"Deb's Family Farm Training"

      by Jake Spear

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Part One

Chapter 1

Deb worked as she hummed, packing for her family's summer vacation. She had started a week ago but, with 4 children and a husband to pack for, it seemed like a never ending task. "Just one more load of wash and I'm finished," she thought to herself.

Deb's husband Mike had spent the last two nights, after work, packing the mobile home with supplies for their trip. Tonight Mike would load the last of the clothes and supplies into the mobile home, and tomorrow they would be on their way to the Grand Canyon. This would be the family's first vacation since...well since Deb's and Mike's honeymoon 17 years ago.

The 34 year old mother of four watched out the window above the sink, as she finished the dishes.

Cathy, the oldest daughter, was just 16 and the desire of every boy in her high school. Cathy laughed as she push her 12-year-old sister Anna on the tree swing in the back yard. Cathy's twin brother Chris was wrestling with his younger brother Bobby, a typical 14-year-old, if there ever was one, in the grass next to the porch. It was evident that Chris was letting his younger brother Bobby win, although Deb didn't think that Bobby was aware of that fact.

The front door bell rang and Deb grabbed the dish towel wiping her hands as she walked through the living room. Deb opened the front door. "Mrs. Johnson, can please sign here?" Deb took the pen and signed for the letter. She closed the door as the postman stepped off the front porch.

The return address on the envelope was from her Aunt and Uncle's farm, but the handwriting was not familiar. Deb's Aunt and Uncle (Martha and Joe) had raised her from the age of four till she married Mike (her husband) one year out of high school. She knew her parents, only from the few pictures her Aunt and Uncle had shown her.

Deb opened the letter and read it quickly. Her hands shook as she reread the letter again. The letter was from Jeff, the new hired hand at her Aunt and Uncle's farm. Jeff's letter said he had gotten her address from the return address on a letter he had found in the trash. The letter went on to explain that Martha had been diagnosed with cancer and had only a short time to live. He knew how much Deb and her family meant to Martha, and so, Jeff had decided he should write and inform her even though he knew her Aunt and Uncle had decided not to tell her the bad news.

Jeff's name had been mentioned in the last few letters she had received from her aunt and uncle. Jeff had been hired six months ago to help finish the large cellar under the barn, that aunt Martha had always wanted for her canning. The new cellar was basically finished but needed the electricity connected, shelves made, things Uncle Joe didn't have time for while still working the farm.

Mike arrived home early to pack the last essential items into the motor home and plan their drive for the umpteenth time. He sat hunched over in the living room chair, elbows on his knees, reading the letter several times. Mike got up and walked into the kitchen where Deb was leaning back against the counter with her arms folded on her chest.

"Well Deb, it looks like were going to the farm. I think we can stop by on the way back from the canyon." Deb almost cried as she hugged and kissed her husband.

"I don't think we can spend more than three or four days but I know it's important to you and I think the kids will be delighted," Mike explained to Deb in a apologetic tone.

"Four days will be just right," Deb said. "It may be the last chance I have to see Aunt Martha!" Deb kissed and hugged her husband hard for a solid two minutes and let go only to say, "I love you Mike," before she led him by the hand to their bed room and started to undo his belt.

"Oh No you don't! I have a whole new trip to plan out by tonight morning, not to mention the last minute packing to do. You'll just have to wait," Mike explained as he left the bedroom.

Deb stood alone in the bedroom and wondered when later would be. Living in a mobile home with four children didn't lend itself to anything but sleeping and driving.

"This might be a long five weeks," Deb thought out loud.

Since the day Mike and Deb had married, sex had been occasional. Deb had never used birth control and over the last 17 years they only managed to have four children. Deb was always the instigator, never her husband Mike. When they did occasionally manage to have sex it was quiet, short and missionary position only. Deb took a deep breath and headed back to the kitchen to finish dinner.

The next morning the mobile home, with the entire Johnson family, rolled out of the long driveway, on time. The first few days of the vacation went by quickly, but by the end of the first week, everyone was tired of being inside the mobile home. On the eighth day it started to rain and it continued to rain every day the second week. Deb was constantly yelling at the kids to settle down and stop all the fighting.

Deb walked through the dining/sleeping area, to the back of the mobile home to use the toilet. The door to the back bedroom was open a crack and Deb saw her son in the buff posing for the mirror. They had stopped for the day at a camping area to top up the water tanks and Chris had insisted on going out even though it was raining. Instead of turning away, as she knew she should have, Deb continued to watch her son pose through the slightly opened door.

