"Deb's Family Farm Training"

      by Jake Spear


Chapter 18

Jeff had bought the device, only to copy the cut of the thong strap and the mounting of the dildos for smaller belts. Whoever the maker was, he had put some thought into it's design. Most straps holding large dildos were thick and rubbed the inside thighs of their wearer raw. This one was thick where the belt went through and sewn into a solid tube where it passed through the crotch. The marvel of it though, was that the sewn tube passed through a small reinforced hole in the dildo. This allowed the two dildos to slide along the tube and adjust their spacing to fit any woman's body. Except for the size of the dildo's, it was a great idea. Jeff however never could figure out how to get the large leather area through the small hole in the dildo. He had long ago decided that the dildos must have been molded around the leather crotch tube after the leather device was sewn.

Disappointed that he couldn't easily duplicate the idea easily, he had stored it away, never expecting to have the opportunity to actually use it. After all, any woman stretched to these proportions is worthless for sexual enjoyment. The only purpose that this device would be used on a woman, is to cause her permanent humiliation, or complete sexual frustration, after it's removal.

Jeff tossed the heavy cocks in his hands feeling the weight again. He reached over and squeezed an entire tube of lubercant onto the ends of the two cocks. Jeff heaved the belt over his shoulder, grabbed a long piece of cord, and walked back to the stall and the gaping holes of his sister's abused body.

While his sister was still leaning over, licking her son's balls and her daughter's pussy, Jeff fed the waist belt through the back loop of the crotch strap. He placed the belt on his sisters back and reached around to her stomach and fastened the buckle. He took the long piece of cord he had grab from the other stall and fed it through the front belt loop of the crotch strap. Bringing the crotch strap up underneath his sister he guided the tip of the rear dildo into her ass.

Deb moaned as she felt the head of the hard rubber object enter her ass. Just when she prepared herself for the thick shape to be rammed into her, something poked and entered the gaping opening to her cunt. To Deb this was too much to hope for. Her body started to shiver in anticipation of what would come next.

Jeff took each of the ends of the long cord and ran each through the rings in Deb's nipples. Pulling down on the cords gently with one hand, Jeff pushed the dildos up into Deb's crotch with the other. Jeff tied a knot in each of the cords so it could not pull back out and let go of the dildos. The weight of the dildos in the stretched openings of his sister caused the dildos to drop when Jeff took his hand away.

Deb continued to suck on Chris's balls and Cathy's pussy lips, not wanting to displease her brother Jeff by stopping. She could feel the dildos several inches into each of her holes and looking down she saw with shock the other end attached to a leather strap down at knee level. She wiggled her ass and watched the long shapes sway between her outstretched legs. Only moments after Deb saw her brother take his hand away, the dildos slipped downward and the knots in the string caught on her nipple rings.

"AAAAGGGGNNNNGGGGHHHHHHH," She cried, not really from the pain but because she needed the dildos inside her. She pulled up hard on the cord, trying to force the dildos back inside her dripping holes. Placing her hand back on her daughter's thigh for support she used her other had to try and pull the other cord. It was no use. As she pulled on one side of the cord, it slipped through the leather belt loop only to pull on her other nipple ring. She let go of the cord and reached between her legs, with one hand, she grabbed the front cock and tried to force it up inside her cunt. Finally she felt the pressure on her nipples ease and the thick cock slid into her cunt slowly and only with a lot of force.

Jeff released Deb's ankles from the legs of the chair.

"SLUT, stand up straight," Jeff commanded his sister from behind. "Grab both the cords hanging from you worthless tits and follow me."

Deb grabbed the two cords, one with each hand, and waddled after her brother as fast as she could. The ends of the two thick long dildos swung wildly twisting their buried heads inside Deb's two holes.

"Stand here and put your feet next to those rings in the floor," Jeff told her pointing down with his finger. Deb looked down and saw the two large rings in the floor, with hand-cuffs attached to each one. She shifted her weight back and forth, on each foot, until her feet were next to the rings and spread 2-feet apart. Jeff fastened the hand-cuffs to each ankle.

Then Jeff turned and left his sister, legs spread, holding the heavy dildos in by the two cords, while he went into an adjacent stall. He returned to stand in front of Deb with two large weights. He tied one weight to the cord running through her right nipple ring. Lifting the attached weight up to the height of Deb's head and pulling the cord tight Jeff said, "SLUT! Hold this."

Deb let go of the right cord and took the weight from her brother's hand. She watched as he tied the next weight to the other end of the cord, pulling it up to the same height he said,"SLUT, hold this one too!"

