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Alternate Pleasure by HDR 1999
All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic means, including photocopying, recording or by any information and retrieval system, without the written permission of the author.

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The following story contains scenes of graphic sexual content, NOT limited to heterosexual intercourse--in this case an intelligent, amorphous being and four human females, three of whom are under the legal age of consent--as well as descriptions of advanced sexual kinkiness.

If this offends you, DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!!!

If you choose to ignore this warning, read on, and become offended by anything described or depicted herein, you have only yourself to blame-


The Devil, You Say?

Chapter One

"Miss Jennings, there are noises coming from the drains in the shower. . ." Alice Ryerson said hesitantly, her voice trailing off weakly. Nora Jennings looked up from her desk, frankly glad of the interruption if it got her away from her evaluation forms for a little bit, and stared at the girl.

Alice was wrapped insecurely in a towel, her fair skin and hair wet from the shower all the girls had to take after gym. The girl was incredibly shy, Nora remembered, having watched her blush the first time she'd taken her clothes off with the other girls. And quite well-proportioned for her age, very nearly as shapely as Nora Jennings' own finely tuned body was.

"What kind of noises, Alice?" Nora asked, her eyes watching the girl's blue-green orbs closely. They were wide, indicating some kind of fear or surprise, and didn't squint or slide away from her gaze when the girl replied.

"A--a sort of slithery noise, Miss Jennings," the girl replied, then bit her lower lip and flushed. That surprised Nora--it appeared that the girl was telling the truth, but there was something else in there too, something she wasn't admitting! Nora disregarded her instinctual guess, then hauled it back to the front of her brain and examined it closely.

The flush certainly could have been sexually related, Nora mused. The question was, could the girl be using the noise she'd thought she heard to try to get Nora into the shower naked? And if so, was it just for a look, or did she have something much, much naughtier in mind?

Nora was tempted to giggle, but barely managed to keep her composure. In a year or two she might have succumbed to the little temptress--but fourteen, the average age for the class Alice was in, was just a bit too young. Not, she thought regretfully, that you could tell these girls' ages for the most part by the way their bodies looked. . .

"Well, I guess I'll have to come into the shower and listen," Nora said, stretching and pushing the chair back from the desk, then rising slowly to her feet. Alice started and began to say something, then bit her lip again and shivered. "Alice?" Nora asked, putting her hand under the girl's chin and lifting upward on it, drawing the girl's eyes back to her. "What's the matter, dear?"

Alice shuddered then, a quiver that Nora could see quite plainly. "It--it's just like my dreams. . ." the girl stammered, her voice trailing off again after only a few words and the flush intensifying. Nora's eyes widened as the girl's pupils dilated massively, the blue nearly disappearing as she shuddered again; the woman was well-conversant with the physiology of arousal and sexual expression--

And Alice, she would swear, was both terrified and incredibly aroused at the same time! "What dream?" she prompted gently, and the girl sobbed and shook her head weakly.

"You--you'll think I'm a pervert!" Alice gasped, her eyes glittering as the tears welled up in them and began trickling slowly down her cheeks.

Nora was nonplussed. If this was a deliberate come-on, it was being done in an astoundingly convincing way! And if it wasn't a deliberate attempt to arouse her, then the girl was doing an absolutely superb job of that entirely by accident! The woman shook her head, her thick ponytail swaying over her shoulders and down her back, and just now that touch even felt unfairly sensual!

Nora sighed, at a loss for how to proceed. This girl wasn't trying to seduce her, she was certain of that now--it was only her own long dry stint, several weeks since a sexual partner had teased and titillated her to release, that was making her even consider this. Alice was frightened--and concerned that if she told her gym instructress what she was frightened of, Nora would think she was some kind of pervert! That, the woman told herself, must have been one hell of a dream!

She led Alice over to the couch in her office, narrow and uncomfortable as it was, and glanced out of the wide windows into the locker room. There were only a few girls still hanging around, and she knew why two of them were there--she'd seen them soaping each other up in the shower last Friday, soaping each other up very, very thoroughly after they were certain everyone else was gone.

Even so, she was careful to maintain strict propriety and pulled her desk chair over and sat in front of the softly-sobbing blonde. "Alice, look at me," she murmured, her voice carefully modulated not to add to the girl's panic, whatever it was from. The blonde did so shyly, her eyes still leaking slow, fat tears, and Nora shook her head and smiled at the girl.

"Alice, don't think you're the only girl who's ever had erotic dreams," she began, carefully ignoring the blonde's gasp. "We all have them--women as well as men. And some of them can be quite astounding, my dear girl. No matter what you dreamed, Alice, I won't think you're a pervert--unless you were excited by torture and mutilation. And if you were, dear, what I'd really be concerned about is getting you some professional help."

The girl shuddered again, and Nora wondered what could possibly be passing behind those wide blue eyes? "No, oh, I didn't like that dream at all!" the blonde sobbed, and hugged herself comfortingly.

What the hell, Nora wondered. Aloud she asked, "That dream? You mean you've had more than one that were similar somehow?" The blonde nodded, and Nora shook her head in near-total bemusement. "That's--quite astonishing," she finally managed to say. "And what you said implies that some of them were pleasant?"

The girl shuddered again, and this time Nora watched her nipples erect under the soft towel stretched tautly over her breasts by the girl's clasping arms. "Oh, Miss Jennings--oh, some of them were more than just pleasant! But they were so naughty!" the girl sobbed, clearly being whipsawed by contrasting emotions.

"Alice, Alice, relax, dear, breath deeply," Nora said calmingly, then cursed herself as the girl did just that and put her breasts and nipples even more lewdly on display to the stunned--and excited!--teacher. "Now, just start at the beginning and tell me what the dreams were about--the worst, and then the best, and we just won't worry about the in-between ones for right now. Okay?" she asked, and the girl nodded shyly, blushing just a bit, and began. . .

Nora gulped when the girl related the nightmare that had begun it all, agreeing with her that it was, without a doubt, a singularly unpleasant dream! "And it killed us all, then, when we tried to get away?" she asked softly, and Alice nodded. Nora glanced out of the windows again, noting that the locker room now appeared deserted--her office was unlighted as well, and she was fairly sure she knew what those two extremely naughty young girls were doing in the shower room.

She didn't blame them--it was just luck that the freshman class had the last gym class of the day this year. If the seniors had been last class instead--Nora suppressed a giggle, and a frisson of lust trickled through her. Friday night, and their janitor usually knocked off early on Friday and came back in on Sunday to clean up for Monday morning. . . If the senior class were the last class this year again, Nora might be in the shower herself right now, with anywhere from one to six or more of the lovely young senior girls!

