"Deb's Family Farm Training"

      by Jake Spear


Chapter 3

The next day at dawn, food was slid through a small sliding plate at the bottom of each door. The Johnson family ate their country breakfast, finishing everything Jeff had cooked for them. Shortly after noon, Jeff entered the room containing his sister Deb and her son Chris.

"Leave the blanket sis," Jeff instructed as both Deb and her son stood up. Chris tried to take a step forward, but his mother stopped him short. "It's alright Chris," she told her son as she grabbed his arm. The blanket slid off her body and she walked toward her brother standing in the hall outside. Chris stared at the beautiful body of his mother as she left the room. He couldn't help his reaction to seeing her naked and reached down to stroke his rigid cock and wait.

Jeff lead his sister Deb to the same room she had been in the day before. As Deb entered the room she was surprised that the chair she had occupied yesterday was gone. In place of the chair, there was a large thick exercise matt with a hole. Sticking up through a hole in the middle of the matt was a steel pipe supporting a padded platform sloping up at a 45 degree angle. At the top of the sloping platform was a chin rest that stuck up from the surface slightly and seemed to be adjustable. Attached under the chin rest were what looked like bicycle handel bars for the hands. There were two holes in the sloping board and Deb assumed they were for the insertion of her breasts. The platform was only long enough to support her from her waist to her shoulders.

"Kneel down at the end, put your breasts in the holes, and put you head on the chin rest," Jeff instructed his sister. Deb did as she was told. As she wiggled to get comfortable. Her brother adjusted the chin rest so that her head faced straight forward and was at her brother's waist level. Jeff attached a collar around her neck and fastened it to the underside of the chin rest. Her hands were on the handle bars and Jeff cuffed them in place. Deb felt her knees being pulled apart from behind and locked in an extremely spread position.

"I'm sure you remember the dildo shaped like a dog's prick you loved so much yesterday," Jeff said as he squatted down so he could look her in the face as he spoke.

Deb's eyes widened and she shouted "Noo! Pleeease! It hurts so much. I'm still sore." She cried as she pleaded with her brother. Jeff only smiled and shook his head.

"You misunderstand me sis. I'm not going to use that on you today. No, that would be very cruel thing to do to my baby sister. Instead I was thinking that I should allow you the pleasure of having the REAL thing."

Jeff watched the expression in the face of his bound sister as she realized what was going to happen. Jeff stood and left the room as Deb fought the confines of her bondage. He returned a few minutes later holding a leash attached to a large dog. Jeff brought the dog around to Deb's face and squatted down with his arm around the huge beast.

"Deb this is Rex. Rex this is Deb. Now that you've both been formally introduced, I think it's time you two get better acquainted," Jeff snickered as he stood up and lead Rex by the collar to his sister's totally spread and exposed ass. He reached out and clipped Rex's leash to a ring between Deb's spread legs.

"Rex is a very well trained dog," Jeff started. "I brought him with me when I can to the farm. Fortunately for you, Rex hasn't had the opportunity to mate with a female bitch for almost 2 months now, so I'm sure he'll be in top form today. I've seen Rex here take 5 bitches in one afternoon, or one bitch all day long."

Jeff stepped back and gave the dog a command. "Rex, Lick!" And Rex proceeded to lick Deb's pussy from behind.

Deb wasn't sure she could accept this. She moved her hips left and right away from the dog's snout, not allowing Rex to have a steady target for his tongue.

"Deb-Deb-Deb. When are we going to learn? You must never refuse to have sex, of any kind, when it's offered," Jeff scolded his sister.

He looked at the dog and shouted, "Rex, Stop!" And the dog stopped and sat down.

Jeff walked around to face his sister. He stooped down and adjusted the chin rest slightly. He walked back, unhooked Rex's leash and brought the dog to Deb's face. Jeff lifted the two front paws of the large dog and placed them on his sister's shoulders. Deb's face was only inches from the dog's large sheathed cock. As she looked she saw the wet red tip of the dog's cock slide from it's sheath.

"As you can see, you have already started to excited him. I must insist that you bring him to a point, that he can satisfy himself in another way."

