"Deb's Family Farm Training"

      by Jake Spear


Chapter 17

Cathy screamed as her brother's pumping edged her forward and tugged the 4 -1/4 inch diameter ball from her body. As the ball popped from her tender cunt she slid forward on the rails tugging at her mother's nipple rings. With the ball now lying on the floor, the only thing holding Cathy in place while her brother fucked her ass was the elastic band attached to Deb's nipple rings.

Deb's Breasts were stretched out before her a full 10 inches from her chest. The nipples at the end were pulled tight and elongating the holes around the rings. Deb hardly noticed the pain to her breasts as the dildo inside her cunt and womb continued it's rumbling against her body's inside walls.

Chris was starting to cum. His ringed cock fought to release the flood that his sperm fill balls were trying to force past the tight ring. The swollen tip of his cock was ready to burst as his balls jumped in extreme effort to expel their contents. He moaned and slowed his motion to prolong the feeling for only a few glorious seconds.

Chris felt the rising flood in his cock bubbling to a peak as his sister's ass squeezed around the puffy head of his cock. He pumped faster and harder into the now loose orifice, knowing that nothing could stop or delay the final mounting orgasm.

Cathy cried out to her brother behind her. "OHH YES Chris. Don't stop! Please don't stop. Make me CUMMMM TOOO, Please dear brother! Harder Chris! HARDER!" She screamed.

Cathy felt the huge ball shape of her brother's throbbing cock head moving in and out of her bowels. She felt the rubber nipples on his sheath bounce as they escaped her pulsing ass ring, flicking it in all directions as the sprang loose and then were pushed back inside.

Chris continued to feed his seed into the milking bowels of his beautiful sister's ass for 2 glorious minutes as his sister's body built ever and ever higher toward a massive orgasm. Chris listened to his sister Cathy scream for more as he pulled his cock out of her ass, leaving her on the platform still attached to her mother's nipple rings.

"NO, NO Chris! FUCK ME! PLEASE FUCK ME! HARD, DON'T LEAVE, I NEED IT HARD! Pleassssee Chris, AAAUUUUGGGGHHHH!" Cathy screamed as her body slowly relaxed and her mounting orgasm died. Cathy was still sobbing and begging her brother as she felt someone reach under her and unclip the band from her clit shield. She continued to beg for what seemed like forever and stopped suddenly as something touched the lips of her cunt.

"Yess! OHH YESS! PUSH IT IN ME! QUICK PLEASE!" Cathy begged as her cunt lips tingled in anticipation of the object filling her needy body.

"You must learn patience," Jeff told Cathy, "You cunt will be filled soon enough."

Jeff had removed the band attached to Cathy's clit shield and her mother's nipple rings. He then attached a clamp to the end of the rails behind Cathy's still exposed and dripping ass. He pushed the girl forward on the rails and fixed a 14-inch long, 3-inch diameter dildo to the clamp installed on the rails. The dildo was now held horizontal to the ground and painted straight toward Cathy's cunt. Jeff now slowly pulled the teenager's ass back until the head of the huge cock lodged inside her cunt lips and stopped at the still stretched cunt opening.

As Cathy begged for the cock at the entrance to her inflamed cunt to be pushed inside her, Jeff clipped the end of a bungie cord to the ring of her clit shield. The bungie cord was in the shape of a "Y". With the two remaining ends in his right hand, Jeff pulled them back toward his sister.

Jeff put his hand on Deb's shoulders and pulled to lean her forward, toward her daughter's ass. Deb was now sitting, bent at her waist, extremely forward on her chair. Jeff raised the cords and attached the two ends of the bungie "Y" to Deb's nipple rings. The bungie hung down loose, between the two women. Jeff turned back toward Cathy.

"Cathy, I know your cunt is burning to be filled," Jeff spoke to the young girl as she tried to wiggle her body onto the shaft behind her.

"The cock behind you is waiting for your cunt to move onto it's long length," Jeff said as he continued to talk to Cathy. "But the problem is, you can't work yourself backward onto it alone. You'll need your mother's help," Jeff continued to tell Cathy how her clit shield was now attached to her mother's nipple rings. For Cathy to get the cock into her pussy, her mother would have to painfully pull backwards, tugging her daughter onto the shaft with strength of her breasts.

