"Deb's Family Farm Training"

      by Jake Spear


Chapter 2

When Jeff returned to the room he could hear Deb screaming through the closed door. Jeff opened the door, walked to the cabinet, grabbed a 2 inch diameter hose and squatted down between his sister's open legs. Jeff ignored the screams and pleas emanating from his desperate and struggling sister.

Deb watched hysterically as her brother connected one end of the hose to the dildo and placed the other end in the drain below the chair. She watched as he opened the valve and felt the pressure dwindle inside her draining intestines.

After 5 minutes, Jeff disconnected the drain hose and reconnected the smaller hose. He walked behind his sister and turned another dial. Again a warm liquid started filling her bowels. The pain subsided slightly and a warm tingling feeling started in her ass. The warm feeling spread through her entire body as she felt herself relax again.

"Feeling good?" Her brother asked as he turned the dial to stop the flow.

"Yeess, so relaxed and warm and nice," she murmured.

"I'm glad sis. With your bowels stretched to the maximum, the surface area for absorbing is 4 times larger than normal. Which means that half the normal dose of chemicals will have a greater effect than a full dose would have before. I've added in a small dose of a Spanish fly mixture I made myself. You should be feeling light, relaxed and very sensual right now."

Jeff gently placed his hand on his sister's cunt and rubbed her cunt lips in light slow circles.

"Mmmmm that feels goooood Jeff," she purred as her brother teased her craving pussy. "Ooooh, don't stop doing that. I neeeeed it soooo badly."

Jeff stopped his sensual caressing and walked back to the bench. He twisted another dial and turned it off after a few seconds. The response was almost immediate. Deb started rocking her head from side to side and moaning between pants and gasps for breath.

Deb felt a small change in pressure in her bowels and almost immediately there followed a wave of warm chills sweeping her body. Her nipples stood straight out and clit swelled instantly. The lips of her cunt puffed and renewed sex juices flowed from her open pussy. The craving for sex had returned with a vengeance, and now it spread through every part of her body.

"It's time for you to cum Deb and once again I'm going leave the decision to you," Jeff instructed her.

"I want to cum Jeff, I don't need to decide. I want to cum now, pleeese Jeff!" Deb screamed as the craving kept growing within her body, raising her to greater and greater urgency.

"Then let's see if your ready." Jeff unhooked the hose between Deb's legs and drained the small amount of liquid in her ass. He next deflated the ring on the dildo and jerked it out in one swift movement. Jeff took the dildo and the hose back to the bench and put them in the sink. From beside the bench the unrolled a garden hose and turned it on.

Jeff sprayed his sister's body to wash off the sweat and filth from the morning training. Deb screamed with delight whenever the stream of water hit her pussy and still open ass hole. When all the dirt, piss and smell was washed down the drain, Jeff recoiled the hose and turned off the water.

Behind her, Deb heard her brother open the door and leave. "No!" Deb thought. He can't leave me like this."

The door opened again and Jeff walked in front of her with his arm around her 14 year old son, Bobby. Deb was shocked speechless. Bobby was naked except for a tight leather hood covering his entire head with the exception of his open mouth and lips. Bobby had to keep his mouth open in order to breath while wearing the tight hood. Attached to the leather hood were various rings of stainless steel. Black leather cuffs were buckled around his elbows with the same type of steel loops.

"I've a toy for you to play with," Jeff announced with a smile.

Jeff directed Bobby to between his mothers naked legs. "Kneel down," Jeff commanded the boy.

Deb's son knelt down in front his mothers naked pussy. Jeff first took Bobby's right elbow, and then his left elbow, and fastened them loosely to the straps above each of Deb's knees. This allowed him to touch, poke and even fondle his mothers thighs and cunt lips, but not to stand up or pull away too far.

Jeff reached down and clipped a long leather strap to the chin ring on Bobby's hood. He then pushed the other end of the strap through an ring under the chair just below Deb's quivering cunt. Then he ran the strap through a series of rings under and behind the chair. He pulled the strap hard and Bobby fell with his mouth on his mothers cunt. Bobby took a step forward on his knees to correct his balance and squeezed his mothers thighs for support.

