"Deanne's Zoo Ordeal"


      (F, reluc, anal, best)

James was working on his Masters Degree at college and working part time at a local zoo to have a little extra money. James was also writing his Thesis on Pheromones. After over a year of research, James had what he believed to be a possible derivative of the pheromones he extracted which, he believed, would make anyone wearing this pheromone absolutely irresistible to the opposite sex.

James also had a bit of a thing for Deanne, a veterinary school freshman who also worked at the zoo for some extra cash in the evenings. Deanne had no idea, but she had often been the subject of a few of James's experiments. So far none had worked but he really felt good about this one. James put his latest attempt at a sex pheromone in a small spray bottle and waited. He worked from 3pm till 7pm and often other zoo personnel would be there till at least 5 to do some things. Deanne relieved him at 7 and worked till 11. It was truly a dream job for either as all they needed to do was watch the animals on the monitors (one in every cage), walk through the zoo a couple of times, and call the administrator if anything happened.

Finally about 6pm after everyone had left, James sprayed himself with the pheromone and waited.

At about 10 till 7, Deanne showed up for work.

"Hello Deanne", James said as soon as he saw her, walking up close to her to try to make sure she got a good dose of his potion.

"Hi James", Deanne replied. She always made a point to try to be nice to him even though she thought he was a bit of a weirdo. He was always trying to stand near her and he often smelled funny. Today though Deanne caught a whiff of something strange.

"How are you today?", James asked, standing a little closer to her than he should.

"I'm okay, how are you? Is there anything I need to keep an eye on today?", Deanne replied walking to her desk away from him.

"Well, the wolves seemed a bit stirred up today for some reason. You might want to look in on them", James said leaning over her on purpose to flip her monitor to the wolf cage.

'There it is again', Deanne thought as she tried not to laugh, 'He is wearing perfume'. "Ok James, I'll look in on them later. anything else before you go?".

'Before you go.....', James heard the words stamp *failure* onto his latest work. And he had been so sure this time.

"Nope", James said hoping the disgust at his wasted work didn't show in his voice, No, that's it Deanne. I'll see you Monday then." James wadded the small bottle into some papers so Deanne wouldn't notice, then threw it in the garbage and left.

Deanne waited for James to leave. soon he was out in his car leaving the parking lot. Deanne walked to the trashcan to see what James had tried to conceal from her in the papers. She pulled the small wad of papers out and unrolled them, only to find a small spray bottle. 'The perfume', she thought to herself as she sniffed it. Deanne looked it over closely. It had no label and it didn't really look like a bottle you would buy at the store. But it was one of the better perfumes she had smelled. It was musky, but not smelly musky like a lot. Instead it had a pleasant, fresh type of smell. Deanne sprayed a squirt on her neck on either side and on her wrists. 'If he doesn't want it, I'll take it. This is nice', she thought as she dropped it into her purse.


Later that evening, after Deanne had eaten her dinner and looked at all the different monitors, it was time for her to walk the facility. She got up, stretched, and went out into the zoo. It was mid summer and quite hot so Deanne had opted for shorts and a tank top. She was glad of this as the heat hit her when she went out of the door. The first cage she passed was the rhinos. She walked by and looked in on them. They seemed fine so she continued on not stopping. She also passed the Elephants, the hippos, and the giraffes. fine fine fine.

When she got to the gorilla cage, she noticed one of the gorillas sitting near the path against the bars. "You okay big fella?", She yelled. The gorilla turned in response to her voice, then began sniffing the air. In a moment he became adjitated, shaking the bars and snorting. "What's wrong big fella?", Deanne said trying to calm him. then she noticed his cock.. It was a black, slick, huge cock, about 10 inches long and fairly big around. It was also sticking out as he looked at her and shook the bars.

James cautiously entered the office after Deanne finally left on her rounds. He was still cursing at himself for throwing away his only sample. After he had went home, showered, and calmed down from his anger at the failure, it had hit him. All it needed was a simple modification or 2. Unfortunately in the garbage can were only the unwadded papers he had used to conceal it. Of course simple logic told him that since Deanne was the only one here and it was gone, she had it. A quick look into her purse confirmed his logic and he picked up the small spray bottle and dropped it into his pocket. He was then about to leave when a loud commotion on the monitors caught his attention. With amazement, he watched the huge silverback shake the bars trying to get to her. It was blatantly obvious that this ape wanted to mate her. James was amazed. This ape had never been close to this level of excitement, even when the zoo gave him females to breed. With interest, James sat down, sipped in a tape, and hit record.

