"Deb's Family Farm Training"

      by Jake Spear


Chapter 15

"Shit!" Jeff shouted. "Can't have your body full of welts for tonight." Jeff looked around trying to think of what he could do to stop the chains from rubbing as they were pulled tight against Deb's body by the weight of the ass plug hanging between her legs.

Unable to think of anything else, Jeff picked up the ass plug that was pulling down the chains and held it so that the chains were loose. The chains stopped rubbing against Deb's body and danced loosely back and forth.

"Well I can't hold this damn thing all day!" Jeff thought to himself as he looked around for an alternative. With none in sight, Jeff lifted the plug and placed the tip back at the entrance to his sister's ass hole. Holding it in place with his left hand he slapped the base with the palm of his right hand. Again and again he hit the base until the plug was fully embedded deep inside his sister's bowels again.

Deb's cunt and ass were fully stuffed as the vibrator spun inside her. Deb hung onto the poles with all her strength trying not to fall onto the dildo. Her legs were becoming numb and week with the thudding vibrations that the shaft was sending through her frame. The burning sensation disappeared, but was replaced with pain, as the rubber shaft in her, beat against the huge plug in her ass.

Fighting the pain Deb pushed her ass backwards hard against the thudding monster in her cunt. She tried to wedge the dildo against her cunt's entrance and her cervix to stop it from beating against the plug in her ass. Deb's head dropped with relief as her inner muscles wedged the dildo in a way,that the tip stopped beating against the plug.

Jeff had left Deb and entered the stall to the left to check on Anna and her brother Bobby. Bobby had finished fucking his sister's ass and had his cock in her mouth. Anna moaned as her brother continued to instruct her on how to clean it with her tongue.

"Fuck, yes! That's it cunt! Suck it! Lick the bottom some more," Bobby was talking to his sister in a demanding voice. "Lick it harder you fucking dog bitch! That's it, Yeah that it. Make me cum. harder suck harder. YES! I'm cumming, YES! AAAAGGGHHHH!"

Anna screamed as she felt her brother grab her hair and force his cock down her throat. Bobby's cock was not as big as Rex's cock but for some reason, having a human cock in her throat was repulsive. She tried not to gag as she thought of it pumping it's luke warm sickening sperm into her stomach to mix with Rex's nectar. She felt it throb in her throat. She closed her eyes and tried to make believe it was Rex that she was sucking on, but it was no use.

Bobby looked down at ring on the base of his cock that was still sticking out of his sister's lips. His balls were throbbing trying to pump his 14-year old sperm past the tight ring. "Suck you bitch," Bobby screamed as he pushed harder into his sister's mouth. "Suck it out of me! Suck it! Suck it!" Bobby screamed louder as his balls fought for release. He pulled his cock out so that just head remained inside his sister's lips and held it there.

"Tighten your lips' bitch!" Bobby told her. "Use your tongue and suck hard or I'll ram it down your throat again, DOG BITCH!" Bobby threatened as he pulled hard on his 12-year old sister long hair. Bobby used her tight lips and sucking mouth and tongue to stimulate the tender head of his young cock. He fucked it in and out just past the tight lips of his sister's mouth dribbling his warm liquid juices onto her tongue.

"Swallow it sis," Bobby reminded her. "Swallow it or I'll tell Jeff."

Finished and satisfied, Bobby pulled his cock out of his sister's cum filled mouth and stood up. He looked at his Uncle Jeff standing behind Anna. He looked down at his sister's head, still held in the stock and saw her spitting out his sperm onto the ground.

Jeff could not see Anna's head on the other side of the stock, but he heard her spiting as Bobby rose and stood above of her. Jeff smiled as he starred down at the little girl's exposed ass and shook his head. He walked to the equipment stall and grabbed a special face mask. Entering Anna's stall with the mask he straddled the girl's back, reached over the stock and strapped the mask onto the girl's face.

The mask was made of clear plastic and looked very much like an oxygen mask. It fit over Anna's nose and mouth and had two holes located at the top near the bridge of her nose. A soft rubber gasket filled the gap between the mask and Anna's face, and Jeff pulled it tight to insure there were no gaps. At the bottom of the mask, near Anna's lower lip, was a tube that stuck out of the mask and was a 1/2-inch in diameter.

