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The Babysitter and the Great Dane part 6

Alternate Pleasure by Unknown
All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic means, including photocopying, recording or by any information and retrieval system, without the written permission of the author.

Chapter Six

"Mmmmm," Theresa hummed as she swirled her tongue over Thor's doggie cock. She sucked, gobbling the hard thick hulking cockshaft into her mouth. Her lips touched Nancy's fingers that were still frozen to the base of Thor's bulky prick.

"Ummmm," Nancy moaned. She took her fingers away. Staring, she found it hard to believe the extraordinary sight she was witnessing. Theresa's mouth had gobbled the entire length of the dog's cock into her mouth Nancy gasped, choking as if her own throat were clogged with doggie cock.

Thor thrashed on his side, his rump jerking, his cock fucking Theresa's hot mouth. He lifted his head and looked at the mesmerized child, whimpering, his tongue drooping from his open mouth.

Theresa sucked, making her pet Dane howl. She felt the child's gaze on her and treated Nancy to a marvelous sight.

With Thor twisting on his side, his ass lunging, Theresa sucked and chewed his cock. She used her tongue, whipping it over his prickshaft. A deep suck, her cheeks drawn in, kept the yelping dog a prisoner.

Thor went crazy. He rolled onto his back, every muscle in his body working frantically to fuck his cock into his mistress's throat. His front paws clawed the carpet. His hind legs twitched. Jerking in the air, he twisted.

Theresa released him, popping her mouth quickly off his cock. She looked at Nancy. "What did you think of that?" she licked her lips.

Nancy was speechless. She looked at Thor's cock which was soaked with spit, then at Theresa' s flushed face and wet glistening mouth. She gulped, unable to find the words to express what she was feeling.

Thor sat up and barked. His tail slapped at the rug. His big bulging black eyes rolled. His muscles twitched under his thick tan coat. He was a nervous bundle of energy ready to detonate.

"It sort of gets him all crazy," Theresa giggled. She winked lewdly. "Makes him fuck me better."

"Oooo," Nancy swooned. She looked at Thor's cock. His prick was gigantic. "Are... you going to fuck him now?" Her voice echoed her passionate mind-blown feelings.

"If you're ready to stick his cock in me," Theresa sighed, "I'm ready. Sucking you off and sucking Thor has me feeling like a lighted firecracker."

"I'm ready," Nancy nodded. Her blue eyes misted over as she watched Theresa get on her hands and knees. She stared at Theresa's gorgeous ass. She wanted to lick it, but seeing Thor fuck her was what she wanted to see now. Nancy didn't want anything to delay it. Next time, she thought, feasting her eyes on Theresa's ass.

"Make sure you get his cock in my pussy. Sometimes," Theresa explained, "when we're alone, he misses and plows my asshole." She wriggled her ass. "I'm ready."

Thor padded over to his mistress's quivering body. He sniffed her ass and swiped his tongue up through her ass crack. Yelping, he leaped up, catching Nancy, for a brief second, off guard.

"Hurry!" Theresa squealed, wiggling her hips. "Aim his cock. Get him in my cunt." She was shaking.

Thor blanketed his mistress with his powerful body. His rump jabbed. His long overgrown cock fucked at the cheeks of his mistress's ass. Yelping his frustration, he pranced on his hind legs, jabbing and missing both Theresa's pussy hole and asshole.

Nancy came out of her daze, reached under, gripped the jabbing hulk of Thor's throbbing cockshaft. Shaking, she aimed his prick at the gaping wet hole of Theresa's pussy. The dog's next violent lunge, with Nancy's help, found the right fuckhole.

Thor howled. His cock fucked deep, stuffing Theresa quickly with the entire length of his cock. His tail curled, and he yelped again, his cock fucking a mile a minute.

"He's fuckin' me. Nancy... he's in... ooooo!" Theresa went insane.

Nancy gasped, still keeping her fingers at Theresa's sopping pussy. She felt the fucking thrusts of his cock. His groin touched her fingers, mashed them into Theresa with each stab. "Oooo," she moaned, pulling her fingers away. She looked at them. Pussy juice coated her fingers. She sniffed them. Without thinking, she sucked her fingers clean. The taste of pussy burned into her brain.

Shaking with excitement, the hulking Great Dane shivered with lust. His muscles rippled beneath his sleek coat. His large front paws held firm on Theresa's bare back. He yelped, spittle dripping off his tongue. Jabbing thrusts and yelping cries mixed with the squishing noises from Theresa's ravaged pussy.

