"Deb's Family Farm Training"

      by Jake Spear


Part Two

Chapter 6

Jeff smiled as he looked over the Johnson family, chained to their posts in the barn. The beautiful 16-year-old Cathy was definitely enjoying the new sexual excitement coursing through her body. Her thighs moved against each other as she stood with her hands cuffed and chained to the post behind her. The horse cum, mixed with her mother's pussy juice was now drying where Cathy had rubbed it between her shapely legs and breasts.

Jeff reached behind the youngest boy Bobby, and unchained him from his post. He led Bobby over to the 12 year old Anna, and sat him down with his back facing his little sister. Jeff unfastened the boy's cuffs from behind his back. He had the Bobby lay on his back so that his head was under his sister's spread legs and he was staring up into his little sister's still virgin pussy. He cuffed Bobby's hands around the post at his little sister Anna's back.

Anna stood with her legs apart, her brother's shoulders lying on the top of her feet, and saw her brother Bobby looking up into her tiny wet pussy. Jeff urged Anna to kneel down until her shins were pinning her brother's arms and her pussy was on his face.

"I want you to rub yourself on your brother's mouth and nose Anna," Jeff told Anna. Little Anna didn't move. She continued to stare at Jeff with open mouth.

"Anna if you don't move soon I'll have to punish your father," Jeff explained, trying to reason with the little girl.

Anna looked at her father, at his erect prick, and remembered when her father had fucked her helpless mouth a few days ago. Anna refused to move.

"All right then Anna," Jeff said.

Jeff walked away and returned with a small lamb. He brought the lamb over and tied it to the post between her father's legs. "Your fathers little prick looks just like the nipples on the little lambs mother. When the lamb stops struggling to get away, he will notice your father's prick hanging in front of his snout. Thinking it's his mother, he will start biting and sucking on it. It will be extremely painful for your dad, I can assure you. He will cry for you to rub yourself on your brother's face, but with the gag in his mouth, you will not be able to hear him. Once the baby lamb starts sucking, I don't know if I can get him to stop. I only hope that the poor little lamb doesn't suck it off."

Anna, still angry with her father, refused to move her little pussy over her brother's face, watching the lamb still struggling to get free. Anna's father tried to turn so that his prick was not sticking out towards the lamb, but the lamb's leash was tied high between his crotch. Every time he twisted, it brought the leash with him and the lamb's mouth closer to his prick.

Jeff walked over to the oldest boy Chris, unchained him and led him over to his twin sister Cathy. Chris stood in front of his sister with his 8-inch prick sticking out between them. "Kneel down Cathy and take your brother's cock in your mouth." Jeff commanded.

Cathy shook her head "No!" and remained standing.

"Cathy, you're going to love the taste of cock. It's like nothing you've ever tasted before. You know you want it in your mouth. Your mouth is becoming very wet just thinking of it," Jeff explained softly.

Cathy looked at her brother's cock. It did look delicious. She had fantasized what it would be like to have a cock in her mouth. In fact it was her brother's cock she usually fantasized about when she masturbated alone at night in bed.

With her arms still cuffed behind her back, Cathy sank to her knees in front of her brother Chris. She opened her mouth wide and pushed it over the head of her brother's cock without touching it. When she felt it reached the back of her throat she slowly closed her lips around it and blew on it.

Jeff laughed seeing the young girl's cheeks puff out around her the rigid member. "Cathy, my dear girl, they call it a blow job but that does not mean that you blow. You suck on it and twirl your tongue around it as you pull your head off its length. Then push your mouth over it till you manage to get the whole length down your throat. Practice taking your brother's cock in your mouth as far as you can"

After a few minutes Jeff could see Cathy was really getting into sucking her brother. Her brother Chris was moaning and pumping gently into the warm mouth with his eyes closed. Cathy sucked and licked her brother's prick, finding that the taste and feel of a cock in her mouth was exquisite. Cathy continued pumping her head on and off the cock, looking up into her brother's face to watch his reaction. The more her brother closed his eyes and moaned with pleasure, the harder and faster Cathy sucked his cock. Cathy watched her brother's eyes as she leaned forward and let the 8-inch cock slide down her throat. She felt her brother's body tremble as she held it deep inside her mouth and then slowly pulled back holding the head inside her lips and licking around the bulb.

