"Deb's Family Farm Training"

      by Jake Spear


Chapter 11

Jeff grabbed Cathy by her arm as he left the stall, turned her to face a post and bent her forward.

Deb heard a scream of pleasure and turned toward her daughter. She was bent forward with her arms wrapped around a post, her upper torso parallel to the floor, and her ass pushed back into Jeff's groin. Jeff was slapping her cheeks as he hammered his huge cock into her abused ass, the dildo still in her gushing cunt.

"Spank MEEE ! YES. Harder! HARDER ! YESS !" Cathy screamed not caring who heard her. "Fuck me. Fuck my ASS ! YESS !" She continued to shout as she looked back into Jeff's eyes. As Jeff pounded her ass, Cathy could feel his cock bouncing off the large hard dildo in her cunt. Each time Jeff's cock hit against it, Cathy felt the vibrations and heard it chime in her head. She wanted it all, and she wanted it now.

Cathy pushed back away from the post to match each thrust of Jeff's cock. Jeff was ramming his cock into the girl's ass hard and fast. He reached around and found the chains attached to the dildo and her pert nipples. Pulling on the chains he tugged them back as they brought Cathy's nipples with them. With one hand he slapped her ass, while with the other he jerked her nipple chains.

Deb couldn't stand it. As she watched Jeff with her daughter, she worked the large dildo in and out of her expanded ass hole. She wiggled her body and pulled on her nipples and squeezing them hard.

She was holding her husband's leash in her teeth with her hands busy at her breasts and ass. She gave a hard tug on the leash, by jerking her head and turned him from watching his daughter and Jeff to face her. "Down on the ground! Quick!" Deb ordered her husband as she took the leash out of her mouth.

Mike immediately went to the floor on his back. Deb stood over him with her feet on each side of his upper chest. She knelt down with her ankles pinning his shoulders to the floor and her shins and thighs on each side of his face. She removed his ball gag and threw it to one side. She reached between her ass cheeks and pulled the plug out of her gaping ass hole. She crawled forward on her knees, leaned back and shoved her ass onto her husband's lips.

"Open you fucking mouth and put your tongue inside my ass," she said but Mike refused and turned his head to the side.

"I'll show his sorry ass that he better learn to obey me," Deb thought to herself.

Deb got to her feet, turned around and sat on her husband's stomach. With his hands still fastened to the collar around his neck he could do nothing but lay on the ground and look at his wife's back. Deb reached down to her husband's balls, still in the sling ends of the leash. She took one ball in each hand and rubbed it around with her fingers and thumb, gently.

Mike moaned with the sensation of his wife's affection. He tried to move his hips upwards as the feeling spread through his groin.

"Mike Darling," Deb said to her husband. "You know I've always wondered something. I know that a man's balls have sperm in them all the time. Sometimes, at night, I use to wonder, if I could make you cum just by squeezing your balls. I mean if your balls are really full of sperm, then if I squeeze them hard enough the sperm should come out your little cock. Right? Deb asked her husband not expecting a answer.

Mike was panicking. "NO Deb, don't do that, it doesn't work that way. Please Deb. I'll do whatever you want. Please !" Mike continued to plead with his wife. He couldn't see her face, or see what she was doing. He could only feel his balls being caressed in her hands. He was vulnerable, and he knew it.

Deb used her left hand to wrapped her thumb and fingers around her husband's ball sack squeezing both balls to the end of her husband's sack. With her right hand she took the extended balls and rubbed them around lightly. Deb continued to talk to her husband and she continued moving his balls around like large marbles in a sack.

"I know after seeing you daughters' being fucked and sucked you need some relief. Your little dick is all hard and throbbing and needs so bad to cum," Deb said as she squeezed a little harder on the balls in her hand. "I want to help but if I put your sore dick in my mouth, I know it will hurt you as sore as it looks. Look at all those scabs and sores on that little bitsy dick."

Deb heard her husband scream as she squeezed his balls and rubbed them around with her hand. She smiled at the screams and continued to talk to him. "So I'm going to rub and squeeze your balls until I release out all those little sperms that want to get out." Deb let go of his sack and took one of her husband's nuts in each hand. "Lets see how long and painful it is to make you cum this way."

Deb cupped her two hands together around the sack and balls and rubbed them against each other. Mike screamed at the top of his lungs for her to stop. Deb ground her husband's balls with her hands as she smiled at her husband's screams. She watched as his cock got harder and felt her husband's balls swell in size.

Meanwhile, Jeff had finished emptying his sperm into Cathy's ass and walked over to where Mike was screaming from Deb's crushing hands. The whole family gathered around, except for Anna still bound to the saddle, to see if mom could really squeeze the cum out of dad's balls.

Deb compressed her hands as hard as she could and rubbed them together making the balls roll and press against each other. She rubbed her hands faster and faster pressing her palms together as hard as she could.

The pain in Mike's groin was horrendous. His screams had stopped while his mouth and chest still went through the motions of making sound. Suddenly he felt his balls jump. He WAS going to cum! They jumped again and again.



Deb was amazed to see the sperm fire, like a hose, out of her husband's dick. It shot straight up and splashed on her chest. It shot again and splashed her stomach. Again and again the sperm unloaded from Mike's dick as Deb squeezed extremely hard and forced spurt after spurt to hit her body and drip onto her husband's crotch.

Deb dropped her husband's balls and got up off his stomach. Mike curled into a ball unable to put his hands between his legs. Holding his thighs together tight in an effort to protect his already abused privates.

