"Deb's Family Farm Training"

      by Jake Spear


Part Three

Chapter 12

Jeff sat very still at the kitchen table, his coffee cup poised at his bottom lip, staring at the kitchen window that looked out toward the barn. His eyes stared at the morning's gentle breeze, hypnotically swaying of the tall stalks of wheat, but his mind was incapable of registering anything past the dirty window panes. He sat there with elbows on the wood table, immobile, unable to return to reality. Like a horror movie, scenes from years of physical and mental torture were reflected back in the panes of window glass across the dark kitchen. It was the same every morning, and would be, for the rest of his life.

Jeff awakened from his trance by the phone ringing in the foyer. It was Martha and Joe just calling to say they expected to be home tonight around five. Martha mentioned that she could hardly wait to cook her own meals again after a week of living on restaurant food. If Jeff wanted to wait, Martha said she would cook a late dinner when she got home. Jeff agreed, good byes and pleasantries exchanged, as each hung up their respective phones.

Jeff now switched his concentration to the current stage of sexual training he was wreaking on his sister and her once innocent family. The initial training period was over. He had succeeded in turning his sister Deb and her two daughters, into cock lusting whores, and her two boys into sexual servants. He wished he had a few more days to train, but they would be ready by tonight.

When the training had begun, Jeff's idea was to separate the family and sell each as sex slaves to the highest bidders. Unfortunately, the training went too well. He now realized that he could never find a buyer that would be interested in the sexual sluts the three females had become. Jeff was not bothered by this, money was not the type of pay back he was interested in. Vengeance was the driving force, and that sweet taste of revenge would be his tonight.

It had taken him most of the night to clean the house for Aunt Martha and Uncle Joe's return. Most everything was complete, with the exception of a few adjustments needed to get Deb's family ready by 5:00 P.M..

Jeff walked back to the kitchen, opened the refrigerator, got out the two dozen eggs and proceeded to make breakfast for his captives. He thought of what he had to do today, as he scrambled the eggs for the Johnson family's morning meal. The eggs were still runny when he added a yellow powder and mixed it thoroughly in the sizzling pan.

The chemical was tasteless and odorless. It was designed to produce a unique balance between extreme burning and itching within the female's sex organs. He knew from prior experience that the mixture's irresistible effect could drive a woman mad with desire. The only relief to the unrelenting effects was to insert an object into the craving orifice, and rub hard and fast. A pure dosage was administered only with the subject had been secured, to prevent them from harming themselves, by the self insertion of sharp objects.

Insertion of extremely thick and large objects, was the reason Jeff was using the deluded mixture today, laced with a small amount of cocaine. While the cocaine would heighten the effects of the drug on the female, it caused the subject to be more prone to the acceptance of inflicted pain. It also made the drugs effects last a little longer.

Jeff had witnessed the effects of this mixture when given to a woman for 12-hours straight. The beautiful woman, unrestrained in a warehouse, had fucked herself with every object she could find. That included seven men (that had given her the drug and their friends), two broom poles, miscellaneous tools. Ultimately, she had been chained to a column, for her own safety, and had resorted to using both of her fists.

This small dose mixed with the eggs, would begin to wear off in three hours and with only small residual amounts left in the body after four hours. "Just in time!" Jeff thought to himself. He intended to use a special drug for tonight. Tonight's special drug, didn't mix well with other drugs and could have a disastrous effect if combined.

Jeff loaded the food onto a tray, left the house and walked to the barn. When he reached the cellar door he balanced the large tray with one hand, opened the door, and walked quickly to the room he had put the entire family the night before. With the tray once again on his right hand, he unlocked the door and pushed it open.

Everyone was asleep with the exception of Jeff's sister Deb, who was on her knees, bent forward, moaning, as her hand slowly shoved the large silver dildo in and out of her ass.

"Deb, you are truly unsasable!" Jeff said to his sister, as he placed the tray down, went back out the door, closed and locked it.

"There's going to be three very horny females in that room once the drug takes effect," Jeff thought as he smiled to himself and went about his morning farm chores.

