"Deb's Family Farm Training"

      by Jake Spear


Chapter 16

Suddenly a loud muffled scream came from the last stall at the end of the barn. Then Jeff heard the boys whooping and cheering. "Yeees! Yeees! Yeees! I fucked her good. I fucked it into her cunt! I feel it in her cunt when I fuck her tight ass. Yeees!" shouted Chris.

"My turn now let me try Chris," Bobby shouted. "Let me fuck it out of her cunt now. Jeff said for me to do it Chris!"

"Alright, alright. Keep your dick on!" Chris told his little brother. "Your turn Bobby."

Deb knew someone was shouting but, it didn't register in her mind. To her it was a buzzing noise from far off somewhere. She concentrated on what Jeff was doing and hoped he would continue his pleasure.

Jeff pulled the entire length of 18-inches out of his sister's body and dropped the heavy monster to the floor. Deb stood there, almost in tears from the emptiness her body was feeling. How could she ever have stood not having a cock in her. It had become her only friend, her only comfort.

Her insides screamed for something to occupy the emptiness inside her. She prayed that her brother would shove something back inside. Anything to take away the emptiness and fill her with happiness again. Pain didn't matter anymore. She'd do anything to stop this barren feeling.

A sudden jerk on her nipple chains opened her eyes and pulled her body forward. She followed her brother without resisting hoping he would ease her need and stop her agony.

Jeff took Deb with him to the end stall where her two boys were busy fucking their sister at both ends. Deb saw the cable and string leading to her daughter's cunt and wondered what was happening. When she saw her daughter being fucked hard by her son's beautiful cocks, Deb's body reacted violently. Her thighs quivered and her chest hurt. She wanted so badly to change places with her daughter.

Deb's hands were busy between her legs as she watched the lewd seen in front of her. She took a step forward, forgetting about her ball gag, squatted down with her fingers already working in her cunt, and pushed her face between her son's ass cheeks before Jeff could stop her.

"NNNOOO!" Deb's mind screamed realizing her ball gag was stopping her from licking her son's balls. In desperation she shoved her nose into her son's ass and moved it around trying to gain entrance.

Jeff reached down and pulled Deb back, away from her son's ass. Slightly angry Jeff said, "I have not given you permission to participate. You are here only to watch until I tell you otherwise. Do you understand SLUT?"

"MMMMMffffffff, HHHHHHffffff," Was all that came out of the ball gag as she desperately tried to get Jeff to understand the incredible craving within her body. She found it almost impossible to stand there and watch as her body screamed for sex of it's own.

"I told your daughter we would celebrate her BIRTHDAY today," Jeff explained to Deb. "As you can see she is in the middle of giving birth right now! Your two boys have just fucked the rubber ball out of her womb, and Bobby there is now trying to fuck it out of her tight little pussy."

"MMMMMffffffff. MMMMMffffff," Was all that came out of Deb's ball gag. Jeff looked at his sister wondering if she were objecting to the treatment of her daughter or begging for something to be shoved inside her own body. As he stared at her face he noticed beads of perspiration rolling down her forehead and off her nose. Between her breasts was a river running down her body and dripping off her shaved pussy lips.

Finally forced to do something, Jeff said, "Oh sis, I'm Sooooo sorry! I completely forgot how addicted your body is to constantly being filled with large thick objects! I guess we'll have to find something to fill you up before you go into serious withdraw. Now lets see, what we can use to take up all that space? Why don't you stay here and watch your daughter get fucked by your two sons and I'll go find something for you."

Jeff left the stall and came back dragging in a heavy wooden chair. The chair was immense and had dark black leather covering the thickly padded arms, back and seat. He half dragged the large chair into the stall. Tilting the chair to the side, he walked it on two legs and set it upright over the cable, two feet behind where her son Bobby was fucking his sister's ass. The bottom of the chair seat pushed down slightly on the cable beneath the chair and forced the cable below the chair to pull tight.

Cathy screamed as the chair stretched the cable, pulling her back on the rails and tugging at the ball inside her, forcing her cunt to open another inch in diameter. Deb could see the tied end of the balloon sticking out of her daughter's opening pussy. She could see her daughter's widening cunt hole framing a two inch circle of the red balloon as it struggled to force it's way out. With each stroke of Bobby's cock into Cathy's ass, Deb watched her daughter's cunt hole opened and close, stretching and contracting against the insistent diameter of the balloon.