Chris could feel that he was about to cum. Looking down into his sister's eyes he watched her face move forward as his cock disappeared into her lips. The site of his sister, kneeling in front of him, with her hands bound behind her and her beautiful eyes staring up at his, had been his fantasy for almost a year.

Without warning, Jeff stopped Cathy just before Chris could blow his load in her mouth. He stood her up, turned her around so that her back was facing her brother. Jeff then pushed her brother Chris down to kneel with his face level to his sister's ass.

"Bend over a little Cathy, and push your butt out toward your brother's face," Jeff instructed Cathy.

"Chris I want you to lean in and lick your sister's ass hole. Get your tongue as far up inside your sister as you can," Jeff told Chris, "and Cathy I want you to push back hard on your brother's tongue. If you don't get your ass wet enough, it'll hurt when I allow you the pleasure of having your brother's cock in there."

Cathy started to turn to look at Jeff with disbelief, but closed her eyes and gasped as her brother's tongue found her pussy, and his nose hit against the puckered ring of her tight virgin ass. Chris moved his head from side to side, burying his tongue in her pussy, as his sister's cunt flooded his tongue with sweet tasting juice.

Cathy moaned as she thought of the dried horse cum, mixed with her mother's pussy juice, which had been rubbed between her legs and forced into her cunt hole. Now she was wiggling her ass and rubbing those nasty juices onto her brother's tongue and face. She was getting extremely wet just thinking of what she was doing to her brother.

Jeff turned to look over at the father as Mike shouted through his ball gag. Jeff saw that the lamb had found his tiny prick and was sucking and chewing on it. "Anna, see how the lamb is sucking on your father's cock? When the lamb finds he can't get any milk from it, he will start to chew harder until all that's left between your father's legs is a piece of raw meat!"

Jeff looked at little Anna as she watched the lamb sucking on her father. He noticed the devilish smile on her face and her heavy breathing. Without thinking of what she was doing Anna started rotating her hips on her brother's mouth as she watched her father's head whip from side to side in pain. Anna pushed and rubbed harder each time her father screamed into his ball gag.



Jeff watched, as Anna seemed to be slowly enjoying herself now, with her hips grinding away on her captive brother below. "Her ability to watch and enjoy torture is amazing for one so young. I will test her later to see if I can developed this more," thought Jeff.

Jeff turned back to see how Chris and Cathy were doing. Chris had moved his tongue up to his sister's ass hole and was trying to bury it inside now. He leaned forward against his sister's virgin pucker and put all his weight onto his stiff tongue. Cathy tried with cuffed hands to pull her ass cheeks apart and allow her brother to enter her ass further. She pushed back against the tongue and wiggled her ass slightly, enjoying the new sensations of her brother's warm slippery invader inside the entrance to her ass.

Cathy moaned with passion as she tried pushing her ass hole onto her brother's tongue. "Yes Chris, Oh yess! Deeper! Push it in more! It feels sooo gooood deep inside," Cathy spoke in deep sexy voice to her brother. "Lick the juice from my pussy and put it in my ass. Make me cum on your tongue Chris."

Jeff knew it was time and stopped Chris. He pulled him back and sat him behind his sister. Jeff continued to push Chris down until he was lying on his back, and looking up at his sisters exposed ass. He unhooked Cathy and sat her down on her brother's stomach with her back still facing her brother. He locked the cuffs behind Cathy's back to the cuffs in front of her brother Chris, linking the tow of them together on the barn floor. Jeff leaned Cathy forward and helped Chris to position his cock at his sister's ass. Jeff then firmly pushed on Cathy's shoulders and watched as the head of Chris's cock pressed against her virgin ass hole.

