleasure by Unknown
All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic means, including photocopying, recording or by any information and retrieval system, without the written permission of the author.

Chapter Four

Nancy hurried down the street. It had been a restless night, a night of tossing and turning, with visions of Thor and his cock filling her frantic dreams.

She took the steps quickly, her pigtails slapping over her shoulders. She knocked on the door, her heart pounding. Waiting, she heard the sound of Thor's barking drifting out from somewhere in the house. A tremor swept through her pussy.

"You're early," Theresa said, opening the door. She had a knowing smile on her face. "C'mon in. I was having coffee."

Nancy followed the luscious woman to the kitchen. She sat at the table, Thor sniffing around her legs. Blushing, she pushed him away.

Theresa smiled inwardly and poured the teenager a cup of coffee. It was going to be an interesting day. "Here, honey," she purred huskily.

"Thanks," Nancy said, picking up the erotic scent of Theresa's perfume.

Theresa sat at the table, sipping her own coffee. Her night too had been filled with horny dreams, dreams of Nancy, and Thor. "I have to leave now." She finished her coffee. "Carrie's asleep."

"I'll do the dishes for you, Mrs. Rand," Nancy said, happy that Theresa was leaving

"Thanks, honey." She petted Thor on his head. "You be good to Nancy," she said. "I'll be back around four."

Containing her excitement, Nancy waited until she heard the front door open and close. She heaved a sigh. Her body was trembling. She forgot about her own coffee as Thor came romping back into the kitchen.

"C'mere, Thor," Nancy said, her voice quaking with emotion.

The Great Dane dropped his head on her lap, his tongue slapping at the smooth flesh of her bare thighs. He whimpered and squirmed his rump as Nancy stroked his fur.

"You miss me?" she asked, getting horny as she thought about what they would do.

Thor barked, his tail swishing a mile a minute.

"I missed you too," she said. She squirmed around in the chair, pushing her crotch against Thor's hard snout. "Did you miss this?" She was trembling, her ass quivering. "Ooooo! I did."

Thor snorted, then yanked his head from her crotch. He sat down, the tip of his prick peeking out, red and glistening.

Nancy saw his cock and swooned. "Mmmmm," she sighed. She stood, anxious to begin. "C'mon, Thor. I'm going to get you nice and hard again."

Whimpering, Thor followed the oversexed teenager into the living room. He dropped to his belly, his head on his paws, his eyes looking up expectantly at the lithe sexy blonde.

"You want me to strip for you again?" she giggled, swaying her hips in a lewd hypnotic way. She licked her lips, her eager fingers pulling her summer halter off.

She sighed, her tits free. She rubbed them, paraded around the room, showing off as if she had an audience.

She did. Theresa was in the driveway along the side of the house. She peered in through the window, her breath ragged. Her dark flashing eyes devoured the lush blonde's small exquisite tits. She sighed, letting her breath out.

Theresa glanced down the driveway, then focused her attention back on the horny teenager inside her house. "Your shorts," she whispered, wanting the child to strip completely. Already her own pussy was soaked, drenching the crotch of her panties.

Without knowing Theresa was watching, Nancy hooked her fingers into her tight-fitting shorts. She eased them down over her squirming hips. They dropped to the floor, and she stepped out of them. "See, Thor. No panties today."

Thor whimpered, his nostrils picking up the faint hint of the child's overheated pussy. His tail slapped lazily on the rug, his big black eyes following the blonde's every move.

"I'm all wet," Nancy sighed, caressing her sizzling hot flesh with her hands. "So wet and hot."

Theresa gasped. The child was gorgeous. She licked her lips, leered through the window at Nancy's golden pussy, then at the round swell of her ass cheeks as the child turned to shake her ass in Thor's face. "Beautiful," she muttered. "Beautiful."

"You like my ass, huh?" Nancy giggled to the dog. She turned around and dropped to her knees. She hugged the docile Dane. "Today I'm going to ride you."

Thor whimpered, twisted his head and began soaking the fuck-happy child with doggie spit. His tongue slapped over her face and shoulders.