The weights were heavy and tiring in Deb's upraised arms. As the weights dragged on her muscles, Deb let them drop slightly. As her arms lowered, the knots in the cords pulled the rings in her nipples down. She looked at her predicament and realized that if she let go of one of the weights it would rip out her nipple ring. She was stuck. She couldn't hold them up forever. She realized she was in trouble. Just then, she realized Jeff was speaking to her.

"SLUT, you are to work the two dildos into you holes. I do not care how you accomplish this. Use any means necessary. We'll see how smart a SLUT you are!" Jeff said as he turned and walked away. Deb pushed both the weights upwards with all her strength. She could feel the dildos move up into her slightly resisting holes. After what seemed an eternity she rested her arms, and the heavy dildos slowly moved back out till the knot once again pulled at her nipple rings. To relieve the pain to her breasts she raised the weights with her now quivering and tired arms.

Deb thought for a minute, and then pushed the weights up as high and as long as she could. The weights moved up past the top of her head before her arms got too tired to hold them up any more. Without releasing the tension in the cords, Deb quickly moved them backward and over her shoulder and dropped them on her back. The cords dug into her shoulders as the weights swung under her arms, but it was infinitely better than having her nipples ripped off. Her hands free now she reached between her legs, one hand in front and one hand in back, squatted slightly and wrapped her fingers around the thick long shafts.

Holding on to the two dildos, Deb pulled the shafts up into her body. As the shafts moved into her holes the weights moved down her back and the cords rubbed her shoulders.

"SHIIIIIIIIT!" Deb screamed as she slowly forced the dildos upward. "FUCKKKKKKKKKKK! AAAGGGGHHHHHHH, FUCKKKKKKK!"

Deb tried again to force the thick shafts painfully into her cunt and ass with both hands. Although both her cunt and ass holes were enormously wide, the combination of both thick shafts was making insertion difficult. Deb stopped to rest her arms as she gulped deep breaths and looked between her legs at the long lengths still hanging almost to her knees.

Staring down at the floor, Deb started to bend her knees and lower her body to use the ground to help push the dildos up inside her dripping holes. With her hands now on her outstretched knees, Deb bent her chest forward for balance but as she did this she noticed that the bottom end of the dildos pointed backwards. Deb stopped in a half squat, and with both hands, pulled them forward to point straight down. As she struggled to bend the solid rubber shafts forward, Deb started to loose her balance. Instinctively she let go of the shafts and stuck her hands out in front of her body, to shift more of her weight forward and balance her upper body.



Instead, Deb saw the next few moments moved in slow motion. Her hands twirled like propellers. Her ass stuck out towards the back. Her knees bent and her head dropped between them and Deb knew for certain, there was no stopping her fall backwards. She screamed even before the dildos touched the floor behind her. In those few milliseconds, as her squatting body fell, she felt the two dildos slide their 18-inches ever so slowly into her body. But she never felt her ass hit the ground. Deb's mind blanked out from the expectation of the pain to come.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo!" Was all that Jeff heard, from the stall where he was helping Cathy off the platform. Jeff stopped what he was doing and went to the middle of the barn to see Deb's progress.

As Jeff walked out and looked down the large Isle of the barn, he saw Deb laying on the floor in an strange position. Her ass was flat on the floor with her feet held wide by the rings in front of her. Her upper body was flat on the floor between her legs with her arms above her head. It looked like a stretching exercise. From the back he could seen no sign of the dildos. Only the leather strap going between her ass cheeks was visible.

As he approached his sister there was no sound or movement. He knelt down grabbing her hair with one hand and lifting her head. A small moan escaped from her closed lips.

"Fainted! Well . . ." Jeff said. He took out the pocked knife and cut the cords to the weights now on the ground at her sides. He pulled Deb's hair, sitting her up straight with her arms limp at her sides. With an easy push, Deb's body fell backwards. Jeff held his sister's hair to prevent it from thudding on the barn floor. He let go when her body weight was supported by the ground and Deb's head rolled to one side as she moaned quietly again.

Jeff squatted down at Deb's crotch examining the dildos buried in her holes. Less than 1/2-inch of each dildo remained yet to be inserted. Jeff reached down and with both hands tried to push the remainder inside his sister. Nothing moved. Standing up, he swung his foot hard, kicking the ends of the rubber shafts into each hole. It took only three kicks to each end shaft to bury then completely.

