"Deb's Family Farm Training"

      by Jake Spear


Chapter 7

He led Anna back to her mother's exposed and now slightly bruised cunt and helped Anna rub the goop onto her mother's pussy. Almost immediately Anna noticed her mother's ass jerk and heard her mom scream into her sisters crotch. Again she tried to push her fist into the small opening, still not fitting. Anna twisted her fist in her mother's cunt waiting for it to open wider and take her small fist. Anna pushed again as she felt her mother's cunt hole stretch. She pushed again and felt her fist quickly pop inside the opening.

Deb felt the return of her daughter and the slippery fist rubbing on her cunt. She screamed as she suddenly felt a slight burning sensation as her cunt seemed to open on it's own. She had no control over her muscles as her cunt hole continued to open and allowed her daughter's fist to enter. With the third push of her daughter's fist she felt her cunt ring stretch open and stay open after her daughter's fist had entered.

Deb was relieved when she realized that the burning was mild and not going to increase with intensity. In fact it felt very pleasurable. She moaned into Cathy's cunt as she felt Anna's arm slide in her dilated cunt ring and continue its journey up inside her. She almost fainted from the craving inside her cunt. She wanted more. "Dear Darling Anna," Deb thought. "Yes, fuck me with your fist. I need you whole arm inside me. Put it all the way inside me. Make me cum on you arm Anna." Deb would have shouted if she could lift her head from her oldest daughter's crotch.

Anna pushed her arm until she felt the back of her mother's cunt wall stopping her fist. She pushed hard into her mother and twisted her fist inside her mother's cunt. She felt something in the end of her mother's womb. She examined it with her fingers and felt her mother wiggle her ass as she did so. At first it felt like puckered lips, but slowly it began to open like her mother's cunt had done. Anna stuck a finger into the opening and moved it around.

Deb was in shock as she felt her daughter's finger enter her cervix. She was powerless to do anything about it as the burning now moved to new areas of her being. She felt her daughter finger fucking the entrance to her uterus as her daughter's arm pulled in and out of her body.

Anna was able to get two, then three fingers into her mother's inner opening. When she had gotten all 4 fingers inside she tucked her thumb in her palm and pushed until her hand popped through. Anna looked down at her mother's ass and saw her arm buried up to her elbow. Anna felt the inner hole close slightly around her wrist and she made a fist inside the new opening. She tried pulling her fist out slowly to see what would happen.

At first she thought her mother's cervix would come out with her fist. Each time she pulled, it seemed to follow her fist back out. She pulled harder and her fist popped out of the opening and almost came out of her mother's cunt entirely. She pushed her arm back inside and felt for the opening deep inside her mother. It was still open slightly. She drew her fist back and punched through the small opening and buried her arm up past her elbow and opened her hand to feel around.

Deb screamed trying to pleaded with her daughter not to continue but with her other daughter's cunt stuffed in her mouth she only succeeded in vibrating her oldest daughter's cunt lips with the loud screams emanating from her mouth and tongue. Deb felt as if her daughter's hand would punch into her chest at any moment. Without warning she felt her daughter's fist and arm jerk out of her uterus and pussy. She lay there feeling the cold air rush inside her gaping openings. She sobbed as she realized that the emptiness was worse than the pain. She wiggled her ass and begged for her daughter to put her fist back in to satisfy the burning within her, but only muffled noises emerged from the cunt stuffed in her mouth.

Anna knew that her mother wanted the fist put back in. Somehow she had instinctively guessed, and had kept it removed to add to her mother's mounting torture. She pealed the latex glove off her arm and tossed it to her left.

She walked around to her sister, who was lying on her hands still bound behind her back. Little Anna stepped over her sister's helpless body with her right leg and stood with legs open wide above her sister's chest. Anna reached down and grabbed her sister by the hair, squatted and held her sisters face against her tiny pussy.

"Suck this Cathy." Anna told her big sister as she ground her sister's face into her pussy. "Open wide, take my whole pussy in your mouth." Cathy obeyed her little sister and opened her mouth as wide as she could. Anna's small hairless pussy fit entirely inside Cathy's fully opened mouth.

When Anna felt her sister's mouth open and her entire pussy being engulfed inside, she grabbed the back of her sister's neck and head with both hands and pulled it tightly into her crotch. She smirked and stared down into her sister's eyes as she started to pee into her sister's fully open mouth. "Suck me sis. Drink it all down," Anna commanded her bigger sister.