Anna could do nothing to stop Jeff from placing the mask over her nose and mouth. She felt the straps at the back of her head pulled tight and the rubber around the edge of the mask press hard against her cheeks, chin and bridge of her nose. She labored to breathe through the two holes at the top of the mask. She watched as the mask fogged with each exhale and clear slightly as she inhaled.

Anna waited, listening to her labored breathing as Jeff left the stall and soon returned. Jeff had brought what looked like a large glass jar with a wire handle on the top and a valve with a tube leading out the bottom. The jar was 10-inches tall and 4-inches in diameter. Anna watched as the jar was hung on a hook on the wooden barn wall in front of her. Jeff picked up the loose end of the tube and attached it to the tube sticking out of the mask.

"Chris, come in here, now!" Anna heard Jeff call to her older brother. When Chris arrived Anna heard Jeff give instructions to Chris and Bobby. "I want you and you're brother here to jack off into this jar. Fill it as full as you can, as many times as you can!" Jeff instructed. Jeff reached down to make sure that the valve from the jar to the mask was closed.

Jeff turned from the stall and saw his sister Deb bent forward with her breasts hanging down and her ass pointed backwards. He walked to face her and picked up the control from the platform. He reached between her legs and turned the vibrator off. Jeff saw Deb's body instantly relax. He pressed the control button and waited as the platform rose. As Deb and the platform rose, the dildo stayed in her body, wedged in her cervix and cunt. Jeff continued to hold down the button until the rod tip exited from the base of the dildo.

Deb was so relieved that the thumping had stopped that she didn't notice the platform rising at first. The dildo stayed inside her cunt and womb and continued to feel like it was vibrating slightly. Deb couldn't feel anything from the waist down, due to the numbing sensation she had endured for the past 15 minutes. She barely felt the removable of the dildo from her stretched holes, but the sudden rush of cold air into her cunt and womb shocked her back to reality.

Only a slight pressure was required to remove the dildo. Jeff slid it slowly till it was almost out and then pressed it up again with ease into his sister's body. Jeff was pleased with the stretching so far. He took the dildo to the equipment stall and laid it on the bench. When he returned to his sister, he showed to Deb, a dildo much larger than the last. This one was the same length and design but, with a 6-inch diameter bulb in the middle and an 8-inch base.

Grabbing the top of the rod below his sisters dripping cunt, Jeff pulled it toward him and slid the larger dildo over the end. Holding the dildo aligned to Deb's cunt, Jeff twisted the release valve with the other and lowered Deb onto the new monstrosity. As Jeff watched, the tip slipped slowly and easily into Deb's cunt. The 6 inch bulb at the dildo's mid span passed easily through her cunt lips, having already been stretched larger that by the vibrator. He watched as Deb instinctively positioned her cervix to accept the tip of the invader. Once Jeff was certain that the tip was well into Deb's womb, he set the valve to release quickly and lower his beautiful sister quickly.



Deb felt the dildo reenter her cunt. It felt smooth and filling inside her. Surprisingly Deb found she was eager for her body to be filled again. For what seemed like an eternity, she had felt barren and hollow. Now with the huge cock back inside her, she felt complete and whole. She moved her hips slowly around in a circle trying to feel every surface of the exquisitely painful beast within her.

Deb closed her eyes and imagined that her body was being skewered by some evil creature's cock. Her mind pictured an immense beast with his huge clawed hands encasing her small body. She imagined herself helpless as the creature lowered her onto his massive cock as though she were a toy. Pulling her body off his pole, again and again, forcing her except his throbbing swollen shaft deep inside her small frame.

Jeff reached between Debs legs and ran his hand over her inflamed pussy lips. Deb moaned through her gag, as her body went out of control shaking and gyrating against the pleasure of her brother's hand. Her breathing was short and quick and matched her mounting groans. Suddenly Jeff's hand left the sopping lips of his sister's cunt and turned the vibrator on again.

Instinctive reflexes from Deb, caused her body to resume it's previously bent position. Her cunt muscles fought to squeeze the mammoth cock and hold it still. 4-inches of the 18-inch dildo remained to be cover by Deb's lowering cunt. Jeff turned and walked to where the budding 16-year old Cathy still hung up-side down on the wheel.