Deb gasped with the contact of her son's mouth and fingers on her. When Jeff let go of the strap a protesting whimper escaped Deb's lips, as her son's mouth pulled away from her needy wet cunt. She couldn't say anything, without letting her son know the cunt he just kissed belonged to his perverted horny mother.

"Fuck!" was the only word that appeared in her mind. She couldn't believe how excited it made her to feel her son's hot breath on her cunt. She looked down and almost screamed at the site of his tongue pushing against her shaved cunt lips, as he tried to breath around them. She tried to move her hips toward her son's tongue but her bonds kept her tightly in place.

Jeff continued running the strap to a ring in the ceiling above Deb's head and back down till it hung in front of her face. He tilted Deb's head back, and at the level of Deb's mouth, he tied a large plastic ring to the leather strap. Jeff placed the plastic ring between Deb's teeth, pushed her chin closed, and pushed down on the top of her head.

As Deb's head moved down to her chest, her son's mouth moved forward and into his mothers cunt. This time the feeling was so good Deb pulled harder. Her clit and pussy were sucked into her son's mouth in a desperate effort to inhale. Deb pull down harder as her son shook his head and struggled to breath. His tongue lashed her cunt and pushed hard against her clit.

Deb finally let go when she realized what she was doing. She looked at her brother Jeff and shook her head left and right. "NOooo-please" was in her eyes, but her pleading expression was ignored by her brother. Deb closed her eyes and tilted her head back to think.

Jeff walked to the switch at the side wall and again turned on the light in the room behind the glass. Deb couldn't believe what she was looking at.

Tied to a cross in the middle of the room was her naked husband. His arms were out to his sides and there were small weights attached to his wrists. Cables ran from the top of his wrists through rings in the ceiling, then over to the wall behind him, down the wall, then between his legs and were fastened to the hood worn by their 12 year old daughter Anna. A ball gag had been placed into her husbands mouth which limited him to only muffled sounds.

Anna's face was almost totally buried in her fathers crotch. The little girl was only slightly able to pull her mouth off the semi-ridged prick between her cheeks . Her hands were tied above her head and attached to a belt around her fathers waist. Jane watched in shock as her husbands arms dropped and Anna's head slid forward till her nose was completely buried in her fathers pubic hair. Anna struggled and shook her head fighting for release. Finally Mike raised his arms but only briefly before lowering them back again with a moan.

"His cock is only partly erect, but if you will notice the tubes leading out of his ass we can quickly remedy this and start the race," Jeff said as if Deb should know what he was talking about.

Deb looked at her brother with questioning eyes. "O.K. I'll explain it to you. You see, as his dick grows it has no other place to go but down the little girl's throat. Due to the fact that his dick is small the girl might be able to breath if she pulls back real hard. Unfortunately for her, it's just a matter of time until her neck gets tired or he can't hold his arms up any more. At that point there are has two choices. Let the girl die choking on the cock buried in her throat, or fuck her mouth till he comes and hopefully go limp before she suffocates. That reminds me I was going to explain this very thing, before I left him in there. Oh well I'm sure he'll figure it out"

"By the way, there is one other way to save the little girl, if things start going badly. If you cum before she chokes, you win the race and save everyone," Jeff smiles as her turned and walked back to the bench. He turned the dial to start the liquid into Deb's husbands ass, as he shouted, "Let-The-Race-Begin!"

Deb watched her husbands hips jerk as his ass filled with the liquid being pumped into it. Without hesitation her husband jabbed his cock forward into his daughter's face. The little girl closed her lips and screamed, onto her fathers invading cock. She could see her daughter questioning eyes open wide as her fathers rapidly inflating cock filled the small girl's mouth.

Deb watched as her husbands hips began to move forward and back into his daughter's mouth. "Shit, he's fucking our daughter mouth," she thought. "He's not even trying to resist!"