Jeff knelt down again removed the cord and slipped the front flap of the crotch band between his sister's belly and the tight belt. He folded the flap down and fastened the two buckles to hold it in place. Reaching into his pocket, he removed a small lock and slipped it through the latch in the folded front flap. The lock closed with a click. He slipped the key in his pocket.

Still kneeling, Jeff reached into Deb's crotch with both hands. Grabbing the grommet in each of her pussy lips, he pulled then both, wrapping them around the end of the rubber cock and the crotch strap. Deb's cunt lips had been stretched from the weight of the heavy lock for the past two days, but to get them to wrap around the end of the dildo and strap, Jeff had to pull them extremely tight. When the lock was slid through the grommets in Deb's cunt lips, and closed, Deb's crotch looked like a ball of flesh was about to burst between her legs.

Jeff looked at his watch. It was almost 3:00 P.M. and time to get the family dressed for tonight. He crossed the isle, opened the tach room and dragged a large chest, out by the end handle, to the middle of the barn. Dropping the end of the chest he headed for the stall that held Cathy and her two brothers.

Walking to the platform that still held the beautiful teenage girl, Jeff returned to his previous task of releasing her bonds. Once done he pulled Cathy down from the platform and helped her stand while her circulation returned to her legs and arms. When she could almost stand on her own, Jeff ordered her brothers, Chris and Bobby, to walk her out to the middle isle where the chest stood.

Jeff lifted the unlocked brass catch and opened the lid to the chest. Rustling around inside the deep chest, Jeff pulled out a leather garment and draped it over the chest's opened top. It was black, skimpy and made of leather. Reaching back in, Jeff pulled out a pair of thigh high boots made of the same black leather material. The leather outfit and the boots had been treated and polished to a bright gloss. It's texture was so soft and thin that when worn, it had the appearance of being painted on.

"Help her put the boots on boys," Jeff told Chris and Bobby, still standing on each side of their sister, holding on to her arms. Chris took one of the boots that was laying on the top of the open chest, and bent down to lift his sister's foot. After several failed attempts, he told his sister to sit on the barn floor. Cathy sat and fell back as her brothers lifted both her legs to force on the tight high boots. The boots stretched around her legs from the tips of her toes to her thighs, only inches below her seeping crotch.

Once the boots were on, Chris and Bobby helped Cathy stand in her new black leather skin. Jeff walked up to the young girl and taking a clipper out of his pocket, he cut and removed the chain hanging from Cathy's nipple rings.

Next came the body suit. The suit was made to shape it's captor. It forced the body to conform to a desired shape by squeezing in just the right places.

The body suit was put on it's victim from the front, as though putting on a shirt backwards. The long tight sleeves were pushed over the wearers arms bringing the main body of the suit against her upper torso and chest. There were two small holes about 2 1/2-inches in diameter for the breasts to be squeezed through. As the boys wrapped the suit around Cathy's back her nipples bulged out of the small holes in the front of the suit.

Jeff stood in front of Cathy, and again squeezed and mauled her gorgeous breasts until they were completely through the holes. The pointed nipples stood straight out and the areolas were twice their size, as the small holes ballooned the ends of her young breasts. Cathy's breasts appeared as though the weren't attached to her body at all. They looked like someone had pinned two globes to the front of her leather suit.

Cathy reached up with her hands and lightly lifted her painfully squeezed breasts. She looked down in wonder at the way they stuck straight out from her body and at their enormously swollen size. She touched the large pointed nipples and moaned at the pain and sensitivity caused by her gentle caress. Her pert little breasts were now swollen, tight and sticking out from her body for anyone to grab with ease. More than anything else her breasts felt vulnerable and defenselessly exposed.

The boys were pushing on Cathy's back, trying to pull the suit together behind their sister. On the back, one side overlapped the other and the boys had figured this out quickly. All the way down the back of the suit were interlocking tabs to be laced together, much like a door hinge but without the bolt. While the boys were trying to pull the tabs together Jeff handed them a long flexible plastic rod with a round loop handle at the top.

Chris knew exactly what it was for. Holding the end of the long rod in one hand he pulled the tabs of the suit together to meet and align. Once done he slipped the rod through the matched tabs at the top of his sisters back. Bobby then pulled the next tab over and Chris slid the rod down into it holding the first three tabs and the neck of the suit together.

Down the back of the suit the two boys pulled and squeezed and thread the plastic rod to close the suit tightly around their sister's thin body. When the flexible rod slid through the last loop, the boys stood back and relaxed their arms from the tremendous pulling they had had to do.