The sun was up by the time Jeff had finished feeding and cleaning the animal's and their stalls. He rechecked the devices he had set up late last night in the stalls and main isle of the barn one more time. He greased the poles on the "Impaler" in the middle of the barn before he went to get his first victim from the cellar below.

When Jeff opened the door again and stepped inside, he found the food gone and the entire family in one large, moaning, orgy slithering on the floor. He reached down and gave a jerk on the chains still attached to his sister's nipples and ass dildo. Jeff pulled her from the group, by the chains. Deb screamed as she struggled to follow her brother's lead as he pulled her through the door. Jeff stopped in the hallway to twist the lock closed, and then proceeded up to the barn with his moaning sister in tow.

Debs right hand was wrapped around her back and between her ass cheeks, trying to hold in the large dildo as they walked up the stairs toward the dimly lit barn. Deb's ass had become permanently stretched open from the thicker and thicker dildos she was forced to wear. Each time Deb's ass got use to the larger dildo in it, Jeff would replace it with an even thicker and longer one.

Over the past few day Deb's ass had become so big that she could easily fit her fist into it. She had done just that, several times last night, but preferred the length of the dildo much more. The constant fucking of the thick dildo in and out of her ass had now made even this 3-inch diameter shaft too small to stay in her without help.

As they walked up the stairs Deb used her free hand to grope around her brother's hips and try to unleash his cock. Deb could think of nothing else but holding, licking, sucking and fucking her brothers cocks. "If I can just get it out and suck it till it's hard, then I can stuff it in my burning cunt," thought Deb. Thinking only of the craving desire in her drugged body, Deb slid the tips of her fingers from her ass toward her pussy. "Ohhh, SHIT!" She moaned when she found the lock still on her swollen pussy lips. Deb pulled on the lock stretching her pussy lips and remembered how her brother had rendered her cunt unusable. Two days ago he had shoved a large dildo up her cunt and put a lock through the grommets he installed in her pussy lips. Two days of being unable to shove something inside her cunt. Two days of not being able to touch her clit, because of the clit shield her brother had sadistically installed, blocking any access to the sensitive nub. Deb moaned in frustration. Her body burned with the desire to touch her clit, to push her hand inside her dripping cunt hole.

Jeff pushed his sisters hand away from his groin as he opened the door from the cellar to the barn.



"Jeff! Dear brother please! Fuck me now! I can't stand it anymore. Please! You just have to unlock my pussy lips and fuck me, please Jeff. I'm so hot for your cock. My cunts on fire." Deb pleaded with her brother as they walked from the cellar door to the middle of the barn. The craving deep inside her was driving her crazy. She didn't just need something to fuck her hard, her body demanded it in every fibre of her being.

When Jeff stopped walking Deb looked up and stared wide eyed with fright, at the device that stood before her. Two metal bars were buried in the barn floor, four feet apart and 10 feet high. They were connected at the top by a metal crossbar. At the bottom there was a circular wooden platform 1-foot off the ground. The platform had three holes. Two of the holes, where the vertical metal poles stuck through, and one hole in the middle. Leather straps, nailed to the top of the platform secured the feet and forced the legs wide apart. The circular wooden platform sat on what looked like a large tractor tire, partially inflated.

Deb started working the dildo in and out of her ass harder and faster. She trying to angle it, against the dildo locked in her cunt, as Jeff stepped up on the wooden platform. He reached down and pulled Deb up by her nipple chains. Deb watched as her brother took her left hand and cuffed it to the left pole. She resisted slightly as he tried to take her right hand away from the dildo in her ass. Jeff pulled hard and as he pulled her hand away, the dildo dropped from Deb's ass, jerking the nipple chains it had been attached to, down sharply.

"AAAAGGGHHH," Deb screamed at the sudden pain in her nipples caused by the large heavy plug's sudden jerk at the end of the chain. Deb felt the large silver dildo continue to bounce and swing between her legs as Jeff cuffed her right hand to the right pole. The cuffs were standard issue and allowed Deb to move her hands vertically along the greased bars, sliding the cuffs with them. Jeff secured Deb's feet to the top of the platform with the leather straps. With her ankles strapped Deb was able to move her feet slightly, stand on her toes, adjust her balance, but not move more than a few inches in any direction. Grabbing the poles with both hands, Deb noticed that they were covered with grease. Just holding on to them for balance was difficult.