Deanne quickly moved along down the path. In a few moments she regained her composure and continued her rounds. She passed several more cages before coming to the wolves. Almost as soon as she approached, 2 of the wolves began sniffing the air and looking at her. She saw them sniffing, and then walking back and forth testing the bars. She also noticed 3 or 4 inches of pink swollen cock sticking out of their sheaves.

She was almost shocked. she had worked here for almost 6 months now. She also had worked around a lot of animals at school. Of course the occasional animal will show some interest in humans, but never anything close to this. Deanne watched the big males try to push through or over or under the bars. She quickly continued her way down the path.

James watched the wolves' frenzy. He also watched Deanne. It didn't take a genius to figure this out. Obviously she liked the scent.. that's why she had not just took it from the garbage can, but had put it in her purse to keep. Also obviously if she liked the scent, she probably put it on herself. And obviously, though it did not work on human females, it worked wonders on the male of several species. James settled back to see just how many it worked on, and how well.

Deanne was a bit embarrassed. She was glad that no one had seen this tonight. She loved animals, but she had never thought of fucking one. She continued down the path, looking in on the other animals and hoping the rest of the evening might be less eventful. her hopes were quickly dashed by the zebras as she came near their cage, only to see the males prancing back and fourth against the fence, their veiny black cocks bouncing against their underbellies. Deanne stopped and stared in shock. Not 1, but all 5 of the males were prancing, kicking at the fence, and snorting.



Deanne was in such shock over the zebras that she never saw the goat coming. Suddenly she was knocked forward, landing roughly on her hands and knees, and before she could react there was a weight on her back. She felt something fairly large smacking into her between her legs. Looking up, she saw the goat on her back holding her waist in a vice. She screamed and tried to get away, but she was not able to make it let her go. She felt the sticky wetness of his precum as it soaked her pants. She dropped down on the ground and tried to roll away from him, but he dropped with her so she was only lower and still in his tight hug.

Suddenly she felt the goat being lifted quickly off of her. she heard it's bleating wail of surprise as it flew up and to her left. She looked up to see the huge silverback standing over her. Fear turned to complete panic as she started to run, but before she got up a huge furry arm went around her belly and lifted her. She felt him try to shove himself into her. Again her pants were protecting her from being entered. Only now her back was being compressed but this monster's strength as he pushed down on her shoulders in the attempt.

James saw the goat attack Deanne and try to mount her. He found her struggle quite amusing, but knew she was in no danger so he just enjoyed the show. He was as surprised as anyone when he saw the huge silverback grab the goat with one hand and throw it into the zebra's cage, knocking the door open with the impact. James knew he could not let this beast get hold of Deanne. Fun was fun, but he liked her and certainly did not want to see her raped, injured, or torn apart. James grabbed the tranquilizer gun and a few darts and ran out toward where he knew she was.

Deanne was beside herself in fear. She was afraid it's might injure her with it's massive strength, but she knew it would surely kill her trying if it didn't get what it wants. Her desire to live being stronger than her modesty and terror, Deanne began trying to get her pants off.

James had ran out toward Deanne, never expecting to run into another of the males just outside the door. he was planning to load the gun as he ran, so the terrible roar of the other silverback now standing in front of him, caught him in mid stride with a dart in one hand and an empty open dart pistol in the other. He then noticed the 3rd gorilla just to his left raising up, looking at him, sniffing the air, and coming toward him. Suddenly, terrifyingly, he remembered the spray bottle... in his left pocket...

Deanne was in great pain. She was sure this ape could probably lift a truck with his cock and had no doubt that if she didn't get the shorts off soon, that he would bend her shoulders backward to her ass in an attempt to get into her. She greatly regretted her tight short... which showed off so well her small firm shapely bottom... but were not going to come off now no matter what she did. Deanne realized she had one chance, one hope. Her shorts were tight... very tight. She kicked both legs out into opposite directions as hard as she could. Mercifully she heard the seam rip and give way as it had a few times before when she had did a split. in a split second the pain of being bent and shoved was replaced by the fiery pain of having herself thrust downward to the hilt on his massive hot sticky cock.