"I want you to push down onto your brother's cock Cathy. I want it all the way up inside your ass and I want to see you grind your ass on your brother's stomach once it's deep inside you. The feeling of a cock way up inside your ass is one of the most pleasurable feelings a real woman can have Cathy. I want you to experience it and learn to enjoy it. When you get your brother to cum in your ass I have another surprise that I know you'll just love," Jeff explained what he wanted done to the 16- year-old Cathy.

Jeff had to speak loudly over the muffled screams the lamb was causing the family's father to make. Jeff walked over and untied the lamb from between Mike's legs. "Do you want me to take the lamb's mouth off your tiny prick Mike?" Mike shook his head yes rapidly. "It might hurt a little as the lamb bites down hard to keep his mouth on your little nipple cock." All Jeff could hear were the muffled screams emanating from Mike's gag.

Jeff knew the lamb would not relinquish the man's cock if he tried to pull it off. Jeff walked over to retrieve a bottle of milk from one of adjacent stalls. He held it next to Mike's prick and let the lamb smell it. He then moved it away from the lamb's mouth and the lamb quit sucking on the prick and grabbed the nipple of the bottle. He held it up and fed the lamb as Mike collapsed on the straw below the post with his shriveled prick red and raw looking. When Jeff had finished feeding the lamb he led it back to its stall and returned to watch the sexual acts of the 4 children.

Little Anna was grinding away steadily on her Brother Bobby's face. Her eyes were closed and her head waved from side to side. Her brother beneath her was having a hard time breathing. Gasps could be heard as he shouted into his sister's pussy in desperation. Anna had her brother trapped by his shoulders and was applying pressure from her hips onto his face. Bobby was turning his head from side to side but Anna was following it and grinding her pussy onto his mouth, chin, ear or whatever she could find to pleasure herself.

Jeff walked back over to Chris and Cathy and was disappointed that Cathy had not gotten further down around her brother's cock. She had managed to just barely get its head into her ass but it was not going any further. In fact she was barely moving at all!

Jeff walked up behind Cathy, straddling the body of her brother and pushed down hard on her shoulders. Cathy screamed as her brother's cock forced its way into her virgin ass holes another inch. She tried to rise up but Jeff's hands were forcing her to stay on her brother's cock.

Cathy was just starting to endure the pain when she felt Jeff's hands push down again. Again Cathy felt pain rip through her body and she slumped forward and moved her hips in an effort to find a position to ease her agony.

Her brother's cock felt enormous in her ass. Much larger than it had felt in her cunt a few days ago. She circled her ass around the intruder trying to find a position to ease the pain. Jeff relaxed his pressure and allowed Cathy to raise up an inch off her brother's cock. Without warning, Jeff pushed down hard again and Cathy felt the cock slip into her ass further than it had ever been.

For a moment she felt her butt cheeks graze her brother's thighs but then the touch disappeared. The ache was subsiding slowly. Most of the pain was concentrated at the entrance to her ass. She could feel the bulbous tip of her brother's cock deep inside her bowels. It felt good when she didn't move. She tried small circles with her hips. She felt her brother's cock push against the thin wall separating her bowels from her cunt.

She leaned forward and raised off four inches of the cock in her ass and paused. She continued to pull off until only the head was still inside her. She pushed back slowly, biting her lower lip from the pain, as her ass engulfed 6 inches of her brother's 8-inch cock.

Chris couldn't believe the new feeling of warmth and pleasure he was experiencing in his sister's ass. He wasn't sure he liked it as much as when he had fucked his mother's ass. His mother was much looser and the inside of her ass had stroked his cock. His sister's ass was unbelievably tight. So tight that it almost hurt. Every time she pulled off his cock he could feel her bowels squeeze his prick so hard it overpowered all his other feelings, even the good ones. When she pushed her ass back down, the tight entrance ring cut off the circulation from his cock to his balls. He felt the head of his prick swell enormously large and wondered if his sister could feel it throbbing inside her.