Cathy tried to pull her head away but could not. She stared into her little sister's eyes with shock as she swallowed and gagged on the warm piss she was forced to swallow. When Anna was finished she let go of her sister's head and continued to dribble on her sister's chest.

Jeff smiled. Anna was a true saddest but for now she lacked the imagination that would come with years of training. He looked down and watched Deb sucking her daughter's ass. Deb eagerly sucked out her son's cum careful not to miss any of it. Cathy pushed and squeezed her bowels together to help feed her mother's sucking lips and cheeks.

"I can still feel some of Chris's slippery sperm in my ass mom. Suck it all out. Clean my ass mom," Cathy told her mom as she continued to coach her mother efforts.

Jeff picked up the jar of goop that he had used on Anna's fist and walked over to Deb's upturned ass. "Anna, help me with this," Jeff called to the young girl. Anna walked around her mother and looked at Jeff. "I want you to smear a little of this on your mom's ass so that it opens up." Anna took the jar from Jeff as Jeff reached into his pocket and handed her a long green fat rubber dildo. "Use this to wipe it on her ass hole and then shove it inside. Make sure you get a little inside. We can't have your mother's ass hurt too much when that big dog cock fuck's her, do we?"

Anna smiled and took the large Dildo in her right hand. "Don't use too much or it will open too wide," Jeff explained with a smile to Anna.

Deb felt the familiar burning at the entrance to her puckered ass, as her 12-year-old daughter applied a glob of goop to her ass hole with the end of the rubber dildo. Deb's cunt and womb were still extremely open from her daughter's last application. No matter how much she tried to squeeze them they wouldn't close. They seamed to be hardened in their extremely open position. The pleasant burning was still there, but she craved for something to fill the unbearable emptiness.

Anna pushed the tip of the dildo into her mother's opening ass. She raised her elbow level with the dildo and rammed it forward with the heal of her hand. It sank instantly into her mother's ass about 6 inches. Anna swirled it around before pulling it completely out again. She dipped the end into the jar of gob and wiped the large glob into her mom's ass, filling it with jelly like substance. She stuck the tip of the dildo back in the jar and proceeded to pack her mother's ass full.

Deb's ass opened allowing more and more of the substance to be packed inside. She felt her daughter filling her cavity with what seemed an enormous amount of the jelly. Just then she felt the dildo slide into her ass effortlessly only to be pulled out as easily as it was inserted. Deb realized her open bowels were now exposed to the world. She felt the cold barn air pass up inside her ass, cunt, and womb unrestricted.

Once again she felt something in her ass but she could barely feel it touch the walls of her bowels. The dildo was removed and this time she felt something barely touch the open ring to her ass. "Oh NO!" she thought. "My holes are so big I can't feel anything inside me!"



Anna continued to pack her mother's ass until the jar of gob was empty. She looked at her mother's holes and giggled at what she had done. "Wow mom, you're so big, you could fit two horse cocks in your ass now," Anna snickered at the sight of her mother's enlarged openings.

Jeff walked around to where little Anna was standing and looked at the empty jar and the gloating child. It was true, Deb's ass and cunt were open so much she wouldn't be able to feel anything unless it was very deep inside her ass or womb.

Jeff walked over and turned on the hose and walked back to Anna standing at her mother's ass. "I think we better clean the glop we can out of her with this. Stand back when you turn it on and don't splash any on yourself. Anna backed up about two feet, turned on the hose and flooded her mother's openings with the stream.

After a few minutes Anna moved forward and stuck the nozzle into her mother's ass and watched as the water poured out of the opening. She then stuck the nozzle in her mother's cunt and did the same. Satisfied that she had cleaned everything out, Anna turned off the hose and dropped it to stare inside her mother's backside. She put her fingers at the opening and slipped them inside. If she was careful she found that she could put her arm in about 6 inches without touching anything at all. Anna ran her hand around the inside of her mother's cunt and then put her other hand inside her mother's ass.

Deb moaned when she felt the sensations of something touching inside both her holes. She tried desperately to close her holes around her daughter's arms and hands but couldn't.

Jeff looked at Deb's condition and shook his head. "Well Deb, it looks like your not going to get to fuck the dog after all. I don't even think you'd feel much if the dog fucked you in either of your holes right now," Jeff explained as he looked at his sisters enlarged ass hole.

Jeff walked up to where Deb was sucking on her daughter's ass and pulled Cathy away from her mother's hungry mouth. Deb turned her head to the side and screamed at her youngest daughter Anna.