"So," Jeff finished. "It's up to you to convince your mother to torture her nipples and breasts to please her daughter's needy cunt."

As Cathy began to plead with her mother, Jeff stopped the flow of gel pumping through the cock inside Deb's body. He stepped to his sister Deb's side and whispered into her ear. "SLUT, I want you to look at the shaft pointed at your daughter's cunt, and not take your eyes off it. I want you to remember the pain, you went through this morning when the thick shaft was forced past your cervix and into your womb." Jeff whispered as Deb stared straight ahead at her daughter's dripping, crotch and the tip of the dildo spreading the lips of her teenage pussy.

"Now, while your daughter is begging you," Jeff continues. "I want you to pull back hard with your breasts. Drive the thick cock into your daughter's pussy. Force your helpless daughter to feel it's unyielding thickness, as it spreads the opening to her womb and lodges itself into the most painful part of her cute little body."

"Listen to what she's asking, Deb," Jeff whispered. "She's begging you to do it. She doesn't know how big it is or how much it will hurt. Show her Deb. Make her hurt. Pull her all the way onto the cock. Pull her back till it's all the way inside her. I want you to pull until her pussy engulfs and closes over the end of the dildo. I don't want to see any of the dildo outside her cute little cunt. I want you to pull until her cunt closes around the rod that holds the end of the dildo. If you can do this Deb, I'll turn the chair back on and set it to high. I'll let you cum as you watch your daughter's tortured body writhe and scream around the shaft you buried deep inside her."

Jeff watched as Deb's body moved started to move backward. As she sat slowly back in the chair, her nipples stretched painfully outward from her body. Jeff looked toward Cathy's cunt and watched as the head of the cock slipped inside of the teen's pussy hole.

"Ohhhh Yess Mom!" Cathy sang out as the thick head spread the folds of her pussy lips and pushed past the opening to her cunt. "OHHH that feels so good. It's sooo thick! It hurts, but it feels so good." Cathy couldn't believe the size of the shaft she felt moving into her cunt. The ball she had given birth to was larger but not as pleasurable. This cock, now sliding into her slowly, was a thing of beauty. She needed to be filled with it. If only she could move onto it, she knew she could cum on the thick shaft and her body screamed to cum now.

"More mom, I need more." Cathy begged her mother. "Please mother, PLEASE! Fuck me Mom, fuck me onto the cock. I'll do anything you want. Just, please, fuck it into me HARDER, PULL MOM!"

Deb screamed into her gag. Her nipples and breasts tugged painfully as they struggled to pull her daughter's body back onto the thick dildo. Cathy heard the scream and imagined the torturous pain her mother must be suffering, but could not bring herself to tell her to stop. Her body need to be filled and that need went beyond all rational reason. She didn't care that anyone was hurting, only that SHE could feel pleasure at last.

Cathy felt herself continue to slide along the shaft as it entered deeper and deeper into her wet cunt. The feeling of total filling reached a maximum as the head of the dildo pushed against the end wall of her cunt. She heard her mother scream again and felt the incredible pulling of her clit shield continue. The cock had reached the end of her tortured cunt and now wanted to continue further.

"Mom! Mom! Stop! It's all the way in me! MOM It hurts! No MOM NOOOOO!" Cathy screamed as the head of the dildo found Cathy's still slightly open cervix.

"NO, PLEASE MOM, NO MORE PLEASEEEE!" Cathy screamed. "Your forcing it into my womb, mom pleeease no. Don't do this to me mom!" Cathy sobbed as she realized this was what her mother had intended all along.

Deb smiled as she listened to the screams of her daughter. She watched the thick monster cock forcing entrance into the young whore cunt in front of her. She didn't feel the pain in her breasts. She felt only hatred for her young beautiful sexy daughter.

"AAAAHHHHHGGGGGGHHHH, NO MOM NOOOOOO!," Cathy cried as her cervix surrendered to the size of the thick headed cock and pushed through the pliable opening to her womb, pulling the puckered skin around her cervix in with it.

"MMMMMGGGGGFFFFFHHHHHH," Deb screamed in her gag bearing the incredible pain in her breasts. She watched as the cock disappeared further and further into her daughters small pussy.