"There," Jeff said to Deb. "Now you have a ring-side seat for your daughter's birthday."

Deb was finding it unbearable to stand and watch her children without going crazy with desire. She desperately thirsted to kneel behind her son's ass and lick the strings of sperm that were squeezing from her daughters ass and dripping off her son's balls. Her eye's closed tight as she fought to stop her hands from ripping off her gag and sucking her sons dripping scrotum into her mouth.

Deb stepped forward, her legs trembling, to the side of the huge chair. She had approached the chair from behind, with her eyes were glued to her son's balls, as they slapped loudly against her daughter's dripping ass. Deb's eyes followed a string of sperm that was running along the nylon cord as it moved from her daughter's pussy toward the bottom edge of the chair.

It was then that she saw it. Thick and black, like the leather covering the chair. A gigantic black cock that stuck up through a hole in the seat. The 6-inch bullet shape shaft, was the most seductive thing she had ever seen. She reached down to touch the smooth shinny black surface and stroked it with her lightly fisted hand. It was slippery to the touch and her palm glided effortlessly up and down it's length. The tip was beautifully rounded with a 4 tiny holes in the end.

Jeff had pulled in a long extension cord and plugged it into the underside of the chair. In his pocket he held a cordless remote. He watched as his sister bent over the arm of the chair and stroked the exposed length of slick soft black cock.

Jeff had designed and used a similar chair years ago, while he was head slave to a sadistic master. This was a replica, with a few minor adjustments add in.

A women's first reaction to the chair was always the same. It had the looks and feel of something that was built for comfort and pleasure, and it was indeed built for that purpose, that is to "LOOK" that way. The soft black pliable casing of the cock, the liquid gel that filled it, gave an exquisite feel when touched. Not to mention the huge sturdy chair and the soft leather padding, filled with the same gel, that seemingly surrounded the woman's body and made her feel safe and secure.

After their first experience in the chair, women either begged for more, or fought tooth and nail not to be put back in. It's safe and comfortable looks disguised the sinister purpose for it's design and use.

4 tiny holes at the end of the cock enabled four different liquids to be introduced into the woman cunt or womb, a lubercant, an aphrodisiac, a powerful pain killer, and a high volt electrical conducting gel.

The 6-inches of exposed black cock was only the tip of the iceberg. It's full length was 18-inches and could be raised and lowered by a motorized screw device under the seat. At the end of the screw device was a cam that could piston the cock up and down 6-inches at any height and any speed. A hollow plastic rod inside the length of the cock could vibrate, sending waves of ripples through the gel, or thudding pulses that shook the whole body.

There was one more thing the chair was capable of. A small hydraulic pump under the seat was used to force more gel into the cock. Filled with gel, it's thickness changed from it's soft 2-inch diameter to a hard 8-inch wickedly painful thickness. The hydraulic pump could be used in various ways. It could pump the gel slowly or fill the cock almost instantly to it's 8 inch maximum. It could also be set to make the cock pulse.

The pulsing of the cock was a pleasure that no woman could get enough of or could even imagined, prior to experiencing the chair. The release valve, for the filling of the cock with gel, would be left opened, to allow the gel to escape with very little pressure. The pump would be turned on high and the gel would expand the cock until it gently touched every surface inside the woman organs. The quick pulsing flow of the gel through the cock massaged her inner walls without the numbing effect vibrators had.

Without exception, the pulsing caused continual and uncontrollable orgasms for the rider. Even though exhausted, women begged not to be taken off. Passed out and still on the device, their bodies would ride and spasm in ecstacy only to wear themselves out to the point that they would have to sleep for days to recuperate. Once awake their every thought would be to get back on and ride the pulsing cock again.

"Place yourself on the cock, SLUT!" Jeff commanded.

Deb's body was already in motion. She stepped over the cable, reached behind her back putting her hands on the arms of the chair. Leaning forward she looked between her legs and lowered her cunt to the tip of the waiting black cock.