Deb couldn't stop staring at the size of rigid member between her son's legs. The fact that it stuck straight out from his groin, and the fact that he occasionally stopped his posing to slowly stroking it's huge length, paralysed her from moving. She continued to stare with unbelief at the size of her son's rigid cock. Her pussy started throbbing and she suddenly realized her legs were quaking. Just then a gust of wind, from the outside storm, rocked the mobile home and the door almost closed on her nose.

Deb almost collapsed through the door to the toilet, turned around in the small enclosure and quickly pulled the door shut. She lifted her skirt and pushed her wet panties down in one swift movement. Deb sat on the seat, leaned back, spread her thighs and plunged her hand between her legs. Her other hand kneaded one of her beasts through her blouse. Her fingers slid furiously up and down her wet pussy lips. Each caress spread her lips more causing her fingers to move closer to the entrance of her dripping cunt. She bit her lips to stop a moan from escaping, as one finger moved inside her burning hole.

Deb didn't hear the door open, or even notice her son Chris standing in front of her, too paralyzed to close the door or speak. Deb's head was thrown back, her eyes closed tight and the only thought in her mind was her son stroking that big cock of his.

Her son Chris, stood at the door staring at his mothers fingers hammering in and out of her shaved, wet hole. After what seemed an eternity, Chris finally choked out the words "Mom! I'm so sorry, so sorry!" as he quickly closed the door.

Deb opened her eyes in time to see the door in front of her close. "Oh shit, how long was Chris watching me," she wondered. She quickly stood, pulled up her panties, pushed down her skirt and opened the toilet door. She hesitated leaving the toilet and facing her son, but quickly decided to face the fact that it had happened. Deb walked up to the dinning area, sat down next to her son and looked across the table at her husband Mike.

"I suggest that we pull up stakes and head for the farm early," Deb said to all that could hear. "The kids need to get out of this rolling box and start breathing fresh air again!" Cheers of joy reverberated off the walls of the mobile home while all four kids shouted, "Yes-Yes please DAD, lets-go, lets-go, Please!!"

It took only a few seconds for Mike's mind to agree but he pretended to be thinking about it for a few minutes, absorbing all the attention from the rest of the family before giving in and saying, "OK, Lets go!"

As Mike climbed back into the drivers seat and started the motor, Deb turned toward her son still sitting next to her. She put her hand on his leg and noticed a tremendous bulge in her son's pants. Her mind flashed back to the vision minutes before of her son and his huge cock. Instantly she was wet again and she couldn't help wonder what it would feel like to have her son's cock in her wet pussy. Ashamed of what she was thinking she looked up into her son's eyes.

"We'll talk later," was all she could manage to say before getting up and walking to the front to sit with her husband.

It took two days of driving to get to the farm and during those two days Deb notice that her oldest son Chris, spent a lot of time in the toilet. She was so horny, she knew she would positively rape her husband the first chance she got. That one thought, of raping a man, excited her so much that her pussy gushed with eagerness. Deb squeezed her thighs together to prolong the tingling in her pussy lips and try to stop her pussy from wetting the passenger's seat.

"Thank goodness we're only a couple hours from the farm and only a few more hours till I have Mike alone in bed," Deb thought. She closed her eyes and the image of her son's cock reappeared. Each time Deb visualized her son posing naked, the size of his cock grew longer and thicker. The mobile home rumbled and bounced down the road, as she envisioned her son's cock now the size of a baseball bat. Finally Deb fell asleep, dreaming about the baseball size cock making love to her body, unable to prevent it from taking her, and secretly hoping it would never stop.

When they arrived at the farm house, the kids were out the door before the mobile home stopped. Deb and her husband stretched as they got out and started up the stairs to the front porch of the farm house. As they got to the front door, they heard someone calling from the barn across the yard. Deb turned with her husband to see a strikingly handsome man running towards them waving his hand in the air.

"Do you think that could be Jeff?" Deb said to her husband Mike.

"I guess we'll find out," Said Mike

"I knew you would come. Never had a doubt in my mind. Hi! I'm Jeff and I know who you all are. Glad to finally meet you Mr. and Mrs. Johnson," Jeff said as he approached Deb and Mike and walked up the porch steps.