The realization of this and her son's hot breath on her shaved pussy lips caused her head to slowly lower to her chest. She closed her eyes and bounced her head on her chest forcing her son's open mouth against her steaming cunt.

She opened her eyes to see her daughter face being furiously fuck by her fathers cock. The continued moaning from behind her husbands ball gag were increasing and in time now with his shoving hips. The 12 year old Anna was having trouble with her breathing. Occasionally she was coughing around her father's cock.

Deb watched the jack hammering of her husbands cock into their youngest daughter's face and moaned as she lowered her head again. The drug inside her, combined with the lurid scene in the next room, and of course the feeling of her son's lips on her naked cunt, was too much for her. She didn't care about the race. Her only concern was getting her son's lips around her clit and getting his tongue as far as possible inside her cunt as she could.

As she lowered her head and pulled on the ring, the strap suddenly snapped. She looked to the side and saw her brother Jeff smiling with a small pen knife in his hand. Still holding the plastic ring in her mouth Deb groaned furiously at her brother and shook her head up and down.

Jeff walked to her side leaned toward her ear. "Since time is critical, and I don't have another strap, I'm going to untie your right arm and hand, and strap it to the top of the hood between you legs. You owe me big for this favor Sis."

There was little resistance in Deb's eyes as Jeff unhooked her arm and tied her wrist to the top of her son's leather hood. Jeff then reached down and undid the two straps that held her son's head to his mother's pussy. Her son instantly pulled back a few inches but stopped when it reached the length of his mothers arm. Deb's fingers spread over the top and dug into the back of her son's hood.

Slowly but forcefully Deb guided her son's mouth to her juicy cunt. Because her hips were restrained by the chair, Deb compensated by grinding her son's head back and forth into her inflamed cunt. As she watch the lurid scene in the next room she continued to press her son's face into her cunt in rhythm with her daughter face fucking.

Deb hardly noticed that her brother Jeff was standing beside her and her son. Without warning Jeff reached to the side of Bobby's hood, unsnapped the leather blindfold on each side, and pealed it away from the velcro that held it tightly in place. Bobby eyes blinked open and then flew wide. He looked up directly into his own mother,s eyes and realized that he was licking and sucking his own mother's WET CUNT!

Deb looked back at her son and moved his head to her throbbing clit. "Lick my clit son, stick out your tongue and flick your mother's clit for me. OH YES, than SO GOOD Bobby! Now, flick it from side to side son," Deb eagerly instructed her captive 14-year-old.

Bobby moved as instructed. He couldn't believe his mother was pulling his head to her cunt and telling him how to like lick her. "Ugh Ugh Ugh Ugh," was all Bobby could get out in a series of short sounds, with his open mouth held tight in his mothers crotch. The vibrations of the muffled sounds against her pussy lips drove Deb wild with passion. She rubbed her son's face up and down her pussy, jerking his head in a rapid movements and stopped only force Bobby to press his tongue hard against her engorged clit.

"Yes, that's it son, suck me, lick me hard OHHHH!" Deb shook with pleasure as she forced her son to licked up and down her slit and flick her engorged clit. Deb knew she was close to cuming. She could feel it building up inside her. Her breathing was getting rapid and the grinding of her son's face on her flaming cunt was getting harder and faster. The more her son moaned, trying to breath, the hotter it made her and the harder she pull his face into her crotch.

"Yeees Bobby, that's it, fuck your mommy with your tongue. Stick it in my cunt hole and make me cum. Ooooooh yes! Harder, harder son! Yes fuck me, fuuucckk meee!" Deb screamed and tossed her head back. "Oh I'm Cuuummmiinngg! Harder son, Push, Harderrrr!"

Deb's pussy juice gushed into her son's mouth as she held his face tight between her spasming thighs. She continued to pull her son's face to her cunt in short hard strokes trying to fuck his tongue up her cunt hole. At last she pulled with all her strength and forced her son's tongue in as far as it would go as she shuttered in orgasm.

