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The Babysitter and the Great Dane part 5

Alternate Pleasure by Unknown
All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic means, including photocopying, recording or by any information and retrieval system, without the written permission of the author.

Chapter Five

Nancy bit her lip. Theresa's fingers were heaven. She wriggled her hips, whimpered as Theresa played with her hard throbbing clit. "Nnnnn," she moaned. "I loved it. I creamed all over him." The truth was out, and she didn't care.

Theresa smiled triumphantly. All that was left to discover was how Thor's cum stained the rug. She decided to save that piece of information until later, when she brought Thor into their sex games.

"Lick my pussy!" Nancy sobbed. She was out of her mind. The lust eating away deep in her cunt was devouring her. She couldn't think straight. "Please lick me."

"Like Thor did?"

"Yes," Nancy groaned. "Lick me like Thor did. Lick me!" She humped up, grinding her virgin cunt against Theresa's tantalizing fingers.

The sweet aroma of Nancy's cunt finally enveloped Theresa. She squiggled down between the child's long sexy legs and stared at her virgin gash. "Your pussy looks so delicious."

Nancy swooned. The older woman's words bombarded her senses. "Eat me," she pleaded. "Ooooo, make me cum!"

Theresa could wait no longer. She clamped her mouth to the child's blonde-thatched pussy and sucked. Warm fuck cream flowed into her mouth, over her lips. Her mouth was filled with the velvety folds of Nancy's pussy. She sucked again.

Nancy arched her back. The sucking sensation was fabulous. Her squishy insides responded to the vacuum sucks of the raven-haired woman. Spongy pussy muscles pulsed, oozing a constantly flowing fuck cream, a cream that would soon grease the way for a doggie cock.

Theresa gobbled hungrily on the child's hot virgin pussy. She was amazed by her own passion, her own enjoyment. She sucked the way she enjoyed being sucked and knew she was doing the right thing. Nancy's squeals and thrashing body were the proof.

"I'm on fire!" Nancy wailed. "Suck. . . keep sucking!" The teenager writhed in bliss. The suction on her pussy was a wild sensation, something she hadn't experienced with Thor. "Ooooo, suck me!"

Theresa plastered her mouth tight against the child's cunt. Deep powerful sucks flooded Theresa's mouth with tasty pussy juice and soft puffy folds of Nancy's overheated cunt.

"Yes!" Nancy cried. Her small tits jiggled erotically. Her nipples, small and round, swelled to the bursting point. She thumped her ass up and down on the thick carpet, her hips rolling to the sensuous rhythm of Theresa's sucking mouth. "Oh! Ohhh! You're sucking my insides out!"

Theresa used her tongue instinctively, skittering it up and down the child's wet cunt. She glided the tip of her tongue through Nancy's virgin pussy slit. Fuck juice clung to it, bathed her tongue in its warmth. She swirled the creamy fuck juices over her own lips and the puffy folds of Nancy's cunt. With Nancy's cunt greased and her own face bathed, she sucked the child's cunt lips back into her mouth. Nancy tasted fabulous.

Orgasms, like tiny explosions, filled the child's twisting body. Hot spastic contractions deep in her virgin cunt hole pulsed greedily for a cock to milk. She jammed her pussy hard against Theresa's face grinding, twisting, mashing her cunt hard.

"Oooo, I'm creaming so much! Your mouth! You're sucking so..." Her eyes rolled into her skull and her voice trailed off into whimpering moans.

Theresa gurgled on the teenager's overflowing pussy. Her face was drenched in the delicious juice of Nancy's cunt. She used her tongue, snatching up the cum as it flowed from between the puffy lips of her virgin pussy hole. She swallowed, savoring the taste and texture, then used her sucking mouth and tongue to gobble up more fuck juice.

Nancy's breaths came out in short ragged gasps. Her lithe virgin body jerked uncontrollably. Legs spread wide, ass humping, her cunt smashing into Theresa's face, she climbed steadily toward an explosive orgasm.

"Oh, Theresa... suck... use your tongue." She clawed the rug, her nails raking through the deep pile. Lust masked her face, filled her eyes. She was almost there.