Cathy was moving on and off her brother's cock by herself now. The pain had subsided as her ass stretched to accommodate her brother's large prick. Her ass was slightly more slippery with her brother's pre-cum and was sliding easier around his cock. With each downward stroke she pushed her ass further and further down, trying to get the entire length inside her. Eager to feel her brother all the way inside her, Cathy let her entire body weight drop on top of the impaling shaft. She clenched her teeth and ground hard on her brother's cock, waiting for the pain to subside.

As the pain eased she could feel a devilish pleasure starting to rise from within her body. Cathy pulled off the cock once again, until the tip was just inside the entrance. Her legs were weak from continually lifting her body and the cock sank quickly inside her ass. It took all her strength to keep her ass from slamming back down on the thick cock. Cathy raised herself up again and fell back down it's length slamming against her brother's crotch and thighs.

It surprised Cathy that the mixture of pain and pleasure could feel so good. She accepted the pain and it excited her further. She pumped up and down the impaling shaft oblivious to any thoughts except the desire within her own body. She concentrated only on the feeling of the object sliding in and out, and the pleasure of that single delight.

Faster now she rose and fell until her tired legs were unable to help her off the 8-inch cock. She wiggled and jerked against her brother's groin and screamed, "Fuck... Fuck.... Fuck... FUCK!" and tossed her head back in ecstasy. Cathy was suddenly aware of someone screaming to her left.



She turned her head and saw her 12-year-old sister looking back and watching her. The two girls' smiled and ground their hips onto their brothers' bodies. Moaning and jerking, the girls' were being driven by a force they could no longer control or wanted too.

Chris could feel his sister's ass beginning to loosen. His cock was harder and throbbing more than it ever had before. He was going to cum now if his sister kept up her increasing pace. He moaned and lifted his ass off the barn floor to meet his sister's thrusts and drive his cock inside as far as he could.

"I'm going to cum sis, don't stop Cath, harder, please, Harder!" Chris shouted to the back of his sister's head.

Urged on by her brother's words and her own needs, she increased her pace and slammed her ass down hard on her brother's cock screaming with each drop. She felt the cock in her bowels start to throb as her brother's hot sperm shot into her ass. Her brother's seed coated the inside of her bowels and enabled her ass to slip up and down it's length easily now. Cathy's legs could barely hold her own weight. She could only manage to rise up a few inches and drop back down on her brother's cock. Again and again she dropped, each time causing a moan from her brother behind her and was surprised to hear herself shouting in time with her slams.

"Fuck... Yes!... Fuck... Yes!..." she shouted with each push. Cathy shook with uncontrollable abandon as waves of pleasure rolled through her and took control of her entire body. She ground her ass onto her brother's cock and screamed louder. "FUCK... YES!... FUCK... YES!..." Cathy came as she pushed down hard on her brother. Over and over again those pleasure waves rose and fell rippling within her young body. Her thighs shook so hard that her breasts quivered and jerked from the force of her orgasm.

Finally spent, both brother and sister remained still, breathing heavily with satisfaction.

Little Anna watched her brother and sister cum and could not hold back any longer. She screamed like her older sister using the same words she had heard Cathy use. "FUCK... YES!... FUCK... YES!..."

Anna came so hard she could only breath in, while surge after surge of glorious feelings reverberated through her crotch and rumbled though her tiny frame. She pushed her pussy onto her brother's face and nose, his tongue too tired to keep up with his sister's pace long ago. Anna was using her brother without remorse. She found pleasure in seeing his cock hard and throbbing in front of her, with no release for its torment.

Jeff walked behind Cathy and took a dildo out of his pocket. As Chris's cock went limp and slipped out of his sister's ass, Jeff placed the dildo at the entrance to her ass and smacked it in place. The dildo was a large simple orange ball with a base, designed to stay when inserted. Jeff unhooked Cathy and led her over to her younger brother where his face was still being held down by the grinding of Anna's little wet pussy. Bobby's face and entire head was wet from his little sister's cumming twat. Anna continued to hold her brother's head between her legs and jerk her cunt up and down his face.

"Cathy, see how you're little sister has made your little brother's dick hard?" Jeff asked the exhausted 16-year-old. "You can help your poor little brother by slipping your pussy over his young, hard, stiff cock. Let him feel what it's like to have his sperm sucked from his balls by a real woman's cunt. Take you little brother's sperm inside you as you cum around his little cock. He needs you Cathy."