Jeff reached under the dog and rubbed the dog's balls with one hand and stroked his sheath with the other. Deb watched as the dog's cock slipped out of the sheath and touched her lips. As her brother continued his manipulations the dog moved forward and his cock entered Deb's mouth.

Jeff stopped and watched as his dog took over, pumping his own swelling cock into Deb's mouth. Rex would give two of three quick pumps and then stop. Two or three more and shift his stance.

Deb couldn't believe she was sucking the cock of a dog. She was amazed at the size of it. It was so big around that it stretched the lips of her mouth to where it almost hurt. She had never seen a dog's cock before. Especially this close. It was amazing to see, and so slippery in her mouth. It was pointed at the beginning, thick in the middle and tapered back to a large ball where it met the dog's sheath.

Rex was really getting into fucking her mouth now. The dog's cock was sliding almost all the way in and out of her lips with each quick stroke the dog took. She was beginning to wonder what it would feel like to be fucked with this thing. She felt her pussy getting wet and she couldn't stop wiggling her ass even though there was nothing to wiggle it at.

Just as the dog started picking up the pace, and Deb was sure It was going to cum in her mouth, Jeff shouted, "Rex, Stop!" and Rex jumped off her shoulders and on to the ground. Rex immediately starting licking himself, and Deb thought that this was what her brother meant by "satisfy himself in another way."

"Rex, Come!" Jeff commanded and the dog stopped his licking and followed his master out the door. Jeff returned a few minutes later without the dog. Deb was relieved but wondered what was next.

Deb felt a tube being inserted into her ass. Next she felt a warm liquid flowing into her bowels. The tube was removed and a plug was inserted to keep the liquid from dripping out. Deb's inhibitions dissolved and she groaned, wishing that the dog was back.

"Would you like to fuck the dog now sis?" Her brother asked.

"Mmmm yes. Anything I'll fuck anything. Just bring it in and let it fuck me. Ohhh I'm soooo hot and horny, get the dog back. Let that beautiful big dog cock fuck me full," Deb moaned as she thought about the dog cock fucking her.

"Too late sis. I'm afraid Rex has found another mate, but if you'd like to watch I don't think Rex or his new bitch would mind. But you have to promise me you won't get jealous now," Jeff explained to her.



Jeff opened the curtain and turned on the lights to the other room. There in the middle of the room was her 16-year-old daughter Cathy, bound on the same kind of sloping platform Deb was, except Cathy's neck was not tied down and she was wearing a red ball gag.

Rex was busy licking Cathy's pussy from behind. Deb could hear her daughter moan through the gag, as Cathy moved and shook her head from side to side.

Deb couldn't believe it but, she was jealous of her daughter. Rex should be licking her cunt, not her daughter's. Her daughter should not be trying to steal Rex away. "I was Rex's first choice," Deb thought. "I'm Rex's bitch. Cathy you have no right to have Rex even touch you," Deb thought as her bodies desire continued to build.

Rex was driving Cathy wild with his licking. Sweet juice from her 16 year old pussy poured out, as Rex's tongue greedily caught every drop. Cathy had surrendered completely to Rex's tongue lashing. Rex's tongue was so long and fast that, to Cathy, it seemed to be unrelenting. She wiggled her hips and pumped her pelvis in an effort to get Rex's tongue to different places on her pussy.

Suddenly Rex drove his long slick tongue up inside the 16-year-old, twisted the tip around and pulled it out. Cathy screamed through her ball gag with shear delight. She had never felt anything like that, but before she had a chance to calm down, Rex shoved his tongue inside her cunt hole and did it again.

From the other room Deb watched in anger as she watched her daughter taking Rex away from her. "Dam bitch daughter," she shouted. "I'm Rex's bitch, not you! Get away from him you little cunt!"

In her present state of mind, Deb regarded her daughter as the competition. As she watched the dog with her daughter she could feel every lick from the dog's tongue on her own pussy. She could feel his velvet tongue sliding against her cunt lips. Deb opened her mouth and tried to remember what Rex's doggie dick felt like when he was fucking her lips. She imagined giving herself fully to the dog, to do with as he wished.

Cathy's body shook with pleasure. She had never dreamed a dog could do this to a woman. The dog would snip at her clit, and his tongue would start it's seemingly unending slide along her entire cunt. With each lap the dog's tongue dragged her pussy lips with it. Then it would withdraw for a moment and leave her craving for it once again.