It felt like heaven as it parted her pussy lips and then easily inside the entrance to her stretched cunt. Lowering herself with her arms, Deb felt the black cock sliding into her cunt with an ease she would never have dreamed of. The warm leather of the chair lightly caressed the cheeks of her ass and she sank into the gel filled padding. The thickness of the cock gave way as the gel flowed around to fill the areas of less pressure.

Deb's cunt muscles rubbed the cock. She felt it gurgle as the gel moved around and then back when her muscles relaxed. She felt comfortable and secure as her entire body relaxed and sank into the padding.

From under the chairs arm Jeff pulled a strip of velcro, wrapped it up and over Debs wrist. He did the same to her other wrist. Reaching down, Jeff pulled the velcro around his sister's ankles and the sturdy legs of the chair.

Deb, unconcerned that she was being strapped in place, was moving her hips in a small circle around the soft heavenly cock inside her cunt. She moaned and groaned, her eyes fixed on the expanding bright red circle at the entrance to her daughter's cunt. Deb's hips started jerking forward in time with the expansion and contraction of the red circle in front of her.

From the side of the massive chair Jeff clipped a thin elastic band to Deb's left nipple ring. Pulling it forward he reached between Bobby's legs and passed it through the ring on Cathy's clit shield. Stretching the band slightly, Jeff clipped the loose end to Deb's right nipple ring.

Each time the bright read circle at Cathy's cunt enlarged, Deb's nipples were pulled straight out from her chest. The movement of her breasts matched the ass fucking of her daughter, and in a way tied the two of them together sharing both pain and pleasure. Deb's breathing matched the jolting of her breasts as she forcefully ground her ass into the padded seat.

Deb was not aware of her daughter's moaning. The radiant pleasure of the cock inside her and rhythmic pain within her nipples beat a uniform din that echoed inside her head.

Jeff passed a thick leather strap around Deb's waist from side to side and pulled it tight with a buckle.

"MMMMUUUffffff! MMMMUUUUffff!" Deb pouted as the tightening of the strap now prevented her from moving around on the dildo. She shook her head from side to side in an effort to let her brother know it was too tight. Jeff tugged on the strap again to make doubly sure his sister couldn't possibly move.

Just as the cravings were returning to her body, Deb felt the dildo squirt something inside. It was warm, maybe a little hot, but it was still a shock when it happened. Another squirt hit the top of her cunt and splashed her cervix.

"Oh God that feels soooo good!" Deb thought to herself.

"OOOHHH," Deb moaned in pleasure to herself. "This feels really good. My cunts so warm and wet. If I could move, I'd fuck this black cock so hard. I want to move so bad. This is driving me crazy! I need to move NOW! OOHH! I have to move! HAVE to fuck it! GOT TO move! DEAR GOD LET ME MOVE MY ASS AND FUCK THIS COCK!" Deb's mind screamed as the aphrodisiac took control and her body and demanded pleasure.

Jeff noticed his sisters white knuckles on the ends of the chairs arms. He knew what she was going through. The aphrodisiac was both powerful and irresistible. Once administered, there was nothing Deb wouldn't do to satisfy the craving in her groin. The first chairs designed, didn't have padding. The women literally beat themselves unconsciously, against the wooden arms and back, trying to free their bodies enough to move up and down on the black cock inside their cunts.

Jeff watched as his tortured sister strained at her bindings. He watched as she threw her shoulders forward and slammed them back against the gel filled padding. Each backward slam of her upper body caused her nipples to tug on the elastic band attached to her daughters clit shield. Both would scream from the sudden pain at the same time.

Bobby couldn't keep up the pace any more. His cock still hard he pulled out and stepped down from the stool under neath him. He walked over to the hay in the corner of the stall and fell forward, exhausted.

"Chris," Jeff called to the older brother. "Why don't you do the honors again and fuck the ball out of your sister's cunt. She must be tired of having it in for so long, I'm sure she just wants to get it over with and out."

Chris ducked under the rails and walked around toward his sister's exposed ass. He watched his mother stare at his newly sheathed cock as he walked toward her, stepped over the cable with his right leg and kicked the stool out of his way.