The man wiped his hand on his trouser leg, grabbed Mike's hand and shook it firmly. He turned and stared at Deb and said, "I recognize you from the pictures inside. As a matter of fact I know all of your children's names. Come on inside and lets get you settled," Jeff said as he opened the screen door and motioned for them to enter the house.

As Deb entered the house she called to her Aunt and Uncle. "Aunt Martha? Uncle Joe? It's Deb! Where are you?" But there was no answer.

Jeff spoke up suddenly, "Oh I'm sorry Deb, your aunt and uncle went into town this morning to see the doctor. You know it's awful far, so they usually stay the night in town and come back the next afternoon. They said they'd be back late tomorrow."

"Oh, It's so disappointing they aren't here now," Deb pouted, but as she said the words she realized she and Mike would have the house to themselves for the night. That would fit nicely with her plan to attack her husband and rape him silly all night long. She almost giggled at the thought. Deb wrapped her arms around her husband's arm and squeezed it tight. "Where did these extremely horny feelings come from?" she wondered, but for now she intended to pursue them to find where they took her.

Jeff insisted on cooking supper for them all and afterwards disappeared into the guest bedroom for a good half hour to, "straighten things up a little," he said.

When the kids found out they had to sleep in the mobile home, they moaned and groaned, until they learned that mom and dad were going to sleep in the house. Then the bickering turned to who got what bed until Mike finally had to settle the argument for them.

About 10:00 P.M. that evening, Deb started tugging on her husbands arm. "Come on, it's late and I want to go to bed," she playfully said to Mike who was enjoying the peaceful silence of the night as he rocked on the front porch and didn't really want to leave just yet.



"I'm not tired yet, but why don't you go in and I'll join you later," Mike whispered to her in the stillness of the night air. Not wanting to go to bed without her husband, Deb reluctantly sat back down on the porch swing.

"I know what would be the perfect end to a beautiful evening," said Jeff. The word "END" caught Deb's attention and she eagerly asked Jeff what he had in mind.

"I've been hiding this old bottle of brandy for a special occasion and it seems to me that this is that occasion," Jeff said as he rose and walked toward the barn. He came back a few minutes latter, carrying three glasses and a funny looking bottle. With his fingers inside the glasses he filled each half way and handed them to Mike and Deb.

Ten minutes later and his glass empty, Mike agreed that he was ready for bed. Deb had to be helped up from the porch swing. She leaned on Mike all the way to the bedroom, where Mike let her fall onto the double bed. Deb managed to remove her clothes without getting up off the bed while Mike let his clothes drop to the floor in the area where he was staggering from the drink.

Mike swayed, surrounded by his pile of clothes and watched his naked wife as she dug her fingers into her pussy and ground her hips against her hand. Mike couldn't believe what he was watching his wife do.

Deb wasn't even thinking of her husband as her hands moved between her thighs. She felt a slave to the burning and tingling that was increasing in her cunt. The picture of her son's cock rubbing her pussy was consuming her entire being as she rocked her hips in time with her building pleasure.

Mike was suddenly aware that his dick was immensely hard and his hand was moving along it's length without realizing it. Mike moved toward the bed and his sexy moaning wife. In less than a minute they both were fast asleep.

When Deb woke up the next morning she still felt that tingling and burning in her cunt. Without opening her eyes she instinctively tried to moved her hand to her pussy. Her eyes sprang open when she realized her arms were being restrained somehow. She tried to turn her head but found it held in place somehow. She frantically tried to move her feet and legs. From what she could see and feel, she was in some sort of a metal chair that was reclined to a 45 degree angle. As Deb looked down at her own body, she realized she was naked and secured with thick leather straps to the metal chair.

"Chair" was the closest word that came to her mind, but it was not like any chair she had ever sat in. The chair seemed as though someone had attached a cold, flat suit of armor, onto the entire back side of her body. It was bent at just the right places to fit the joints of her arms, legs, shoulders and hips. This suit of armor however was frozen in position with her legs bent at the knees and her legs spread out to each side. Her arms were slightly bent at the elbows and spread out away from her body.

As she realized her situation she tried to spit out the object in her mouth. The ball gag pressing into her mouth was not only fastened to the back of her head, but was part of the restraint tied to the chair device.

"Mrs Johnson," a voice she recognized as Jeff's boomed out from behind her. "There's no need to talk, I know what you are going to say and I am not interested in hearing it," Jeff spoke as he walked around the chair and stood between her wide spread knees, looking at her open and very exposed sex.