Deanne felt the pain rack her body. She was not, could not have been, prepared to instantly have a cock of this size slammed so far into her that her cervix was pushed upward in one complete move. She heard the great beast roar in satisfaction, then she felt him grab her around the waist and arms and start moving her up and down on his cock. Off and back on to his cock she slid, feeling more like a living sex toy than anything else. The pain was inescapable, as was the grossness she felt from the hot precum she could feel him squirting into her. She tried not to feel, not to think, not to even be aware of anything, as the huge ape slowly and methodically bred her.

James was unsure what to do. Being torn to pieces by a couple of thousand pound gorillas was horrible. Being bred and anally raped to death by a couple of thousand pound gorillas was not any better on the list of choices. Slowly the first gorilla sniffed the air and approached him. the 2nd was downwind and approached faster. He knew that if he keeps the bottle on him, he will be raped. If he throws it away he will probably be killed just because he is there and they are enraged. He knew he had one chance. James turned and ran for the ape's cage. As quickly as possible, he slid the dart into the gun. Somehow miraculously he managed to get to the cage first and managed to get between the bars which the massive apes could not get between. He then shot the ape that had arrived first, reloaded, and shot the other. In a moment the ape he shot stopped moving and fell to the ground. James looked at the bars, bent almost far enough to allow them to get through, and celebrated his life (and his intact nether region).

Deanne felt herself sliding up and down on this ape's cock. The pain had mostly subsided, but the nastiness of his sticky black cock spitting strands of precum into her had not. Deanne hated this... hated his cock sliding around... hated being totally under his control, and hated the pleasure she was forced to feel as his cock rubbed her G-spot, hated her wetness as she lubricated herself inside for the next thrust... the fullness as he went in so far his cock pushed open her cervix... the little spurt of nasty hot sticky precum that went into her womb.. "Aggh!" she almost yelled as she realized some subconscious, animalistic, nasty part of herself was enjoying this... getting off on it. "No!", she yelled at herself. "Nasty Bitch, No! This is wrong, bad, RAPE!", she thought to herself as she fought to control it. Tears welled in her eyes as she became aware of her hips moving and trying to meet his thrusts. "No.. ", she muttered meekly. the ape only reacted to this by shoving her up and down faster. She didn't want this... this huge, black, shiny, slick, hot cock...



Again Deanne shook her head and tried to regain control. Part of her was so ashamed... and even more ashamed as she knew that soon she would cum all over this nasty huge cock. She fought herself as he moved her faster and faster. She tried to think of anything, but her thought never went long before she was again losing herself on his massive shaft. It was the fullest she had ever felt. It glided in and out, rubbing her entire vagina. Soon she felt him push her down roughly and completely. She felt the hard tip of his cock enter her womb. She felt him begin to dump load after load of hot sperm into her. uncontrollable.. thoughtlessly, passionately, she added her orgasm to his. Wave after wave of passion swept through her. Wave after wave of hot gooey sticky cum were deposited in her pussy and through her cervix. She felt it in her belly.. filling her... making her warm.

Soon she felt the beast collapse from exhaustion, laying down on his side with her still imbedded on his cock. she felt the cock shrink and pull itself from her. Part of her wanted to sleep with him... to relax and enjoy her orgasmic afterglow.. to be here when he awoke and feel him again.

Deanne stood up. She was okay. Bruised sure, but nothing seemed broken. Her legs shook, making it difficult to stand, but somehow she managed to shakily walk away. In her confusion and her desire to deny the wonderful feeling she still had, she failed to notice the yellow trank dart sticking in the ape's left shoulder. She also did not see James, hiding nearby, as she started back toward the office.

James had arrived in time to hear Deanne's orgasm. He has seen her cum so hard she was moaning and screaming for more. He had even taken the time (since she seemed to be having fun) to watch the show for a while before he finally saw then both finish and decided to put the animal to sleep for a while.

The zoo was circular. Deanne had went back the way she came. James knew all 3 apes would be taking a nap for another couple of hours so he began running the other way so he could beat her back to the office. "Best if no one has any idea that I'm here", he thought as he jogged toward his destination.

Deanne tried to put her thoughts in order as she walked shakily toward the office. First, she was happy to be alive. Second, she couldn't imagine what had suddenly made them want her so or how they could possibly have gotten out of their cage. Fourth, what would she say when she called for the director, and fifth, why had that been so erotic. It should be rape, she should be pissed.. hurt.. angry.. not basking in the afterglow and daydreaming about how damn good it felt.


