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Alternate Pleasure by Kim 1999
All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic means, including photocopying, recording or by any information and retrieval system, without the written permission of the author.

This story was written in 5 parts...sit back & enjoy!


I have just purchased Kato, my new doggie. He has been trained by the best zoo trainers around, so he knows what to do to my pussy & your dick & does it like a champ. I have just washed Kato's nice pink popper, making sure it is very clean for me & you. No nasty stuff or surprises when we take him in the mouth. He has already started to get hard because of the manipulation. I get naked & get out the peanut butter. Kato loves peanut butter! I smear some on my breasts, pussy & ass. Kato is so excited, he knows that he is going to get to cum all over, multiple times, get his dick sucked & pump it into my pussy today. He doesn't know where to start, so you start with my breasts, eating the peanut butter off my nipples, licking & sucking on them, making my nipples get bigger & harder, like marbles. Kato starts on my pussy, as i lay on the blanket with my legs spread open wide. i have a pillow under my rather large butt so as to give Kato better access to my wet pussy.

He is licking like a champ, his big wide tongue bathing my lips with his saliva. He bumps my clit every once in a while, sending a jolt of pleasure down my spine & creating that feeling of warmth that is the beginning of ecstasy. You are still working on my breasts, you smash them together so you can lick both nipples at once, nipping & biting them, creating that painful pleasure that you enjoy giving me. You stop long enough to watch Kato eating up all the peanut butter. He has worked his tongue inside my pussy & is lapping up my free-flowing juices. I begin to moan & squirm, knowing that my orgasm is just minutes away if Kato doesn't stop. He gets a whiff of the PB by my asshole & moves his snout down there, licking my booty. You are enjoying watching this, getting harder as Kato gets me more excited. My pussy is quivering, i am begging Kato to get back to it, even though I am enjoying the ass licking, i need to feel him on my clit so i can cum. You sense this, and laugh. you are so mean, so masochistic, you don't want to let me cum yet. You lean down & spread my ass cheeks wider so that Kato can get in there better.

You praise Kato, telling him what a good dog he is to be licking my bum so thoroughly. I tell you "shut the fuck up & put more PB on my pussy!" You don't, instead you look under Kato & see his cock starting to peek out, unsheathing itself, dripping with doggie precum. You reach under & start to jack off Kato, which encourages him to keep on doing what he is doing. You then shove 2 fingerfuls of PB inside my asshole. Kato then is trying his damnedest to get his tongue inside my ass to get that prize PB. He is lapping so roughly, but it relaxes my sphincter & i let his tongue in. I am starting to get off on this, but not nearly as much as you are. Your dick is so hard, it is glistening with precum. I ask "do you want me to lick that off?'" You reply that of course you do. I turn the tables on you & say "Not until you tell Kato to go back to my pussy!!" Defeated, you smear some PB on my puss, & Kato quickly changes his focus. He is muffdiving again & i tell you to bring your big swollen cock over to me............


I take your dick in my hands, gently grabbing it by the base, thumb under your balls, hand on the shaft. i wiggle it back & forth, left & right; the air is cool & making you harder. I stick out my tongue & tease you. I lick the sides of your growing cock, but stay away from the tip & head, making you strain for pleasure, wanting me to engulf your hot member in my wet, moist, warm mouth. I take one nut in my mouth & suck on it gently, tonguing it while it is still in my mouth. Then i release it & take the other one in my mouth. I suck & nuzzle them, then i suck both nuts into my mouth at gasp & shudder. i start to moan, as Kato has me on the brink of my first climax......i am vibrating your balls in my mouth as moan & cry out. you balls come out of my mouth as i begin to breathe harder & faster, my hips bucking, tossing my head back in forth as i climax...."YES!!! Kato, lick mommie's pussy!!! OOOHHHH Yeah, more, more....FUCK ME!!!"

This startles Kato & he stops with one orgasm for me. You still have his dick in your hands & are jacking him off...