Thor fucked harder, faster. Theresa's blow job had really primed him. He fucked, his heavy cum-crammed balls swinging, slapping against the back of Theresa's juice-stained thighs.

"Oooo, Nancy. Nancy. He's fucking me to death. I'm in heaven. Ooooo, it feels so wonderful!" She twisted her neck, stared at the hypnotized child. "Oooo, Nancy. You're gonna love it!"

Nancy was mute. Her gaze flowed eagerly over the giant dog. Her body quivered as if Thor were invading her pussy with his mighty cock. "Oooo, I'm creaming just watching," Nancy gasped. She stared at Thor's jabbing rump, Theresa's swinging tits, Thor's straining neck. Theresa's face contorted.

Theresa jabbed back, meeting the hard demanding thrusts of her pet She used her cunt muscles, wrapped them tight around his plowing shaft, soaked his fucking prick in frothy pussy juice.

Fucking in and out of her exquisite pussy, Thor howled. He danced on his hind legs, keeping balance on the thick carpet. He yelped as Theresa's cunt muscles began to methodically milk his prick, urging the churning cum in his balls to ignite.

Theresa bucked like a wild horse. She jerked back and forth, matching the blinding speed of her pet Dane. "He's deep. Deep in my pussy." She snapped her head around, gazed at Thor, then at the entranced teenager. "He's so fucking deep!"

Nancy gasped, watching Theresa's eyes roll into her skull. "Does it hurt?" she whispered huskily.

"Unnnn. Noooo," Theresa moaned. "Only pleasure!" As if to prove what she meant, she went into spasms, her face contorting into a mask of pleasurable lust.

Nancy almost fainted. She kept her eyes trained on them both, experiencing the fuck as if it were happening to her. Her fingers became acting on her own virgin pussy. Nancy's soft whimpering sobs blended with the dog's yelping howls and Theresa's wailing cries of bliss.

Theresa saturated her dog's cock with a deluge of thick greasy pussy-cream. She tightened her cunt muscles, making him yip like a puppy. "Fuck me, Thor. Fuck me!" She jammed back, loving her pet's strength, the length of his cock and the speed of his fucking thrusts.

Thor fucked in all the way, his heavy body pressing down on his mistress's back. His hard fucking stabs had Theresa sobbing, moaning. His cock swelled inside her clenching cunt. Warm squishy fuck juice flowed from her clinging cuntlips, soaking his swinging balls.

"Ooooo!" Theresa's body quaked under the powerful fucks of her Great Dane. Her swollen tits hung heavy and swung erotically. Arms stiff, palms flat, thighs apart, she rocked back and forth. "More, Thor. Faster, boy." With Thor howling and yelping, Theresa jammed back, matching him stroke for stroke. "He's tearing me apart. Ooooo... God!"

The giant animal's body rippled with the power that was surging through each finely tuned muscle. The cock fucked deep, piercing the buttery ooze of her squishy cunt muscles. His front paws gripped tighter. His hind legs pranced. He yelped, and whined, his pointed ears drawing back against his head.

A never-ending flow of pussy-cream bathed his purplish-red cockshaft. Lightning fast lunges, greased by Theresa's fuck juices, gave the giant beast the speed they both needed to reach the peak.

"Fuck me, Thor! Ram it, you bastard!" Theresa's drunken eyes found the blonde teenager. "He's so good. I love his cock. Oooo, do I love his cock!"

Nancy's breath caught in her chest. She had never seen anything as erotic and she knew, by her own limited experience, the best was yet to come.

Theresa's eyelids began to flutter. Her lush body went into spasm. Her tongue whipped out over her gasping mouth. "Oh... I'm so close." She found a blurred vision of the enthralled child. "I'm gonna cum, Nancy. Gonna cream his cock any second now!"

Feverish with lust, her body glistening with the sweat of her passion, Theresa mashed her cunt back at her frantic pet Dane. She heard him whimper, felt his smooth furry coat against her sensitive skin. Her seething hot pussy gripped his fucking prickshaft tight, then contracted and gripped again in a steady erotic beat.

Thor yelped. His prick became bloated with cum. His balls churned, ready to blast his mistress's pussy with the scalding jizz that rumbled in his balls.

Her breath caught in her throat, then escaped. "I'm, there. Oooo, I'm ready!" Theresa whipped her head back, the cords in her neck straining, ready to snap as she rocked her way towards an explosive orgasm. "Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Like never before, Theresa climaxed. Having someone watch, someone to share her lust with, added fuel to her already overheated body. "I'm cumming! Creaming."