Suddenly she was down again. Once again she felt the goat mount her. As she felt his long cock ram into her, her first thought was strangely 'But you are dead'. She felt his cock slide in and shove hard on her. She felt it slide deep inside her... press her cervix. She looked around as she tried to shove him off and saw 2 other goats. Somewhere in her mind she realized that this was not the same goat, just the same tactic, which hurts the hell out of your hip. The goat pushed himself deeply into her over and over. Deanne could feel the swelled end of his cock shove her cervix every time her lunged forward. The goat's cock felt so strange. It felt slick, but it was almost like there was a sponge on the end which filled her completely in and around her cervix each time he pushed himself into her. Suddenly, she felt him press forward hard and hold her tight. She felt him gushing hot sticky gobs of cum almost directly through her cervix and directly into her womb. In that instant she understood the reason for the shape. In that instant she knew she had more cum inside her than she had ever imagined. At that time she came, moaning loudly and pushing back to make the seal even tighter. She wanted all the cum this goat had... every little sperm.. to be shot deep into her.

In a minute they had both stopped their dance of sex and again the shame of it all hit her. Being mounted by an animal... being filled with his liquids.. and worst of all, enjoying it so much. Her body trembled from the orgasm and burned from the shame.

She tried to get up as soon as he let her go, only to be butted in the hip by another one, knocking her down again so he could mount her. She tried again but he knocked her down again and was almost immediately on her, holding her tightly around the waist and prodding her with his cock. Deanne had just came and the shame far exceeded the desire she was trying to understand. Deanne pulled herself downward to try to escape this sex-crazed goat, hoping if he could not successfully mount her maybe he would tire.

The goat rubbed and prodded her with is cock, searching for her opening. Somewhere in her mind Deanne realized she was enjoying this. She loved the hard spongy wet cock rubbing her cheeks. She felt her own desire springing back to life. Part of her wanted this goat to fuck her. Another part of her felt such shame and disgust, not only at what was happening, but also at how much she liked it. As Deanne struggled with her desires and guilt, the goat found an opening. it might not be the opening he was searching for, but it was hot, wet, tight round, and certainly accommodating.

Feeling the goat's cock push into her ass was a completely unexpected and painful surprise. She knew she had lowered her pussy to keep him out. She didn't think about this possibility. The hard semi wet cock slid into her. She felt it find the most remote part of the inside of her ass, then with some pain she felt it go past that. Deanne howled like some animal as she tried to get away, but she quickly found that moving simply increased the pain.

Soon the goat was shoving himself in and out deeply and Deanne through her tears was trying to endure it till it was over. The pain. The humiliation. She wanted to find a hole and bury herself, never again to come out. She was even more ashamed when she realized she was moving in time with this goat. There was pain yes, but somehow there was pleasure. She reached back with one hand and began massaging her clit in the hope that the pleasure might help her endure the pain. She was not surprised when her hand encountered long strings of her wetness and the previous goats cum draining from her to the ground.

She began furiously rubbing her clit, arching her back, and keeping time with the goat. The pain never really stopped, but somehow along with her rubbing, it ceased being a splitting piercing pain, and just became an ache both around her ass and inside her. The ache she could handle. Soon she was on her way to another orgasm, driven to more intensity by the filthy goat sperm running out of her and down her legs and hand, the filthy cock going deep into her ass, and the knowledge that she was wanting more. She felt the goat tense. It hurt as he pushed her colon into a straight line and filled it with cum.



In a moment he was finished. As he popped out Deanne was both relieved and sad. Despite it all she was so close to cumming. her pussy was aching. Then she felt another goat on her back. Deanne's face was almost slammed down into the ground and she had to catch herself with both hands to keep from falling completely. Almost as soon as she felt him on her, she felt the wetness of his cock as it looked for her womanhood.

Having learned her lesson and being close to orgasm, she arched her ass high in the air and moved herself toward his cock. In moments she felt his cock push into her pussy and he began shoving and humping. Deanne became lost in the passion. Every time the goat pulled back, he would push her g-spot. every time he pushed in he would massage her cervix and fill her.

Deanne's body was on fire. her orgasm, so close, had her under its spell. Deanne felt fur against her shoulder. She opened her eyes only to see another goat standing beside her, his long shiny cock hanging swelled beneath him. Deanne wanted more. She wanted to taste him. She reached out, grabbed his cock and put it in her mouth.

Immediately this goat, finding a wonderful warm spot, began humping her hand and mouth. Deanne gagged as he rammed his cock down her throat and pulled it back. She held on tightly so the end of his cock would not go so far on the next lunge, but he still hit the back of her throat with his force.

