"Deb's Family Farm Training"

      by Jake Spear


Chapter 8

Jeff prepared breakfast as he reflected on the next stage of the family's training. After today, the Johnsons' would have no choice, but to willingly concede to their new life of animal ecstasy and incest.

Experience had taught Jeff that the next step in their training must be one, that destroys all hope and desire of the family ever returning to their previous morals. But adjusting an individual's will to relinquish the past and accept the finality of it's future, requires more than just mental conditioning. The soul requires a visual confirmation that reverting back again is no longer an option.

Physical modifications to the body confirm through the soul's eye, that it is truly hopeless to do anything but accept it's destiny. From today on, the Johnsons' will unable to imagine anything else, but the embracing of humanities deepest and darkest taboos. For the Johnson's, sexual fulfillment will never again happen by normal means.

Afraid to show others what they have become, they will find pleasure only with animals and their own family. The girl's sexual appetites will multiply rapidly until only the largest of animals will be capable of quenching their increasing lust for bigger and thicker cocks.

As the women quickly tire of the boys' small human cocks, the men will have little choice but to become sexual slaves to those who care to use them for their own amusement and gratification.

Jeff had much to do today. He laced the food with a strong aphrodisiac, and a mind-numbing drug. He loaded the trays of food in a basket and walked across the yard toward the barn and the canning cellar below, that held his captive family.

Jeff opened the first door that contained Mr. Johnson and his daughter Cathy. Cathy was sleeping on her side with the blanket bunched between her thighs. Mike was sleeping on his back with his dick wrapped in the white bandages. Jeff put their trays of food down as he shouted "Rise and shine boys and girls," He shouted as he turned and left the room, locking the door as he went.

Jeff found Chris and Cathy sleeping in each other's arms. He placed the trays down noisily and left as they rolled apart and rubbed the sleep from their eyes.

The last room contained Anna and her mother Deb. As Jeff entered the room he found Deb sleeping on her stomach with her legs spread wide. Little Anna was busy pumping her hand in and out of her mother's pussy while her mother Deb slept. Jeff couldn't help notice how beautiful his sisters body was. And how sexy she looked with Anna's tiny fist moving in and out between her legs.

Anna removed her fist from her mother's groin with a loud "POP", and licked the juices covering her hand and arm as she walked to get one of the trays from Jeff.

Little Anna's body was just starting to bloom. Her breasts were small but her nipples were perfect. The hair between her legs was blond and sparse. Her smooth cunt lips were swollen red and puffy. Jeff wanted to reach down and take her virginity right there while her mother slept two feet away, but he had other plans for Anna today. He laid the other tray down and squatted by his sleeping sister.

Jeff raised his hand and smacked his sister's ass hard. Deb sat up straight and started yelling at Anna until she realized it had been her brother Jeff. "Good morning sister. Breakfast time." Jeff said as he stood and left the room to prepare the barn for the days training.

Jeff escorted the entire family with the exception of Mike, up to the barn in two's. Each was led and tied to the post they had occupied the day before.

When all 5 captives had been brought out and prepared for the days events. Jeff looked over the naked bodies standing at their posts in front of him. Each stood on two small stools with their legs separated by a long rod attached to their ankles. The stools were only 4 inches high but the top was extremely small. It was designed to support only the balls of their feet while up on the stools.

Their arms were pulled to the back and cuffed together around the post behind them. Each stood helplessly balancing on their toes with their chests pushed out by the pole at their backs and their legs spread by the ankle bars.

Jeff left and returned with several chrome devices and dropped them in the middle of the stall, except for one. He walked over to the 16-year- old Cathy and knelt down in front of her spread thighs.