"I will explain quickly why you and your family are here, because it fits with my plans to do so," Jeff talked as he unzipped his pants, unbuckled his belt and let them slide to the floor. Deb stated at the monster size cock swinging between the man's legs.

"Your husband and children are restrained in other rooms, next to here," He said stepping forward while slowly stroking his enlarging cock. "You've been given a drug I found in Japan, that will stimulate the nerves and heighten the feelings around your cunt and nipples. The tingling you feel works to keep you aroused when not being touched. The craving effects are irresistible and usually last for 3 to 4 hours. What you and your husband were given last night was a small oral dose, combined with mostly knockout drops. You should have had some wild dreams last night," Jeff explained as he continued to stroke his long cock.

"I must tell you, there is one small side effect of the drug you've been given jest now. It will not allow you to reach orgasm, which is extremely useful in this part of the training," Jeff smiled as he watched the terror and excitement on the face of the woman bound before him.

Deb tried to fight the incredible stirring's in her pussy. As her cunt muscles involuntary squeezed together she felt her pussy juices gush out and run down the crack of her ass. Jeff placed the tip of his cock on Deb's clit and rubbed it up and down while he spoke. Deb stopped listening for several seconds as her whole body exploded with the feelings she was experiencing from the touch of Jeff's cock on her now engorged clit.

Jeff continued to rub his cock up and down Deb's now sopping slit. He watched as Deb's eyes open wide and recognized well, the expression of pleasure and torture on Deb's face.

"You don't know who I am Do You Deb? Jeff asked as he rubbed himself on her pussy lips. "Let me refresh your memory. You were four years old, I was ten when Uncle Joe took you away and brought you here to the farm. Mom and Dad had just begun your sex training, when Uncle Joe showed up. He threatened to go to the authorities if dad didn't let you go right then. I guess Uncle Joe thought I was too sexually perverted to be saved along with you. He left me with "Good Old Mom and Dad" to finish my sexual education at the hands of our parents."

Deb couldn't believe that she had a brother she didn't know about. But somewhere, down deep, she knew it was true. Some dark and vague memory was emerging. The face of a boy. A face next to hers. A face on top of hers, on top of her body, rolling, playing with her cunt, both of them giggling and wiggling. And mumbles in the background urging and instructing them. Deb didn't want to think about it, but at the same time Deb found it impossible to hide the strong sexual feelings that were now pulsing through her body. She tried to speak through her gag, tried to move to somehow allow Jeff to stick his cock in her craving pussy.

Jeff went on. "Mom and Dad continued to use and train me until I was sold to a Japanese firm and shipped overseas. When I was too old and unresponsive for their enjoyment, I was used to train and torture others for my owners pleasure and money. When I turned 40 I was given my freedom and sent back to the United States."

Jeff continued to rub his cock up and down Deb's slit pausing slightly at her asshole and continuing back to her clit. It was driving Deb wild knowing that she was powerless to stop this man from doing whatever he wanted to her. For some uncontrollable reason she wanted him to fuck her. She needed him to fuck her. She would have begged him to fuck her if she could.

"This brings us to why you and your family are here. I'm planing to finish your training myself. You will assist me in training your children. Your husband will not be trained. Instead he will be used, but basically remain untouched to watch, as you and your children are turned into sex craving animals."

Deb screamed into her gag. Her mind raced. "No-No-You can't do this. Why are you doing this to us?" she thought. At the same time her hips were involuntarily trying to move up and down with Jeff's rubbing prick.

"That brings us to why," Jeff continued his explanation. "Money and revenge of course. Our dear Aunt and Uncle are on vacation for 5 more days and I want them to return and find their darling niece a total sex slut, along with her incestuous children. For six months I have listened to their praises of you and your perfect little family. We're going to show them what your perfect little family has become. AND, there's the money. Your children once trained can be sold as sex slaves to the highest bidders. You and your husband will be let go, but I doubt that your husband will still want the sexual slut you're going to become. You'll probably live the rest of your life on the streets, getting your hourly sex fix from fucking drunks and degenerates for free."

"Now that you know what you can look forward to, we might as well start your first lesson." Every muscle in Deb's body was tense as sweat was poring off her and puddling on the ground along with the juices that continued to seep from her pussy. Jeff stepped out of his trousers that were on the floor and kicked them to one side. He walked around behind the chair and came back to stand between Deb's legs again. He showed her a silver device that was attached to a rubber hose. It was 6-inches long, 2-inches in diameter and had a very unusual shape. At the base of where the silver shape was attached to the hose was a wide rubber coupling.