She wrenched her attention away from her own fantasies and looked at the blonde huddled on her couch again. "And what about the better dream, then?" she asked, wanting to clear the remnants of the girl's nightmare from her own mind.

Alice shivered and launched into the tale, and Nora saw her nipples peeking up under the soft towel again. She licked her lips, wondering if fourteen was really too young after all, and tried to focus on what the girl was saying.

Nora was unable to repress a delighted giggle halfway into the story, which had started out exactly the same way as the nightmare had, but rapidly became something else entirely! Perverse, yes, the woman though in awed shock--but deliciously thrilling nonetheless!

"Oh, I'm sorry, dear, I wasn't laughing at you," she assured Alice, who'd paused to stare at her when the woman giggled. "I was just--you have an incredibly sophisticated imagination for someone your age, that's all. You were evidently right--this one is quite naughty."

She giggled softly again, and Alice shook her head. "You-- you aren't offended?" she asked softly, feeling the funny tingle running through her that this dream always awoke in her.

"Shocked, a little, yes--pleasantly so," Nora replied. "But not offended, dear! In fact," she said then, her voice lowering slightly, "can I tell you a secret?"

Alice nodded, and the woman smiled wickedly at her. "I rather enjoyed what you've told me of the dream so far. And I believe I know exactly how it ends--much differently than the first dream, am I right?"

Alice smiled tremulously at her teacher and nodded. "Oh, much differently," she sighed. "And you don't hate me for having such a naughty imagination?"

"My dear girl!" Nora laughed, patting Alice' bare knee and wishing she could do more. "Of course not--naughty in this context just means shiveringly perverse fun, not bad! And perverse isn't even necessarily a bad word--well, no, I'm actually thinking of perverted, there," the woman said as much to herself as to the girl huddled on the couch in front of her.

Alice laughed shyly then, shaking her head. "I was sure you'd be offended by my imagining the two girls in the shower playing--playing with each other," she stammered, flushing slightly again.

Nora laughed and shook her head. "Would you like to know a secret?" she asked, leaning forward and whispering to the smiling girl. "You have to promise never, ever to tell."

Alice nodded, her eyes wide again, and Nora cursed herself for her own notions of what was and wasn't taboo. She's only fourteen, she kept reminding herself--but the little voice kept getting weaker and weaker. . .

"There probably are two girls in the shower right now, playing with each other. Would you like to peek?" the grinning woman asked, and Alice sat bolt upright with shock!

Nora groaned softly as the motion pulled the girl's towel loose and exposed her lovely young breasts to the woman. Alice gasped, "Oh, god, Miss Jennings--just like the dream?" She shuddered when Nora nodded, licking her suddenly dry lips, and haltingly told the woman what the rest of the dream had been!

"So don't you see?" the girl shivered, her eyes wide with the mixture of fright and lust Nora had first seen in them. "It's just like my dream so far--what if the rest of it happens?"

Nora laughed and shook her head, managing by sheer force of will not to lean forward and lick those lovely pink nipples thrust so provocatively at her! "My dear, dear girl," she sighed, "as tempting as it sounds I honestly don't believe there's a monster in the sewers waiting to ravish us to the point of utter collapse--repeatedly," she concluded, licking her lips again. Those nipples were so lovely! "But," Nora added with a wicked grin, "the first part of your dream seems to be right on the money--would you like to see for yourself?"

Alice moaned, unsure of what to do. "I--Miss Jennings, I didn't just have this dream once, I said that," she told the woman earnestly. Nora nodded, and the blonde continued, "I had it a lot of times--and every time it started just like this--with you asking me if I wanted to go and see for myself! I've had it over and over again, Miss Jennings--what if it's not just a dream?"

Nora started, her eyes widening at that. "What do you mean, dear?" she asked, and the girl shuddered.

"What if it's--oh, this is going to sound crazy," she said, shaking her head. "What if it's me, today, this afternoon, trying desperately to warn me back then, four or five weeks ago? Miss Jennings, what if it were to really happen?"

Nora stared at the young woman, speechless for a moment. "Do you really believe that's possible?" she asked, shaking her head, and sighed when Alice nodded.

"I--I have to, Miss Jennings," the girl said. "I've had lots of dreams before, but never anything this consistent! And it feels--it feels like what we do will be the difference of whether it turns into the dream, or the nightmare. . ." Alice' voice trailed off with those last words, and she shuddered violently.

"If you think it's true, then we have to get those two out of there, at the very least--oh!" Nora gasped, remembering what the girl had related about the nightmare.

"Yes, that's what caused it to kill us all in the first dream," Alice sobbed. "But what made it nice was--was--" Her voice broke, and she made an abortive motion with one hand toward the shower.

"Was us playing together and coming, yes, dear, I remember," Nora sighed. "If there were such a thing as a creature, an amorphous creature that fed on our emotional discharges, I could see where that might convince it that our deaths would be counterproductive. . .

"Alice?" she asked then, and the girl looked up at her with glittering eyes again, her breasts heaving. "Do you really want to walk into the shower with me, shock those two silly, and then ravish them--so that they might not die in this creature's grasp?" Nora mentally crossed her fingers, awaiting the girl's reply with bated breath.

"Oh--we have to!" Alice sobbed, her eyes dropping once more as she hugged herself again.

"If it would be too repugnant for you, you could just go now, and I'll try to take care of it myself," Nora said softly, and the girl looked up at her in surprise.

"But--but why don't you want me to come too?" Alice asked shyly, and Nora sighed.

"Because I thought that you thought it was wrong, dear, what they're doing in there," Nora replied, and the girl shook her head slowly.

"I--oh, Miss Jennings, everybody makes fun of it--but I came so hard, in those dreams, while you and--" The girl paused in mid-sentence, staring in shock at the woman. "It's Laura and Molly in there, isn't it?" she sobbed, and Nora gasped as she clutched her breasts and began kneading them softly. "I've seen them so often, played with them there in the dream! I can see--I can see Molly's face as she holds onto the faucets, coming as she's riding on Laura's mouth. . ."

Chapter Two

"You must have seen them playing in the shower together, or noticed that they disappear on Friday nights, and all the rest of this just grew from your sublimated fantasies, Alice," Nora said softly, stroking the girl's cheek. "It's honestly nothing to be ashamed of--I enjoy it, and I'm certain you would too, if you let yourself."

"Oh!" the girl gasped, rubbing back against Nora's hot fingers. "Oh," she sighed, looking into Nora's eyes dazedly, "I was so afraid you'd just laugh at me. . ."