Without saying a word, Cathy straddled her little brother's body and dropped to her knees on top of him. Bobby's cock stood straight up and Cathy positioned her pussy wet pussy hole directly above it. She lowered her herself until she felt it slide past her slippery pussy lips. She wiggled her ass till she the head of his dick was at the entrance to her cunt and started to push down. Without warning, Cathy's leg muscles refused her weight and her cunt slammed down the entire length of her brother Bobby's cock.

Bobby screamed into his little sister Anna's pussy as he felt the first cunt of his life slip around his cock and knock the wind out of him at the same time. Struggling to breathe in, through his little sister's grinding crotch, Bobby became aware of the wonderful feeling in his young loins. This was much better than his sister Anna's mouth. Bobby was so horny he bucked his hips up at Cathy's cunt, while moaning and screaming into Anna's pussy lips. Bobby sucked in and felt Anna's small twat enter his mouth. He bit lightly on his little sister. and sucked the juices flowing from her still virgin slit.

Unable to hold back, Bobby came quickly with an incredible force, almost bucking his sister off his hips as he thrust up into his Cathy's crotch. Cathy screamed at the force of her little brother's thrusts and climaxed again. The feeling of the dildo in her ass and her younger brother's cock rubbing against it in her cunt, was wonderful. She couldn't help thinking how it would feel with a real cock in each hole.

As her climax subsided she saw her sister stand and take a step forward. Little Anna presented her dripping cunt to her older sister Cathy, as she pushed it into her face. Shocked, Cathy tried to stand but instead fell on her back between Bobby's legs.

As Cathy lay on her back looking at her little sister pushing her twat forward, Jeff reached between Cathy's legs and inserted a ball plug into her dripping cunt. Cathy looked at her crotch. She saw the base of the orange ball plugs sticking out of both openings. She rolled on her side and moaned, thinking about the sperm of her two brothers' trapped inside her body. She scissored her thighs back and forth feeling the balls inside her rub together and slip around on both her brothers' trapped seed.

Jeff helped Cathy up and turned her toward her mother. Walking slowly and uncomfortably with both holes plugged, Jeff brought her over to the front of her mother, who was still strapped face down to the device. Cathy was forced to sit down in front of her mother's face with her legs on each side of her mother's head.

Deb lifted her face and looked into her daughter's crotch as Jeff helped Cathy scoot her plugged cunt and ass closer to her mother's face. "Deb, I have a treat for you," Jeff explained as he stooped down near Deb's head. "Your daughter Cathy here, has milked the sperm from each of your son's cocks, and is holding them for you in each of her holes. When you are finished sucking your son's sperm from your daughter, AND you have satisfied your daughter's lust, I'll let my dog Rex, fuck your ass before I send you all back to your rooms for the night."

Deb moaned her acceptance and eagerly stared at her daughter's plugged cunt and ass hole. "Cathy, I want you to move your pussy closer. Your mom will pull out the plugs with her teeth. When she does that, I need you to push your cunt and ass as hard as you can against your mom's mouth and let her suck the cum out. Only when she has finished, and you are completely satisfied with her sucking, will I give you permission to let Rex fuck her ass."

Cathy eagerly pushed her cunt towards her mother's mouth. She watched as her mother opened her mouth wide and grabbed the end of the dildo with her teeth. Her mother twisted her head and pulled the dildos out, one at a time letting them drop to the barn floor. Cathy watched as her mother's tongue reached for the cum that was oozing from her wet cunt lips and ass. She moved forward, allowing her mother to slide her tongue between her dripping ass and cunt.

Cathy was experiencing many different feelings today, but the feeling of her mother's tongue on her freshly fucked cunt was so obscenely perfect. Cathy pushed herself harder onto her mother's face. "Suck it mom. Suck my pussy! Yeah! That's it mom. Now lick my ass!" Cathy couldn't believe how nasty this was. She knew that if she felt nasty, that her mother felt even nastier and was probably even more excited. She decided to take control of her cunt-sucking mother. After all Jeff had said, "Only when you have satisfied your daughter's lust," So she better satisfy me or else.