"This, little sister, is the shape of a dog cock. A rather, nice sized one, I might add. I want you to get use to this shape, cause you'll learn to love it and crave it every time you see a dog. This particular devise has a hole in the tip to allow liquid to be administered via the tube and this rubber at the base is inflatable, just like the knot of real dog's cock."

Jeff reached around and untied the strap that held her head to the chair along with the ball gag and dropped it to the floor. Deb was breathing heavily and the first sound out of her mouth was a loud, long groan.

"Now, your going to beg me to put this in your ass little sister. Tell me how much you want it in your ass, and if you convince me, I might just put it there for you," Jeff explained to his bound sister.

Deb's pussy was throbbing open and closed, and her ass was burning along with her breasts and nipples. Her pussy lips were swollen red with the increased blood flow through her sex organs. She wanted and feared the size of the silver instrument. Between gasps for air Deb began pleading. "Please big brother, put it in me. Please, I need it so bad, I'm so hot I can't stand it! Pleeease, Please, fuck me with it. Just fuck me pleeease!!"

"Very good sis, but you forgot to mention which hole you want it in. You'll have to beg me again if you really want it."

Deb wanted and needed to feel the long thick dog shaped dildo in her raging cunt. She had heard Jeff say the device was to go in her ass, but needed it SOOooo badly in her cunt. "Please Jeff stick it in my cunt please, I can't stand being empty anymore. My cunt's on fire," She shouted and begged her brother.

"Sis, you disappoint me. You know where we wanted it to go. I guess we'll just have to give you an little incentive," Jeff said trying to sound disappointed.

Jeff stepped back and flicked a switch on the wall. The drapes covering the wall, two feet in front of Deb parted in the middle and opened to the full length of the wall. Behind the drapes was a wall of full height mirrors stretching from left to right. For the first time Deb could see herself strapped into the chair device, her knees and legs grotesquely stretched out to each side and her pussy gaping open and exposed. Her pussy was shaved clean. Deb couldn't remember the last time she had looked at her bald pussy like this. She saw her nipples standing straight and watched as the lips to her cunt vibrating from the drug induced excitement within her. She was mesmerized by the sight of her cunt muscles as they continued to contract and relax.

Watching the image in the mirror was so indecent that it electrified Deb to look. Her thighs spasmed with excitement. She couldn't believe how deliciously obscene she looked as her breasts rose and fell from her over excited breathing. Her reflection looked so immoral that it stimulated her to greater desires.

"Jeff, please you can put it in my ass. I want it in my ass. I need it in my ass," Deb begged her brother as she watched her reflection.

"Too late little sister. I'm going to show you what happens when you don't respond in accordance with my every expectation," Jeff said as he walked to the side wall.

Deb eyes followed her brother Jeff's reflection in the mirrors. With the effects of the drug racing through her blood stream, her pussy screaming for relief, she found she found it difficult take her eyes off her brother's huge cock. In her mind she compared it to her husbands dick, the one she had been deprived of during the last two weeks. "Dam you Mike, dam you for that," she thought. She could see that her brother's cock was almost three times the size of her husbands.



"Jeff! Pleeeease dear brother, Fuck me, please fuck me with your big cock. Don't do this to me, I beg you," Deb pleaded as spasms rocked her bound body.

Her brother ignored her and smiled while he slowly stroking his 10 inch cock with his right fist. She stared in disbelief, as she saw his large fist barely fitting around the circumference. Jeff stopped stroking to flip another switch on the same panel that had opened the drapes. Instantly the wall of mirrors turned into a wall of glass separating them from a smaller room on the other side.

In the room on the other side of the glass, Deb saw her 16-year-old son bound to the top of a table face up. His twin sister Cathy, was bound to the same table face down on top of her brother. The feet of both children were facing Deb and she could clearly see her son's stiff cock sticking up between her daughter's thighs and resting against her daughter's still virgin cunt. A rubber tube ran out of her daughter's ass to an outlet in the wall not far away.

A new surge of excitement raced through her body as she saw her son's cock glistening with sweet and his twin sister's pussy juice. "NOOO! Please Jeff Don't do this. Please don't do this. Shove it in my ass - Jeff shove it in my ass instead pleeease!" Deb begged her brother.

"Too late sis. Training requires that you are given one chance to do what is expected of you. If you don't, then I punish one of your family or in this case let YOU do the punishing."