"My dear, dear girl," Nora giggled, "if you hadn't gotten me incredibly aroused with that kinky little story, and had just propositioned me? I would have turned you down, love--but I would have done it gently, reluctantly, and explained that the only reason I was refusing was your age. Twenty minutes ago I was of the opinion that fourteen was too young to be truly consenting--now," she sighed, "I know better."

Nora let her hand slide sensuously down the trembling girl's long, slim throat and onto her chest. She slid her hand under Alice' left hand, displacing it and taking over the erotic kneading of the girl's delightfully swollen breast.

"And, Alice," the brunette sighed, smiling at the young temptress as she fondled her lewdly, "since we're going to be very good friends--call me Nora."

Alice sighed and arched into the exciting caress, nodding to Nora as she licked her lips. "Very good friends--Nora," the girl moaned low in her throat, and Nora giggled again.

"You look so hot, maybe you should get out of that heavy towel and come take a shower with me," the woman teased, smiling as Alice' eyes closed and she gulped.

"It's--I'm only fantasizing, right?" the girl stammered, her hand coming up to close over Nora's. "There's not really something waiting in the drains for us. . ."

"No, dear--you just couldn't let yourself imagine Molly and Laura having that kind of fun, that's all. So the conditioning you've been subjected to made part of you decide they should be punished for being bad, and made all the rest up."

"But what about the good dreams?" the blonde moaned, leaning forward and pulling Nora's other hand up to her other breast.

"That," Nora giggled as she caressed the beautiful young blonde eagerly, "was the rational part of you deciding that the societal conditioning was full of shit, and rewarding them--and you--mmmm, and me--for being so delightfully naughty!"

"Oh, oh, oh, I want to believe that," Alice moaned, shuddering as Nora's hot fingers kneaded the firm flesh of her young breasts deliciously! It was ever so much more fun, the girl realized dazedly, when someone else did this for you!

"Come into the shower with me, Alice," Nora teased evilly. "We'll see if we can't make part of your dream come true, anyway." She leaned forward and whispered, "I'd love to see you coming as Molly ate you to a screaming, thrashing orgasm--while I kissed you!" And then Nora did just that!

Alice moaned, feeling as if her bones were going to melt from the heat surging in her young body as Miss Jennings--Nora's- -tongue slid wetly between her gasping lips and seemed to twine voraciously around her own! The woman's hands on her breasts were exciting enough, but this!

The blonde kissed back, and Nora exulted in the surge of erotic sensation that swept beatifically through her. "I could fly!" she mumbled into the girl's mouth, and Alice giggled and pulled back.

"What?" the girl panted, then laughed in sheer delight when Nora repeated it. "Oh, oh, me too," she wailed softly, pressing her breasts against the woman's sweetly tormenting hands and starting to come!

Nora laughed ecstatically as she felt Alice spasm, and knew from the girl's astonished expression exactly what was happening to her! "You're so beautifully easy," she teased, kissing the girl's gaping lips and tasting her sweet mouth again. The spasms slowly ran down, and she laughed and stood, pulling the girl up as well by gentle tugs on her stiff nipples. "Come on, Alice--I want to see Molly and Laura's faces!" Then she grinned wickedly at the girl, and added, "Under us--from the nose up."

Alice shuddered in delight and let the woman pull her out of the office by her lewd hold. Once they were in the cavernous locker room Nora let go, then held her finger up to the girl's lips when Alice moaned softly.

The showers were running, and the blonde could just barely make out a familiar voice asking, "Did you hear that?"

There was a gurgle in reply, the sounds clearer as Nora led her quietly closer to the open arch to the shower room. The woman had scampered to the door quickly and made sure it was locked, then silently led the blonde right up to the tiled arch.

Then another voice, also familiar, asked, "Hear what?"

Alice bit her lip as the voice she was sure belonged to Molly replied, "I thought I heard a moan!"

The other voice, Laura's voice, snickered. "You did, you naughty girl--my moan. Now get back into the position, I'm not through searching you for contraband yet!"

Alice shuddered--she knew exactly what she was going to see when they looked through the door. Molly would be leaning against the tiled wall, her forehead bracing her arching body as she gripped the faucets hard enough to whiten her knuckles. And Laura would be kneeling behind the redhead, her face pressed intimately between the shuddering girl's asscheeks, her tongue stuffed as far as the lewd blonde could get it into Molly's clenching ass. . .

Nora smiled wickedly at her and took her hand, then led her boldly into the large shower room. Several of the heads on the far wall were spraying, from the looks of it straight hot water-- there was a light fog in the room, and Alice sighed at how incredibly familiar to her this all was.

Including, the blonde sighed, Molly and Laura. In exactly the position she'd known they'd be in, so wrapped up in the ecstatic, forbidden sensations that they didn't even notice the two of them! Nora led her right up behind the girls, and they watched for several delirious seconds as Laura hungrily frenched Molly's asshole!

Alice shook her head at Nora, smiling brightly as she saw that the woman's shorts and t-shirt were getting wet from the water spraying down from the shower heads on either side of Molly's shivering back. Nora obviously didn't care, and she'd kicked her shoes and socks off at the door to prevent her sneakers from being soaked and ruined. The girl was still trying to decide if Nora was going to do what she'd seen in her dream when Laura pulled her tongue slowly out of Molly's quivering ass and then bit her gently on one soft cheek.

Molly shuddered, turned with her mouth open, and froze when she saw their teacher standing right behind them! Alice was there too, the gaping redhead saw, and just knew the naked blonde had seen them having fun and gone to get Miss Jennings!

"Mmmm, you didn't complain that time--are you starting to like me biting you?" Laura laughed, then looked up at her friend's face. She saw the redhead's terrified expression and looked around, moaning in shock as she saw Miss Jennings and Alice as well. "I--we--" the blonde stammered, then gaped when Miss Jennings laughed!

"And you were doing it beautifully, too," Nora assured the trembling girls, squeezing Alice' hand as she did so. The blonde shuddered--it was going exactly the way her dream had. . .

She forced herself not to look at the two large grates on the drain in the center of the shower floor, staring instead at the expressions of the two astounded girls. "What did you say?" she mouthed silently as Molly gasped the words--it was like watching a movie she'd seen dozens of times, Alice mused as the drama played itself out again in front of her heated gaze--but for real this time!