Deb's body refused to stop moving, as though it was grinding on some imaginary lover. Jeff stepped down from the platform and stood watching his sister as she continued her lewd pelvic gyrations on the platform in front of his face. Jeff reached between his sisters legs and removed the lock that sealed her pussy lips together.

Deb screamed with joy when she realized that the lock was off her pussy lips. "Yes. Oh Yes, please big brother fuck me hard! Fuck your sister's cunt hard with that huge cock of yours. Please Jeff Hurry! I can't wait any more!"

Jeff laughed as he looked up at his gorgeous sister's body dancing in front of him.

"Sis, I wouldn't stick my cock in that sloppy whore cunt of yours, if it was the last one on earth. However," Jeff said. "Since you are my sister, I have made arrangements for a few, shall we say, not so fussy friends, to join us tonight." Jeff spoke softly, as he rubbed his hand through the open sopping wet lips of his sister's pussy. "Of course it will take us all day to get you and your family ready for them. We wouldn't want our guests to arrive and find us not ready now would we Sis?"

"Oh Jeff, I'm ready right now. I'll fuck anybody, anything! You know I can. I've been a good slut, haven't I? Haven't I been a good slut for you?" Deb said begging for anything that would change Jeff's mind and cause him to satisfy her craving.

"Yes Deb, you have," Jeff told her, "But my friends will not care of you're a good slut or not. They will use you for their own amusement and if you are not prepared properly, it would reflect on me as well. You wouldn't want that to happen would you, sis? And certainly not in front of you aunt and uncle. You want to give them a good show, don't you Sis?" Jeff said as he continued to tease the swollen wet lips of her cunt.

He watched mockingly as Deb's head rolled on her shoulders while she pressed her cunt lips hard against his forcefully moving hand. Just as Deb let her head drop back and moaned in delight, Jeff took his hand away and jerked the thick steel plug out of her cunt.

"YYYEEESSS Jeff! Please Jeff! Fuck me now. Fuck your sister's whorish cunt. I need your cock so bad," Deb sobbed unable to endure her now empty holes and the burning desire inside them.

"No Deb. For all the satisfaction I'd get from that stretched cunt of yours I might as well fuck a 4 foot sewer pipe. Now maybe if your beautiful daughter was here, I might slide my thick long cock inside her gorgeous wet cunt of hers, but your cunt is no longer worthy of a man's cock!" Jeff told his sister. "Your ass and cunt are mine to command and do with as I please. From today on, your ass and cunt will only be worthy of satisfying large thick animal cocks. Your body will be as a receptacle for pain and the storage of inhuman sperm." Jeff explained to his sister and watched as her body started moving faster and faster on top of the platform as though she was becoming increasingly excited by his words.

"The horse! Yes, Jeff let me fuck the horse again! Please Jeff, just let it fill my ass again, Pleeeeease!" She cried, while her body continued to move in faster circles. In her drugged mind she thought of the long thick horse cock that had fucked her ass a few days ago.

"It's time Deb." Jeff said. "You need to be prepared for tonight!"

Jeff dropped the steel dildo, he had jerked from Deb's cunt, to the ground by the platform leaving the dildo from her ass still dangling on the chains to her nipples rings. He walked to the adjacent stall and returned with a ball gag and a small stool. Stepping up on the stool and reaching from behind her, Jeff put the gag into his struggling sister's mouth and strapped it firmly onto her head.

Jeff reached down and lifted a small yellow box with two buttons on the top. Attached to the yellow control box was a thick wire that ran from the box and disappeared somewhere under the platform. He pushed the green button and held it down as the sound of a quiet motor vibrated the platform on which Deb stood. To Deb's surprise, the platform rose slowly. Deb watched as her brother Jeff, continued to hold the button until the platform was 18-inches off the barn floor.