Reaching through her legs, Jeff attached the bottom part of the "Z" shaped rod to the post behind her with two thick steel bands. The top end of the "Z" shaped rod had a one inch diameter rubber dildo stuck onto the top 12 inches, and was pointing directly up into Cathy's crotch. At the bottom of the 12-inch long dildo was a round bar that stuck forward and back about 6 inches in each direction. The bar was to stop anyone from accidently sliding down the dildo too far and injuring themselves for the day. Cathy stood on her tiptoes trying to get as far away from the tip of the shaft as possible, exactly what Jeff wanted her to do.

Jeff took a tube of KY jelly from his pocket, held it at Cathy's ass hole and emptied it inside her. He adjusted the 12-inch long dildo upwards until it slipped inside her ass about an inch. Jeff tightened the device in place and walked back to grab another one and do the same to each of the others.

When he was finished fastening all the devices, he checked and tightened each one again, insuring their stability and non-movement. The drugs from their breakfast were slowly starting to have an effect. Jeff watched as the family members had now started moving ever so slightly, up and down, on the tip of the dildos inside them.

Jeff left the stall and returned with 5 ball gags. He proceeded to strap one on to each of the family's heads. Jeff looked at his watch. It had taken 45 minutes to prepare the 5 family members. "You may all step down from the stools whenever you wish," Jeff told them but as he turned and left the stall. "You'll all have to get down eventually," Jeff cried back at them. He knew that when their insteps got so tired that they could no longer support their own body weight, each one would step down and impaling themselves further, onto the dildos in their ass.

Jeff went down to the cellar to get the tools he would need for today and bring them up to the stall. When he returned with the two boxes, only Anna was still struggling to remain on the stools. "Anna," Jeff walked over to her, "I strongly suggest that you step down and save your strength. This is going to be a long day for you all.

Anna carefully lifted her left foot and eased it down behind the stool. The dildo slid into her ass and she closed her eyes and she lowered her other foot to the hay covered barn floor. She grunted as the rubber shaft slid up her virgin ass and impaled her with its top 5 inches. With her eyes still closed she lowered her body further, bending her knees slightly, until 6 inches of rubber was sticking into her tiny ass. Jeff smiled and reached into the boxes to get his equipment.

It took another 20 minutes to set up the equipment and get the extension cords plugged in. When he was ready he grabbed a milking stool, walked over to his sister Deb and sat in front of her naked body.

"I've decided that you and your family need some decoration. Have you ever wished you had a tattoo?" Jeff spoke as he watched his sister's eyes stare wildly open at the device in his hand. "I'm not really an artist, but I've done my share of tattooing womens' bodies. Let's see what kind of tattoo would look good on you? Oh! I know! This won't hurt at all sis, if it does, just scream so that I know."



Jeff proceeded to paint a large tattoo on Deb's stomach and them one on each of her tits. Deb wasn't feeling anything except a little pressure on her body. She couldn't see what kind of picture her brother was giving her from the angle of her head and her blurred vision. In her drug induce state could she only think of sex and the pleasure she was getting from moving up and down the shaft in her ass.

Jeff was not concerned about Deb's moving while he was working. It didn't have to be perfect.

When Jeff finished with his sister he moved the milking stool to Chris and started another masterpiece. In two hours Jeff had finished the tattoos on all 5 family members. He looked at his watch. It was eleven thirty and time for lunch. And more drugs for the family.

As Jeff turned for the barn door he looked back at his 5 masterpieces and laughed. He exited the barn for the house to prepare lunch for himself and the 5 tattooed Johnsons'.

Jeff returned with sandwiches, removed the ball gags and uncuffed their wrists so that they could eat. It would be impossible for any of them to raise up enough to dislodge the shaft in their ass without the stools to stand on. They ate their sandwiches as they moaned, with their mouths full, moving their bodies slowly up and down on the rubber dildos holding them in place.

Now Jeff would make the final adjustments to each of their bodies. The drug he had just given each of them would insure that they would not feel anything except slight pinches while he worked. In 4 or 5 hours the Johnson's would see their new bodies, permanently decorated for their new positions in life, incapable of being undone, and utterly revolting to most normal humans.