As Deb released the pressure on her son's head, her son looked up at the smile his mother's face. Deb realized she had cum harder on her son's face than she had ever cum before. She had never felt as satisfied with her husband Mike. Mike had never licked her between her legs before. She had asked once, and only once, and been told that only whore's thought of such things.

Deb lowered her head and smiled into her son's eyes. She watched as her son bent down and lovingly licked some of the cum off his mother's pussy lips. She moaned, arched her head further back and communicated her pleasure to her son with a slight pressure on the back of his head and then released it a few seconds later.

Bobby pulled back and for the first time, from only inches away, he stared at his mothers wet pulsing cunt. He was slightly embarrassed of his hardon but knew that his mother could not see it under the chair.

Suddenly Deb's head snapped upright as the muffled moans from the next room sank into her brain. "You said that you would release my daughter if I came first," Deb demanded.

"I did tell you that didn't I," Her brother Jeff laughed and shook his head from side to side. "I tell you what. I'll give you a choice. Release your daughter from her face fucking or release your son from your dripping cunt."

Deb looked down at her son and stared into his eyes. It felt so natural to have her son's head between her legs. So warm, so soft. The choice was easy. "Please. Release my daughter," Deb decided.

Jeff left the room and appeared a few seconds later on the other side of the glass. Deb watched as he removed the 12-year-old girl from her fathers crotch and helped her to stand. The little girl wiped her face with the back of her hand as she gently cried. Suddenly she reached back and swung her fist at her father's crotch. As she started to pull back for her next swing, Jeff stopped her and lead her out the room.

Deb watched with disgust as her husband still tied upright to the cross lowered his arms. His still raging hardon, only 4 inches, stood out straight from his crotch. Deb realized that her daughter was never really in and trouble of suffocation from her husbands puny organ. She couldn't see how she was ever satisfied by anything so small.

Her brother Jeff was back within a moments of leaving the room on the other side of the glass wall.

"Thirsty?" Jeff asked his sister.

"Yes," she said realizing she had not had anything to drink for hours and the sweat she had lost probably had added to her exhaustion. Jeff approached her from the side and held up a large bottle of water.

"It's not very cold," he said "but it's wet." He told her as he unscrewed the cap and held it to her mouth.

Deb opened her mouth and placed her lips around the top of the plastic bottle as her brother tilted the bottle up. Deb drank greedily from the bottle and gulped down half the bottle before she realized it. Jeff kept the bottle raised and Deb slowed her gulping till only a quarter was left. She tilted her head back to signal that she had had enough, but Jeff didn't lower the end.

"Drink it all," He said. "You'll need it."

With her stomach already full she swallowed the remainder of the bottle. Jeff took the plastic bottle away when it was empty and set it on the counter behind his sister.

"When are you going to let me get out of this chair?" Deb asked her brother.

There was something very maternal about her son's face still licking at her pussy. She felt that she could be satisfied just to sit there and let him lick for the rest of her life. She watched her son's head move, lightly licking her lips and she instinctively directed his lips to the areas that felt the best to her. Every now and then she instructed him how to lick or tongue the area she moved his face to. Her son seemed eager to satisfy his mother's requests, and that made it all the more exciting for her. Two nights ago she never would have dreamed she would be having oral sex with one of her son's or that it would feel so good.

"I'll be letting you out of the chair very soon," Jeff said. "As soon as you get rid of the water you just drank."

It dawned on Deb what he was saying and a tingle went down her spine as she looked down with wide eyes at her son's face still buried in her crotch.

"What about my son?" she asked. "Aren't you going to let him go?"

"I'm sure you son is as thirsty as you were. I think we should allow him to have a drink before we put him back with his sister. His sister must also be very thirsty by now, so why don't you show him how to give his little sister a drink?"

While the thought of what was to happen, raced through Deb's mind, she could see no way of preventing it. Already the urges within her body were building. She was sure that it would only be a matter of minutes before she could not hold back the piss from her son's mouth.