Deb had watched her son's thick studded cock bounce as he walked around his sister and toward the chair she was bound to. Deb spread her knees as far apart as she could, offering herself to her son. "Any way you want to take me you can Chris, darling," She thought to herself as her eyes locked on her son's huge cock. She cared only that someone do something to her. She needed more stimulation. She pulled back again on the band attached to her nipples. At least that was something.

Chris leaned over his sister's back and placed his cock at the crimson red entrance to her worn ass.

Deb watched as her son Chris, plunged his studded cock deep into his sister's bowels. As Chris lunged forward into his sister's ass, Deb's breasts were pulled so hard she screamed in pain along with her daughter. Her chest leaped forward pulling her off the back of the seat, following the nipple rings attached to them. The pain was intense. Deb pushed her shoulders back increasing the pain to her breasts looking for any kind of arousal. In her current state, she truly didn't care what kind that was. Her unquenchable cravings demanded pain if they couldn't get pleasure even to the point of mutilation.

Jeff pointed the remote at the chair. It was time to continue Deb's exquisite torture.

Deb screamed, and then moaned with relief as she felt the movement within her. The soft black cock was rubbing her inner walls as it twisted in slow continuous circles.

"OH YES! That feels so GOOD!" Thought Deb, "More, MORE! I need MORE! Please faster, FASTER! PLEASE!"

Totally out of control, Deb's body demanded greater and greater arousal. Jeff knew whatever his sister received would never be enough. He remembered the time he had used this aphrodisiac on a girl he had strapped to the chair. She begged him to make the cock go faster and faster. He had pushed the speed as high as the machine would go, but the girl continued to scream for more. Even as the friction from the dildo's great speed caused wisps of smoke to appear and the smell of sizzling flesh floated up from her crotch, the girl demanded more!

Deb noticed that the slowly spinning cock inside her, was also growing in length. Her first realization was when it touched lightly against her upper cunt wall. She felt the pressure at the tip of the dildo increase as it twisted inside her now. She leaned forward slightly to position her cervix at the dildo's tip and screamed with delight at the continual rising of the cock. Her cervix was still open from the previous stretching and Deb hardly felt the dildo's entrance into her womb.

As the soft black cock continued it's rising spin, Jeff decided to check on little Anna's drinking problem. By now she should have finished all the cum in the jar. Jeff hoped this lesson would solve the problem of her defiance. If not, Jeff would have to try more drastic measures.

Jeff walked around the stock and looked at the jar. It was empty. Only a small amount remained in Anna's mask below her lower lip down to her chin. Anna turned her head sideways to look at Jeff. Jeff could see that the defiance was gone from her eyes.

"You drank it all Anna, I'm so proud!" Jeff said as her pulled the mask from her face. The cum dripped down from her chin as Anna turned her face down in fear of what might come next if she did or said anything to upset her Uncle again. "I hope you have learned to obey me without question or talking back. Have you Anna?" Jeff questioned.

"Yes." Came in a small voice from the young girl.

"Good!" Jeff said, "We are not yet through with your punishment. Rex, Come here!" Jeff instructed the dog. Rex stood from the corner he was in and pranced to his master's side.

Jeff took a long piece of string from his pocket. He tied one end to the ring he had pierced through the tender skin between Anna's ass and pussy two days ago. He then wrapped the other end around both of Anna's feet. He lifted her feet till her toes touched the floor and pulled the string tight.

Anna could feel the tight pull of the ring in her tender area. It was uncomfortable, but not too painful, "IF" she stayed on the tips of her toes. She felt Jeff remove the straps from around her knees and slide the tummy support sideways from under her. Anna started to move her knees closer together but stopped when she realized that the closer her knees came together her tighter it pulled on the string.

"Rex, Lick!" Jeff instructed the dog.



Anna's heart leaped when she heard her Uncle Jeff instruct Rex to lick her. "AAAAHHH, OUCH! OWWW! OUCH! OUCH!" Anna screamed as Rex bumped and moved the string to get to Anna's crotch with his tongue. Anna raised her feet in the air to loosen the string that Rex's body was trying to straddle and push aside.

"AAAAGGGGHHH, NO REX, NO. NO. Don't step on it! NO! AAAAGGGGGHHH!" Anna screamed as the ring pulled painfully with each movement of the dog legs to get a better angle to lick her flowing pussy juice.