Every inch of the cock's entrance into her daughter, Deb paid for with extreme pain to her breasts. She could hear her daughter begging her to stop now. Deb knew it must be entering her daughter's womb. Looking down at her own breasts she saw the holes made by the rings in her nipples elongated from the pulling. Only a small piece of each nipple held the rings from ripping away from her breasts. She would impale her daughter onto the cock at any and all costs. Her brother Jeff had promised her that she could cum if she buried the cock all the way inside her daughter, and that's what she was going to do. Her body burned to cum, could think of nothing else but the return of the rumbling cock in her own body.

As Deb watched the thick cock almost disappeared into her daughter. Only one more inch remained outside the ring of young cunt. Deb pulled back with all her strength, but her back was already against the back of the chair. She leaned forward and threw herself backward. Her nipples burned with pain from the sudden jerk, but her daughter refused to move further back onto the cock. She slammed herself again and again against the chairs padded back trying to move the chair backwards but again and again nothing happened.



"MMMMFFFFGGGGHHHH," Deb screamed as she looked at the butt end of the pink dildo sticking out of her daughters spread pussy lips. She turned her head to look up and her brother standing beside her. Tears of desperation were in her eyes as she realized that for all her effort, she was not going to be allowed to cum.

Jeff released the braces that held the dildo in Cathy's cunt to the rails. Leaving the dildo deep inside the young girls body, Jeff dropped the bracing to the floor. Cathy was still tied to the rolling platform. Jeff left his sister and her children while he went to get something from a nearby stall. Returning to behind Cathy's ass he held a rubber sludge hammer and a 3-inch diameter shaft with a smaller rod sticking out of the end. He placed the smaller rod into the hole in the end of the dildo in Cathy's cunt.

Raising the rubber sledge hammer with his right hand he brought it down and hit the end of the 3-inch diameter shaft. Cathy didn't know what had happened. She opened her mouth to scream but before she could emit a sound another jolt hit her from behind driving the dildo further inside her womb. Two more hits and Jeff removed the small shaft from the end of the dildo and from the inside of Cathy's cunt lips.

Jeff stooped down and pulled the teenager's cunt lips apart, looking for the end of the dildo in Cathy's cunt. Jeff couldn't see the end of the dildo at all. He stuck two fingers into the teenager's cunt and felt for the end. When his fingers found the blunt end of the shaft, they were two-inches inside the young girl.

"Well, it's really up in there, Cathy," Jeff spoke to the now screaming teenager. "Yep! Even after all that stretching, your young pliable cunt is closing with that monster inside it. I think we're going to need a cork screw to get it out of there!" Jeff laughed as he tossed the hammer and small shaft toward the corner of the stall.

While the helpless teenager continued to scream, Jeff turned his attentions to his sister Deb.

He undid the straps that held her arms and thighs to the chair. "SLUT! You failed to do as I asked. You will stand up and place your hands on your daughter's ass in front of you. You will then lean forward and suck your son's cum out of her ass. You are lucky today, SLUT, that her ass was cleaned this morning, and both of your son's combined sperm will taste pure. When you are finished with her ass, you will work on her pussy lips. Are my instructions clear, SLUT?" Jeff asked his sister.

"MMMMMMFFFFFGGGGHHHH," Was all that came out of the gag.

"Then stand and do as you are instructed," Jeff told Deb. Deb's ankles were still attached to the legs of the chair. It was going to be difficult to remove herself from the long shaft with only the strength of her weakened arms to lift her body. Jeff watched as his sister struggled and fell back down on the shaft several times, screaming into her gag as her ass splatted against the cushioned seat of the chair.

As Deb struggled to remove herself from the long shaft, Jeff turned to Bobby and Chris. "Chris, I have given your mother an order but, she is disobeying it. Each time your mother refuses to get off the chair and suck your sister's ass, I want you press this button on the remote and hold it for 5-seconds. If she fails again, do the same," Jeff explained to the oldest boy.

"Bobby, I want you to help your mother off the chair. Stand in front of her and grab the chains to her nipple rings. As she starts to get up, pull them forward and up to help her," Jeff explained to the youngest boy. "Leave her ball gag in until she manages to stand. I do not wish to hear her screams as she tries. I will return in a few minutes, and expect to see my orders obeyed."