Jeff replaced the ball gags and retied their wrists behind the poles. He took a leather pouch from one of the boxes, grabbed the milking stool and sat down in front of his sister Deb. Reaching into the pouch Jeff withdrew a large black punch tool, usually used for thick leather hole punching. He reached back into the pouch and brought out a small box of surgical steel punch bits and eye grommets. The punch bit he screwed into the leather punch tool was a quarter inch in diameter.

Jeff reached up to his sister's cunt, grabbed her left pussy lip with his left hand and pulled it down. He raised and positioned the punch directly below the entrance to her cunt and quickly but firmly squeezed.

Deb jerked as the punch removed a small piece of skin from the lip of her pussy, and then moaned from the caress of her brother's hand. The drugs were working well.

Jeff took the eye grommet and pushed it into the hole the punch had made. From the leather pouch he took a pair of special pliers and fit them around the grommet he had just inserted. Making sure the grommet was positioned correctly he squeezed the pliers as tight as he could. The bleeding stopped as it clamped around the skin's edge of the new hole in his sisters pussy lip. He grabbed the right pussy lip, punched another hole and installed another grommet as before.

Jeff switched the size of the bit in the leather punch to a much smaller one. He reached up to his sister's clit and pulled the loose skin above it. He took the punch and made a small hole in the hood above the clit. Then he moved the punch down to the skin below the clit and to one side. He made another hole and then a third one across form the second hole.

The holes were in the shape of a triangle that surrounded Deb's now enlarged clit. From the pouch he took out a small stainless steel bowl about half an inch in diameter. Around the edge of the bowl were three small rings in a triangle shape and on the bottom of the bowl hung a large steel ring. Jeff held the bowl by the larger bottom ring and pushed it over his sister's clit. He pushed the three small rings through the three holes he had punched around his sister's clit and crimped them closed.

He leaned back to admire his work and smiled. Deb's clit was completely covered by the new shiny curved shield. The shield would prevent her from ever being able to touch her clit again. Her orgasms will now be much harder to achieve. Her body would require almost endless pumping in it's struggle for sexual gratification.

Jeff stood up and walked back to the boxes. He found the heavy object he wanted and lifted it out of the box. He walked back to his sister and sat on the stool examining the new jewelry between her legs. Jeff leaned through his sister's legs and unfastened the impaling device from the pole. He slowly pulled it from his sister's ass and laid it behind him on the ground.

The object he had retrieved from the box, was a very heavy stainless steel butt plug, with a large ring hanging from the small curved base. He shook it and listened to it chime in two different tones. The heavy plug was also a Ben Wee ball, designed to ring and vibrate as it moved. Jeff placed it at his sisters ass and firmly pushed it up till it was fully imbedded with just the small base and ring exposed.

Jeff took a long stainless steel chain and put it through the ring in the dildo he had just inserted. He pushed one end of the chain through one of the grommet's in Deb's pussy lip and then through the ring in the clit shield back through the grommet in the other pussy lip and then back to the ring in the dido.

He cut the chain with a pair of clippers, took a small ring and fastened the two ends of the chain together, making one loop through Deb's new sex jewelry. Finally Jeff took a large suitcase lock and passed it through the grommets in her cunt lips. He closed the lock and spun each of the three combination wheels with his thumb.

Jeff next put a ring in her belly button and one in each in her nipples. He attached a chain to each nipple ring, ran them through the navel ring, through the clit shield and finally attached them to the dildo in her ass.

Deb now looked like, and was, a total sex slut. The plug in her ass would vibrate with every movement she made, keeping her in a constant state of arousal. Her cunt was locked so the only way she could enjoy sex would be oral or anal. For Deb to have anal sex, the large heavy plug would have to be removed from her ass. This meant that during anal sex it would swing on the attached chains stretching and pulling her pussy lips, nipples and the shield guarding her clit.