Deb continued her gyrations while she watched her brother enter one of the stalls and return with a long thin smooth metal rod, and two other items. The long rod was rounded at the tip and only 1/4-inch in diameter. Jeff stuck the rod through the hole in the center of the platform. It took a few tries but Jeff finally located the correct position for the rod, and was rewarded with a loud clank as it locked in place. When he released the rod, the tip of the rod slapped against Deb's lower belly as if on a spring that was trying to right itself. Instantly Deb moaned and started rubbing herself against the thin rod as she tried to step up and mount it without success. Her hands slipped on the greased poles as she tried to use them to pull her body upwards.

The second item Jeff brought was a standard 1-inch hollow pipe, about 10-inches long. On one end of the hollow pipe there were three thumb screws sticking out. Jeff grabbed the 1/4-inch thick rod, pulled it away from Deb's body and slid the hollow pipe over the rod, with the thumb screw end closest to the platform. The pipe slid down and hit the edge of the hole in the platform, the thumb screws stopping the pipe from going further.

Jeff took the third item from under his arm and held it in his right hand for Deb to see. Deb's eyes grew wide in terror at the sight of the thick long dildo her brother was holding. The tip was only 1-inch in diameter. But it quickly grew to 3-inches thick in the middle of its 18-inch length. Just below the 3-inch thickness was a 4-inch thick diameter ball. From the bottom of the ball it tapered out to 6 inches at the bottom of the 18 inch base. Deb noticed that there was a hole in the dildo that ran from tip to base. Jeff took the dildo and slid it onto the metal rod. It slid down until it stopped, when the base of the dildo hit against the top of the hollow pipe.



Jeff picked up the remote, pushed and held the green button to raise the platform up again. Deb felt the rod as it scraped down her stomach and the platform rose. When the tip of the rod got to her cunt she stood on her toes and the rod sprang straight between her legs. Without hesitation Deb lowered her cunt around the thin steel rod and began wiggling herself around it.

Jeff continued to raise the platform as Deb lowered herself further, refusing to release the rod from her dripping cunt. Releasing the button, Jeff laid the control on the platform. Grabbing a rope from the post close to an adjacent stall Jeff walked back to behind his sister. Holding one end of the rope, he tossed the other end over the bar above his sister's head.

The clip at the end of the rope swung and hit Deb in the stomach producing a shocked screech from behind the ball gag. Smiling, Jeff walked around and faced his sister. Grabbing the clip on the end of the rope, he fastened it to her left nipple ring. Walking back around he took hold of the rope and pulled his sister up, off the end of the shaft. Jeff pulled until she was forced to stand on her toes with her left breast stretched grotesquely upward and pointing toward the roof of the barn.

Jeff could hear Deb's muffled screams through the ball gag. Her head shook left and right. Her body trembled and her sobs shook her breasts as she tried to keep her left side up and decrease the pain in her extended nipple. With her feet held to the platform, there was little she could do to stop the painful stretching of her nipple and breast. Jeff tied the rope to the gate at the side and walked back toward Deb's straining body.

Looked at Deb's pussy, Jeff noticed that it was time again for a shave. Ignoring Deb's screams he left and returned with an electric shaver and a wooden box. He would have preferred to use a straight razor, but the hood attached directly to the skin over her clit and the chains that ran through it, made access difficult.

He decided to loosen the chains running through the ring in the clit shield and remove the attached dildo swinging between Deb's legs. Jeff took from his pocket a pair of clippers and cut the ring holding the dildo to the end of the chains in two places. The dildo dropped and hit the platform with a loud thud, rolling away off the edge.

Opening up the box Jeff removed out a very thick 8-inch long rubber ass plug with a large steel ring at the bottom end. Jeff attached the new plug to the end of the nipple chains, running from her clit shield, to the large ring at the end of the new dildo.

Holding the tip of the plug at the entrance to Deb's ass with his left hand, Jeff pushed it in and out slowly to wet the tip, as he listened to his sister moaning through her gag. Without hesitating, he slapped the base of the plug with the palm of his right hand, driving the enormous plug half way up inside his sister's bowels.