"Anna you little fucking cunt. Just wait till I get hold of you," Deb screamed as loud as she could. "You won't be a virgin anymore when I'm done with you! How could you do this to me? You know how bad I need to have Rex fuck me, and look at what you've done. You'll pay for this you little whore. You'll pay big time!"

Jeff unstrapped Deb from the platform and helped her up while she continued to scream at her 12-year-old daughter. Deb's legs refused to stay under her after being on the gurney for over two hours. Jeff helped her over to one of the posts and sat her down.

Deb winced as she sat on her extremely open ass hole. And rolled to her left ass cheek for comfort. Jeff clipped her left wrist to the pole and walked back to where he left Cathy and Anna.

Jeff brought two bails of hay in front of where Deb was now sitting attached to the post. He lifted one of the bails and slipped a piece of rope with a loop at each end under the hay. He threw a horse blanket over the bails and walked over to unchain oldest boy Chris. Jeff brought him back and sat him on the blanket-covered hay. He pushed Chris on to his back and attached each hand to the rope stretched under the bails.

He walked back to Cathy, pulled her up and brought her over to her brother. He helped the girl kneel on the hay straddling her brother's body once again. He pulled Cathy's ass back till her brother's cock was held straight up between her ass cheeks. He pushed Cathy's head down until it rested on her brother's chest. Cathy instinctively started stroking crotch up and down the length of her brother's cock.

Jeff turned to Anna and shouted. "Anna, open the third stall, get Rex and bring him here," Jeff instructed the girl. Anna ran down the isle looking into each stall until she came to the third one and stopped. She opened the gate and slipped her hand under the dog's collar.

Anna had to almost run as Rex pulled her along to be by Jeff's side. "Thank you Anna'" Jeff said as he fastened a leash to Rex's collar. "Kneel down Anna and lick the dog's cock till it's nice and hard. Take your hand and gently hold his balls as you lick him. Don't hurt him or he might snap at you."

Without hesitation Anna dropped to the dog's underside, reached towards his sheathed prick and while holding it gently began to lick the tip of his prick.

Deb watched what was happening in front of her and started shouting at Jeff. "She shouldn't be allowed to suck Rex's cock after what she did to me," Deb shouted at Jeff and her daughter, "Bring Rex over here and I'll show you how a real slut sucks dog cock. Let me suck it and feel it slide in and out of my mouth. Look it's getting so big she can't even get her mouth around it. Let me do it. Get her away for him."

"Alright Anna that's a good job," Jeff said looking at the dog's fully extended cock. He looked up at Cathy's moving ass and saw that she had already managed to get her brother's cock inside her pussy. Jeff led Rex forward to just behind exposed moving ass the beautiful 16-year-old girl. "Rex Lick," Jeff said.

Rex proceeded to lick Cathy's ass and her brother's cock buried inside her cunt. Both the teenagers stopped their movements to let the dog lick them. Rex moved his tongue up from Jeff's balls to Cathy's ass and darted it in and out of the still stretched opening. Cathy trembled as she visualized what she hoped would come next. Keeping her ass still she flung her hair from side to side and screamed with pleasure.

Cathy suddenly remembered the words she had heard before. "Rex Fuck" she screamed. Rex was more than ready and leaped up and rapped his front paws around Cathy's waist. Rex started jabbing trying to find the opening that his thick doggy cock needed so badly.

Rex knew only that soon he would satisfy himself on this human girl bitch. He pumped his hips forward towards the opening he knew would be there. Instinctively he jabbed his prick searching with the tip of his engorged cock for the opening. Suddenly he felt a hand encase his cock and lift it gently and he humped. He felt the tip of his cock strike home. He squeezed the girl bitch with his front legs, hunched his back and drove with all his might. With each thrust he could feel his cock moving further inside his bitch.

Something inside Rex took over and his muscles worked together towards their final objective, to slam the entire length inside the girl bitch's hole. To feel the base of his cock surrounded by the ring of the tight opening. To feel the bitch milking his cock with every stroke. To plant his seed as far inside as he could. He pumped furiously while squeezing his bitch with his front legs.

Anna had decided to help Rex find the opening of her sister's ass as she sat on the ground beside him. She watched with amazement as Rex's cock continued to grow and become extremely fat in the middle. Anna now watched and listened to her sister's moans as Rex drove into her like a jackhammer.