Jeff turned and left the stall to check on the youngest girl, Anna. When he arrived at the stall he found Rex humping the young girls ass with quick powerful strokes. This could not be the continuation of the same instruction he had given Rex 30-minutes ago. Anna was no longer screaming from the string that was still attached to the ring piercing her skin below her ass. Jeff kneeled down and saw the skin between her ass and cunt hole red and stretched from the pulling of the ring.

Jeff stood up and looked at the hind end of the dog as it pistoned into the girls ass. Rex had never disobeyed him before. He realized that somehow a bond had been established between the girl and dog. No doubt she had somehow coaxed Rex to please her. He wasn't upset with Rex, after all he was only an animal doing what he had been trained to do, but he would have to make it clear to Anna that this kind of behavior was not to be tolerated.

He slipped away quietly, to bring back the equipment he needed to teach the young girl. When Jeff returned, he could see the cum dripping out of Anna's ass, as Rex's cock hosed the inside of her ass with it's hot sperm. Anna was about to cum and was quietly encouraging Rex to continue.

"OHHH REX! Your hot cum is burning inside me! Oh Yes Fuck my ass. Keep Fucking, I'm almost there! Harder Rex! Make me Cummmmmm!" Cathy was half whispering and half shouting to the dog she could not see on top of her.

"Rex, Stop!," Jeff commanded to his dog. Instantly the dog jumped down off the young girls back and turned toward his master. It was then that Jeff realized, that the dog was locked in the girls tight ass hole. Rex stood facing away from the back end of his bitch, ass to ass with his tail on her back, his head and ears down in a submissive manner.

Rex knew at this point that he had disappointed his master. He could sense it in the way Jeff stood and looked at him. Jeff reached down and rubbed the dog's head and ears, but Rex was still ashamed. Rex wanted so badly to slink away to a corner and hide, but he was held prisoner in the ass of the female bitch. He struggled to stand still as Anna wiggled her ass left and right trying desperately to cum on the dog cock lodged in her ass.

Jeff took out his pocket knife and cut the cord around her ankles. He picked up the end of the cord he'd just cunt and pulled hard on the attached ring piercing the tight skin between her ass and cunt holes.

"AAAAGGGGHHHHHAAAAA, NO, NO, PLEASEEEEEE! NO! STOP!," Anna yelled as the pain tortured her sensitive area. Instinctively she tried to move her ass away, but Jeff held onto the cord tightly, and her movements only succeeded in pulling the ring more. Anna concentrated on holding her body still through the unending pain while she screamed at the top of her lungs.

"I shall pull on this ring until you decide to release Rex from your ass Anna, so you might as well get use to the pain," Jeff told the little girl.

"AAAAGGGGHHHHHAAAAA, NO, I CAN'T, HE'S STUCK. PLEASEEEEEE JEFF! NO! STOP!," Anna screamed and continued to beg her uncle to release the ring.

It took 5 minutes of unbearable pain for Anna, until Rex was able to pull out of the tight confines of her extremely sore ass. Jeff let go of the cord but Anna continued feel the pain around the area pierced by the ring as the severe burning refused go away.

Jeff knelt down behind the exposed ass of the little girl and pulled over the equipment he had brought to the stall. Rex refused to leave him alone, pushing his nose under his hand trying make up for his disobedience. Jeff stopped and rubbed Rex's head and ears and told him nicely to go to his corner.

Jeff used his knife to cut the knotted string off the ring below Anna's ass. He then returned to his large case of equipment. As he worked he could hear the muffled screams of his sister as her two son's administered his orders.

Jeff opened the case he had brought into the stall. Reaching in he grabbed a tube of lubercant and unscrewed the top. Placing the end of the tube into Anna's ass he squeezed until half the tube was inside the young girls bowels. He screwed the top back on and dropped it in the case.

Reaching into the case again, he pulled out a large hollow rubber dog tail. Attached to the back end of the 2-foot long skin colored dog tail was a 6-inch long butt plug. At the place where the tail met the plug there was a small silver chain with a ring at the end. The end point of the plug had a removable hard plastic tip, that had a very small hole in the end.