"I have a job for you Cathy," Jeff spoke to the moaning teenager as he turned the wheel until Cathy was upright. "I want you to suck the black horse that you helped your mom fuck, and save his cum in a bucket. I need all the cum you can catch so try not to spill any."

While Jeff was instructing the girl he removed her ball gag and unbuckled her breast strap. Next he untied her hands. Immediately Cathy's left hand went to her tummy and felt the baseball sized balloon inside her young womb. "Uncle Jeff," Cathy spoke in a hushed voice. "How will I get this out of my womb?" She questioned in a scared teenage voice.

"Cathy, don't worry about it now," Jeff told the teenager. "If you do a good job with the horse, I'll have it taken out so that you can enjoy tonight's fun. Now here's the bucket. I'll take you to the stall and suck till you to empty the horse's balls."

Cathy followed Jeff to the stall. She rubbed her breasts with her free hand as the pain intensified with the return of the circulation to her pert little breasts. Her nipples were still swollen and stuck out from her body as though they were held out by and invisible hook. As Cathy looked down at them she noticed the color returning to normal and felt the dull pain changing to a terrible but exciting burn.

It took Jeff only a minute to install the bridle and bit into the horse's mouth and tie the reins to the back of the stall. Jeff didn't want the horse to raise his front legs and crush the lovely teenager with it's hoofs.

Cathy moved her mouth around to relieve the ache in her jaw, squatted down below the horse and started rubbing his cock with both hands.

Jeff left Cathy to milk the huge horse cock and went back to see if the two boys had made any progress on their own. Chris was dribbling small amounts of sperm into the jar and the bottom was covered about 1/4- inch. Jeff took his massive cock from his pants and masturbated to add his load to the container. After years of slavery Jeff had learned to control and cum on demand. In less than a minute he was ready and stepped to the rim of the glass container.

With a groan, Jeff's cock jerked and shot a steady stream against the containers far wall. Another spurt like the first hit, and it too flowed down to mix with the semi-clear liquid at the bottom. His third stream was short and his hand slowed it's movement and squeezed the final dribbles against the glass wall nearest him.

Jeff banged his cock on the upper lip of the glass jar and then put it back in his pants. The jar looked to be about 1/2-inch full.

"Not quite enough yet boys," Jeff said as he turned to leave. "Keep stroking!"

He entered the stall where Cathy was squatting under the horse. The tip of the horses massive cock was engulfed by her mouth and her hands were encircling and rubbing up and down the remainder of the shaft as fast as they could. Jeff looked at the bulge of her tummy and smiled. She shifted continually under the horse trying to get comfortable with the small ball in her womb.

The horse was starting to dance and Jeff knew it was getting ready to come. Cathy moved her mouth off the end of the mighty shaft and used her tongue to rub around the tip. Without thinking Cathy stuck the tip of her tongue into the horse's piss hole. Suddenly, like someone had turned on a water hose, thick horse sperm filled her mouth and throat and sprayed onto her face. Coughing and choking she grabbed the bucket and pointed the still gushing cock into it. Cum hit the bottom of the bucket and sprayed everywhere. Cathy was drenched and tried to angle the spray against the side of the bucket to absorb the force of the stream and keep the thick liquid from splashing out.

The bucket got heavy within seconds, as blast after blast continued to fill it. Cathy could feel the heat of the horses cum through the metal pail. She wanted to use one of her hands and rub the hot cum into her pussy but the bucket was getting too heavy for only one hand.

Cathy could see that the horse's cock was now receding back and the gushes of hot cum were reduced to a dribble. She placed the bucket down and put the horse's dribbling cock into her mouth. She sucked and licked trying to catch any of the magnificent beast's juice she could. When finally she had disappointingly sucked him dry, she stepped to the side and stood up.

Jeff took the bucket from her and looked to see how much had been collected. Cathy had managed to fill the bottom 3-inches with the horse's thick milky cum. The rest Cathy was rubbing into her skin and licking from her lips.