Cathy was in heaven. With her brother's cock in her pussy and the dog's cock in her ass she was so tight that every movement brought pleasure to her entire body. She rubbed her breasts on her brother's chest and let the dog pound her ass with his magnificent cock. She felt her brother squirting in her pussy and moaned as his hot seed spread its warmth to every inch of her being.

Cathy felt those glorious sensations starting deep within her thighs. They continued to build until her body could no longer wait. She jerked and piston her cunt against the dog's cock in her ass. She scooted back and forth on her brother's cock in time with Rex's thrusts.



Rex pressed forward and held his cock all the way in her ass. Cathy felt Rex's cock pulse as he flooded her bowels with his hot cum. She felt Rex's cum leak from her tight ass and run down around her brother's cock and drip off her clit. She closed her eyes as she climaxed around the two cocks inside her. She pushed back with all her strength trying to stuff as much cock as she could inside her.

Jeff smiled down on Cathy as the dog continued to pump slower now. He saw her body tense and watched her push back against the two cocks as she come over and over again.

It took 10 minutes for Rex to pop out of Cathy's ass. When he did, the dog sperm flew everywhere and covered the groins of both children. Jeff smiled as he bent down, lifted the girl off her brother and carried her to her post. He had seen her pass out after her body had started its third climax. He attached the chain to her cuffed hands and did the same for Cathy's brother Chris.

Jeff walked over to Deb who was still sitting on the ground. He used his foot to spread her legs and look between them. He laughed and shook his head at the enormously gaping holes. "Well sis, the only thing a barn slut like you can do with holes like those," Jeff laughed, "is try feeding a horse's cock far enough up you're bowels for you to feel it."

Deb struggled to her feet and looked at Jeff. "Please Jeff let me fuck the horse again," she pleaded, "It's the only thing that's long enough, please. I need to get fucked so bad. Please dear brother, help me fuck the horse!"

"Well there is one horse over there that has an enormously long dick..." Jeff scratched his head as he thought. "He might be able to satisfy that huge ass of yours. As far as helping you with it though, I'm not going anywhere near those caverns between your legs. Why I could fall in there and get lost forever!" Jeff laughed as he walked down and opened one of the stalls.

Jeff came back leading a beautiful brown horse. The sheen of the horse's coat glistened as its muscles rippled on its mammoth chest and hindquarters. Jeff led the horse over to Deb and tied him to the post above her head. Jeff released his sister's hand and let her loose.

"He's all yours sis. I'll bet you can't wait to feel that long thick cock slide inside your ass can you? Your ass burns for that long thick horse cock. I can tell. Your body trembles when you see any kind of animal cock. You can't think of anything else but getting it inside your ass or cunt cans you? I'll give you a choice. Let the horse fuck you in the ass or, walk out the barn door and go free."

Deb felt her body tremble with anticipation as she stared at the horse's belly in front of her. She looked at the door at the far end of the barn. It was so far away. She couldn't imagine walking that far. She looked back at the horse. She saw his muscles twitch. He was so beautiful. So close. So big. So warm in her hand. So soft. It felt like heaven in her mouth. The taste was hypnotic. She sucked on it gently. She pushed it slowly down her throat. She wanted to make love to it with her mouth. It grew longer and thicker as Deb pushed her tongue into slit at the tip.

Anna watched her mother squat under the horse and place her mouth on the end of the huge cock. The little girl was amazed to watch the cock grow longer as her mother encased the end in her mouth and caressed it growing length. Anna stooped down and reached between her mother's legs. She put her hand in her mother's pussy and moved it around. When she removed it, her hand was dripping wet. Anna brought her hand up to her mouth and licked the juice covering her hand. She put her other hand between her own legs and then to her mouth. It tasted the same but different. Anna liked them both.

Deb held the end of the horse's cock in her hand. She straightened her legs and turned around with her ass pointing towards the tip. Reaching through her legs with one hand and over her back with the other she aimed the tip at her gaping ass hole. Deb stepped back feeling the tip of the cock flop into the entrance of her wide ass. She backed up until 10 inches of the horse's cock was lying inside her bowels. She rocked forward and rocked backward feeling the cock rub in the bottom of her bowels.

She had to have more. She wanted to feel the whole thick length inside her. Deb took another step backward and felt the end of the head hit her narrowing bowels. She pushed hard onto the thick cock and buried it another 4 inches into her body. It wasn't enough but it refused to go any further. No amount of pushing was going to get it in more than the 14 inches it was already in. She rocked desperately on and off the end 4 inches trying to satisfy her body's desperate craving.