Theresa grabbed Nancy's twisting hips. She massaged the soft silky flesh. She shivered. The child felt wonderful to the touch. She was sucking off a young girl. It blew her mind. She reamed her tongue into the entrance of Nancy's pussy, and, like Thor, she was stopped by the thin skin of Nancy's cherry.

Theresa pulled her mouth off the writhing blonde's overheated pussy. "I can't get inside. Your cherry is in the way." She saw the passion on the child's face, knew she had caused it.

"Break it," Nancy begged. She wanted to feel Theresa's tongue up inside her cunt. "Break it for me."

"Oooo, no," Theresa swooned. "There are better ways of breaking cherries." She giggled a dirty laugh. "A lot better ways."

"Oooo, Theresa. How? How?" She clawed her way down her sizzling flesh, raked at the swollen lips of her cunt.

"I'll tell you later," Theresa mouthed. "Later."

Nancy moaned, her passion out of control "Eat me. Make me cum! I'm burning up!" Her eyelids fluttered rapidly. She was at the peak, needing only the touch of Theresa's mouth to set off the explosion.

Theresa slammed her mouth back against Nancy's pussy. She sucked, whipped her tongue repeatedly over the child's exposed clit. It took Nancy into her climax. Orgasms ripped through Nancy's pussy, like bolts of lightning. "I'm cumming! Cumming ... oooo... God! I'm cumming!"

Theresa sucked wildly. Hot cum flowed from the child's scalding cunt hole and drenched her face. Cum, sticky and warm flowed into her mouth, into her nose, and down her throat. She didn't stop. She swallowed Nancy's cum, and then found the child's clit.

Nancy bucked and jerked under the frenzied sucking and chewing of Theresa's mouth. She pounded the floor, mangled her own small tits. An ocean of cum gushed from her pussy, soaking Theresa's face and-flooding her mouth. Fuck cream flowed down the cheeks of her jiggling ass, staining the carpet.

"I'm still cumming! Ooooo, Theresa!" Nancy worked her hips in tight circles, grinding her cunt and clit into Theresa's mouth. "Bite! Bite!"

Theresa chewed on Nancy's hard clit, sending the child screaming into another series of intense orgasms. She swallowed as much cum as possible, but it came too fast. It gushed into her throat. She gagged, but held Nancy's clit tightly between her teeth.

Nancy jerked and twisted, almost ripped her clit from her body. It swelled, ached painfully. "Don't stop! Don't stop!" Nancy bowed her back, neck straining, eyes bulging. "Aghhh!"

Theresa blended the sensations of her tongue and her teeth, keeping the screaming child soaring at the peak. Tongue swishing like a whip, teeth gnawing sadistically, mouth sucking, she bombarded the child with pleasure.

Spit drooled from Nancy's mouth. She humped wildly, her ass banging into the carpet, her pussy smashing into Theresa's face. An orgasm whipped through her cunt, stiffening her. into a pillar of shivering screams. She collapsed back into a heap of whimpering flesh. She was spent, her young, still-virgin body drained but satisfied like never before.

Theresa held her mouth tight against Nancy's cunt until the child stopped moving. She lifted her head. Pussy-cream coated her face. "Did you like that?"

Panting, too weak to answer, Nancy just nodded.

Chapter Five

Theresa licked her lips. "You were delicious." She glanced over, saw her pet resting. "Thor!"

The dog opened his eyes and whimpered. His tail slapped on the rug as his mistress's voice excited him.

"C'mere, boy," Theresa said, slapping her thigh. "C'mere."

Yelping, Thor climbed to his feet and padded over to his mistress. He picked up the scent of cum on Theresa's face. His drooping tongue slapped eagerly at his mistress's juice coated face.

"Mmmm," Theresa sighed. "He loves the taste of your cum."

Nancy stared hypnotically. She feasted her eyes on Thor, his sleek tan body built for power. She leered at Theresa, devouring the woman's lush flesh with her eyes. Passion returned, filling her, warming her body. "Does he lick you?" she asked.