The crotch flap was still hanging down from the waist of the suit. Jeff took hold of the flap and pushed it up to expose the front of Cathy's cunt and the clit shield. Cathy's light colored pubic hair was beautiful but, Jeff decided that it should be shaved for her Leather Cum Whore look.



"Hold this up and out of the way Bobby," Jeff told the young boy. Bobby reached around his sister's waist and grabbed the leather flap. Jeff reached into his back pocket and took out a clipper. He cut the three rings holding the clit shield in place and removed the metal cup. He clipped each of the three rings again and pulled them out of the pierced skin around the clit. Jeff used the electric razor to clip and shave the young girls tender and swollen pussy lips. Jeff ran his hand along the smoothly shaved cunt eliciting load moans from the teenager. He caressed the soft skin and watched it jump from his touch, as Cathy tried to ground her cunt into his hand.

Jeff pulled the flap from Bobby and pushed it through the girls legs, and grabbing it from behind. The flap was only 2-inches wide, where it was attached to the waist in the front. Tapered from the waist down, it was only 1-inch wide when it reached the crotch. Jeff stood behind the girl and pulled the back flap upwards, forcing it tight against the girls pussy lips and up the crack in her ass. Standing behind the girl, Jeff pushed the end of the flap through a buckle ring in the suit on the small of the girls back, and then pulled the leather strap down.

"Chris," Jeff called to the oldest boy. "Hold this flap tight, and when I tell you, pull it down tighter."

Jeff walked around to the front of the girl and knelt looking at the fit of the strap. Jeff was looking at the small 1/4-inch hole in the thin crotch flap. Feeling through the thin leather material with his fingers and looking through the hole, Jeff instructed Chris to pull the strap tighter. As Chris did so, Jeff saw the tip of the red swollen clit pop through and stick out the small hole. He raised his finger and rubbed the tip of the stretched clit causing Cathy moan and push her hips forward in response. The effect of the tight strap made the girls clit swell and extend out of the hole about 1/2 an inch.

Jeff stood, and backed up back slightly to admire the effect the suit had on the young girls budding form. Already Cathy's pussy lips were bulging out on each side of the crotch strap, red and puffy. Her swelling clit squeezed out of the small hole like a tiny red dick. Jeff stepped forward and with the palm of his hand lightly caressed the sensitive clit and swollen side lips of the girls spread crotch.

"OOOOHHHH FUCK!" Cathy moaned as she tried to push her entire crotch harder onto the slow moving hand. "Yes . . . YES!" She almost cried. As Jeff slid his hand forward, Cathy's hips moved back to increase the speed and pleasure of the caress. She felt the tip of her Uncle's hand slide back into her crotch and she pushed her hips to slide forward against it. Suddenly the hand was gone.

Jeff watched the young girl's reaction to the gentle caress of his hand. As Cathy moved forward and back with her hips, Jeff could see the pleasure mounting within her young frame. He lowered his hand to his side quickly and brought it back up slapping hard against the swollen pussy lips that were only moments ago trembling with pleasure. Holding his hand against her stinging clit, Jeff pulled his hand back rubbing it against the swollen clit before drawing it away again.

Shocked by the sudden tingling the slap had caused, Cathy opened her eyes just as another, harder slap shook her cunt lips and again made her clit tingle with desire and need. She spread her legs wider, hoping for another smack and gentle rub against her clit and was rewarded. Again and again her pussy lips stung and tingled from the measured slaps of her Uncle Jeff's hand. Higher and higher the feelings in her body rose toward orgasm.

"HARDER, please Jeff?" The teenager begged, as she stood with arms held ridged at her side, hands closed into tight fists, legs spread wide open and her head tilted back in front of her uncle. "HARDER! MORE! YES! MORE! MOOOORE! Yes, YES!" Cathy screamed and she got closer and closer to that zenith that she and her tortured, stinging cunt, so desperately needed.

Jeff watched the young, cum slut, breathing hard and rolling her head from side to side. Tears ran down her cheeks from the continual slaps to her blood engorged clit and cunt lips. Without saying a word, Jeff stopped, and turned back toward the trunk leaving the begging girl trembling with a horribly burning and still unsatisfied cunt.

Immediately Cathy's hands went to her clit and started to rub. The girl moaned and half squatted as she worked on the clit that had been untouchable for the last few days. Her hand labored between her legs as she moaned and closed her eyes. Unable to achieve satisfaction from her own fingers, Cathy started slapping her cunt and clit hard between rubs.

Jeff returned to the writhing girl with another leather item in hand and stood behind her. Handing the leather item to Chris, Jeff grabbed both of the girls arms and brought them behind her back. Cathy resisted taking her hand away from her needy clit, but Jeff was too strong to resist, for more than a few moments.