Nancy fell back, mouth open, eyes popping. It was happening. "Fuck her, Thor. Fuck her hard!" Nancy became caught up in the stormy passion that already had Theresa and her Dane in its grip. "Fuck him, Theresa. Cream his cock!"

"I am! I am!" She rammed herself at her pet, wanting all of his cock, craving the first load of cum that she knew was swelling his balls and prick. "Cum boy. Cream me! Cum, Thor!"

Thor yelping loud, his rump like a pounding machine that fucked his cock into the stormy center of Theresa's cunthole exploded. Hot squirting wads of stringy doggie-jizz shot through his pisser and splattered the steamy depths of her cunt. He howled, lifting his head and straining his neck.

"He's cumming! I feel it! He's squirting in my pussy." Theresa went crazy. Her own orgasms and that of her dog snapped her mind. She rocked back and forth, absorbing the punishing blows of her dog's horrendous stabs. Each one carried a thick glob of doggie-jizz that flooded her already-overflowing pussy.

Yelping, his balls erupting, his cock spewing out cum, Thor fucked deeper, harder, faster. His mistress's screaming voice and jerking body pushed him to greater feats of strength. His hairy body fused to her sweaty flesh. His balls ruptured again. A stream of jizz squirted from his cock.

"I'm drowning! Drowning in his cum!" Theresa looked at Nancy. "He's creaming me," she moaned, "Ooooo. His cock is heaven."

Nancy imagined all the cum from Thor's cock squirting into Theresa's pussy. It sent an orgasm through her virgin cunt hole, a jealous orgasm that made her sob with frustration.

Orgasms attacked Theresa's pussy from every angle. She loved it, took the fight to the beast. She slammed back. "Fuck me, Thor. Fuck me, slave!" Her cunt sucked up his cum as it spurted from his prick. Jizz filled her pussy hole, overflowed the puffy cuntlips and oozed down her body.

Thor's black eyes drifted into his skull. His rubbery lips drew back, baring his dangerous fangs. Tail between his legs, ears flat against his skull, and his neck stretched forward, he looked like a demon ravaging its victim. His loud yelps grew noisier with Theresa's screams. His hairy balls kept churning the jizz out as fast as his cock could spit it into her pussy. Cum dribbled down his emptying balls.

Theresa, rocking on all fours, bearing the brunt of Thor's attack and his weight, screamed. Gritting her teeth, she manipulated her cunt muscles, tortured Thor's cock and turned him into a whimpering pussy. She jerked her hips from side to side, slammed back her ass into his driving body. Squishing noises echoed in the room as their bodies slapped into each other.

Theresa seemed to freeze. Her eyes rolled. "Aghhhhh!" The pounding strength of her dog and the draining of her orgasm weakened her. Elbows buckling, she collapsed. Clawing the carpet, she kept her ass perched high, allowing her pet to finish fucking her.

Thor whimpered, his tongue swinging from his open mouth. He lost his footing. His cock, still squirting cum, popped from Theresa's pussy. He sprayed her back with white pearl drops of doggie-jizz. He dropped to all fours, sniffing now at the red ravaged hole of Theresa's fucked-out pussy.

Theresa, writhing on the floor, allowed her pet to clean her cunt with his tongue. She whimpered as his tongue slithered deep inside her sensitive pussy and lugged out the cum he had just squirted there.

"Oooo, no more," she moaned, rolling over. She pushed him away, looked at a stunned Nancy. "What did you think of that?"

Nancy found her voice. "When can I do it?" She was ready. She wanted to be fucked more than anything else in the world.

Theresa knew this and smiled. "I have a friend. She has a Dalmatian. You know, white, black spots... a fireman's dog."

Nancy nodded. "Yeah... and?"

"I'll call her on the phone, invite her over here and mention you. You can go there tomorrow night and babysit for her kid. While you're there... you know what to do." "I sure do," Nancy giggled. She looked at Theresa. "Does your friend do the same things with her dog?"

"Kitty is dog crazy and her dog is as good as Thor. She doesn't know I know." She winked. "So don't say a word. Enjoy Pepper and tell me all about it later."

"When can I fuck Thor?" Nancy's eyes were filled with desire for the great Dane.

"After you've practiced on a smaller dog." She grabbed Nancy's hand. "C'mon. Let's have something to eat. Then I'll have Thor lick you off."

Nancy followed her out to the kitchen. She was anxious to have Theresa watch her cum. She was also anxious to meet Pepper, the dog who would make her a woman.

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