Just then she felt something at the entrance to her pussy. Anna looked behind her and saw her daughter Anna kneeling behind her with her harm near the horse's cock. Deb was filled with both fear and desire. With 14 inches of horse cock stuck in her ass she realized she was again at her daughter's mercy.

Jeff couldn't believe it when he saw the little girl walk past him towards her mother's ass. Anna took her hand and placed it at the enlarged entrance to her mother's cunt. She twisted her fingers back and forth at the entrance. It was slightly smaller now due to the large horse cock sticking in her mother's ass.

"Anna NO! Please Anna. Don't do this to your mother. It's too much. Please Anna," Deb pleaded with her daughter.

Anna rotated the fingers of her hand in her mother's cunt and with pushed with steady pressure. She watched as her mother's cunt engulfed the four fingers and thumb of her hand. Anna twisted her arm to spread her mother's cunt juice around her wrist. Anna continued to push as her mother's cunt opened slowly. As her thumb started to enter, Anna saw the lips of her mother's cunt being sucked in with he hand. Anna pushed again and her arm slipped inside her mother's cunt.

Deb held still against her daughter's invading arm and the long horse cock in her ass. She felt Anna's arm enter her cunt. The thickness of little Anna's arm caused Deb's bowels to squeeze against the long, thick, brown horse cock in her ass. Deb could now feel her daughter's arm and the entire 14 inches of cock in her. The feeling was tremendous! She screamed for her daughter to push her arm deeper. "Yes YES ANNA! Push it in me. Push it hard! Fuck my cunt you little bitch. Fuck it with your fist!" Deb screamed.

Deb pushed back on the horse cock and the arm inside her. The pain didn't matter. Nothing mattered, except the feeling of having her openings crammed full. She felt the long thick horse cock probing her ass and rocked quickly on and off it. The arm in her cunt was inching deeper into her gushing cunt. Deb screamed again for her daughter to hurry and shove it all the way inside her.

Anna was taking her time exploring her mother's inner cunt. She twisted her hand upward and felt the horse cock sliding in and out of her mother's ass. Anna could feel every vein through the membrane separating her hand from the thick invader in her mother. Anna pumped her arm in and out of the cunt as she slowly stroked the huge cock along its length. The child reached back with her other hand and gently caressed the horse's balls.

Deb was getting close now. She was going to cum on the arm and horse cock pumping into her. Suddenly the horse shoved forward and thrust his long, thick, veined cock deeper. Deb felt the thick cock surge further than she wanted it to go. She was sure it was not going to stop till it came out her mouth. Obsessed with desire she shoved back as the horse bucked forward. Suddenly Deb's bowels inflated with the sudden surge of horse cum being pumped into it. The huge cock continued to empty itself filling her ass and gushing out to coat her daughter's arm and chest.

Anna felt the horse cock surge in her mother's ass as she continued to stroke it from inside her mother's cunt. Large amounts of horse cum began to squirt from her mother's ass and cover her arm, face and chest. Anna marveled at the amount of semen that covered her now drenched body and her mother's legs. She pulled her arm out of her mother's cunt to coat it all around and then shoved it back in. The arm quickly sank 10 inches into her mother cunt and stopped with her elbow against her mother's groin. Anna gave one more big push and felt her hand slip past her mother's cervix.

Deb screamed as her body went into convulsions upon the horse cock and arm impaling her. She shook and fought to stay standing as her daughter continued to push her arm further and further inside her. She felt the horse cock pulsing in her ass as she started her second climax. Pain and pleasure combined and keep her from passing out. She balanced the two into a glorious feeling that rolled climax after climax through her sensuously raging body.

Deb lost count of her climaxes and fell forward off the horse cock and lay on the barn floor with her daughter's arm still buried in her cunt. She moaned and rolled on her back beneath the horse as the horse cock continued to spray its sperm on her and her daughter.

"Thank you Anna," Deb mouthed to her daughter. As Anna rolled to her knees to get up, Anna yanked her arm from her mother's cunt. Deb screamed and pounded the back of her head against the ground as another climax shot through her racked and tortured body. She was too exhausted to get up, too exhausted to even crawl.

It was almost sunset. Jeff decided to get everyone back to their rooms. He switched partners when he took the family back in two's to their cells. Mike, the father was put in a cell with his oldest daughter Cathy. Deb was put in a cell with her youngest daughter Anna and the two boys' were put in a cell together. Jeff gave Cathy and her father some salve to put on his raw dick and some cotton bandages to wrap it up. He didn't need to be taking anyone to see a doctor.

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