Deb's hips were humping air as she sought relief for her burning pussy. She was totally consumed with anger at her daughter and longing for the pleasure the beast could give her.

Cathy wondered how long before her fluffy lover would get tired and have to stop his tormenting of her pussy. "He just can't stop," She thought. "Can't ever stop. I would just die if he stopped now!"

Just then Jeff walked to the glass wall and pushed the microphone button. "Rex, Fuck!"

The amplified voice startled Cathy and she looked in the direction the voice had come from. She was relived when she saw only a speaker. She relaxed again thinking she was alone with the dog and no one would see her perverted behavior with this animal. She was still free to enjoy the great new feelings she was experiencing.

To Cathy's frustration the dog stopped licking. Her body was starting to relax, when suddenly, Cathy felt the dog jump up on her back. "What is this dog doing now?" she thought twisting her head back to try and look at what was going on. The dog's body was jerking, and the dog's chest was moving on her back.

Cathy's head jerked back when something hit against her pussy. Then it hit again. And again. Cathy tried to move away, but Rex growled. Cathy laid still, suddenly afraid of what was happening.

Rex was relentless. He pumped with short strokes feeling for the correct spot, waiting for the opportunity to fuck his girl bitch. Within seconds he found his mark and jerked his haunches forward sinking his shaft into the entrance of the girl's extremely wet pussy.

Cathy screamed into her ball gag as the tip of Rex's cock invaded her recently virgin cunt. She tried to crawl forward but she was already as far forward as her bonds would allow. Cathy knew she could not escape and she lowered her head to await what she knew would come next.

Rex pulled back slightly and rammed forward again sinking another quarter inch into his new bitches cunt. Again and again he forced more and more of his cock into the girl. He drove with such force that Cathy could barely catch her breath. Suddenly his entire cock slammed into Cathy's stretched cunt. Rex paused for a moment and then started his unrelenting thrusting in and out of the moaning girl.

Cathy felt like she had a football jammed inside her. The combination of pain and pleasure overwhelmed her and she soon started pushing back at each thrust of the dog's cock. Cathy was amazed at the feelings she was experiencing. When Rex slammed into her, she felt pain, but when he pulled out she craved for it to be inside her again.

Deb watched from the other room in agony as her daughter started responding to the dog's fucking cock. Rex was hammering into her daughter with that beautiful dog cock and her daughter was enjoying every inch of that cock as it smashed back into her. She saw the dog's balls swinging forward with every stroke and slapping her daughter clit. She wanted so badly to be in her daughter's place right now. To feel that thick cock sliding in and out of her pussy. She would find a way to punish her daughter. Punish her good.

Cathy was almost there. She wanted desperately to cum and at the same time she wanted it to go on forever. She felt Rex's dick swell inside her and noticed his pace quicken. Suddenly the cock inside her jerked and it felt like she had a garden hose squirting up inside her. Dog sperm was splashing on her legs as Rex continued to pump her cunt.

Cathy tensed, and then it hit her hard. Her body jerked and spasmed out of control. Her cunt muscles squeezed the dog's cock inside her so hard that she heard Rex Yelp from the pressure. Rex may have stopped but Cathy wasn't finished. She pushed hard against the invading prick and jerked her pelvis up and down, screaming one long scream into her gag for a full minute. Totally drained and exhausted from her shattering orgasm, Cathy passed out with Rex still inside her.

Jeff turned out the light to Cathy's and Rex's room. He knew Rex would continue to try and pull out of the girl while she was passed out and would eventually succeed. If he left them together for long enough, Rex would fuck the girl again and again until she was released and taken away. That was alright with Jeff. He turned his attention back to his sister.

Jeff knew that Deb's sexually heightened state was not due to any chemicals, but in fact was completely her own doing. Jeff had pumped only water into his sister's ass. No stimulants or aphrodisiacs were used. He allowed her to believe she was drugged only to overcome her dwindling reluctance. The feelings within Deb's body were entirely her own now. Believing that she was helplessly drugged only served to release her inhibitions. She was ready. She would do almost anything now.