She felt his cock swell in her mouth. She knew that her mouth would soon be as full as her pussy. Her body trembled as the goats fucked her mouth and pussy. the harder they fucked, the more light-headed she got. Soon the goat in her mouth was far too big to fit down her throat.

She let go of his cock with her hand and reached back to give herself the relief she was so desperately needing. She felt the goat in her pussy ram his cock as deep as it would go. The globs of hot cum shot through her cervix, adding more to the already filled womb in her belly. Almost immediately she felt the cock in her mouth tense. She rubbed herself furiously. She wanted to orgasm now... with them. It took very little before Deanne felt the waves of orgasm take her body into a warm tingly place. She felt the spurts of hot sticky cum emerge from the cock in her mouth. She swallowed, but much of it came out her mouth. There was so much of it. She really didn't care at this point. She was swallowing, feeling a lot of it run down her chin and cheek. feeling some of it run across her fingers and clit making them more slippery.

Somewhere during the orgasm, she felt the cock being pulled from her pussy and felt the cum gush out. In another moment her orgasm was over and she pulled the cock from her mouth and laid down on the cool ground to rest.

She laid for a short while regaining her strength, then got up and started to once again try to make her way out. She again felt the pain as one of the goats butted her down. Deciding another round of fucking was far better than a broken leg or bruised hip, Deanne steadied herself on her hands and knees and waited

Suddenly, she say all the goats run away. Part of Deanne was relieved, but another base part of her that was beginning to like this was quite annoyed. Almost immediately she realized her desire to be fucked again and wanted to smack herself. She watched them run away, then looked back to see the source of their fear, only to see 2 huge wolves standing in about 2 feet of herm sniffing.

Deanne froze and looked at the wolves. the larger wolf moved up to her and sniffed her poor stretched pussy. Tentatively he licked her, running the length of his tongue across her clit. Despite herself Deanne moaned and raised her ass. The 2nd wolf approached her and they both began to lick her. Deanne was in heaven. It felt like a thousand miles of tongue slurping and pulling her clit, her pussy inside and out, her ass, and the inside of her thighs. Somewhere in Deanne's bliss, she thought about a wolf's cock. She thought of his massive knot. As big as the ape's cock was, it would not be as big around as that knot. She wanted that. She pushed out the last of her shame.. her... civilized and proper thoughts. She wanted his cock. she wanted to be fucked. She began to wiggle and moan.

James arrived back at the office in time to refill all 3 darts and put them and the gun back in their place. He then cleaned up a little, made sure no one would know he was here, and looked at the monitors to see where Deanne was. He scanned through the monitors till he found her. "Oh no", he said aloud to no one as he started to grab the darts again, then her heard her: "Fuck me you beast. Please fuccck me. I need your cock. I'm your bitch!". James took a seat and zoomed in the monitors. The passion on her face was wonderful. Deanne was pushing back toward the wolves and begging them to mount her.

Deanne was lost in passion. She moved her ass back and fourth, backing herself toward the wolves. In a moment she felt the massive weight as the 160-pound wolf landed on her back. She had to push hard not to fall. She felt his hot cock rub her swollen pussy lips. She tried to move herself a little to help his aim and was rewarded as she felt his cock part her lips and slide deeply in her. She felt his claws dig into her waist and hips as he shoved his cock into her as hard as her could. She felt his barely inflated knot hit her lips, teasing her for a few strokes, before going in. When it popped into her how swollen pussy, it immediately imbedded itself deeply and began to inflate.

Deanne felt him swell. She knew she was tied to him, his bitch for however long he wanted her. He kept swelling. Soon she felt him lock into her. He was so big that he had swelled against the inside of her pelvic bones. It felt so warm and good. she felt his cock grow longer with each of his heartbeats till finally she felt it touch, push open, and enter her cervix. She almost came off the ground as he leapt sideways and turned. he had barely finished turning when she felt his loads grow bigger and hotter. She knew he was filling her with hot doggie sperm. She knew she was so stretched by his knot that every bit of it would go into her.

She felt her orgasm coming. she reached back to touch herself when she felt herself mounted again. Quickly she took both hands and pushed herself up. She felt the cock pumping her full of his sweet loads of cum, but she also felt a cock poking her. Almost immediately she realized the other wolf was trying to mount her while this one was still tied. she felt him poke her and before she could think his cock entered her ass.