"WOW MOM!" Cathy said as she looked at her mother's cum drenched body. "You really did squeeze out all dad's sperm!" Deb looked at the amount of her husband's sperm dripping off her body and said, "I think this is the most your father has ever cum. I think he must have enjoyed it."

Jeff left the family standing in the middle of the barn and went back to the stall where Anna was still secured over the saddle. Rex was sitting and looking at Anna's exposed ass. Rex knew, that as long as the "fuck bitch" remained, after being fucked, that he would have a chance to fuck her again. Knowing this helped keep him semi-hard and ready.

Jeff leaned over and spit on Anna's ass. He took his fingers and rubbed the spit on the half-dried dog cum. He scraped it from Anna's still red pussy lips up to her ass hole. He pushed his finger in the girl's ass and worked it around.

Anna woke when she felt the finger enter her ass. Instinctively her ass hole contracted against the intruder. She felt it move and wiggle around and relaxed when she realized that it didn't hurt. In fact it felt pretty exciting moving in and out of her ass like that. Anna felt it withdraw, then rub the lips to her pussy, and then slide back into her ass.

Anna could sense the feeling beginning to stir in her groin again. She tried to move her ass back and capture more of the invader. It withdrew and reentered, only with a friend this time. Anna felt her ass hole stretch wider to accommodate the extra finger. It felt good with two fingers but it didn't excite her as much as Rex's cock did before.

"OHHH Jeff!" Anna said. "Can Rex fuck me in my ass now?" Anna asked. "It was wonderful last time. Can we do it in my ass now? Jeff smiled and called Rex over.

"Do you love dog cock Anna? Jeff asked as he continued to widen her ass with three fingers now. "Wouldn't you rather have one of your brothers' cocks in you Anna?

Anna thought about it for a moment. Somehow it just didn't excite her to think about having her brothers' cocks in her ass. Only the thought of the dog cock pumping inside her body made goose bumps run up and down her back. "No! Please Jeff. I want Rex to fuck me. Please, just Rex!. I want to feel him real far inside me again. Please let him, PLEASE JEFF!"

Jeff removed the three fingers from the girl's ass. He stepped aside and called Chris over again to help Rex get it in the right hole. "Rex, Fuck," Jeff called out as he backed away from Anna, towards the open gate.

Hearing the words from his master Rex was ready. He mounted his girl bitch and punched away with short strokes searching for the opening with the tip of his cock. Chris lifted the cock slightly and guided it towards his sister's ass. Rex felt the tip against the slippery entrance a few times and knew he was home again.

Anna tried to relax, like she had when Jeff's fingers were in her ass, but each time the tip of Rex's cock hit her ass hole it tightened up and closed. Anna decided to push her bowels open like she was taking a shit and let Rex get his cock inside. She was afraid that Rex would get hurt if her ass wasn't open enough and if he did get hurt, she might have to have one of her brothers' fuck her ass. "No! It has to be Rex's cock," she thought.

Anna felt the dog's cock enter into her ass a few inches. She sensed the dog stepping forward as he held his cock tip in her opening. Then Anna felt the short strokes beginning to push the cock further inside with each thrust. Her ass hole was burning like her cunt, but different. As the cock moved inward with each lunge of the dog's hips, Anna felt as though her ass hole was going to split open.

Anna gritted her teeth and screamed. "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHGGGGGG" And then the entire length of dog cock slipped into her ass filling her bowels fully. Anna's ass hole closed around the base of the cock and she felt the dog's legs as they knocked her ass cheeks. She tensed as Rex started hammering his long rapid strokes with unending stamina.

The 12-year-old Anna relaxed as the tingling feelings returned to her body and the pain was gone and forgotten. She pushed back with each pump of the dog's long cock. It was an unbelievable feeling to have all of that long thick dog cock completely inside her again. Anna could feel the thick part in the middle and the tip poking at the still unexplored part of her bowels.

It rubbed and pulsed in her ass until Anna could no longer hold back. She screamed for Rex to fuck her harder, faster, more. She loved the dog more than anything else in the world. "Yess Rex, love my ass. Fuck me with your cock. Don't ever stop. Never stop Rex!" Anna came, over and over again. When one orgasm stopped another began. Then her little body went limp over the saddle.

Jeff noticed that Anna had passed out from the pleasure of Rex's cock before Rex had a chance to spill his seed. "Never mind," He thought. From what he had seen he was starting to believe in the tales the women had told him about dogs. Jeff noticed Rex slow his pumping and saw the cum leaking out of Anna's ass.

It took only a few minutes for Rex to pull out of the girl bitch and when he did Jeff popped in another plug to keep the sperm inside the child.

It was night already. Jeff took the family back down to the cellar and put them all in one room. They could play with each other all night as far a Jeff was concerned. Tomorrow morning he would separate them and forbid them from any kind of gratification. He would sexually taunt and tease their deprived bodies all day, then finally, he would unleash them on his unsuspecting Aunt Martha and Uncle Joe.

Jeff expected Joe and Martha be back around five P.M tomorrow evening. He could hardly wait for them to get a load of the "REAL JOHNSON FAMILY". Jeff could just picture the shocked look on his Aunt and Uncle's faces as they watched their precious moral family, fucking each other and everything else within reach. Jeff was pleased with his plan and the training. Tomorrow he would reap his well-deserved rewards.

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