I am spent, after having a wonderful are still jerking off Kato's dick. he has about 4inches peeking out now from his sheath, with doggie precum oozing. your hand slides back & forth easily, as his cock is well lubricated. Kato starts bucking his hips in need,frantically searching for a hole to fuck. your dick has been just pulsating in my mouth & as i recuperate you command me to turn over onto all 4's so Kato can mount me. my breasts are hanging down, & you can see my nipples getting hard just from the thoughts running through my mind. my pussy is very wet & as kato searches for the right hole, you come over to guide him in. i moan as he enters, and instantly feel gratification. you position yourself on your knees in front of me & put your dick into my mouth. there is some sticky precum for me to lick & i take my time doing so, as i make your cock glisten with moisture. kato is pumping faster & harder, as i bob my head up & down on your shaft, in rhythm with kato's fury. i am moaning more now, giving you quite a hummer...and kato's knot is bumping up against me, trying to get inside. i am resisting this, i don't know why, but i keep squeezing him out, so he can't get the knot inside. you reach your hand foreward & take a nipple in your hand & squeeze it, & demand that i let the knot in or you will squeeze harder. little do you know that i am seriously getting off on this! to show me you are not kidding you pinch a little harder & i cry out in pain & as i do kato slams his knot inside me! i call you a bastard & you push my head down forcefully all the way onto your cock, so that i gag when the tip hits the back of my throat. i gasp, but not because of you, but because kato is pumping furiously inside of me, bringing me closer to orgasm. his knot is swelling bigger & bigger & it is putting pressure on my g-spot. my tits are swinging back & forth as kato rocks me.

I start to meet his thrusts with counter-thrusts of my own to get him deeper inside me. then the orgasms catch me off guard & i can't believe how wonderful i feel, wave after wave or orgasm makes me submit to your every whim. kato's knot is stretching me so delightfully wide open. i feel so full, like i am going to burst. kato is still pumping inside me & you bring my attention back to your wonderful cock. i take it out of my mouth slowly now, so that i can lick & tease the tip. i run my tongue just under the rim of the head, tickling you a bit. you moan now, as i lick your shaft up& down, sucking on the skin, putting feather-light kisses all over your stiff rod. i softly suck & nuzzle the head, enjoying the precum you bring to the top for me. i am enjoying sucking your cock as much as you are, i think......


So, there i am, licking your dick, sucking & loving every minute of it! the next thing you know kato is cumming inside me!! torrents of hot doggie jism shoot into my already soaked pussy. i can't hold it all in & it escapes out the sides of my pussy walls, oozing past kato's swollen knot. it seems like he cums for hours, but it is really only for a few minutes. i am surprised when i have a little climax, thinking that i was spent for the evening. once kato is through shooting his load he tries to get off of me, but is unable because his knot is still too big. somehow he swings his leg over & now we are butt to butt. you talk to kato & calm him down, getting him to stay where he is & not drag me all over the barn. now i can concentrate on YOU. i slowly, tenderly, passionately make love to your shaft, focusing all my thoughts & energy on making it the best blow job you have ever had. i suck on the bulbous head, soft & then harder, and harder still, until i get more of my favorite--precum. you are really excited, knowing that i have lots of doggie cum inside of me, and this gets you harder. your dick is like a post, so thick & solid, aching to release all that warm cum into my waiting mouth. i take all of you into my mouth now, all the way to the back of my throat, sucking on you.

I enjoy sucking you off, bringing you to the brink of insanity. i take my time, making you yearn for more, teasing you to heighten your pleasure. i take you out of my mouth to lick & suck your balls, one at a time. it is as if i can feel the momentum of all the spermies inside your testicles lining up & getting ready to be shot out of the cannon. i go back to your cock, kissing the head, licking the sides of your shaft. i engulf you whole, sucking you all the way down to the base. i stay down there, letting the tip rest in the back of my throat, licking around the base of your cock while it is still in my mouth (ever had that done to you before?). you tell me you are about to cum, that you want me to drink it all. i start to move up & down, slowly at first & then i quicken my pace, as i move my lips & mouth up & down on you, flicking the tip of your prick with my tongue when i get to the top, then swallowing to contract my throat when you are all the way in my mouth. the sensations you feel are mounting, and precum is constantly oozing out of your hole, making it a sweet experience for me. you start to sway back & forth, moaning, jerking your hips wildly like kato did when he was fucking me.

You let out a yell as your climax hits you like a ton of bricks. you start to shoot wads of thick semen into my mouth & i swallow it down like a milkshake. you start to tremble with the intensity of your orgasm, & have to put your hands on my shoulders to hold you up so you don't do a nose dive onto the barn floor. by this time kato's knot has shrunk down enough so that he slips it out with a pop. as soon as he does doggie jism pours out of my pussy, making a puddle on the floor below me. kato licks himself clean, then proceeds to my pussy to lick it clean, too. just then we hear a knock on the barn door. who in the hell could that be, we say to each other. are you expecting anyone? i ask. you reply, no. the door opens, and this luscious blonde vixen peeks in. she gasps at the site of us: you on your knees with your cock still in my mouth; me with a collar on & on my hands & knees, a couple of drops of your cum on my chin, a puddle of doggie jism pooled on the floor beneath my cunt; & kato licking me clean, his doggiedick poking out again from it's sheath. what does she do? what does she say?.....