"You're not doing a good job mom. Your going to have to suck harder to get all of Chris's cum out of my ass. Stick your tongue inside me and lick what's in there. Yah! That's it. Lick inside me. OOHHooohh that's sooo good mom!"

Cathy was so excited. She was actually telling her mother how to lick her and her mother was doing it. "You must really want the dog to fuck your ass. Is that what excites you mom? You want to feel his cock in your ass. Feel his hot sperm explode and fill your entire insides like Chris's cock did to me? Just like the horse you fucked. You want it so bad even I can feel it! That's why your going to do what I say, aren't you mom?"

Deb moaned and nodded her head in her daughter's cunt. Because of her position she was not able to lift her head off her daughter's crotch even if she wanted to. Her only thought was to satisfy her daughter so the dog could fuck her. She needed to be fucked very badly. She'd die if Cathy didn't let the dog fuck her in the ass. She had been waiting so long since the horse had fucked her. She had heard the moans from her family behind her. She had been tied, fucked once by the horse, and then forgotten. She needed sex again and now. She enjoyed sucking her daughter, but she knew she would enjoy being Rex's bitch more.

As Deb continued to lick and suck on her daughter, Jeff went back to little Anna. He knelt down face to face with her while she tried to move her head to see around him, to watch her sister and mother enjoying each other. Jeff reached behind Anna and unchained her from the post. He unhooked the cuffs and let her arms fall to her sides. Jeff was going to find out if Anna, had the stuff required, to be cruel or not. He held her head between his hands and forced her to look at him as he spoke.

"Anna, you mother and sister are enjoying each other and have not included you in their pleasure. That's not right is it?" Jeff helped Anna to move her head from side to side as if saying, "No."

"You offered your sister your pussy to lick and she refused. That's not right is it?" Again he helped her move her head from side to side. "You're going to have to show them that you're a woman too, and deserve to have fun like them. Would you like for me to tell you how you can have fun with your mother?" Jeff didn't need to help Anna nod her head up and down for, "Yes."

"Alright Anna, can you make a fist? Good! Now I'm going to take the cuffs off your arms and I want you to take your fist and push it into your mother's cunny. Can you do that?" Anna smiled and nodded her head up and down. Jeff removed the cuffs from her wrists and led her over to behind her mother. He lifted her hand and helped her form a fist. He took her arm and lifted it so that the knuckles of her fist were at the entrance to her mother's cunt.

"Push Anna," Jeff whispered to her. "Push until your whole arm is inside your mom's cunny. It will hurt her a little but she deserves it after how she has mistreated you. You'll have to push very hard at first, but it will go in. Look! See how you mom is trying to get away by wiggling her ass? Quick! Push it in. Don't let her stop your fun!"

Anna grabbed her mother's thigh with her left arm and pushed her right fist as hard as she could at the opening to her mother's cunt. It didn't want to go in. Anna pushed with all her strength but it just didn't want to go past the opening. Anna was breathing hard when she looked up at Jeff with a questioning face. Jeff made a fist with his own hand, pulled it back and punched it forward.

Anna did the same. She pulled her fist back about 6 inches held it still to take her aim and slammed it forward into her mother's cunt. Her mother screamed, but her daughter's pussy shoved into her mouth muffled it. Jeff stopped Anna from her second swing and led her over to a table. "I have something that we can put on your mother to help it go in easier." Jeff put what looked like a rubber for a long horse cock on Anna's arm. Careful not to get any onto the little girl, he spread a small amount on the end of Anna's covered fist.

"This is a jell that will open your mother's cunt. It takes a minute to start working. If you get some on yourself don't worry, just spray it with water and it will wash easily away. If you leave it on for more than a minute, it will start to be absorbed by your skin and can not be washed off then."

"Be careful with it. It only works on women so if you rub it between your legs, it will work on you too," Jeff explained to Anna.

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