 It nearly slid back down into the sewer when the other two
human females came into the shower room and took up positions
behind the first two.  It was so hungry!  And it didn't dare to

The creature was a shadow of its former godlike self, only barely enough of it left to maintain its sentience. And that had been difficult to accomplish--if the damnable humans had known how incredibly massive it had actually been, they would have been paralyzed with terror. . .

No, it told itself sternly, not those humans. They had known what it was, and was capable of--and had exposed it to something even tinier than they were that ate it, turning the tables on it with exquisite irony! Where once it had been as massive, literally, as a mobile underground mountain, it was now limited to what the humans would have measured out as a few dozen tons of body mass. It had constrained itself, since that recent, horrendous night, to feeding on the simpler life; animals and fish in the areas it could reach. That had sustained its sapience and even enabled it to grow a bit physically--but it was still hungry!

Oh, not for food--it could and had reached up through the ocean bottom and feasted on the giant squid that lurked in the deepest abysses. They were clever enough, with a certain primitive self-awareness, and had fed its desire for emotional output to a certain extent as well--but Humans were still capable of more concentrated terror per ounce of body mass than any other creature it had ever fed on!

Even the small dinosaurs, the tribal ones, who'd been developing a language and used primitive tools before it had wiped out nearly all of the creatures of that age, hadn't emoted as strongly as these hairless apes! It felt what, in a human, would have passed for a sigh and considered its options.

The humans who had hurt it so badly, there in that little isolated mountain town, undoubtedly thought it was dead. They must have know how efficient the bacterial petrovore they'd unleashed on it had been--only breaking connection with the upper portion of its huge body and running, running through the porous strata as fast as it could travel had allowed it to save as much of itself as it had. Literally millions of tons of its former mass had drained down through the rock behind it as it fled, pushing after it through the openings it had used like a diseased monster, intent on insuring that this small portion of it died with the rest!

It felt once more a surprising--no, an astounding--touch of empathy for the humans it had previously tormented and devoured. They must have felt much like it had while it was running for its existence from the remains of what it had once been! Just a touch of the contaminated fluid that had once been the greatest single existing being in the history of the entire planet would have doomed the small, fleeing fragment--and twice it had barely escaped that very fate, once only by sacrificing even more of itself!

But it was so hungry! It would have sobbed from the frustration had it been human, reaching out with half a dozen tentacles from a lower portion of its mass and consuming several rats that had been investigating it in the sewer. It was constantly filtering out the organic debris from the water as well--including some of the junk floating in the sewer, paper and plastic and even occasional small metallic bits that it could dissolve into itself and use to rebuild it to its former majesty.

And still, none of that helped the hunger! It needed the discharge of strong emotions to feed its own sentience--but it also knew that if it killed humans again, the other humans could hear of it, and come searching. . .

It had felt something building between the first two females, an emotional outpouring that had attracted it in the beginning. The appearance of the other pair, however, had disrupted the energy it had sensed building toward discharge. It was toying with the idea of terrifying them but not killing them, although the burst of emotional energy that accompanied the release of a human's life-force was the most potent of any creature it had ever fed on--but it knew that would be a mistake. Better to kill them quietly and quickly, then run far, far away from the others, those humans who had nearly exterminated it the last time! The creature had nearly decided, regretting that there were only four of them. . .


"What did you say?" Molly gasped, her eyes wide with shock as Miss Jennings grinned wickedly at them both!

"That you were doing it exceptionally well, dears. Wasn't that what I said?" she asked Alice, squeezing the girl's hand.

"No, you said--you said they were doing it beautifully," the blonde managed to stammer, blushing crimson as Molly and Laura stared at her. She watched Molly lick her lips, and wanted to drop to her knees and give the statuesque young redhead the same kiss Laura had been giving to her. . .

"Oh, that's right," Nora laughed. "In fact, you were doing it so beautifully that we wondered if we might not join you? Alice, here," Nora teased, squeezing the girl's hand and pulling the young blonde around in front of her, "has been fantasizing about doing exactly that."

Alice blushed again, then moaned as the woman's hands cupped her full breasts and squeezed them tenderly, her nipples peaking hard on the swelling areolae as Nora kneaded the firm flesh lovingly. "And I'd love to taste you both," Nora continued in a husky voice, staring hotly at the two astonished teenagers. "I've got this thing for redheads, especially," she whispered hotly, staring into Molly's green eyes and licking her lips.


It paused just short of wrenching the grates free and flowing in an inexorable tide of destruction up into the echoing room. The humans were beginning to display that emotional state again--it had surprised some of them, at different times in the past, in similar states, but that had quickly vanished as it appeared. And it had been too arrogant to believe it could learn anything from hairless apes!

They had, however, recently taught it several things-- including one that it had never in all its long history had to experience before, caution. And it still remembered what it had thought at times was a futile rushing to preserve its existence, while a monster burbled hungrily behind it--

If it had been human it might have felt shame. That was an emotion that had been foreign to it, though, as caution and prudence had been only a few short months ago. It weighed its options again as it retreated slightly--the hunger was gnawing at it, but it was not in any danger of starving yet. It could exercise one of the other traits it had learned at such a cost-- patience. If they tried to leave, it would take them, it decided, but for now it would wait and watch. It extended itself back downward, leaving only two sensing pseudopods hovering behind the grate while it waited to see what the females would do--

Chapter Three

"I--oh," Molly sobbed, one hand sliding down her slick belly and cupping over her drooling cunt. She'd been hot enough before, while Laura had been naughtily tongue-fucking her ass-- but this was incredible! Miss Jennings was offering Alice to them, like some pagan high priestess offering up a virgin sacrifice to her gods! And in a way, the moaning redhead mused dazedly, that might be exactly what was happening here!

"Mmmm, I see you like that idea," Nora sighed, intense heat sweeping through her. "Has she made you come yet?" she asked Molly, grinning for a moment down at the kneeling blonde and then looking back up at her shivering friend.

"Only--only once," Molly stammered, two fingers up inside herself now as she felt the familiar passion beginning to make her blood bubble again. "And after that she just teased me, and teased me. . ." the redhead gulped, staring entranced into Miss Jennings' heated gaze.

"Miss--Miss Jennings?" Laura whispered, and the woman looked back down at her. "You aren't angry?"

"It's Nora, dear--to both of you," she said with a lust- filled glance at the kneeling girl, and a wicked smile. "I asked a very good friend of mine, a man, that very question when he caught me in bed with his wife. Do you know what he said?"

Molly giggled. "Yes, and then shot you both dead?" she teased, three fingers working hotly in and out of herself now as she turned to fully face the woman and the blushing Alice.