Jeff decided to see just how badly she wanted to fuck something. Jeff walked over to the cabinet above the bench on the wall and opened the door. He found the object he was looking for and removed it from the shelf. He held it in his hand and smiled to himself. He had rarely had an opportunity to use it. The object was an exact replica of a horse's dick, a very large horse's dick. It's length was 2 foot long but the really wicked part was it's thickness. For most of it's entire length it was 3 inches in diameter and at the tip it flared out like a mushroom to 4-1/2 inches. Only a true fuck slut could manage to get it in her pussy, and then once forced in. it was painful to get out. Jeff grabbed an attachment collar for the horse dildo and screwed it into the bottom end.



Jeff approached his sister Deb from behind. He did not want her to see the size of the object just yet. Deb was screaming for someone to fuck her and still shouting obscenities regarding her daughter stealing Rex away. Jeff knelt behind his sister and attached the collar holding the dildo to the steel pipe below the platform. He adjusted the collar so that the tip of the flared end was barely touching his sister's pussy lips. Deb screamed when she felt the dildo touch her cunt. "Yes, Yes fuck me fuck!" She continued to scream as she rotated her hips in a circle and moved her pussy on the flare. Deb tried to slide back but her collar attachment prevented her from doing anything except rubbing it lightly.

Deb begged her brother to fuck her. "Jeff, please Jeff, just bring back the dog and I'll, I'll fuck his brains out. I know I can do better than that slut daughter of mine," she insisted loudly.

"No sis, Rex wants your daughter right now," Jeff taunted. "Your not as good a dog bitch as she is!"

"Please-Jeff-Pleeese. I'll do anything. Anything you want from now on, but please I'm going crazy not being able to fuck something. I need to be fucked. I need a cock filling me up. Pleeese Jeff," Deb pleaded while rubbing herself on the tip of the dildo.

"O.K sis. I'll loosen your collar and let you fuck the dildo your rubbing on. I hate to see you in need like this, but if I do this for you, and you don't use the dildo to fuck yourself, I'm going to have to punish you by sewing your cunt shut. Do you understand me sis?"

"Yes, Yes! Anything Jeff!" Deb was panting out the words. "Please just....loosen my....collar.....so....I can....ram it....in my....cunt....and show you...what a slut.....I am. Hurry Jeff ....hurry.... I'll show you. I'm a big slut .....you'll see. A big... Dog... bitch ...slut.

Jeff smiled to himself. The training was going better than he had expected.

Jeff released the collar strap that held his sister Deb from moving backward. Deb immediately wiggled her hips and pushed back onto the dildo's flared head. She pushed again, her arms strained against the handel bars. "Nooooo," she screamed. It was there, right at her cunt's entrance, but she couldn't get it in. She needed it inside her cunt so badly. She turned her head to look back.

Deb saw the back end of the dildo. It looked large but not too large. The size excited her when she thought of how full it would feel. She had to get it in. With one great effort she pushed back onto the impaler with all her might. She wiggled her hips up and down at the same time she pushed. She fought the pain, thinking only of her need to be fucking something so badly.

She felt her cunt entrance slowly stretching to accommodate the intruder. She pushed harder and harder as the pain increased. She didn't care if it split open, she didn't care about the pain, her only thought was to fuck something. She had to fuck something. She had to fuck it right now!

Suddenly the flare of the horse dildo shot past the stretched entrance to her cunt and slammed against the inside of her womb. She screamed in agony from the pain at her stretched cunt entrance and from the punch inflicted inside her stomach but, within seconds she was rotating her hips on the thick impaled dildo wedged in her cunt. She moaned and grunted, as her cunt spasmed, quivering around the shaft, moving so it touched every inch of her inner womb.

The helpless mother began to make short pumping strokes while she circled her hips. The incredible mixture of pain and pleasure took control of her mind and shut out all other concern's Deb had. She thought only of the feelings coursing through her loins. She couldn't stop. Her strokes along the invader were increasing in length now. She pumped harder and screamed every time she slammed the flared head of the cock into her insides.

Her brother Jeff watched as the entrance to her cunt squeezed and shrank tight around the 3 inch shaft of the dildo. With every stroke Deb made along the veined replica of the horse cock, her sensitive inner womb rolled partly in and out as though it was attached somehow to the surface of dick.