"Oh damn! Oh my ass! Yessssssssss Fuuuccccckkk my assssss tooooooo", Deanne was moaning and straining. She had given herself totally and wanted to be fucked totally. She somehow managed to hold herself up as she felt his cock enter her... she felt it push past the flesh displaced by the knot in her pussy. The first wolf was pulling her a bit as he filled her. the pulling pulled against the pushing of the 2nd and she soon felt the pain of the 2nd wolf's knot popping into her tiny asshole.



Almost immediately Deanne began to cum. She was shoving herself against them and pulling... feeling the cum enter her from the first wolf and the 2nd began to stretch the inside of her ass and imbed himself for the duration. In a moment her ass was being stretched inside. She could feel the pressure of her flesh between her ass and pussy being compressed by the 2nd knot pushing and the first rock hard knot unmoving and ungiving. Finally the 2nd wolf's knot inflated fully. Deanne had never in her life imagined it was possible to be so full. she felt like she had 2 basketballs inside her. Her orgasm went into the next orgasm, and the next.

Somewhere in her bliss she wondered if her hips would be pushed out of joint by all this wolfknot inside her, only to be pushed into another orgasm by the feeling of the 2nd wolf spurting his hot scalding load into her bowels. She could hold herself no longer and collapsed on her shoulders and face, the wolves holding her up by their spurting cocks. Deanne didn't think anymore. There was no Deanne. There was just orgasm after orgasm till she finally passed out from exhaustion and bliss.

A pain woke her. Something large was being pulled through her ass. Almost immediately she realized that the wolves had finished and the pain had been the mostly deflated knot popping from her sore little ass. Deanne tried to stand but realized it was impossible. Finally, slowly, she crawled to a nearby bench and managed to sit. She had never felt so tired. She realized that if she hadn't been hurt by that knot leaving her ass, she would have slept till morning. The realization that she had came so close to being discovered by her friends and boss lying face down with cum dripping out of her both embarrassed and shocked her, but somewhere it turned her on a little.

Finally Deanne managed to stand and made it back to the office. Once there she cleaned herself up, Feeling tons of cum of every kind of animal leak from her. She finally got clean, managed to change into some other clothes, and got enough strength back. Wanting to kill the animal smell, she went to put on some perfume and could not find it. She wondered if James had came back and gotten it while she was gone, then tried to control herself as she realized that he might have seen her on the monitors.

After finally calming down from that shock, she called the director.


(A Few Hours Later)

"Are you sure you're ok Deanne", director Leonard asked her.

"Yes sir, I'm okay. I just don't know what happened", Deanne said.

"Sir", a uniformed man behind Director Leonard said.

"Ah Tom. What have you discovered?", Leonard asked

"Well sir, it looks like the Gorillas managed to bend their bars enough to get out, and it looks like they managed to open the zebra pen and the goat pen. Also the wolf pen was open, but sir, strangely it looks like the wolves chewed it open".

"The wolves probably opened it trying to get to the goats or zebra.", Leonard replied, "Did we lose any animals?"

"Yes sir. I'm sorry but it looks like we lost 4 goats. 3 were eaten and one was hurled through a part of the zebra cage by one of the gorillas for some reason. We have them all back where they belong now and we will keep the gorillas in the small concrete holding pen till we can assess how they managed to bend their bars and insure it can't happen again", Tom replied.

"Very good Tom. thank you. Carry on.", Leonard replied, then turning to Deanne, "Are you sure you are okay young lady?".

"Yes sir, I was just quite frightened.", Deanne replied,

"Understandably so. I'll have someone drive you home and please call me if you need anything", Leonard smiled.

In a short while Deanne was home and collapsed into the bed. She woke up on Saturday afternoon, sore all over and barely able to move, but happy she had not been caught. She had convinced the director that the ape had chased her, that she had evaded it for a couple of hours till she finally made it back to the office, and that she didn't know anything else.

Smiling to herself, she looked again in her purse, sure that she had just missed the perfume earlier in her state. Her face grew pale as she found a small piece of paper and read it:


"Deanne, You certainly like wolves. I wonder if you would like my K-9's as much. Maybe we can find out sometime. I know I'll be enjoying the movie for quite some time. We'll talk Monday night.


PS Let's keep this letter between us... that is unless you'd like this movie shared with Director Leonard and the Dean of Veterinary Medicine."


Deanne's face was ashen as she realized he knew. And her pussy was wet wondering about his dogs.

- The End -

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