"Deb's Family Farm Training"

      by Jake Spear


Chapter 19

Jeff stood above his sisters splayed naked body looking at his new handiwork. Her breasts and nipples were pulled straight out from her body and secured in their deformed position by the ring on the outside of the cone. This enabled anyone to grab one of the large rings and pull her breasts out another 3-inches. It would cause incredible pain but no lasting damage. The end of the cone would prevent the breasts from being pulled out too far and ripping her nipples off.

To finish dressing his sister, Jeff would have to have her awake and standing. He was in no hurry to wake her now. There was a lot to do without having to listen to constant screaming due to her new ornaments and their painful stretching of her tender body parts. He would let her sleep for now and get her two sons ready first.

Jeff called both the boys over to the trunk. He handed Chris a small leather strap, rummaged around in the trunk and found the other and handed it to Bobby. Chris held up the article looking at what he was to put on and figuring out how it was to be worn. It was made of leather and looked basically like a small sack with suspenders. Chris stepped through the suspenders pulling the sack up to his groin and slipped the straps over his shoulders. The suspender straps hung loosely on his shoulders and the small sack between his legs was a few inches below his ringed ball and cock.

Chris pulled the sack out in front of his crotch to look for the hole. Bobby watched his brother and mimicked whatever Chris did. Finding the hole, Chris bent his semi-ridged cock to feed it through. The hole was slightly bigger that the diameter of his cock and his cock went through easily. Next Chris tried to push his ringed and swollen balls into the small leather sack. The sack was longer than it was wide and chris had to arrange his balls so that one was in front of the other to fit them in.

Jeff stood and walked behind the teenager and pulled the buckle on the suspenders tight. Chris winced as his balls were squeezed by the small sack. To prevent their removal, the suspenders had a collar buckle. The collar wrapped around the neck from the back and both suspenders were lock to the neck collar as the crossed over the shoulders. Jeff used two small luggage locks to prevent the suspenders from being removed or even loosened.

"Put these on your brother," Jeff instructed Chris and handed him two open locks without the keys and the collar.

"Chris, I want you and your brother to go to the first stall and get the tall wooden posts and bring them out here. You'll find 6 holes covered by wooden plugs with rings on the top. Pull the rings up and twist them counter-clockwise to remove the plugs. Drop the ends of the poles into the holes." Jeff told the two boys as he uncuffed Deb's two ankles from the ringed wooden plugs in the floor.

Jeff made another trip to the equipment stall and came back with a black leather doctors bag. Setting it on the floor between his sister's legs he Looked inside for a capsule of smelling salts. He stepped over to where Deb's face was turned to one side on the floor. Jeff twisted her head 90 degrees by her chin and broke the smelling salt capsule under her nose.

Deb's eyelids moved and a cringe appeared on her face. Suddenly she shook her head and her eyes flew open looking in every direction at once. Groaning, she sat up on her elbows and closed her eyes as her body started to register the pain. Pulling her feet in toward her body and raising her knees she leaned forward to wrap her arms around her legs. It was only when the tit cages hit her knees, that she stopped moving and saw what had been added to her body. She looked in horror at her elongated breasts and nipples as her hands felt around the outside of the cages. She realized with seconds, that she was now deprived from the pleasure of having her breasts touched and caressed. Her arms fell down the insides of her bent legs and scraped against the clit cage. Shocked she felt with her fingers at the wire cage that surrounded her most sensitive sex organ.

Deb felt the large ring on her clit cage swivel as her fingers felt around the entire surface. She noticed that as her searching fingers turned the ring, it coincided with a twisting sensation of her clit. Inserting a finger into the ring she experimented by twisting and pulling.

As she pulled the ring out from her body a twinge of pain grew in her groin. But along with the pain was the first pleasure from her clit in over two days. Deb experimented with combinations of pulling and twisting and quickly discovered just the right amount of pleasure and pain to cause tremendous excitement in her cunt area.

Standing behind her, Jeff reached down and grabbed Deb from under her arms and helped her stand. Once standing Deb now noticed the rings at the end of her tit cages. Immediately she used her other hand to pull and twist on the rings to her nipples. Pain, and pleasure, and pain, and pleasure cycled through her body as she manipulated the rings, switching hands constantly in an effort to play with all three rings, with only two hands.

Jeff lifted a corset from the chest and walked back behind his sister's beautifully figured body. He reached around her and placed the corset around her waist in the front and pulled it around to the back. Quickly he laced a few of the hooks and pulled them tight to keep it in place while he adjusted it. Walking around to the front of his sister, Jeff adjusted the corset upwards so that the bottom breast supports now pushed up against the bottom of the tit cages.