Nora laughed and shook her head. "He looked at me and smiled, then asked me how he could possibly be angry at me for eating ice cream, since he liked it so much himself?"

Both girls gaped at her for a moment, and then Laura began laughing. "Oh, that's perfect," she howled, slapping the tile floor with one hand while Molly nodded behind her--and finger- fucked herself even harder, displaying herself lewdly to both Nora and Alice!

"And that's what I said when he stuffed his hard cock up my ass, while his wife was sucking on my clit," Nora laughed, and felt Alice shudder in her hands again!


It was shocked! Suddenly its emotive receptors were flooded with an energy it had never tasted before--and the hunger demanded more of it! Then another intense surge, this time from the red-maned one, and it felt the incredible emotions blast through its massive body!

It pulled more of itself up into the drain system, funneling the water pouring down the pipe through itself--and tasting an unfamiliar but tantalizing set of traces in the liquid. It realized that it must be coming from the females, and wondered why it had never tried to make the humans it had fed from emote like this before? The level of energy the two of them had put out for a few seconds had been incredibly powerful, and it hadn't even been touching them!

It began wondering what intimate contact during one of those emotional peaks would feel like, and tried to decide how best to find out! It had already seen quite plainly that terror appeared to be antithetical to this unbelievably powerful energy flow, and wondered what it could do to make its appearance less terrifying to the humans. . .

It marveled at the radical change in its attitude. Before it had been proud of its midnight-black bulk, enjoying the soul- freezing terror its appearance had cause in the humans to whom it had deliberately shown itself. Soul-freezing terror it finally understood intimately, remembering again the wave of black corruption creeping, rushing, bubbling inexorably after it in its headlong flight for survival!

That, it suddenly realized with a wrenching mental shock, was what the humans had always felt on seeing it! And it finally understood what a few of the humans had felt when it took their mates or children, it believed! Most had felt rage and terror, emotions it knew as well now, thanks to those humans who had struck back at it so effectively. But some had felt something different, something--aching, a deep pain worse than any physical torment it could inflict on them had ever caused.

It hadn't liked that sensation, had destroyed those humans quickly. And now it realized that it was feeling this, this soul-deep anguish, remembering all the times it might have tasted this incredible emotive rush--and had destroyed the humans instead! A foul, creeping, rushing, bubbling, inexorable blackness. . .

It shuddered at the realization, physically shuddered, and the lower portion of the drainage system crumbled around its bulk. It searched rapidly though itself, finding in the essence of the giant squids it had consumed a possible answer. . .


"What was that?" Laura gasped, and Molly giggled.

"You always make the earth move for me," the redhead sighed, riding the downward slope of the incredible rush her naughty display had engendered in her!

Alice closed her eyes and shivered, knowing she was caught now--and, surprisingly enough to her, not caring! She wouldn't, the gasping girl mused dazedly, coming down from another sweet, shuddering orgasm herself, even really care right now if it did kill her! As long as it made her come like this once--or possibly twice. . .

Nora looked around, glancing at the grates in the middle of the floor for a terrified instant. They were still firmly in place, and she laughed at herself and shook her head. "A little earthquake, probably--you'd better quit that, Molly," she giggled, and the redhead giggled right back at her.

"Mmmm, then I guess someone else needs to do it for me," she laughed, grinning wickedly at the blonde and brunette standing in front of her. Molly pulled her fingers out of herself, started to lick them--then changed her mind, and held her hand out to the two gazing at her so hungrily. "Taste me," she whispered, her slick, fragrant fingers held now in front of the trembling blonde's lips.

Alice opened her mouth and began to lean forward--and one of Nora's hands clasped the redhead's wrist, pulling the hand past the blonde's cheek. Molly giggled at Alice' despondent look, and the blonde turned to stare at the brunette behind her. "No fair," she sobbed, what was waiting for them all temporarily forgotten as her lust-drenched mind reacted to the sights and scents of the obscene act she wanted to participate in so much!

Nora nodded and slid her lips slowly off the single finger of the three she'd sucked clean of the redhead's tasty juices. "Age before beauty," she whispered, her gaze hot enough to char the quivering blonde's protest to ash as she took Molly's dripping middle finger and thrust it slowly, teasingly, into Alice' welcoming mouth!

Laura watched enchanted as the blonde's eyes closed, and the young girl began sucking as she purred deep in her throat! She never would have believed that Alice would enjoy the games she and Molly had been playing with each other since they were eight years old. And, no matter what her older sister had told her, she'd never believed that Miss Jennings--Nora--was that way either!

Of course, Laura mused, the woman had told them all very plainly that she enjoyed men too--something that Laura and Molly, and probably Alice as well, had never tried. Not from lack of opportunity, of course. Laura and Molly had been propositioned repeatedly since their tits began to grow, and had always giggled and told the other about it later--when they paused to talk, that was.

But Nora was just as hot, just as delightfully kinky, as Laura's older sister had claimed. She'd teased Laura with stories of how she and four other girls had seduced the attractive woman their senior year, and had ended up on their knees with Nora fucking them with her entire hands--and part of her arms, too, according to her giggling sister! Two girls at a time!

Laura moaned, wishing she could feel that, then giggled to herself. She was going to, if she was even the slightest bit lucky! And she planned to make her own luck!


It found the change surprisingly easy, and knew that it could have done this at any time in the past. The giant squid and the whales that hunted them had long been its prey--it had possessed the requisite knowledge for millennia, had it cared to exert itself.

The creature was a brilliant grass-green now, instead of the dull and deadly black it had been for countless eons, and it was shockingly pleased with itself! It rippled, colors flowing over its massive body like a demented subterranean rainbow, or the palette of an elder god discarded on the earth, and once more took a grip on the grating over it. . .


Laura was licking hotly up into Nora's drooling cunt, sucking and sobbing in sheer lust when something slid greasily into her. Then something probed her anus as well, stretching that well-used hole sweetly, and she bubbled into the groaning brunette. It was Molly, she knew without looking, showing Alice just how to do it to her. . .

Nora gasped as something slid into her ass, firing her lust to an incredible level! Both of Laura's hands were on her trembling thighs, the woman knew--it must, she thought, her eyes closed, be Molly or Alice exploring her asshole so sweetly. . .

Alice moaned into the gasping redhead as a pair of hot, greasy things slid into her shivering body! She knew exactly what it was, and what it was preparing to do to them--the dream always went this way while she was licking and sucking hotly on the moaning redhead! It would be the good dream, she knew without a doubt now, it always was when it began to caress her at this point. The blonde moaned, giving herself up to the hotly incredible inward slide, not the wave of destroying blackness but the gentle, brilliantly-colored lover. . .