Deb felt the tip of something press just her ass. "Yes! Yes! Shove it in me, quick!" she thought and moaned in delight, as her ass burned from the drug induced desire to be full again. Almost before she could complete her moaning, the plug forced through her already stretched ass hole and began again to stretch her open beyond belief. "Nooo, God Nooo. Stop, No Doooon't!" She screamed into her ball gag and screamed again when her body shook and pulled at her painfully stretched nipple.

Jeff heard Deb scream a second time but, before she could take another breath, Jeff punched the large plug all the way up inside the tortured bowels of his beautiful sister's ass.

Deb's arm's jerked away from the slippery poles they were cuffed to, in a desperate effort to reach her ass and rip the huge object from her tortured hole. Deb screamed continually into her ball gag as she stood, suspended by her stretched nipple, balancing her weight on one leg. She jerked her groin back and forth in an effort to dislodge the monster from inside her.

Jeff went about the task of shaving her pussy, ignoring the screams and jerking cunt of his sister. He pulled down the lips of her cunt by the grommets he had inserted and shaved the entire area until he was satisfied that it was smooth.

Deb's body was adjusting to the pain in her bowels but her ass ring was still burning from the 4-inch diameter monster holding it open. There was nothing she could do except bear the pain. She didn't even notice the vibration of the electric razor on her pussy nor did she realize when it stopped.

Her head hung low on her chest and still sobbing, Deb opened her eyes to see her brother slid the 18-inch long dildo upward on the steel rod between her spread legs. Jeff left 1/4-inch of the steel rod sticking out of the tip of the large dildo. Holding the dildo in position, Jeff grabbed the hollow pipe and slid it up until it touched the bottom of the dildo and held it from sliding back down the rod. He tightened the thumb screws to hold it and the dildo in place. Deb noticed that her hips had started to move involuntarily in circles, only inches above the dildo's head. She couldn't help it or stop herself from moving. Pain filled her body, but not nearly as much, as the desire for the thick long cock waiting below her cunt.

Jeff then slid a large loose ring around the 18-inch long dildo and attached it to the ring at the base of the plug in Deb's ass.

"This ring," Jeff explained, "Will keep the dildo aligned with your cunt, Sis. I don't want you to move away from it before it has a chance to embed itself."

"God, what a stupid thing for her brother to say!" Deb thought to herself. Pushing her cunt onto that beautiful rubber cock was the only thing that she could think of over the pain in her nipple and ass.

Jeff lifted the control device attached to the end of the tube, and twisted a knob at the end. A slight hissing began and Jeff adjusted the knob until he was satisfied with the air flowing out of the tube beneath the platform.

Jeff reached up and released the clip at the end of the rope from Deb's nipple ring. Deb dropped immediately to her flat feet causing the plug in her ass to jerk and her pussy lips to lightly touch the tip of the dildo sticking up from the platform. The burning in Deb's cunt renewed as she felt the end of the dildo rubbing against the outer lips of her newly shaved, and swollen wet cunt lips.

Deb's body shook uncontrollably with anticipation and fright as she stood looking down at the dildo below her. Slowly she bent her knees and pushed against the tip of the dildo. Her head flew back as waves of pleasure ran through her belly as her slick pussy lips spread around the dildo tip. She felt the tip of the steel rod sticking out of the top of the dildo touch the entrance to her burning cunt. Deb couldn't remember a time when her cunt lips weren't lock and forbidden the pleasure she so desperately craved. Now she would have something in her cunt again, feel it's thickness pressing against her slick burning inner walls. She forget the pain and almost fainted with divine anticipation.

Deb closed her eyes and concentrated on the rubber cock below her. She thought about how long it had been, and the pleasure she was about to receive. Cautiously, she bent her knees and pushed down with increasing weight, trying to insert herself onto the tip. Her eyes flew open wide with the realization that the huge plug in her ass had forced her cunt hole tightly closed. She listened to the air hissing from the control at her feet and knew she was being lowered onto the thick dildo weather her cunt would open or not.

Deb was so filled with fear, of what would happen as the dildo forced itself up into a hole that wasn't there, that she hadn't noticed her brother depart. Jeff left Deb to deal with the terror and horror of her present situation alone, to return to the cellar once again. He opened the door and went down to get the next drug crazed member of the family.

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