Jeff found it distracting to work around and through deb's flying and very busy hands and arms. With the black leather corset in position, Jeff began lacing the back. Formed metal stays in the front and back of the corset held the upper torso in a very sexy posture. As jeff tightened the back laces Deb's body was bent and squeezed into place. Her back was permanently arched pushing her caged breasts outward and her ass backward. Her waist was compressed to 22-inches and had the effect of making her look like a wickedly tortured inflatable sex doll.

Although the corset affected Deb's breathing, Deb continued to taunt and tease her nipples and clit using the rings. Jeff went back to the chest and removed a pair of crotch high leather boots. Placing his hands on his sister's shoulders he pushed her down till she was sitting on the ground. With her hands still playing with her rings, she fell on her back with her knees up and feet flat on the floor.

Jeff picked up one of the boots and slid it up her leg. It was a very loose fit, not like the tight fitting boots on Deb's daughter, Cathy. On the top outside edge of the boots were two long straps. Jeff brought the leather straps up to the side of Deb's corset, where two rings were attached and hanging down.

He slipped the two straps through the rings and tied a knot in each. He went to the other leg, pulled up the boot and tied the two straps to the other side of the corset. The bootstraps would help keep the corset from riding up and the loose boots from falling down.

Looking up Jeff saw that the two boys had put all the six posts in their holes. Cathy was standing with her front against one of the posts rubbing her clit up and down while begging her brothers to spank her cunt.

"Please Chris," Cathy pleaded. "Just spank my clit, it's been very bad and needs to be punished. Just slap it! Just a little. Please!" But Chris just smiled stroking his own swollen cock head as he watched his sister make love to the wooden post.

Unable to get Chris to help her play with her clit, Cathy turned to her younger brother Bobby.



"Bobby, your tongue would feel so good between my legs. Don't you wand to suck your big sister's clit. I can suck your man size cock for you," Cathy begged her younger brother watching him stroke his own cock. "Well FUCK you both then if you don't want to help me," Cathy screamed at them frustrated by her own sexual desires, and unable to quench the fire within her craving body.

Cathy looked over and spotted her mother laying on the ground. Cathy ran over to her mother and straddled her corset body. She stood over her mothers chest looking at the large moist lips of her mother's beautiful face. She dropped down with her knees on each side of her mother's head and lowered her cunt to those inviting lips. She crawled forward on her knees till her clit was only inches above her mother's mouth. Her upper torso bent forward with her arms bound behind it and Cathy looked back under her body to watch her clit lower till it pressed against her mother's moist lips.

Deb felt the small soft round shaft touch her lips and instinctively she sucked it lightly. Suddenly she heard her daughter scream with delight and felt the entire weight of her daughter's leather clad crotch push against her face. She tilted her head back slightly, freeing her nose to breathe while her lips continued to suck and her tongue swirled around the outside of her daughter's engorged clit.

Jeff stood at Cathy's head with a thick leather collar in his hands. The collar was studded and had several rings around it for attachment of a leash and other restraints. Jeff slipped one end of the collar under Cathy's neck and fastened the buckle holding it tight in back. He clicked the end of a leash onto one of the rings and pulled the teenager off her mother's pleasureing tongue.

Cathy was being half dragged over to one of the posts that the boys had installed in the middle of the barn. When Jeff reached the end post, he raised the end of the leash in his hand high, and fastened it to a ring at the top of the post. Cathy quickly spun around onto her knees with her face in the dirt and her ass pointed toward the post. She scooted backward, with one leg on each side of the post, until her crotch was again rubbing up and down the slick thick smooth wood surface. Jeff knew that if he let this continue, she would rub her entire clit off onto the wooden post.

Jeff took a long rope off one of the gate posts and walked over to the teenager with her face buried in the hay covered floor. He reached under her chest and ran the rope through each of her nipple rings. With both rope ends in his hands he walked backward pulling the rope through the nipple rings until both lengths were equal. Two steps in front of him was a ring in the floor. He put both ends through the ring and pulled.

Cathy screamed as she was dragged forward by her nipple rings and fell flat on her chest and stomach. Her breasts, still swollen like balloons and squeezed through the small leather holes, bent unwillingly under her body. As she started moving her ass back again toward the post, her nipple rings pulled tight. She could feel the post almost inches from her swollen and aching clit, but no matter how hard she pulled on the rope through her nipple rings, she was unable to reach the post with her clit.

As Cathy sobbed and rolled to her side Jeff was placing a leather hood over her head. This special leather hood was more like a mask than a full hood. Jeff wanted to see as much of the girls long blonde hair as he could against the black leather body suit. Very thin leather strings, much like a open net went around the back of the head holding the mask tight against the face. There were no eye holes. A leather nose stuck out from the front open at the bottom. Cathy's lips were the only part of her face that the mask allowed to be seen. Jeff pulled two small ear plugs from his pocket. Holding the girls head he rolled them until they were long and thin and inserted them into her ear canal. Almost instantly the special plugs started to expand into their previous thickness. They filled every crevice of the ear canal, blocking out almost all sound. Earflaps attached to the mask were now pulled tight over Cathy's ears. Jeff tied the leather strings together at the back of her head. Cathy was now, for all intensive purposes, helpless, blind and deaf.