Holding the tail in his left hand, with the plug up and the tail hanging straight down, Jeff pried off the removable tip from the plug. As he pulled out the hard plastic tip, a long 1-1/2 inch plastic plunger device attached to the tip came out with it. Jeff shook the device to make sure it was working properly. The ball and plunger moved back and forth with each shake of Jeff's hand. The device was designed to dispense one drop of liquid when the ball forced the plunger toward the tip. As the ball and plunger moved away from the tip, the device sucked in another drop of liquid for the next plunge.

Jeff took a bottle of clear pinkish liquid from the case and unscrewed the cap. He filled the end of the hollow butt plug entirely with the liquid and forced the removable tip and plunger back in. A few drops of the liquid overflowed and Jeff was careful not to touch any of it. Jeff wiped it off with a rag from the case.

The liquid was a powerful aphrodisiac mixed with a very powerful pain solution. Each small drop, dispersed into the subjects bowels, would continually increasing the bodies demand for sexual stimulation. At the same time it would also produce, the most torturous 5-second burning a person could imagine.

The combination of drugs created a never ending cycle of pain and demand. The body would experience an irresistible demanded for a cock to be slammed inside it. When the cock slammed hard enough into her body, another drop would be administered and the pain would rack her body forcing her to immediately pull away. 5-seconds latter, the accumulating effect of the aphrodisiac would demand for more cock, causing more pain.



The ultimate effect was, that the irresistible demand for sex would cause brief but intense pain which then turned to an irresistible demand for sex again. All this within a 5 to 10-second period. It literally drove a woman wild with it's cycle of unending pain, pleasure, pain, pleasure, pain, pleasure.

Holding the plug to one side carefully, Jeff turned it upside down and squeezed the plug. Nothing came out of the tip.

Satisfied, he now held it horizontally, in the same position it would be inserted and worn, and very forcefully jerked it back and forth. The direction and force of movement was the same that Anna would experience as her cunt was fucked from behind. Each shake produced a tiny drop of liquid from the tip. Wiping the drops off again, Jeff placed the tail- plug against Anna's sperm leaking ass hole.

Jeff pushed and twisted the large plug until the entire 8-inches disappeared into Anna's ass ring. Only the tail and the chain with the ring on the end could be seen now. Jeff reached into the case for the pliers and attached the chain's small ring, to the ring piercing her still sensitive skin just below her ass hole.

Anna screamed and cried as her Uncle Jeff slowly forced the 2-inch thick plug into her ass. It took less than a minute but her ass ring burned from the stretching. She felt a slight pulling on the ring that pierced her skin between her ass and cunt as it was stretched toward her ass. Anna could tell that whatever Jeff was doing to her, had stopped. The pain now seemed to subside a little with each passing moment but her ass was terribly full and she could tell that something heavy was hanging from her.

Jeff was now holding a thick leather waist belt with two thin 2-foot long straps attached. The each strap had a buckle at the end. He laid the thick belt on Anna's back and reached underneath the kneeling girl to pull the strap tight and fasten the belt buckle tight on her stomach. The 2-foot long straps were draped on each of anna's ass cheeks and down the backs of her thighs to the floor. Jeff now pulled the left strap toward Anna's foot, fastening the strap around her ankle, her instep and arch. Next he did the same to the other strap. These straps were designed to prevent their victim from standing. With the belt strap on, Anna would only be able to craw on her hands and knees or squat sit on the floor like a begging dog.

Jeff now pulled out two knee pads that were made to look like the back paws of a dog, and strapped them onto Anna's knees. He lifted each of her knees and buckled the paws in place.

Jeff picked up two leather mittens from his case. Again they resembled the paws of a dog. They were designed to hold the hand in a fist like fashion inside. To put them on, the wearer had to fold their thumb into their palm and wrap their fingers over it. Jeff picked up Anna's left hand. Anna could not see what her Uncle was trying to do and instinctively held her hand in a fist.

Jeff stretched the leather mitten over the girl's tightly held fist and fastened the two buckles around her wrist. Walking to the other side of the girl's kneeling body, he did the same to her other fist, with only a little more struggling on Anna's part.