"He does everything to me," Theresa said. "While my husband is away, Thor takes care of all my needs."

Nancy swooned, imagining all the needs Theresa implied. It was too astounding to believe. "Can I watch him lick you?"

"Sure," Theresa, said. She petted Thor's smooth tan coat, easing the huge Dane onto his side.

Thor whimpered and lifted his head, his tongue hanging out. His gaze darted from his beautiful mistress to Nancy, then back again. He dropped his head on Theresa's lap, his body twitching, expectant.

"Did you ever touch his cock?" Theresa asked, rubbing Thor's belly.

Nancy gulped. There was no sense lying to her. "Yes," she whispered. "I jerked him off."

"He really creams, huh?" Theresa giggled. She scratched her nails on Thor's powerful thighs. "A regular broken hose."

Nancy nodded, remembering the doggie-jizz as it had splattered from his cock and drenched her body.

Theresa saw the way Nancy was staring at Thor's hairy sheath and balls. "His cock needs playing with," Theresa said. "Why don't you show me how you got him hard?"

Nancy blushed. She gulped back her shyness and squirmed close. She caressed Thor's belly. "You said there were better ways to break my cherry," she panted. "Tell me."

Theresa settled back, leaning against a chair, Thor's head in her lap. "Cockmeat is the best way to bust cherry skin, Nancy. Nice hard thick cockmeat."

Nancy swooned. "I know, but I'm so shy. I could never let a boy stick his cock in me." She was massaging the thick-skinned sheath that housed Thor's giant doggie-prick. "Who said anything about boys?" Theresa winked, her eyes glancing at Thor's pointed prick as his cock peeked out, greased and seeping. "Cockmeat can be found in a lot of places other than between the legs of some blabber-mouthed boys."

"A man?" Nancy gasped, knowing she could never do that. Her innocence was showing.

Theresa thought about her husband and how much he would like getting between the sweet virgin's thighs. She erased the thought. Maybe later, when he returned home. Now there was Thor. "How about what you're holding in your hand?" Nancy's face was filled with shock. "Thor?"

"Why not? You can see his prick. It's nice and long. He can fuck for hours and never get tired, and he obeys my every command."

"Yes, but a dog?" The idea boggled the teenager's mind. She stopped playing with his sheath, her gaze glued to Theresa's face, seeking if any signs that the older woman was teasing her. There were none.

"I'm not joking," Theresa said, watching the child's inquisitive eyes with her own. "He's fantastic. He's the only thing that has helped me keep my sanity since Gary had to go away on his new job."

Nancy's eyes bugged out. "You... you let Thor fuck you?" Her head was swimming in a sea of erotic pictures. "God!"

"Every night," Theresa said. She looked at Thor, saw his cock peeking out more. "He's getting hard. Keep playing with him."

Nancy looked at Thor's cock. A lump clogged her throat. An image of Thor fucking the beautiful woman made her dizzy. She thought about when the Dane had tried sticking his cock in her asshole. She gulped. "He... almost did it to me," she whispered. "I wanted him to lick my ass, and he jumped up and tried to fuck me."

Theresa smiled. "I'll bet he scared you."

Nancy nodded. She stared at his prick, imagining his prick piercing her cherry. "God, he'd rip you apart."

"I know," Theresa said. "Thor isn't for beginners." She joined the sexy teenager, stroking Thor's balls as Nancy's nimble fingers coaxed out more hard delicious inches from his cockshaft.

Nancy gasped, drooling as she ogled Thor's giant piece of hard prickmeat. "Can I watch him fuck you?" Her heart was racing.

"You can even stick it in me if you want." Theresa brought her fingers up the length of Thor's massive cock. "It'll get you hot watching him fuck this beautiful piece of cockmeat into my pussy."

"Ooooo, Theresa," Nancy sighed. "Can I really stick his cock in you?"

"Sure," Theresa said. "Now watch this."

Spellbound, Nancy watched Theresa drop down to the dog's cock. "Ohhh... what are you - " the rest of the question wasn't needed. Theresa's mouth circling around the pointed head of the dog's prick told her all she wanted to know.

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