Deb's inner womb was being stretched in order to accommodate more and more length of the 2 foot long cock. Her cunt couldn't get enough. Further and further she forced it's length into her elongating sex.

Jeff watched, as his sister pulled forward off the shaft leaving the juice from her pussy along 10 inches of the exposed cock. He unzipped his pants, removed his clothes and walked over to straddled the 2 foot long cock. He looked down at his sister's ass riding along half the black dildo's length. He stroked his cock as he watched the lurid scene below.

When Jeff's cock reached it's full length he lowered himself down so that his balls rested unused end of the long dildo. He slid forward until the tip of his cock touched his sister's puckered hole.

The feeling of her brother's cock against her unprotected ass shocked Deb at first and then worried her. She stopped her movements and paused with 6 inches of the dildo in her cunt not knowing weather to move or not.

Jeff slid forward and positioned his cock at the puckered entrance to his sister's ass hole. Deb wiggled left and right against the soothe round head of her brother's prick. "Yessss!" Deb shouted suddenly wanting her brother's cock in her ass. "Just hold it right there. I want to push back on it slowly."

Deb pushed back increasingly hard as her brother held his cock from moving away. "Arghhhhhhh," She shouted as her brother's cock slipped past the entrance and was engulfed by her tight spherical ass ring.

Deb was so stuffed that she could barely move on the shafts that invaded both her holes. She struggled to move back and then struggled to move forward, but nothing happened. Jeff grabbed his sister by her hips and pulled his body up forcing his cock into her ass further. Only 6 inches slid in before Jeff could feel the flare of the horse dildo stopping his entrance.

Jeff then slid out and back in knocking against the flare each time. His pace increased as his sister remained wedged on the large shank sticking in her cunt. Jeff could feel the heat rising in his balls as they rubbed along the length of the long black rubber pole. He quickened his pumping and, within the tight the walls of his sister's ass, he started to cum.

Her brother's sperm acted like a lubricant in her ass and Deb screamed as her brother began banging his cock in and out rapidly. His speed increased by the lubrication let him slip past the flair of the dildo inside Deb's cunt. Large amounts of sperm sprayed out with every inward pump. Some of it dripped down onto the dildo in her cunt as her ass became full and could handle no more. She tried again to move on the shafts imbedded in her cunt but could only managed to shove it in another inch. She whimpered in frustration. She needed to cum like her brother. She felt cheated that she couldn't move, and she needed to move to cum.

Jeff withdrew from his sister's ass and walked to her face. He grabbed the collar around her neck and pulled her forward. The flare of the horse dildo kept her from returning forward all the way to the same position as before and Jeff had to adjust the chin support to clip her collar.

With this done Deb couldn't move on or off the cock inside her. She whimpered as she watched her brother lower his stained prick to her mouth and moaned as it slid past her lips.

Without stopping Jeff continued pushing his cock down his sister's throat. His sister accepted it without complaint and looked up to stare in her brother's eyes. She licked and cleaned her brother's cock as it slid completely in and out of her face enjoying the sensation but wanted so desperately to be sliding along the cock the dildo at the same time.

When Jeff was satisfied that his cock was cleaned off he removed it from his sister's mouth.

"That's all for today sis," He said as he unhooked the dildo from is holder. He pushed it in 12 inches and looked at it as it stood out from his sister's cunt wiggling in the air. He unhooked her legs, wrists, collar and stood her up.

Deb looked down between her legs and watched the cock swing back and forth between her thighs. She reached down to pull it up more but was stopped by her brother when he grabbed her right arm. "Nooo Jeff. Pleeease. Let me fuck myself. I need to cum right now. I need it so bad Jeff. Don't stop me. Pleeeease Jeff," Deb begged almost crying.

Jeff ignored his sister and using the cuffs on her wrists he clipped her hands behind her back. Deb tried to reach the dildo buried inside her but couldn't. She continued to cry and begged her brother to let her fuck it.

Jeff walked his sister, with the dildo wobbling between her legs, back to her room. He opened the door and pushed her in. Deb turned back to the door and screamed. "Nooo. You can't so this. Don't leave me here like this. I need to cum. Don't do this to me!" Deb sobbed and turned around to see her 16-year-old son holding the blanket closed in front of him.

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