"Oooo, you're such a licker," she giggled. She moved back, stood. "C'mon, Thor. Up! Up!"

The dog leaped to his feet, yelping, tail wagging, his dripping tongue hanging from his mouth.

Nancy stared hungrily at the dog. "You be still," she whispered. "I'm gonna get on your back." She petted him, her heart racing, her pussy on fire. "Easy, Thor. Don't move."

The huge dog remained still, his eyes following Nancy's movements until she was by his side. He turned his head and whimpered.

"Relax, boy," she whispered. She gulped back a moment of panic and, on tiptoes, brought one leg over Thor's body.

She sighed, her pussy flush against the dog's powerful back. Her heart was pounding, her head was spinning.

Thor bore the brunt of Nancy's weight easily. He remained still, but the child's passion had enveloped him. His prick began to inch its way out of his sheath. His tail dropped, and his legs stiffened as the child began to move on his back.

"Nnnnn," Nancy mouthed as she chewed on her bottom lip. "Nnnnn." Her hips moved slowly. Her pussy, soaked and flowing with fuck juices, glided back along the giant dog. Smooth and squishy, the sounds of her passion filled her head.

Shivering in bliss, the raunchy teenager paused. The muscles of her virgin cunt pulsed erratically against its empty channel. She whimpered, dragging her pussy forward over Thor's back.

Prickly hair, short and coarse, attacked her cunt slit, pussy lips, and clit. She went into spasms, her body quivering.

Nancy stopped. The room was spinning. She balanced herself. The sensations had been fabulous. She wanted more. Taking a deep breath, she quickly dragged her cunt back. "Oh, boy," she moaned.

She shoved her hips forward. The sensations overwhelmed her. Jerking and thrashing, his rough needle hairs pricking her cunt, Nancy gasped and tumbled from his back.

"Aghhhh!" she squealed, falling to the floor. She writhed on her back, lights blazing behind her eyelids. She stared up at the animal, wanting to get on his back again.

The sound of the door opening froze the horny teenager into a state of fear. She spotted her clothes, tried scrambling for them. It was too late. Her blue eyes widened as she stared at Theresa, Thor happily by her side.

Theresa kept her smile hidden. "Nancy. What are you doing?" She feigned shock, enjoying the look of desperation on the child's face.

"N... noth... nothing," Nancy stammered, reaching for her clothes. A smile appeared on Theresa's face. She scooped up the child's clothes and tossed them on a chair away from Nancy. "Why are you naked?" Her dark eyes dined hungrily on Nancy's beautiful body. Up close was a lot better than peering in through a window. Passion permeated the room, and she couldn't wait until she became an active part of it.

"Well?" Theresa said when Nancy didn't answer. "How come you have your clothes off?"

"It was warm," Nancy said lamely, trying to smile. "Sometimes clothes... they bother me. I'm sorry." She reached for them. "Can I get dressed now?"

Theresa ignored the last of what Nancy had said. "I feel the same way. Can't stand having clothes on while I'm just hanging around the house." Theresa sat on the chair, looked at the naked child as she tried covering herself with her hands. "You shouldn't hide yourself, Nancy. You're very pretty. Sexy as hell too."

Nancy blushed with embarrassment. "You didn't go to work?" She felt strange being naked with an adult staring at her. With Thor it was different.

"Don't be so bashful," Theresa said. She was getting hot, her hand gently stroking Thor's back as he sat by her side. Her fingers touched the juice-stained parts of his coat. A hot shiver raced down her spine, exploding in her pussy.

Nancy shuddered, praying Theresa wouldn't discover what she had been doing. "I feel funny without my clothes," she whispered Theresa's eyes were having an effect on her, an effect she didn't understand.

"Maybe if I took off my clothes it would help you to relax more." Theresa laughed at the expression of shock on Nancy's face.

"You're teasing me," Nancy said, her blue eyes popping. Her mind conjured up an image of Theresa naked. It made her already-wet pussy even wetter.