Jeff walked behind her as she starred at her children on the other side of the glass wall. Her brother returned with something and held it in front of her face.

"This device, dear sister, will be used to send a signal to the device buried in your daughter's ass. I can set the machine to send electric shocks of varying degrees, pump gases, fluids or in this case... dispense a powerful aphrodisiac designed to be absorbed quickly by her chaste young body. As you can see, your daughter's already had quite an erotic effect on her brother, judging from his stiff reaction to his sister's budding young frame," Jeff explained.

"The effect of one dose of the aphrodisiac is immediate but it only lasts 10 seconds or so. The real question is, how many doses are you going to give to your daughter? You can give her none, or you can pump her ass so full...... Well, I'll just leave that up to you," He said with a grin as he lowered the device in his hand to her inflamed cunt lips.

The device Jeff held was made of stiff rubber and had the resemblance of a deflated balloon. A rubber tube ran from the end of the balloon to a control panel somewhere behind the her chair. At the connection of the balloon to the rubber tube, another tube with small pump bulb was attached.

"We'll just insert this rubber inside your cunt and pump it up a little," Jeff said as he fed the deflated rubber into his sister. Deb shook as the touch of her brother's fingers sent chills of pleasure through her aching body. Her brother finished inserting the balloon and was now inflating it deep inside her. Deb could feel it fill with air and press against her tight cunt walls. The rubber tube jerked on the ground with each pump her brother forced into her.

With all her inhibitions lost, Deb squeezed her cunt muscles to heighten the increasing sensations between her legs. This was exactly the uncontrolled hunger Jeff was hoping to cultivate within his sister. "Within a few days her mind and body would only be salified by the most repulsive sexual acts. She would become a true whore's slut," He thought as he watched his sister desperately trying to satisfied herself on the inflated ball inside her tight cunt.

"That's it," He coaxed her. "Squeeeeeze that bulb little sister. I have set the machine to deliver one dose to the ass of your daughter, every time you contract your cunt muscles. I've given you a front row seat to watch the result it has on your children."

Jeff walked behind Deb and flicked the switch to activate the dispensing device that linked Deb to the device in her 16-year-old virgin daughter's ass. Immediately Deb saw the tube sticking out of her daughter's ass jump as the liquid surged into her daughter bowels. Deb tried to relax her cunt muscles as sweet dripped from her hair and poured down her face and off her heaving breasts.

Jeff walked over to a device on the glass separating the two rooms and pushed the intercom button. Instantly the sound from her oldest son and daughter filled the room. Jeff just smiled at his sister trying to hold her bodies desires still.

On the other side of the glass the 16-year-old Cathy was talking to her brother. "Ohhh Chris, something's happening. I feel so hot between my legs all of a sudden," Cathy said. "Their putting something in me Chris. It's making me burn and itch inside."

"Try and move up a little," Chris instructed his sister lying on top of him. "Try and pull away from touching me," He grunted. Just then the tubes surged with another dose of liquid and seconds later both Cathy moaned loudly into his ear and rubbed frantically against his stiff prick.

"Shit. Fuck. Chris, I can't help myself," Cathy screamed to her brother as she wiggled on top of him. "I don't have any control. I can't stay still. It feels so good. I'm so HOT Chris," Cathy said as her head raised to look at her brother's face.

"Oh Chris I'm so sorry," Cathy told her brother as she looked into his eyes. "I can't stop."

Cathy frantically rubbed her cunt against the length of her brother's hardening cock until the dosage starting wearing off.

"Chris, I think it's O.K. Now," She spoke in gasps. "I'm sorry, I couldn't help it, I was so hot for you Chris," Cathy said and laid her head on her brother's shoulder as her excitement settled.

"You have to try and move away from it somehow," Chris told her not wanting to say cock to his sister. "See if you can slide up, away from it a little," He said trying to help his twin sister.

The restraints on Cathy allowed her limited movement on top of her brother. She was held in place by straps at her wrists and just below her knees. Cathy tried to arched her back in an effort to move away from her brother's cock. As she did, the tip of her brother's cock slid down the crack of her ass and rested against the sensitive skin between her ass hole and the entrance to her virgin cunt. Cathy could not pull away any farther. Another dose pumped into Cathy and she wiggled uncontrollably rubbing the tip of her brother's cock against her tender area. Cathy started shaking and began to rub her breasts in circles against her brother's chest.

"Ooooohhhh shit Chris, what are we going to do?" Cathy asked.