Deb watched her son as he continued his licking of her pussy juices. The way he continued to suck on her cunt made it hard for Deb to hold back the urge to piss. As she tried desperately not to release the water inside her, she couldn't help the small amounts that dribbled out, despite her efforts. She was sure her son could smell it and she was certain he had understood what was going to happen.

She watched as her son licked every little dribble and sucked it into his mouth. He seamed so greedy about getting it all.

"I made him chew salt pills two hours ago and he hasn't had any liquids in the last 4 hours." Jeff said watching over her shoulder. "Ask him if he needs a drink."

Deb looked down at her son. Excitement flashed through her as she spoke. "Do you want mommy to give you a drink?" She asked her son.

Bobby hesitated before he finally nodded his head up and down in his mother's crotch.

She asked again. "Son, darling, are you going to drink all mommy's piss like a good boy?"

Her son nodded immediately up and down and licked the inside of her pussy all the way up to her clit. Deb couldn't believe the excitement she was experiencing just then. Her son had just tongued and sucked his own mother to orgasm, was now licking her cunt, and wanted his mother to piss in his mouth.

"O.K son. But I want you to drink it all. Don't spill any of it. O.K.?" Bobby acknowledge with a nod.

Deb's kidneys were begging for release. She held her son's head against her cunt and released her piss into her son's mouth. Bobby greedily sucked and swallowed as the his mother wiggled his head with her hand to add to her enjoyment. Deb thought she was going to go insane from the movements of her son's lips and jaw on her cunt as he struggled to swallow her steady stream of piss.

When Deb had finished, her brother Jeff, unhooked her son from between his mother's legs and lead him out of the room. Deb closed her eyes and relaxed contently. Her attitude toward sex was defiantly changing, and so was her relationship with her family.

Jeff returned from taking Bobby back to his room with his little sister. He smiled at the site of little naked girl running to and hugging her naked brother. Anna helped her brother remove the remainder of the leather hood and cuffs. Jeff took them from the little girl and locked the door as he left.

Anna looked at her brother's cock, that was still hard from the excitement of sucking his mothers pussy.

"Wow Bobby, your thing is bigger than dad's!" Bobby heard his little sister say, and his mind shifted from embarrassment to pride. He looked down at himself and moved his hips forward to allow his sister to see his full length. "You wouldn't believe what dad did to me Bobby," His sister said in a pout, as she stared at the size of her brother's prick.

"What happened sis?" Bobby asked his sister. Anna himmed and hawed and finally said that it was too embarrassing to tell.

"I'll tell what mom and I did if you tell me what you and Dad did," Bobby coached his little sister Anna.

"Well, alright, but you go first," Anna said.

Bobby started to tell his little sister how he was strapped between their mom's legs and that mom showed him how to lick her and make her feel good. He tried to explain what he did, but was having a hard time.

"Then I licked the little thing at the top of her...... you know ...... and then pushed it up and down and sucked it."

Anna's face showed that she didn't understand any of this. Bobby tried harder to explain. " You know .... it's hidden inside and looks like ..... you know!" Bobby said as frustration spread across his face.

His sister shook her head "NO," and looked down at her little pussy and spread her tiny lips with her fingers to see if she could see what her brother was talking about.

"Mom loved it, and said she didn't want me to ever stop. It must have really felt good to her," Bobby continued as they both sat on the floor with their knees up, looking at each others sex.

Bobby got up on his knees and said to Anna, "Here, open your legs more and I'll show you."

Anna opened her legs wide for her brother so he could show what he was talking about. Bobby got down on his stomach with his face and hands inches away from his sister's tiny little cunt. He reached out and spread her smooth cunt lips to find her clit and show it to her.

Shivers of pleasure ran up and down Anna's spine as her brother touched and spread her little pussy lips. Her brother noticed the response and smiled. "Yeah, that's what mom did when I was doing it to her. Here I'll show you what mom made me do," Bobby said as Anna put her hands behind her and leaned back.