"Follow me, Cathy," Jeff said as her turned and left the stall. Passing by his sister Deb, he paused for a moment and looked at the progress of the dildo. The platform was not quite to the bottom but Deb had managed to squat down on the entire shaft. Her thighs were quaking from the vibrations as she maintained the position of breasts forward and ass back to stop the shaft from beating against the plug in her ass.

Jeff continued to the stall that held the 12-year old defiant Anna in the head stocks. The two boys stepped away from the glass jar, unable to cum any more, and let Jeff walk between the jar and little Anna's head sticking out of the wooden wall. Jeff placed the metal bucket onto the lip of the jar and poured the horse cum carefully filling bottom 8 -inches of the container.

"Anna," Jeff said. "As you can see, I have filled the jar in front of you with your brothers cum, my cum, and the cum from one of the horses. I am going to turn the valve and let the cum fill your mask slowly."

Jeff turned the valve and started the thick mixture flowing into Anna's mask. "As you can feel, the mask is starting to fill with the still warm mixture of cum. Soon it will fill the bottom against your chin and rise to your lips."

Anna felt the warm liquid filling the bottom of the mask. It reached her bottom lip and she squeezed her lips tightly together. "If you refuse to drink," Jeff continued. "The cum will continue to raise until it covers your nose. At that point you will not be able to breathe." Anna heard Jeff say as the very strong pungent smell filled her nostrils and continued to rise past her upper lip.



The cum continued to fill the mask slowly. "We are leaving now. You must decide what to do yourself." Jeff said as he ushered everyone out of the stall. "Just one more thing Anna," Jeff said turning back to look at the little girl's ass wiggling. "I'd advise you to drink slowly. That way you will not get sick and throw-up into the mask. You'll only cause yourself to drink it again or drown." With that Jeff turned and left the young girl alone.

Anna tilted her head back trying to delay drinking the combined man and horse cum. Her brain filled with the pungent aroma as it reached above her upper lip. Unexpectedly, as she inhaled, a small string of cum shot up her nose and caused her to cough. The force of the cough splattered the cum against the face mask and onto her face behind the mask.

The liquid was now past her nose. She closed her eyes and sipped a small amount threw her lips and swallowed. Desperate for air Anna opened her mouth, letting the cum fill it. She inhaled through her nose while she held the cum in her budging cheeks. As the cum continued to rise again it once more reached her upper lip and Anna swallowed hard.

Anna fought back the queasiness in her stomach and opened her mouth for the next feeding. She looked up at the glass jar hanging in front of her face and saw that the liquid had just barely gone down. She swallowed for the second time and took in the next mouthful. She knew that she would have to drink it all.

Jeff walked over to where the two boys and their sister Cathy stood in the middle of the barn. "It's time to remove the ball from your womb," Jeff said looking at bulge in the young girls naked body. Jeff grabbed the 16-year old nipple chains to lead her to one of the prepared stalls. Cathy screamed as her nipples stretched painfully and her body stumbled to catch up to her uncle's strides quickly.

Jeff led Cathy with her brothers following, to a stall at the end of the barn. A 18-inch wide padded board with wheels on the bottom sat on rails about three feet off the floor. Jeff had the young Cathy straddle the end of the board and then pushed her forward to lie face down on the padded surface. Cathy's thighs stuck straight out from each side of her body. Her knees were bent and her feet hung down with her toes pointing toward the barn floor 12 inches below them.

Jeff pulled the girls body so that her pussy hung off the end a few inches. The top of the platform pressed hard against the ball in her womb. Jeff strapped the teenager to the top of the padded board around her waist. He then took a metal spreader bar from a corner of the stall and attached the ends of the bar to each of her ankles, further spreading her legs apart about 4 feet.

Jeff placed his hand on his niece's exposed ass and pushed her and the padded board forward on the rails. The padded platform slid effortlessly forward and back taking the teenager with it.

"Cathy," Jeff said. "Here's what were going to do. Bobby and Chris are going to fuck the rubber ball out of your body. Your brothers will try their hardest to get the ball out, by fucking your ass as violently as they can."

While Jeff was talking he was hooking a cable around the post directly behind Cathy's wide spread crotch. He tied the cable to the bottom of the post and brought the other end up toward her cunt.