Molly moaned as something slid up her ass, and her eyes came open lazily. She stared over Alice' blonde head, not really understanding what it was she was seeing--the entire other side of the room, all the way to the ceiling, was filled with something that looked like green, opaque jelly! More of it was flowing out of the hole in the center of the floor, and the redhead wondered dazedly where the huge, heavy grates had gone to as she realized it wasn't all over on the other side of the room.

No, the redhead saw, moaning deep in her throat as Alice shuddered on her knees in front of her and sucked even harder on her cunt, there were--one, two, three, four, five, six--six thick tendrils, she counted, extending from the mass to the four enraptured women. One in Nora, in her ass, Molly realized--Laura was still sucking viciously on the spasming brunette's cunt. Two in Laura though, pulsing and growing steadily thicker as they slid in and out of the kneeling blonde's cunt and ass!

And two more in Alice, Molly saw, giving her the same treatment that Laura was getting. That means, Molly thought with a giggle that was unnervingly near hysterical, that what's in my ass isn't Alice' slim, hot fingers. . .

Molly could feel it growing, sliding deeper into her as it widened her adoring, sucking asshole. The part sliding up into her bowels wasn't hurting her the way some of the things she and Laura had inserted in each other had--it was as if the tentacle was conforming unerringly to her capacity and shape inside, while the part of her that could be stretched, delightfully, deliciously stretched, was getting exactly what it desired!

Laura and Alice came at nearly the same instant, and Molly moaned deep in her throat as the tentacle in her ass pulsed--and the bulk on the far side of the room rippled through a gorgeous, unbelievable rainbow of brilliant color!


It was nearly overwhelmed at the incredible delight charging every molecule of its being, colors rippling in reaction across it while the red-haired human stared at it in awe--and the two kneeling blondes spasmed around its deeply-buried pseudopods and orgasmed hugely! The hunger was gone, blasted into oblivion by the incredible outpouring of intense emotional radiation from the two kneeling females--and the other two were rapidly nearing their respective peaks as well!

It could feel exactly what to do inside of them to intensify the feelings roaring hotly through the delighted females, and the emotional surges it was absorbing from all four of them were astonishing in their sheer intensity! It realized that the emotional peaks the two kneeling females had reached contained more emoted energy than it had previously realized from consuming some entire tribes--and then the other two peaked as well, and its sentience was momentarily swamped by another indescribable surge of emotional radiation!


Molly and Nora were both gripping the heads of the girls eating them so sweetly, but Nora hadn't seen what was behind her, yet, and Molly was staring directly at it! If she'd seen it in a movie, it would have seemed utterly hokey--but this was real! As real as the throbbing, pulsing tentacle that was apparently intent on sliding all the way through her and licking her tongue- -from the back side!

That thought sent the orgasm Molly had been experiencing into overdrive, and she wailed at exactly the same time as the huge mass pulsed bright yellow, then red, then began cycling so fast it nearly looked white! The effect was a pearlescent sheen, utterly, radiantly, gorgeous, and Molly knew it was reacting to them--to their orgasms!

Then Alice came again, and Laura, and the last thing Molly saw before the incredible power of her own orgasm overwhelmed her was the thing flooding like a glowing wave around all four of them. . .


It didn't remember reaching out to the four humans, but the females were now cuddled in its shuddering grasp. It knew all too well how fragile the females were, and held them all gently, especially the panting redhead. She'd been overcome by her own emotional surge, and it was trying hard to remember what it had learned of the Human's language--it wanted to thank them!

That knowledge had been among the more recent memories, lost in its flight for survival, it realized sadly. There were still human languages in its depleted memory, but they were from civilizations eons departed--useless to it now. Something else had been lost, too--no, it corrected itself, something else had been given up, just now. Never again would it kill these remarkable creatures, these Humans--not even, it realized with a shock of surprise, to save itself, should things come to that pass!

They deserved to live, to be able to experience this incredible sensation again and again--and its colors muted, muted, paling down now as it mourned the millions of them it could have, should have, experienced this unbelievable delight with.

Should have experienced this with, would have--but for its own arrogance and conceit. It had no recent word for the concept of humility, but it had learned of that concept from the ancient humans, those it had devoured. And the humans who had attempted to destroy it, and nearly succeeded, had driven the lesson firmly home in it!

How odd, it mused, that it now felt it owed them a great debt!

Chapter Four

"Oh, what?!?" Nora shrieked, suddenly aware she was buoyed up on a static wave of some hot, greasy softness! Laura had given up licking her just before she realized it, and the second probe sliding heatedly into her cunt to complement the one stretching her ass so deliciously was what had caused her to open her eyes and look around!

Laura was laying on her stomach on the smooth, slick surface, moaning deep in her throat as she pumped her ass back to the dual penetration of her spasming young body! The tentacles were a pale green, and Nora could have sworn that she'd just felt a wave of nearly unbearable sadness sweep over her, distinctly not what she was feeling at this moment!

Then she remembered Alice' dream and moaned in shocked delight! It had been true--at least, the good dream had been, Nora laughed to herself. "Oh, Alice, so nice," she called, and the impaled blonde giggled and writhed on the hot probes impaling her as well.

"Yes, it is--I'm sorry I was afraid of it before," the girl sighed. She leaned forward and kissed the hot stuff under her, unsurprised when another hot tendril lifted itself out of the mass and probed her mouth as sweetly as the larger ones were probing her cunt and ass. She sucked on it for a moment, then pulled her head back and kissed just the tip of it.

"You don't have to be sad anymore," she moaned, feeling another orgasm sweeping through her trembling body. "I love you," she whispered then, and spasmed hugely on the awesome penetration of her sucking, clasping cunt and ass.


It shuddered under them again, the green flashing brighter, then a rainbow whirl as the blonde came hard around and upon it! It still felt the sadness--but it put it away, in with the other lessons it had learned from this puny, unbelievably complex upstart race! It was enough, it told itself, to know it never needed to feel that sadness again--just to remember it, and the reason for it!

It deliberately denatured the strength of its comparatively massive body, tuning itself down to nearer the human norm. It knew that it would undoubtedly experience more of the mindless moments of ecstasy with these four, and was making certain that it would not inadvertently harm them. The little light-haired one was sucking on it again, writhing in sheer ecstasy against it, and the being slowly drew her slender body into its mass. . .


Nora and the other two girls watched in stunned shock as Alice slipped slowly into the brightly-colored--being, the woman thought with a mental shrug. The girl was subsumed to her slim throat, still sucking on the tentacle between her lips in apparent delight, and evidently coming hard enough to rattle her teeth loose!