One benefit to the constant wearing of the large plug, would mean that her ass would always be stretched and ready for sex. It also meant, that only those objects larger than the plug, would ever be felt in her ass. Every so often, the plug in her ass would be replaced with a larger one to insure her demand for bigger and bigger cocks, or more than one at a time. Jeff knew that this would make it increasingly difficult for Deb to satisfy her sexual hunger as months passed. Deb would have to look for new ways to get her feed her increasing hunger.

Jeff stood up and stepped back to look at his body art. The tattoos on her stomach read, "PLEASE FUCK MY ASS" in three inch tall black letters. Below that in slightly smaller letters read, "WITH YOUR HARD FIST"

Finished with his sister he sat in front of Deb's 16-year-old son Chris. Men were easier and more difficult at the same time. Jeff grabbed two opened steel rings from his pouch. He grabbed one of Chris's nuts and pulled it down. Above the swollen nut Jeff worked the opening in the ring around the thin skin till it squeezed the sack above the boy's ball. Jeff took a pair of pliers and squeezed the ring shut. He pulled the other ball down and did the same.



The tight rings around the sack, above each ball, made the boy's balls stick out to each side like ponytails with knots on the ends. Jeff reached back into the pouch and took out a larger ring with three smaller rings equally spaced around the edge. He pushed the ring onto the end of the boy's dick and continued pushing until it was snug around the base of the cock. The ring was only half the diameter of the cock it circled and it squeezed the cock so that the head swelled in size almost immediately.

Jeff proceeded to punch three small holes in the loose skin around the base of Chris's cock. Once done Jeff pushed the three rings attached to the large ring through the holes and crimped them shut. This would insure that the boy's cock could never be removed from the larger ring even when the cock was limp.

The rings around his balls would cause excruciating pain as he came, while his nuts painfully jerked in an effort to empty themselves. The tight ring around his cock would hinder the blood flow out of his cock, keeping it stiff longer and causing it to swell thicker than normal. It would also make it harder to force the sperm through his cock extending the duration of pain in his laboring and swollen nuts.

Jeff stood up and looked at Chris. The tattoo on Chris's chest and stomach read, "MY MOTHER SUCKS IT" and below that "AND FUCKS IT TOO" with a large black arrow pointing to his ringed dick.

Jeff moved to Bobby and installed the same three rings as he had to bobby's older brother Chris, using slightly smaller size rings. Jeff snickered as he wondered what would happen as Bobby's cock grew bigger and outgrew the base ring. Bobby's tattoo read, "THIS COCKS LIKES TIGHT ASS."

Jeff moved on to the oldest girl Cathy. Jeff fastened the clit shield in place along with the nipple and belly button rings as he did with her mother. He went back to the box and picked up another large heavy plug and inserted it into Cathy's cunt. Jeff attached one end of the chain to the left nipple, down through the ring in her belly, through the ring on the clit shield, around the ring in the base of the dildo, back through the same rings to fasten to the right nipple ring.

Cathy was allowed to have sex in either her ass or cunt. She would have to switch the dildo to the hole she was not using, or let it dangle and pull on her nipples. The tattoo over her left breast read, "TWIST THIS" while the right breast read, "SUCK THIS." On her stomach were the words, "PUT COCKS IN HERE" with the point of the arrow, ending just above her covered clit.

Jeff was ready for little Anna now. He carried his stool and pouch and set them in front of the 12-year-old girl. Jeff put one very thin 4- inch diameter ring through each of her tiny breast nipples. Even the light weight of the two thin rings were enough to pull her developing buds down along with the surrounding skin. Jeff inserted a navel ring. He then ran a chain thorough the three rings and pulled it tight. He connected the two ends of the chain with a small ring and sat back to look. As Anna grew the chain would pull her breasts downward. Her nipples would stretch in gross proportions to her breasts and body.

Jeff rummaged through and found the final ring. Jeff reached under Anna and found the tender skin between the opening to her virgin cunt and her ass. He pinched the skin together and pulled downward. Jeff took the punch and made a small hole through the stretched skin. He inserted a small ring through the hole and squeezed it closed.