Jeff held Cathy's two arms together behind her back and instructed Chris to slide the leather tube around his sister's fisted arms, up past her elbows. This done Chris held the leather tube in place while Jeff proceeded to pull the six buckles tight and latch them in place. Cathy screamed as her elbows were pulled almost together and her arms were encased tightly behind her back. When Jeff was done, Cathy twisted and tried to find a way to remove her arms from the unseen restraint behind her body.

As Cathy stumbled around on the high heals, Chris and Bobby grabbed her by her nipple rings and made her stand with her feet spread in front of them. Each of the boys took turns twisting her sensitive nipples while the other slapped her exposed, red and very swollen clit.

Deb was still passed out on the floor in front of the chest, her legs spread to each side and cuffed to the rings in the floor. Jeff looked at her shaved cunt lips locked around the leather tube that held the dildos in her holes. The leather strap spread open as it exited the dildo in her cunt and tapered wider as it passed over her clit shield. Jeff could see the silver clit shield in the hole where her clit should have poked through. Jeff decided that this was a good time to change the clit shield to something a little more appropriate.

Jeff returned from the equipment room carrying two large wire mesh cones, one small cone and a bottle of alcohol. In his shirt pocket was a tiny rod 4-inches long with a rounded hook on one end, and a small butane torch. Placing the three cones on the ground beside his unconscious sister, he took the clippers and pried open the three small rings to her clit shield.

Jeff opened the top to the alcohol and poured it over his sister's clit. He used almost half the bottle to insure the area was clean. Then he removed the tiny 4-inch rod with the hooked end from his shirt pocket along with the torch. Holding the hook with the clippers, Jeff heated the hook till it was red hot.

He set the torch down and with his left hand squeezed the skin around Deb's clit making it poke up away from her cunt. Holding the searing hot sharp hook with the clippers he pushed the sharp point through the end of Deb's clit, searing the skin around the hook immediately and cauterizing the new hole. Jeff picked up the alcohol and again poured it over the smoking skin to cool it and the hook. Holding the end of the long shaft of the wire hook, Jeff used the clippers to squeeze the hook into a closed circle around the pierced tip of Deb's clit.

Jeff picked up the small wire mesh cone in his left hand, while he held the 4-inch long rod piercing the clit, with the other hand. The shape of the wire mesh cone resembled a large sewing thimble. The mesh was open enough that you could see through it, but not large enough to fit even a small finger through. In the top of the wire thimble, there was a small hole. Jeff placed the thimble over the wire shaft, letting the wire shaft poke through the hole at the tip of the thimble. Grabbing the end of the wire with his finger and thumb, he pushed the thimble down the rod until it surrounded Deb's clit and rested against her skin.

Jeff now took a pair of needle nosed pliers from his pocket and formed a loop in the end of the hook sticking out of the tip of the thimble. He now took a large silver ring and slid it through the loop he had just made and squeezed it closed.

Jeff watched through the wire thimble as he slipped his finger through the ring and pulled. As the ring was pulled out, away from the thimble, it pulled the hook and Deb's clit with it. Jeff pulled on the ring until it refused to be pulled any more. Looking through the wire mesh thimble, Jeff could see Deb's clit elongated to the full 1-1/2 inch length the thimble would allow. Letting go of the ring, Jeff saw the clit slowly shrink to it's original size, pulling the ring back with it, till the ring was drawn tight and stood straight out from the end of the wire thimble.

Next, Jeff clipped the chains attached to Deb's nipple rings leaving 12-inches dangling from each ring. Picking up the end of the 12-inch attached chain, he pulled it straight up from Deb's chest. Jeff placed one of the large wire cones over the hand that held the end of the chain attached to Deb's left breast. He pushed the end of the chain through the hole in the tip of the round wire mesh cone an slid the cone down the chain. Deb's breast was larger around than the base of the cone, as she laid on her back. Jeff had to pull up on the chain, elongating his sister's left breast, to allow the rubber ring base of the cone to fit tight against her chest. He proceeded to do the same to his sister's right breast.

Once the two cages were in place, Jeff pulled the chains tight, till the ring in the nipple was 3-inches from the end of the cone shaped cage. Holding the chain pulled tight, Jeff slipped a large stainless steel ring through the closest link of the chain outside the cone. Letting go of the chain Jeff used the clippers to remove the extra length of chain hanging from the stainless steel ring. He moved to the other side of his sister's still frame to continue with her other breast.

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