Jeff knew that depriving Cathy of her sight and hearing would increase her attention toward the sensations in other areas of her body including her clit. Unable to stimulate herself, she would lay on the ground, her mind exploding with desire, and think of nothing else.

Jeff turned and walked toward the stall where he had left Anna and the dog. He leaned on the gate and watched as Anna was in the troughs of misery.

"NO, REX, STOP! AAAAAAGGGGGGUUUUUUHHHHH" Anna screamed as she tried to crawl out from under the humping dog. Rolling to her side she curled to a tight fetal position. Rex followed constantly sticking his nose into the girl's crotch. Reluctantly, Anna moved her feet to allow him access to her needy cunt lips. In less than a minute, Anna was breathing hard again and begging Rex to lick harder. As the drug demanded greater stimulation Jeff watched Anna's mood change to desperation.

"REX, LICK!" Anna screamed. "OH YES REX. LICK MY PUSSY!"

Anna rolled onto her knees and pushed her ass back at the lashing tongue of the dog. Her face was buried in her hands on the floor and her knees were spreading wide to allow the dog greater access. The pain from the drug was quickly replaced by an irresistible craving.

Anna tried to fight the need to have Rex's cock, but the demand of the drug was too much for the little girl. Finally the delicious feeling of Rex's tongue and the ever increasing craving caused by the drug, melted away all resistance.

"REX, FUCK!" Anna screamed at the top of her lungs. Obeying, Rex leaped on the girls back and wrapped his front paws around her waist. His cock was hard and rubbing against her steamy pussy as his throbbing member sought the opening to his bitch.

Anna cringed at the pain caused when the tail was pushed to the side by Rex's hind quarters. She curled her fingers in her hair and pulled, thinking it would somehow compensate and distract her from the pain in her ass ring. As Anna held herself still for Rex, she felt the tip of his thick cock touch the entrance to her cunt.

"That's it Rex. You've got it. Right there! Right there! OHHHHHHH, YESSSSS!" Anna screamed as the dog's cock slid into her wet little cunt and jerked partially back out. "FUCK ME REX!" Anna screamed.

Without pausing, Rex's hips started moving in a blur. His long thick cock sunk 6-inches into the girl's waiting pussy. The tightness and warmth of the hole excited Rex's cock, and it swelled inside the opening. Rex squeezed his front legs around the waist of his bitch and pulled his hind quarters forward, sinking his cock in all the way.

Anna was begging Rex to hold still. "Not yet Rex. Hold still. Don't pump yet, please, Rex!" She pleaded with the dog, "Just stay still and let me do the moving. See, like this! Nice and slow."

Rex was having a hard time keeping himself from moving. His instincts were to jackhammer his cock into the bitch below him and squirt his load. He couldn't understand why this bitch didn't want him to do this!

Anna fought her own drug induced urges. She wanted Rex to pound her little cunt. She needed to have that slippery cock ramming her from the back. It felt so good now inside her. She moved a little faster. "OH, YES THAT'S BETTER!" Anna spoke out loud.



Her ass started to move in circles as she moved on and off the thick cock increasing her speed. Suddenly her ass was jerking fast. She needed to have the dog's cock buried all the way inside her. She couldn't resist the cravings any more. Anna slammed her ass back into Rex's hips. Rex slammed back and started pumping his throbbing cock into the wet slippery hole.

Within seconds of Rex's accelerated plunging, Anna was screaming in pain for him to stop. The lustful craving inside her was overshadowed by the burning in her ass. She crawled reluctantly, away from under her lover, waiting for the pain to subside again.

"Looks like fun," Jeff spoke from the gate. Anna was moaning from the pain and Jeff doubted if she had heard him. Not wanting to break up this happy couple, Jeff returned to the rest of the family in the center of the barn.

Jeff turned to Chris and Bobby and stared for a moment. There was only one more thing for the boys to wear. Jeff went over to the chest picked out two straps of leather walked back to the boys.

Jeff put the collars on the boys' necks and locked them in place. These collars had leashes sewn to them and were not removable. Jeff attached the end of the leashes to locks at the top of the posts. He left, and returned with a bucket of water, and a scoop. He set the bucket between the boys and dropped the scoop near the bucket.

"Chris, Bobby, sit facing each other with your legs spread wide," Jeff told both the boys. Chris and Bobby did as they were told. Jeff picked up the bucket and poured half of it into Chris's crotch and the other half into Bobby's crotch. He left with the empty water bucket and returned with a full one. He placed it between the two boys and dropped the scoop in the water.