And Nora was nearly there as well, staring entranced at the other girls as she saw in them very plainly what she was experiencing! Molly had rolled onto her side on the huge being, her upper leg lifted strainingly to open herself--and her young cunt and ass were now gaping around what had to be, Nora estimated, at least a three-inch diameter pair of tentacles!

She hadn't reached back and touched the ones in her, the way that Laura was doing right now and gasping in shock over. Nora knew intimately what she'd been capable of taking into herself in the past, and was certain that this being was about to plumb new depths of depravity, as well as sheer size, in her!

Nora giggled at herself, then sighed. Whatever it was doing to Alice had the girl panting, her head thrown back now as she climaxed with deep, heartfelt sobs! "It's no fair," she pouted, stroking the slick surface under her, her body vibrating with the intensity of the sensations building up in her again. "I want you to do that to me, too."

Laura turned to stare at her just as it sucked Nora in to her throat, and moaned in lust. "What--what's it doing to you?" she sobbed, and Nora moaned as well and tried to get her vocal cords to work.

"It's--oh!--fucking me," the brunette wailed, her orgasm blasting through her as the being massaged her entire body greasily, lovingly, perfectly! "Ohhhhh, in my urethra--oh, god, it's fucking my nipples too, now--ahhhhhhh!" Nora wailed, throwing her head back and howling at the ceiling!

Laura and Molly stared at one another wide-eyed, and then Molly rolled up onto her knees and began slowly crawling over to her old friend. "Oh, oh, Laura--I'm finally getting fucked!" the redhead panted as she crawled, and saw her lover start to laugh.

"It's going around," Laura howled helplessly, and Molly managed to grimace.

"Very--oh!--punny," the redhead growled, finally close enough to the laughing blonde to touch her. She leaned over Laura and kissed her, hotly, sweetly, lovingly--and the two of them never even realized it when the gentle being sucked them in as well. . .


It was astounding, it mused as the four females filled its lust for emotional radiation to capacity and beyond! It felt itself growing, a primal response to the surfeit of energy available to it that it recognized as such and controlled ruthlessly.

Never again would it be forced to feed such a bulk as it had once been--properly managed, these incredible emotions would sustain it beyond the end of all other life on this world! It was already planning on filtering the poisons it had encountered in some places through itself and disposing of them, so that these miraculous Humans could thrive and grow!

It intended to begin searching for other hazards as well, anything that might endanger this awesome species it had preyed upon for so long. It had a lot to make up for, it knew now--and a reason to want to make up for its past behavior, and to continue to exist.

Before it had continued merely because it always had, since it first became aware. And it had continued, in that same primitive pattern, and finally understood the concept of shame.

It had believed itself lord of the entire world, due homage from every other life form--and had never, until this very day, stopped to ask itself, "Why?"

It had behaved as a deranged god, taking and taking, contemptuous of the smaller lives that had fed it--until an even smaller lifeform had begun eating it instead! Epochs, it mourned, no, eons wasted! It was not eternal, it knew that now, although it had believed differently for so long--these incredible humans had taught the self-styled Lord of the Under- world, the supreme being of the Earth, that as well.

It added to its vow that it would learn, now--everything it could learn from these incredible creatures! Theirs was not the first technological civilization their race had produced. More like, it dimly remembered with the tiny bit that was all that was left of its former magnificence, the fourth or fifth such--

And each time, it recalled, there had been fire, and devastation, and on two separate occasions a wrenching of the very globe itself into a new attitude--and a new barbarism for these too-clever, seemingly suicidal beings! It marveled at them now, as it had not each time before when it had watched them stagger from the wreckage and pit themselves against the darkness once more.

The darkness that it would no longer be a part of!


Nora came back to herself in time to see the being making such delirious, incredible love to her glow! The colors weren't whirling in the incredible rainbow any more--instead, its entire bulk, as much of it as she could see, was glowing a brilliant pearlescent white!

It felt happier, too, she mused, remembering that wave of sadness. She leaned forward, wishing she could hug it, and kissed the hot, slick surface of the incredible being, opening her mouth after a long, sweet moment and sliding her tongue into a moist, hot caress.

It throbbed in her, and she came again, feeling herself being stretched and fucked in places she'd never even dreamed could feel that good before! Her urethra felt as if it had stretched nearly as wide as her twinging, sucking cunt, although she knew that was impossible--or at least, she thought it was. Wasn't it?

In any case, the being was easing pulsating, maddening probes back and forth through her sensitive nipples as well, deep inside her breasts where she could feel it licking and--she giggled helplessly--titillating her. In her bladder, which was now packed deliciously full, in her ass which was the same--and there was even something hot easing its way through her intestines, stroking and throbbing in her on the way to her eager stomach!

Nora could see Molly and Laura kissing each other as they sobbed and spasmed. She was sure she knew exactly what they were feeling, and idly wished she was close enough to Alice to feel the young blonde's orgasmic shudders as she came, again and again. Nora found herself smiling at them as best she could while she kissed this incredible being with all the passion she could put into that unequal caress. . .


It would have sobbed if it could have when the older female began doing to it what two of the younger ones were doing to each other! The level of emotional radiation coming from them had, astonishingly enough, increased when they clasped each other and began the sucking, nibbling caresses on each other's oral muscles, their 'tongues'.

Increased nearly fourfold, causing it to temporarily lose itself again in the wonderful feeling! The other blonde, the one ecstatically sucking on a small portion of it, was coming steadily now, her orgasm a rush of heated sensation that all by itself would have fed the being's old hunger into utter satiety. It shuddered again, the motion translated into a greasy, loving massage of the four climaxing females, and put what it had learned into practice.

It slid the two single females through itself, easing them together gently. The older female started, confronted with the equally amazed younger, and leaned to the side to 'kiss' it once again!

It had no lungs with which to gasp in delight, no vocal cords to drive the air through in a delirious moan. Even so all four of the females heard its wail of soundless delight and came simultaneously, on and in and around and with it. . .


"That," Nora gasped when she finally awoke again, in Alice' arms as well as the incredible being's hot, greasy embrace, "was head and shoulders--no, an order of magnitude at the least-- better than anything I've ever experienced before." She sighed, looking at the darkness outside the high shower windows and realizing how high in the cavernous room they were being supported by the being's loving clasp.

Then she looked back at Alice. "I'm sorry I doubted you," she whispered, and the girl smiled and kissed her sweetly.