"Each time one of your brothers rams his cock into you hard, the platform your strapped to, will lunge forward. I am tieing the nylon string, attached to the ball in your womb, to a post behind you."

Jeff tied the nylon string to the end ring of the cable. He pulled hard and stretched the string insuring it was tight and let the cable drop from it's own weight.

"AAAAGGGHHH! NO! NO!" Cathy screamed as the weight of the cable pulled at the ball inside her womb.

"Since the ball must come out of your cunt, your brothers will have to fuck your ass very hard," Jeff continued raising his voice against the 16 year old screams, "I suggest you relax. This may be the only time you will be able to enjoy giving birth while your ass is fucked and filled with both your brothers' sperm."

"Chris," Jeff called to the boy. "Why don't you try out your studded cock in your sister's ass. Bobby, while your waiting, you might as well use that stool over there and have your sister suck your cock. Just duck down and come up between the rails in front of your sister's face. No use letting one of your sister's good holes go to waste." Jeff said as he left the stall and walked back to see how his Deb was progressing.

Jeff stood in front of his sister. Deb was almost bent in half leaning forward. Her hands were no longer trying to hold onto the greased bars. Her arms were stretched outward behind her back, her wrists pulling at the short chain on the cuffs. Deb could feel her large breasts hanging down and vibrating madly below her horizontal chest. Every so often Deb had to readjust her stance, as she slipped on the platform from the grease that had run down the bars by her feet.

Jeff walked behind her and turned the vibrator off. Deb was breathing hard, taking into her lungs large gulps of air from her constant struggle not to fall on the shaft. She stood up, her chest rising and falling incredibly with each gasp. Jeff used the button to raise the platform. The thick dildo stayed up inside his sister's womb. When the rod popped out of the bottom of the dildo, Jeff released the button and stopped the platform from rising. He removed the cuffs from his sister's wrists and then unbuckled each of her feet. Reaching up he grabbed her forearm and pulled her down from the platform to the barn floor.

The floor felt strange after riding the wobbly platform for the last few hours. With the gigantic dildo stuck halfway through her torso Deb found she had to stand with her legs apart.

Jeff reached down between his sister's legs and massaged her pussy lips with his hand. He pressed his body hard up against her naked breasts as he rubbed his hand across her pussy, to her wide spread ass and back again. He removed his hand from between her legs and pulled her tighter. Both of his hands slid down the small of her back and opened her ass cheeks wide.

Deb's body responded to her brother's caresses, moaning in her gag as her head fell backwards and her hair hung loosely down her back. Deb couldn't believe how much she was trembling in her brother's arms. Jeff bent slightly, his chin touching her shoulder while his right hand slid down between her ass cheeks. He paused with his fingers around the base of the but plug and gently pulled it down and out of his sister's ass.

Deb swooned with the gentle removal of the plug and the warmth of her brother's body against her's. Jeff's hand returned to her ass without the plug and gently caressed the outer rim with his fingers. Deb moved her lower body in an out causing her brother's hand to slide from her ass to her cunt. She paused when she felt Jeff fold his fingers up inside her gaping ass hole. She shook from the heavenly feeling her body was experiencing desperately wanted to cry out for more through her gag.

Jeff's fingers were now slowly reaching further inside her ass. She could feel the knuckles of Jeff's hand as they passed the opening and paused. In a daze, Deb felt her brother lift his head from her shoulder. Jeff stepped to Deb's side, keeping his fingers still in her ass but rotating them as he moved. He looked at his sister, standing with her legs spread, her eyes shut, her head back trembling before him, and knew she was his completely.

Jeff jerked his fingers out of his sister's ass and slid them toward the base of the dildo in her cunt. He twisted the large dildo around in Deb's as her hips moved forward and back almost unnoticeably in a slow but steady motion.

Afraid that her slightest movement might anger her brother and cause him to stop, Deb stood as still as she humanly could. She felt the loose dildo in her cunt and womb twist back and forth. She felt Jeff's left fingers squeezing her left nipple. She stood there ready to be used in any way Jeff wanted.

Jeff slowly pulled the dildo downward 6 inches and pushed it back inside her easily. "Good," Jeff said. "The slut is almost ready for tonight!"

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