"Oooo, I'm not kidding, Nancy," she purred. "There's nothing wrong with the naked body. Hell, we got all day. I'll still pay you, and the two of us can just hang around the house and have fun."

The word fun echoed in Nancy's head. She had never suspected the word fun had anything to do with what she had planned with Thor. The only bright part she would get a chance to see Theresa naked, if the sexy woman wasn't teasing her.

Theresa stood. She whisked off her blouse. Large creamy tits strained against the black lace bra that tried to contain them. She smiled as Nancy's eyes popped. Without saying a word, she peeled off her bra, exposing the huge fleshy globes. "God," she sighed. "It sure feels great." She rubbed her own tits, enjoying the look of pure lust on the blonde's innocent face.

"Oooo," Nancy hummed. Her blue eyes feasted on Theresa's magnificent tits. She drooled, devouring every-inch of Theresa's exposed tits. A lump filled her throat. "Oooo, they're so big." She bit her lip, but the words had already been said.

"Yours are a nice size too," Theresa said as she rubbed her mammoth tits erotically. The heated expression on Nancy's face was a turn on, igniting the fires that filled her pussy.

Nancy couldn't keep her hot blue eyes turned away from Theresa's tits. She forgot all about her own nudity. The passion that had been erased the moment Theresa had walked in the door had returned with an added bonus Somewhere in her young mind, she began to think that maybe the day wasn't going to be ruined.

Theresa looked at Nancy's long shapely legs and silky blonde pussy. The scent of the child's cunt filled her head. She wanted Nancy, wanted the child's body. In her lust-sopped brain, she believed Gary wouldn't mind. He would probably enjoy hearing about it when he returned home.

Theresa broke the heavy silence that filled the room. "You have a very pretty pussy. I'll bet all the boys try to get between your legs."

Nancy's cheeks flared red. "I'm a virgin."

"Not for long," Theresa predicted. "You're too sexy."

Nancy was dying for Theresa to finish stripping. Desire was in her eyes as she looked hotly over Theresa's half-naked body.

Theresa saw this. It was going to be a fantastic day. She unhooked the snap on the side of her skirt. It dropped to the floor in a puddle. Black-lace bikini panties clung to her full hips. She turned, showing a stunned Nancy her ass. "Is it too big?"

"Oh, no," Nancy drooled as her eyes bugged out. "It's perfect."

She turned and looked Nancy straight in the eye. "My husband teases me about my ass. He says I got enough for two men." She winked.

Nancy was dizzy. She stared hungrily at the older woman. "Take off your panties," she whispered hoarsely. "Please."

"I'm glad you asked," Theresa purred. She pushed the sexy panties down over her full rounded hips. A thick curly patch of black pussy hair peeked out. Theresa paused, then continued, the panties dropping to her ankles, her naked body completely on display for the teenager's pleasure.

"Ohh, Mrs. Rand. You're... you re so beautiful."

"Call me Theresa, and thank you." She winked, licked her lips. "So are you."

Nancy blushed. Yesterday, looking in the mirror, she had felt almost like a woman. Today, leering at Theresa's exquisite body made her feel like a boy.

Theresa sensed this in the child. "You're a gorgeous hunk, Nancy. Once school starts, you'll see. You'll have the boys drooling and begging to take you out."

Nancy had believed it yesterday, and she wanted to believe it again. She smiled. "I'd be too shy to let them touch me."

Theresa offered Nancy her hands. "C'mon.Stand up. Let me get a good look at you."

Reluctantly, her heart racing, Nancy allowed the older woman to pull her up. She stood, her smooth silky flesh dotted with goose bumps and pink with embarrassment. She felt Theresa's dark glowing eyes devour her body. lt made her pussy ooze. She felt Thor's gaze on her pussy, and she avoided looking at the giant animal, afraid Theresa would make the connection.

"You're gorgeous," Theresa rasped. She walked slowly around the tall blonde teenager.

"Your pigtails give you the look of perfect innocence."

Nancy shivered under Theresa's steady gaze "Maybe I should take them out? I'd look older."