"You didn't know--and he needed it, needed a reason not to be a monster any more, so badly," she whispered back. "I'm so happy I wasn't too afraid to do what I knew I had to--and so glad that you did it with me."

Alice kissed her sweetly again, and then turned her head when Molly moaned. She and Nora watched as the other two girls were--drifted, was the closest she could describe it--to them, finally pressing up against them hotly in the ubiquitous sucking caress of the softly-glowing being.

"What--" the redhead began, then laughed at herself. "No, I don't care what this is, or why it happened. All I really want to know is how I can convince my mother to let me keep him!"

Laura gaped at her for a moment, then shook her head indignantly. "What do you mean, you keep him? I want him!" she pouted, her lower lip out comically.

"Girls, please," Nora laughed, hugging them as they swirled together around and around in the greasy, hot caress. "It may not be true of many things, but there's definitely enough of him to go around." She grinned delightedly as they laughed and nodded, then started as her feet pressed against something hard!

They staggered for a moment as the incredible being swirled around them, watching as it pulled the tendrils reluctantly out of their nipples, sinking lower and lower down their bodies. "No," Alice sobbed, "please, come back. . ."

It drained out of them like bathwater swirling out of the tub, one last incredible, hot caress--and then gone, leaving the heavy steel grates neatly stacked in the far corner. Alice dropped to her knees, sobbing as if her heart had broken, leaning out over the gaping hole in the floor. "Please, please, come back," she called piteously. "I love you!"

Nora watched, tears in her eyes, as a slim tendril rose up out of the dark opening, glowing brilliantly white, and nuzzled the girl's swollen lips. Alice kissed it, tears dripping freely from her cheeks, and it slipped over the saline tracks, absorbed them, and then nuzzled her lips again.

It slid back out of sight, and Nora knelt by the sobbing blonde. "I don't think it's gone," she said, stroking Alice' brilliant hair. "Just resting--it didn't put the grates back, after all, did it?"

She was nearly overwhelmed by the utter passion of the smile the girl turned on her then. The tears still dribbled down Alice' cheeks, but they were happy tears now, not sad ones. "He told me tomorrow--and that he loves me too," she sobbed, throwing herself into Nora's arms and hugging her wildly. "He loves all of us--and he wants to learn, so he can express it!"

"Oh, god," Molly sobbed, clutching Laura for support as her knees wobbled. "If he expresses it any more plainly I'm not sure I'll be able to handle it!"

Nora giggled and reached over to the gasping redhead, pulled her close by tugging on one slim thigh--and then slid her entire hand into the moaning girl's ass in one incredibly easy and totally sensuous thrust. "I don't think you'll ever have a problem handling anything again," the woman laughed, hugging Alice as the blonde kissed her throat hungrily.

"Oh, will you do that to me, too?" Laura whispered, and Nora smiled wickedly up at her.

"At the same time?" she asked, and laughed when the girl nodded, blushing. She freed her other hand from Alice's hair and crooked a finger at the girl, who sobbed and stepped around to her other side.

Molly watched in growing lust as Laura spread her legs, and the brunette's hand slid into her as easily as it had gone into Molly herself! Laura sobbed, swayed, and leaned forward, and the next thing Molly knew their arms were wrapped around each other and they were kissing hungrily over Nora's head, while the kneeling woman laughed and fisted both of their asses!


It could feel the echoes of another of those incredible outpourings of radiation, and was tempted to go back and join them again. The hunger was a thing of the past, though, and it knew that it would never suffer those pangs again. It had found another kind of sustenance, at once even more enjoyable and more readily available than the old energies had ever been! Even now it was searching the underground system for the trace essences of the four females engaged with each other behind it--it would be a stretch, it knew, but it had grown more in the last three hours than in the months it had spent recovering after its downfall.

Its salvation, rather, it mused, and if it had possessed lungs and vocal cords of its own would have laughed at itself in sheer delight! It continued to sift through the sensory traces in the effluvium of the small city, looking forward to the incredible, surging delight it would experience with them when it surprised them in their beds tonight. . .


Nora drove the girls to another shuddering orgasm each, then reluctantly extracted her slime-coated hands and slapped them each on their trembling asscheeks. "Get dressed, go home, have sweet dreams," she commanded, giggling at their sighs of delight. "And be back here at three tomorrow afternoon. We'll play in the shower for a little bit, and see if we can't lure him back up."

Alice sighed and kissed her, then got to her feet and pulled Nora up too. All three of the girls kissed and fondled her lovingly, and she patted their asses again--then looked around in surprise. "Where are my clothes?" Nora gasped, and all three girls giggled merrily.

The woman looked around again, not even remembering when or where they'd disappeared. "Oh, hell," she finally said, laughing wryly at herself, "I don't care if he ate them--he deserves them, if that's what happened."

Alice hugged her, then scampered out of the shower room in a cloud of delighted giggles. The other two followed her out, and Nora smiled and strode regally after them. Her street clothes were in the office, after all--and she could care less about one t-shirt and pair of exercise shorts. She just wished she could spend the rest of her life the way she'd spent the last three or four hours!

She was the last dressed of the four, even though she'd left off her bra and pantyhose--and panties! All three of the girls caressed her lewdly as she unlocked the door and shooed them out, then closed and locked it behind her. She thought about the parent-teacher evaluations still sitting on her desk in the office forlornly, and promised herself she'd get here an hour or so early tomorrow and finish them off then.

After all, she smiled, trailing the three giggling young girls up the back stairs in the cool outside air, I once again have a reason to look forward to coming to school. . .


It had located two of the traces, and was hard on the trail of the third. The older woman was harder, and it realized that she might live beyond its reach--if it toyed with the three young females. But it could share delight with the young females one evening, then with the older female the next, alternating that way--forever! And the next time it caught them in the shower room. . .

It hoped it would be soon, that the young blonde had understood it--and that there would be more time to play, and explore, and delight the four willing, eager females. It even allowed itself to dream of a time when hundreds or even thousands of females might come freely to and with it, eagerly, joyously, as these four had demonstrated so unmistakably that they would. It didn't know just yet how that could be arranged, but it could learn.

It would learn!

Not even close to

The End


My thanks and deepest admiration to Dean R. Koontz for creating a truly awesome being--at least, I sincerely hope the creature/being/monster he wrote about is nothing but a figment of his superlative imagination!

And my sincere apologies for the liberties I took with the aforementioned being. I'm nowhere near as talented as Mr. Koontz--but I couldn't imagining him writing the epilogue to his creation's incredible story that I envisioned. So I made do as best I could. . .

Which is all any of us can do, isn't it?


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