"REX, FUCK!" Came the instruction and Rex obeyed by jumping up on Anna's back. Anna's cunt was not accessible due to the string attached to the ring, so Jeff reached down to guide Rex's pink tip into Anna's ass hole. Once started Rex took over and started pounding into the warm tight hole of the his little dog bitch.

Anna was so confused. She screamed as each thrust of the dog's cock pushed her slightly forward bouncing her legs and pulling at the ring embedded through the skin below her ass. She bit her lips together between her teeth and tried to ignore the pain and concentrate on Rex's glorious cock sliding in and out of her bowels.

"OHH Rex, OUCH, your cock OUCH, feels really, OUCH, good!" Anna called out loud, between the spikes of pain. Within a few minutes the area around the piercing ring had become very sensitive and with each of Rex's thrusts, it hurt! Anna's feet were raised as high as she could hold them off the floor. After ten minutes her leg muscles started to shake as they cramp from their position of unrest. Each time she unconsciously let them drop, she was reminded painfully to keep them up.

Holding her legs high for what seemed to be an eternity, Anna was now close to cuming. She had waited all day for this fuck with Rex and she wasn't going to let a few muscle cramps stop her from finally cuming with Rex's hot cock inside her.

"OHHhhhh, I'm going to cum! Ohhh, Yes, don't stop Rex! Just don't ever STOP! That's it Rex. Harder! HARDER!" But without warning, her leg muscles kicked uncontrollably in cramping spasms that jerked at the ring and caused incredible pain to shot through her entire crotch.

"NOOOOO! OWWWW! OWWWW! SHIT!" she screamed as the intense pain overrode all other feeling in her body and stopped her orgasm. The skin around the pierced ring burned so bad she could hardly feel the thick throbbing dog cock cuming inside her ass. Anna fought, as her legs still kicked uncontrollably, to climb back to where she had been just moments before. As her legs stopped their spasms and the pain finally wore off, she felt Rex's hot dog sperm dripping from her ass and down her cunt lips.

Already Rex was trying to pull his bulbous cock out of the little girls tight ass. Anna pouted quietly, as Rex tugged his still throbbing cock from her ass ring, with one slow painful ass stretching move. Anna tried to stop Rex from pulling out by tighten her ass muscles in a desperate effort to keep the hot cock inside her. Concentrating on keeping her ass muscles tight, her feet lowered again and the pain shot through her crotch.

Rex pulled hard when he heard Anna scream and his cock plopped out of his bitch's tight little ass. Thick hot dog cum dripped and splashed everywhere. Anna's back, her ass, thighs and legs were splashed and dripping with it, not to mention the streams that were pouring out of her ass hole and down between her pussy lips.

Rex licked at the strings of hot cum leaking from Anna's ass for a while before he walked over to his corner to lay down and lick himself.

Jeff had returned to the stall with the rest of the family as soon as he had helped guide Rex's cock into Anna's ass.

Looking over his sister's shoulder Jeff saw the widening circle of red at Cathy's opening cunt. The circle had spread to 3-inches and Cathy was groaning constantly now. Chris, her brother, pounded relentlessly into her ass as his mother sat moaning into her gag, behind him.

The dildo beneath Deb had screwed it's way up into her womb slowly and stopped at it's highest point as programmed. Jeff now pushed the button on the remote to open the release valve and start the gel flowing through the soft black cock in his sisters womb.

Deb felt a rumbling surge as the black cock grew in thickness. As the pump filled it with gel the soft exterior of the cock expanded to fill the empty space in her cunt and womb. Ever so gently it pressed against the sensitive walls inside her. Her body tensed at first but relaxed as the massage started to caress every inch of her eagerly responding sex. This was an sensation that Deb could never have dreamed she could experience. It was like millions of tiny wet tongues were licking and caressing the sensitive inner walls of her most forbidden places. Her whole being was floating on the sensations rippling through her drug induced, sex craving body.

To Deb it felt like heaven. Her body responded quickly to the cocks pleasure and soared toward orgasm so fast she could hardly believe herself. Before she was even ready, she was going to cum.

"My God, I can't believe this!" Deb thought, "I'm close to cumming already! Here it comes! HER IT COMES!"