Jeff stood and stretched his arms high above his head. He read the tattoo on little Anna's chest and tummy. "THIS CUNTS MADE" and below that, "ONLY FOR DOG COCK"

Jeff looked at his watch. "Five O'clock. Great! We still have time for one more thing." Jeff removed the 4 remaining ass restraints from the children and put them in the boxes. He left the barn and returned with a 48 inch tall by 18-inch wide mirror. He leaned it up against the barn wall. Jeff unfastened Deb's hands from behind the post and helped her over to the mirror. she walked slowly with the 3-foot bar between her ankles, moving her hips in small arcs to take a step.

Deb felt the plug in her butt vibrate as her heel's hit the ground with each step. She heard the chime's rumble inside her body. Her body felt good with the drugs pumping through them. The plug in her ass was big and slippery and the vibration seemed to shake her whole crotch as she walked.

Deb didn't realize at first that the reflection was she. Then, she stared in disbelief as she ran her hands over her body feeling the new additions as she stared into the mirror. Deb slid her hand to her crotch and felt the steel shield covering her clit. She scooted closer to the mirror to see what it was.

"NO!" she screamed into her ball gag as she tried to rub her clit through the shiny metal barrier. She pushed her hand to her cunt and felt the lock on her cunt lips, denying her fingers access to her pussy. She reached behind her and felt the chain and ring on the base of the plug. She pulled at the plug but it didn't budge. She pulled hard and the plug popped from her ass and slipped from her fingers.

Deb gasped as the heavy plug found the end of the chains and pulled on her pussy lips and tugged on her nipples. She reached to grab the plug but missed as it swung between her legs. Deb grabbed the chain and held the plug up. The chains were not long enough to bring the plug forward from under her crotch. She held it in her hand and stared with disbelief at the plugs large size and the feel of it's very heavy weight.

She saw the tattoo and managed to read it backwards in the reflection. "What kind of person would ever want to have sex with me now" she thought as she looked at her reflection. As she stared into the mirror she watched her hands move as they gently pressed the large silver plug back into her needy ass.

Jeff unfastened the cuffs on the remaining family members and let them hobble with their ankle bars to the mirror to gaze at their new bodies. The boy's stroked their cocks and struggled to arrange their uncomfortable balls. The two girls compared their bodies with their sister and their mother.

Within minutes the family was touching and feeling each other with one hand while caressing their own bodies with the other. The girls were breathing heavy now while the boys groaned with ecstasy and discomfort from their new restraints.

Cathy knelt in front of her little brother Bobby and sucked his semi- rigid cock into her mouth. She played with his bound balls and squeezed them as she sucked.

Deb grabbed her oldest son's head and forced his mouth onto her left breast. She reached behind Chris and stuck two fingers into his ass. Chris moaned, bit down on the chain and nipple ring and pulled them outward with his teeth. Deb screamed and twisted her fingers inside in her son's ass.

Anna played with her pussy while she stroked her brother Chris's cock, watching it expand in her tiny fist. She took her hand away from her pussy and grabbed her brother's balls. She squeezed and held them tight as her brother struggled to pull away. With both hands now holding her brother's balls she slipped her mouth around his enlarged cock head and sank her lips down it's length. Anna rubbed the balls in each hand wondering if she could coax the sperm out of them and into her mouth.

Chris moaned onto his mother's breast as his little sister sucked his cock and tightened her grip on his balls. Each time he tried to move his cock forward into Anna's mouth, his little sister painfully pulled back on his throbbing balls stopping him from entering. Chris bit down again on his mother's tit in agony as his sister administered a mixed variety of pain and pleasure.

Jeff stopped the orgy by grabbing Deb and Anna and taking them down to their room for the night. Returning he found the three family members still playing with each other. He hobbled them back to their rooms, removed their ankle bars and locked them up till morning. Tomorrow would be the final test of their descent.

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