"The leather pouches you two are wearing were made from a special hide," Jeff told the boys. "They have been treated and stretched and now as you saw me do, soaked in water. As they dry, the pouches will start to shrink squeezing you balls together. This slow but relentless shrinking will cause your cocks to swell and eventually, the cum to be forced from you balls, not to mention the slow torturous pain."

Both boys looked down at the soaked, and already tight pouches, that held their balls captive.

"I suggest that you keep the pouches wet with the water in this bucket so they don't shrink while I'm gone," Jeff told the boys. "Use the water wisely and don't waist it. I may not be back for many hours."

Jeff returned to his sister still on the ground playing with her new rings. He took two straps and thread them through rings in the side of Deb's corset. Holding one of Deb's arms against her side, Jeff wrapped the strap around her biceps and buckled it in place. With the second strap, Jeff pulled her fist down to her side and fastened the strap around her wrist.

As Deb begged her brother not to tie both her hands, Jeff finished securing the other arm and wrist in place tight against her side. Walking back to the chest he removed a wide leather collar and wrapped it around Deb's neck. He buckled it in place, snapped a leash to a ring in the collar and lead her to one of the two still unoccupied poles. He fastened the leash to the top and stood back to admire his work.

"Anna!" Jeff said out loud when he realized that someone was missing. "Where's our darling little Anna?"

Jeff walked to the stall and opened the gate. Anna had her ass in a corner protecting it from the advances of Rex's tongue. Jeff unsnapped the leash holding Rex to Cathy's belt.

"Rex, Come!" Jeff commanded the dog.

With one arm, Jeff reached around Anna's waist and lifted her off the floor. Holding her on his hip he walked out of the stall and over to the empty post. He reached around with the other hand, grabbed the belt around Anna's waist, and lowered her to the barn floor.

Rex followed, and when Anna was placed on the ground, he sat in front of her. Jeff saw the worried look on the girl's face as her drugged body demanded cock, and the memory of the last time still burned vividly in her mind.

Jeff attached a collar to Anna's neck. Snapping a leash to the collar, he reached up and attached the loose end of the leash to the top of the pole.

Walking to the end stall, Jeff dragged the chair toward Deb's pole. Deb screamed in joy at the sight of the chair coming toward her. The sight of the chair and the long distended black cock drove her mad with desire. When Jeff set it upright in front of her, all she could do was moan and cry. Her hands tied to her sides and the two thick cocks strapped and locked inside her, made it impossible to even sit on the beautiful black cock.

The two boys were arguing with each other. The length of their leashes prohibited either boy from reaching the bucket with their hands. This ment that one of the boys would have to push the bucket to the other with his feet and then wait till it was pushed back to him. Neither of the brothers trusted the other, and each wanted to be first to get the water.

Jeff went to the impaler and removed the the pipe and the thin rod from the hole where it stuck up through the platform. He slid them under the platform edge for possible use later. He checked to insure that all the air was out of the tube and that the platform was resting on the blocks.

Jeff had spent days preparing other devices and machines for tonight use. He had them under tarps in various stalls in the large barn. He walked into each stall removed their covers and check them one last time before this evenings fun. Walking back to the trunk, he pause to stand and look at the five members of the Johnson family in front of him.

The two boys were still argueing. Deb was standing with her arms bound to her sides, looking at the cock sticking up form the chair. Cathy was still on her knees, with her ass turned toward her sister Anna now, begging her to let the dog lick her clit. Anna was busy using Rex for the same purpose and refused to answer her older sister.

They were all so ready for tonight. Both Deb and her oldest daughter, Cathy, had had their openings enlarged, and spacers inserted to keep them that way for tonight. Anna now looked the part, of the dog's bitch and the two brothers now distrusted each other and thought only of themselves. Each one of them had become sadistic toward the other members of the family, seeing the rest as only for self enjoyment, never thinking of the pain they caused, or showing the slightest concern for anyone else's pleasure.

His sister Deb would do anything he asked. Her will, had been broken to the point, that she was powerless to function without pleasing him first. To Deb the feelings of pain and pleasure were the same now. Both were a means in which she could please her brother, and in doing so, could feel the only pleasure allowed by her master.

Cathy, the beautiful cum slut teen, had been conditioned to seek only pleasure for herself. Her natural fetish for loving cum was a bonus. Her body was conditioned to orgasm only when small amounts of pain were added. Without the pain, her body would never achieve the heights of pleasure it desperately needed.

He closed the trunk and dragged it back to the tack room. Exiting the stall he closed the gate. He looked at his watch. It was 4:30 P.M.. The fun would be starting soon. Jeff, felt like a kid on Christmas Eve. He just couldn't wait to play with his new toys.

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