All at once pain suddenly ripped through her entire body. "MMMM FFFFFF GGGGGGG AAAAA HHHHHH!" Deb's muffled scream shook the walls of the barn through the ball gag. The pain was so intensely paralyzing that Deb couldn't imagine where it had come from. She sat, sobbing for a moment, restrained in her chair, trying to remember what had happened. As quickly as the pain had come it was forgotten as the cock continued it's licking caresses, and Deb's body responded as before. The glorious feeling in her cunt and womb was forcing her body to build toward another orgasm . . . ! Then the pain hit her again!

Jeff smiled as he held the remote watching his sister as she tried to figure out what had happened. Jeff had seen his sister starting to cum and had pressed the button on the remote to shut the release valve. With the valve shut and the gel pump on maximum, the soft black cock had grown from a soft and comfortable 2-inches in diameter to a painfully hard 8-inch diameter in under a second. Deb's cunt and womb openings had been stretched instantly to the circumference of the inflating cock inside her.

Releasing the button, opened the valve instantly allowing it to continue it's delightful caressing. Within seconds the wondrous cock's massage had made Deb forget her experience of pain and was taking her toward another climax. Jeff watched his sister's inner thigh muscles for the tell tail signs of an impending orgasm.

As Deb's inner thighs started to quiver, Jeff waited for one, two, three, then he pushed the remote inflating the cock again to 8-inches. Jeff watched as Deb's body racked in all directions at once. Not a sound issued from behind the gag. Her arms fought against the restraints and her upper body pushed backward hard. From the muscles tightening in her arms Jeff could see that his sister was instinctively trying to tear the arms from the chair and throw herself off the massively thickening cock.

As it had been with every girl put in the chair, the continued massaging of the cock made all thoughts of pain disappear. Almost instantly, the cocks tender massage soothed the body from the inside wiping away any memory of pain.

Jeff noted that it had taken Deb a few minutes to recover from the first painful shock to her body. This last one had taken less than a minute till Deb was again moaning with pleasure through her gag.

"Just a few more times Deb and your body will start getting use to the pain," Jeff told his sister. "Your cunt and womb will quickly learn to ignore any amount of stretching and search only for the pleasure your body is craving for."

Jeff suddenly notice that Deb's nipples were being pulled from her body and elongated severely at the insistence of band attached to her daughter's clit shield. Deb made no attempt to lean forward, obviously unaware of any pain caused by the tremendous pulling. Jeff looked over toward Cathy's cunt and saw that the red circle of the balloon was now almost 4 inches in diameter. Her red cunt hole had stretched almost to the point of releasing the baseball size rubber ball.

"Ugh, Ugh, Yes, Ugh, Yes," Was the only sound escaping the teenage girl as her brother continued his punishing fuck of his sister's ass. She seemed to enjoy the pain caused by the rubber ball opening her cunt in relentless jerks.

Jeff noticed Deb's thighs tighten again. Waiting, one, two, three, he pushed the button on the remote. Deb's body shook as though it was being electrified, but immediately the cock made her moan with pleasure. Within less than a minute, Deb was close to another orgasm. This time when Jeff pushed the button is was as though Deb didn't hardly feel the cock swelling.

Jeff smiled and pushed the button again and again. Each time he pushed the remote he watched for Deb's reaction. Deb's reactions to the inflating 8-inches were getting less and less each time. After only a few more minutes, Jeff couldn't see any difference in Deb weather he pushed the remote or not. Her mind now associated pain as pleasure. Jeff was pleased. There was nothing Deb wouldn't take and put up her cunt now.

Jeff pushed the button on the remote to dispense the painful burning liquid into Deb's womb chamber. He watched as Deb cringed slightly but returned to her labored breathing and still mounting orgasms. This time Jeff pushed and held the button to inflate the black cock inside his sister. As he held the button He listened to his sister moan with pleasure. He watched her body tremble and build towards orgasm. Jeff released the button and could see the disappointed look on Deb's face.

Jeff knew beyond all doubt, that he had succeeded. He had pushed his sister's body and mind, driven past, never to return from the darker side of sex. The place where your body lacks morals, and pain is the requirement for satisfaction.

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