"I don't know Cath, your making me so hot," Her brother panted. "I don't think I can take much more. You gotta stop moving like that. It's driving me crazy!"

"Ooohh Chris, I never dreamed it could feel this good," Cath moaned. "My whole body's on fire. I feel like I can't get enough. Is it always like this Chris? Does it always feel this good?"

Cathy arched her back as she gently pushed against her brother's cock. The large head slid down again and tucked itself inside her outer pussy lips. Both children gasped and froze in their present position. Cathy's body was shaking from the desire building inside her and not sure if she should move or not. Another shot pumped into Cathy's ass and it was all she could do to keep from screaming into her brother's ear.

Cathy strained to move her ass up let her brother's cock slide along her wet pussy lips another inch, then slowly she moved her pussy back down till it poked at the tube in her ass. Once again she did the same. Each time she moved a little faster. Even as the drug wore off, Cathy continued to move and explore these new feelings stirring insanely inside her. As Cathy's movements continued, the head of her brother's cock parted the lips of her sopping wet pussy a little more with each stroke.

Chris could feel the head of his cock sinking deeper and deeper into the folds of his sister's pussy lips with each movement of her hips. More and more of his cock head was being engulfed as his sister wiggled and slid against him. Suddenly his sister's extremely wet pussy lips parted and the engorged head of Chris's cock slipped between and paused at the entrance to her virgin hole.

"Oh Chris I don't know what's happening to me. I've never even let a boy TOUCH me before. Now I can't stop rubbing my cunt up and down my own brother's cock. I feel so nasty and dirty. I want so badly to be your slut sister," Cathy moaned as she continued to move her hips in a circle, keeping her brother's cock between her pussy lips and rotating it around the entrance to her cunt hole.

"Chris?" Cathy said in a low moaning voice, "Do you like having your nasty slut sister do this? Does it feel good to you too?"Chris could only moan an answer to his sexy sister.

As Deb watched and listened to her son and daughter in the next room. She tried desperately to fight the urge to squeeze the device inside her. "How much longer?" Deb shouted at her brother Jeff.

"It's just getting interesting," Jeff spoke as he turned to look as his sister's face. "Look! Your daughter's trying to decide whither to fuck her twin brother's cock. Why don't you give them another dose and help her with the decision?"

Deb stared at her son's cock lodged in the entrance to his sister's cunt. Her children's bodies were covered with sweat and Deb could see the tiny moist beads glistening on the lips of her daughter pussy. She watched as her daughter's pussy lips engulf and circled the huge head of her son's cock. She saw her son's cock jerk with each quiver of his sister cunt. She had to fight the urge to squeeze her cunt muscles, for the sake of her children.

Jeff watched Deb's face fill with determination. He smiled and walked behind her chair. He reached around his sister and gently massaged her breasts and nipples. "Deb," He whispered to her. "Help me show your family the exquisite pleasures of forbidden sex." He spoke softly, almost lovingly as he gently squeezed both nipples. Then his hands slowly slid down from her breasts towards her shaved mound. "Help me sis, you can do is, let your daughter experience the pleasure of her brother's cock filling and warming her cunt. Your daughter wants it. Just look at her Deb, she wants it so bad. Let her have her brother's sperm."

Deb screamed as her brother Jeff took her clit and squeezed it hard. Deb could not hold back any longer. She felt so nasty, so good and she wanted her children to feel the same forbidden desires that she was feeling.

Deb's eyes opened wide as she screamed. "Yeeesss Cathy, fuck your brother. Fuck him-Yes-fuck him-fuck his big cock with you tight virgin pussy," Deb screamed as she struggled in her bonds while her cunt muscles crushed the inflated device inside her. "Fuck your sister's virgin cunt Chris," she screamed knowing her son could not hear her. "Fuck her with that beautiful long cock of yours son."

Jeff watched as the tubes jerked wildly on the floor beneath Deb's chair. He watched the exquisite torture on his sister's face.

Deb continued to watch the scene in the next room while her cunt went crazy with contractions. The tubes delivering the aphrodisiac to her daughter jerked obscenely as dose after dose raced through them towards her daughter ass.

In the next room Cathy screamed as the liquid continued to filled her bowels and leak out around the sides of the tube. Cathy's head snapped up to look into her brother's eyes. Chris watched his sister's expressions turn from innocence to pure lust.