Bobby lowered his head to his sister's pussy and licked her, from her ass hole, to the top of her pussy lips. As he got to the top of her pussy he stuck his tongue between her lips and found his sister's clit.

"Aaahhh," his sister screeched.

Bobby lifted his head, "Did that hurt Anna?"

"No I don't think so, but it felt funny. Kind of tingling and warm. It's alright you don't have to stop. You can show me," Anna said as she laid back on the ground, her hands on her stomach, knees in the air.

Bobby noticed a trickle of wetness seeping from the bottom of his sister's pussy down the crack of her ass. Bobby lowered his head and with his tongue licked his sister from her ass hole to the top of her pussy again. Anna moaned and squirmed as her brother continued his licking.

Suddenly Bobby put his lips around his sister's clit and sucked it into his mouth. Anna started bouncing up and down into her brother's face and at the same time grabbed his head and held in against her cumming pussy.

"Wow!" Cathy said. "Mom was right. It feels so good when you do that. Can we do it again?"

"Sure, but maybe latter. Right now my mouth and tongue are kind of sore from doing it to mom and you. I think they need a rest."

Bobby got up from between his sister's legs and stood. "Are you going to show me what Dad did to you?" Bobby asked.

"Oh, alright," she said as she got on her knees in from to of her brother's still stiff prick. "His wasn't this big, but I think he liked it cause he kept doing it even when I wanted him to stop!"

Cathy shifted on her knees, reached over, put her hand around her brother's prick and guided it into her mouth. Bobby's legs felt like rubber and he had to try hard just to keep them from folding underneath him. Instinctively bobby's hips started to move forward pushing his cock in and out of his sister's mouth.

"Muuuffff!!" was all his sister said as she let his prick slide against her tongue like she did her fathers. Bobby tried to restrain himself from moving, but he couldn't quite stop his hips from pushing forward and backward. He quickened his pace slightly as the feelings inside came to a head. Suddenly his prick was jerking inside his sister's mouth. His sister screamed and started to back, but Bobby grabbed her head and pushed his prick down her throat. Bobby's sperm squirted and squirted into his sister's mouth and throat. His hips pushed his prick forward and his hands pulled his sister head so that his entire cock was buried down her small tight passage.

Finally, Bobby let go of his sister's head and she pulled off her brother's prick slowly. Cathy's mouth was filled with her brother's sperm and some was leaking down her chin. "BOBBY!" his sister complained as she swallowed. "Why did you do that?"

Bobby looked at his sister. "Sorry Cathy I couldn't help it," He said sounding truly sorry. "I don't know what happened. It just felt so good I couldn't think about anything else."

Cathy remembered just now when she had cum and looked up at her brother. "It's alright I guess. Besides it tastes pretty good and I'm really thirsty."

Bobby smiled when he thought of how he could take care of his sister's thirst. He felt tired of standing and his legs were weak. He sat down next to his sister and hugged her. He could tell it was getting dark outside from the window at the top of the room. He was tired, and so was Anna. Maybe later he'd let his sister have a drink.

"It's been a good day" Jeff thought to himself.

Everyone in the family had been paired up in three separate rooms. 14 year old Bobby was in a room with his 12-year-old sister Anna. Deb had been put in a room with her 16-year-old son Chris, and Mike had been put in a room with his 16-year-old daughter Cathy. Each room was bare with only two blankets. The blankets were mostly used to cover their naked bodies from each other. There was a large drain hole close to one corner of the room. A shower head stuck out of the wall about 10 feet above the drain and a knob to turn it on stuck out of the wall under it.

Everyone was exhausted and fell right to sleep in the quietness of their partner's arms. Jeff went about preparing for the next days activities. In the morning he would be busy with all the farm work. The animals had to be fed and stalls cleaned, the minimal farm chores. He should have them finished by noon, and if he prepared for the second day of family training now, he'd be ready to continue on his sister right after lunch.

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