Jeff now took two straps and connected them from her front paws to her waist belt. This insured that Anna could not raise her arms or use her new hard leather paws to punch anything. The mitted front paws also insured she could not pick up and hold any object to satisfy her own lustful cravings. She would be forced to crawl on the ground and beg for any sexual favors.

Anna was now truly, a dog's bitch. She was at the mercy, of whatever man or beast, decided to use her defenseless body.

Anna heard the lock at the end of her stocks click, and then felt the top half raise. Quickly, Anna pulled her head backwards from the bottom half of the stock. She rolled to one side and sat on her new rubber tail.

"OOOOWWWW!" she said as she moved her weight back to rest on the side of her ass cheek, relieving the pressure of the tail twisting in her ass. She looked at her new paws and the foot like knee pads. She tugged her arms, testing the straps connected to her waist. At the end of the strap, her paw just reached her eye level. She turned her head and looked behind her back at the end of the rubber dog tail. Rolling onto her knees and lowering her shoulder to the ground, Anna reached between her legs with both paws. Pressing against each side of the rubber tail she tried to pull it out of her ass.

"AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH," She screamed from the renewed pain as the ring pulled at her still sore and sensitive skin. "Noooooo, Pleaseeeeee, Nooooooo," Anna sobbed as she realized that her new tail could not be removed. Anna laid on the barn floor, face down in a fetal position.

"Since you insist on only having the dog fuck you, then it is only fitting that you look like his bitch," Jeff explained to the girl. "You will obey anyone that commands you," Jeff said as he walked behind the bitch and grabbed the end of her tail. "If you don't," Jeff said as he lifted the tail, "You will receive nothing but pain!"

"AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH," Anna screamed as the lifted tail moved the plug in her ass and pulled painful on the ring piercing her flesh.

Jeff took Rex's long leather leash from a hook on the wood wall between the stalls and hooked it onto Rex's collar. He then took the looped end and clipped it onto Anna's front paw.

"There Anna," Jeff said. "Rex is yours to command. Command him to fuck you all you want."

Jeff stood and walked out of the stall leaving the young girl to experience her new bindings on her own.

As Jeff approached the stall occupied by Deb and her other siblings, he pause at the open gate to watch the scene before him. Deb had managed somehow to get off the chair and long cock. She was leaning forward, her hands on her daughter's thighs, and her face buried in her daughter's drenched crotch.

Bobby had used the stool to stand on, and with both hands full of his sister's long blond hair he was fucking in and out of her warm wet mouth. Cathy's twin brother Chris, had climbed on top of the rails and was pumping fiercely into his sister's ass while his balls slapped his sister's cunt and his mothers greedy tongue.

Cathy was going insane from the continual orgasms racking her body as she was held and forcibly used by her sluttly mothers mouth and both of her brothers swollen cocks.

Jeff stared with amazement at Deb's swaying ass as it pushed out and wiggled at him. The lips of her cunt were hanging down grotesquely stretched by the weight of the heavy lock she had warn for the past two days. That, and the constant pulling she must have done on the lock as she tried to get her fingers inside her cunt and move the dildo that was sealed inside. What really stood out was the large dark hole between her drooping cunt lips. Both his sister's large cunt and ass holes were spread permanently open, wet and begging for something to fill them. He could see his sister's pussy juices as they dripped off her exposed inner cunt walls and puddle in the bottom of her pussy before dripping to the floor between her legs.

Deb's ankles were spread and still attached to the legs of the chair behind her. Jeff turned, and walked to the equipment stall. He reached under the bench and pulled out a large wooden box. He opened the box and hefted out a large solid double rubber dildo. The two dildos were slightly different in size and were permanently mounted into a round leather strap that would fit in the woman's crotch area. From the round strap in the crotch the front widened as it went up to fasten to a belt around the waist. Thick loops were sewn in the ends of the strap for a belt to run through. A latch was provided for a lock preventing it's removal without a key. Jeff reached into the box and picked up the waist belt that went with it.

The size of the dildos were so large that Jeff had never had a chance to use this particular tool. The largest dildo was 8 1/2-inches thick and 18-inches long, the other just slightly shorter but only 6-inches in diameter.

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