"Not today," Theresa sighed. "Today you're perfect." She traced a finger down Nancy's spine, stopping at the delightful crack of the child s ass. "Beautiful ass."

"Oooo," Nancy moaned. Theresa's finger had sent a jolt of passion through her cunt. She swayed, wanting the black-haired woman to touch her again. She waited, shaking inside.

Thor rested on the floor, his eyes heavy. He closed them, forgetting about his naked mistress and the pretty blonde. He slept.

Theresa skimmed her hands over Nancy's slim hips, the cheeks of her ass, and up to the twin peaks of her small perfectly shaped tits.

"Ummmmm," Nancy moaned as Theresa cupped her sensitive tits and massaged them.

"Ooooo... nnnnn, it feels so good."

"You can squeeze mine if you like," Theresa mewled. "Don't be shy. Do whatever you want." What Nancy wanted was to feel Theresa's overripe tits. Dizzy, her head in the clouds, she brought her hands to Theresa's fleshy tits. She spanned them, her fingers sinking easily into the soft yielding flesh. "Oooo, I wish mine were this big. I could suck them myself."

The invitation was there whether Nancy knew it or not. "Like this?" Theresa asked. She lowered her head, licked her tongue over the sensitive tips of Nancy's swollen nipples.

"Ahhhhh, Theresa," she moaned. "Ooooo." Her legs felt like rubber. She melted to the floor, Theresa holding her, stretching her soft overheated body out on the rug. Through glassy blue eyes, Nancy looked up at Theresa's smiling face. "Do it again. lick my tits."

"You mean like Thor licks them?" Theresa asked.

"Oh, no," Nancy lied. "I've never done anything with Thor."

Theresa smiled, but didn't press. Instead, she brought her eager mouth to one small heaving tit. "It looks so delicious."

"Ooooo, Theresa." Nancy felt the heat of Theresa's breath on her tit. It excited her made her head spin. "Suck it. Suck It!" Theresa leered one last time at the beautiful teenager begging to be sucked. It was going to be a fabulous day.

Theresa couldn't hold back. Her own desire to enjoy Nancy's body became too overpowering. She licked her tongue over each nipple soaked each jiggling mound with her spit. This done, she circled one swollen nipple with her lips and sucked deep.

Nancy writhed on the floor. She stared at the ceiling. "Oooo, suck! Bite!" She combed her fingers through the thick mass of Theresa's hair. "Ewwwww, bite me! Suck me all over."

Theresa had every intention of sampling the child s fabulous body. She sucked hard on Nancy's nipples. She used her teeth and chewed the tips. Her spit, glistening on Nancy s pulpy tits, soaked her own face.

"Oooo, I'm creaming!" Nancy wailed. The suction on her tits seemed to reach into her virgin cunt hole. "Ooooo, I'm creaming."

Theresa brought her wet mouth away from Nancy s Jiggling tits. A hot lewd smile decorated the beautiful woman's face. "Maybe I should check and see for myself?"

Nancy s eyes popped. "Really?" The word came out of her mouth as a gasp of disbelief.

"I've never touched a pussy before. Only my own."

"Do it," Nancy pleaded. "Touch me. I'm really creaming. Honest." She wriggled her hips. Her glassy blue eyes were wide and fixed on Theresa's large plump tits.

"Mmmmm, I will if you tell me the truth."

"What about?" Nancy moaned.

"Did Thor lick your tits?" She slipped her tongue down the child's rib cage, over her belly, stopping at the child's belly button. She lifted her head. "Well?"

"Yesss!" Nancy cried, ashamed and afraid Theresa would never touch her now that she knew.

"How about your pussy?" Theresa asked, knowing the answer, but wanting the child to bring things out in the open. "Did Thor lick your cunt?"

"Yessss!" Nancy sobbed, sure now that the beautiful Theresa wouldn't lick her pussy. "I couldn't help myself," she moaned. "I got so hot, I didn't know what I was doing."

Theresa giggled lewdly. "Did you like it?" Her fingers glided through the child's wet pussy slit. Warm creamy fuck juice coated her fingers.

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