"Oh Chris, I can't hold back any more. I'm yours Chris. I'm your slut," Cathy spoke to him as she lowered her lips to his and sucked insatiability on his tongue. Cathy arched her back slightly and without warning, forced her cunt down onto her brother's cock. A muffled scream echoed in the chamber between their locked lips.

Cathy's hips gyrated, front to back, side to side while moving up and down on her brother's huge cock. She pulled her lips from her brother's mouth, threw her head back as she screamed with delight. "Oh God Chris, it feels soooo goood like this! I can't stop fucking. I can feel you all the way inside me, all the way. Fuuuck it feels so good! Am I a good slut Chris? Is your sister a good slut?" Cathy asked her brother as she moved on and off his cock.

"Just don't stop Cathy!" her brother unanswered. "Don't ever stop sis. Your so hot. So tight," Chris half mumbled and half spoke. Chris suddenly realized that he was on the verge of coming in his sister's pussy. "Wait! Wait Sis! Pull off me, quick, pull off now! I'M COMMMIIINNNGGG!!" Chris shouted as his sperm surged through his cock and into his 16-year-old sister's unprotected virgin cunt.

Cathy felt her brother's cock heave, as his hot sperm splashed against the inside walls of her cunt. The sensation of her brother's cock, pulsing as it delivered it's load, and the feeling of his hot sperm packing her stretched cunt, took Cathy over the edge and she came along with her brother.

Deb watched her two oldest children enjoying each others bodies and could not remember why she thought it was a bad thing. She wanted her children to feel pleasure. To love each other. To experience each other.

Jeff turned out the light to the room where the twins were now basking in the afterglow of their first sex. He left the sound on so they could hear if the twins decided to do it again. Jeff had already turned off the machines as soon as Deb had succumbed and her son and daughter had started fucking each other. No need to waist the aphrodisiac when nothing could stop what was going to happen at that point.

Jeff reached down between his sister's thighs and released the pressure of the bulb inside her cunt. It fell to the floor without much noise. Deb's cunt was still gaping open from the stretching it had received and Jeff put two fingers in the entrance to her cunt, barely touching his sister at all.

"You did a good thing sis." Jeff held up the silver dog dick and asked her again.

"Now beg me to put this in your ass little sister. Convince me how much you want it in your ass, and maybe I'll let you lick your son's balls and ass next time you let him fuck his sister"

Deb knew she could not fight what was happening to her. How could she have come to this, in such a short time. Her thoughts turned her on, the chair turned her on, watching her children turned her on. The realization that she had caused her virgin daughter to fuck her brother really turned her on. Now she was about to beg her brother to put this obscene instrument, where she had never in her life, had anything before.

Deb looked into Jeff's eyes and begged "Please Jeff, I want you to shove that big hard dog dick in my burning, needing, ass hole."

Jeff smiled. "Beg me more sis" he said.

"I'll do anything. Please-please put it in my ass. I need it soooo badly. I suck your cock. I'll do anything. Pleeeease..." she sobbed. "I'm so hot for it. Fuck my ass with it Jeff!"

Jeff smiled and placed the tip of the stainless steel monster at the pucker of his sister's ass. He watched her ass pulse in time with the contractions of her cunt muscles. Without warning he rammed it forward. His sister screamed with pain but at the same time pressed her ass hard onto the invading object. Jeff was pleased when he saw that the first three inches were inside. He ignored his sister's screams, leaned back and pushed with all his weight. Screams resounded off the walls as the last of the invading giant disappeared into his sister's ass. Jeff twisted a knob on the base of the connection and the rubber knot expanded inside the stretched ring of her ass. It was secured inside her now and would not come out until Jeff removed it.

Jeff twisted the dial on the pump and a warm liquid started flowing into his sister's bowels. Almost immediately, Deb stopped crying and relaxed. Deb's stomach bulged as the liquid continually filled her intestines. She watched as her stomach continued to expand more and more and waited nervously for the pain to begin. Then the expansion stopped, and Deb looked at her extended stomach, then at her brother.

"The liquid is laced with a pain killer. It will take approximately half an hour for the pain killer to start wearing off. By that time your intestines will have become extremely sore from the pressure there presently under. Your body will quickly start feeling the pain and within a matter of minutes, will become unbearable."

Jeff closed the shutoff valve at the end of the silver dildo and disconnected the attached hose. "I must check on your children and husband for now. I'll return in 45 minutes," He said as the left the room.

 ...continues in Chapter 2 - click here to continue... 

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