She opens the door a little farther & sunlight streams inside. her jeans are unbuttoned & unzipped. she has her hand down them & you can tell she is smitten. she clears her throat & says "i've just been released, and couldn't get ahold of you. i figured i'd hitch a ride here & let you know i was finally out. you do recognize me, don't you? when i came up i could see the lights still on & i could hear the activity in here & couldn't help but peek in through the slats. i am sorry to interrupt, but i have been watching you now for over an hour & am so horny....." she rambled this out rather quickly, like a kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar. you stare at her a minute & finally place the face with a name. "aren't you becky?" you ask? she nods her head yes. you & i exchange looks & immediately know what the other is thinking. "we were just having a little fun in here. i know this looks strange, but why don't you come inside, shut the door & join us?" her mouth drops open wide & she starts stutter, declining our offer, but then something changes her mind. she steps through the doorway, closes the door & walks toward us. you get up off your knees & allow me to stand.

I am relieved, as i had started growing tired in that position for so long. you & i walk over to her & you instruct me to kiss her. before she has a chance to object i take her face into my hands & say, "hello, love" and kiss her ever so gently on the lips. she does not know what to think, but as i kiss her more insistently she starts to relax a little & even kisses me back. i slip my tongue into her mouth, probing, seeking out her tongue, sharing your juices with her. she lets a moan escape, kind of like a kitten mewing, actually, & i cup her breast in my hand. Kato is feeling rather left out by now & has wandered over to us. he noses becky's crotch, smelling her wetness through her clothes. you pull her pants down to see she has no panties on as i continue to kiss her & play with her hard nipple. Kato wastes no time, as he is ready to mount again & is licking at Becky's dripping pussy. She has been only with women for so long in the prison that she yearns to suck a cock & be filled with one, even if it is a doggie dick.

We stop kissing & she gets down onto the barn floor to suck Kato off, licking up his doggie cum, sucking with gusto. "MMMMMMMMM, you don't know how long i have been waiting to do this. I love cocks, all cocks, any cock. I love to suck cock, fuck cock, and eat cock! I didn't ever realize just how much I love cock!!" She goes back to licking & sucking on Kato's dong & is doing with it with such enthusiasm that you are getting jealous. I am lying on the ground licking at Becky's pussy, per your command. Your dick is starting to recover & you want to feel Becky's eager lips on your shaft. You start to jerk your self off watching us all go at it. Kato is standing on all fours with Becky positioned under him, on all fours as well. I am laying on my back under Becky's pussy, eating her out, sucking up all her juices. I spread her open wide with my fingers so you can see her glorious hole, so tight, all wet & shiny. I run my tongue up & down her slit, in the hole & lick inside. Becky is getting wetter by the minute & I think "if this keeps up I am going to drown." I lick up towards the top, finding her sensitive button. She jerks a little & lets out a little "oh." She is giving Kato the blow of his life & you can no longer stand by & just watch. You yank up on my chain to let me know that it is your turn at Miss Becky's pretty pussy. Without warning I stop licking & you plunge deep into her, taking her doggie style. She moans in ecstasy as you ride her like a bitch in heat, pumping your hard cock into her pussy. "My god, you are so tight!" you exclaim. "It's like fucking a virgin!" Becky is too absorbed in what she is doing to respond, except through her occasional moans of pleasure.

She never thought that her first night out of prison would be so good. She is licking on Kato, his knot swelling, showing her how much he is enjoying all the attention. I get back underneath Becky to work on her glorious tits, just a handful, but enough to hold in your hand & squeeze. I ring my tongue around her nipples, one at a time, and quickly flick my tongue at each one, barely grazing them. You have grabbed ahold of her hips so that you can ram into her more easily & then get an idea. You instruct me to go over to the workbench to get your latest completed project. It is a formidable wooden dildo, in the shape of a dog's dick, but Becky doesn't know this. I also grab the tub of lubricant you keep on the bench, as I have an idea of what you are going to do. You have me bring them to you & show me that you want me to coat the dildo with lube & then give it to her, right up the ass. You want this to be a night she will never forget, all 3 holes filled at once, giving her pleasure she never imagined possible. I put a heaping helping of lube onto the dildo, all up & down the shaft, from the tip to the base, including the knot. I then put the tip up against her puckered asshole & apply some pressure.

Becky is not expecting this, but i don't stop to her unascertainable mumblings. I spread her asscheeks & push the tip in a little bit more, just trying to get her to relax enough for me to get it started. You smack her ass & i take that opportunity to push the dildo in past her sphincter & get a good 3-4" inside her before she realizes it. Kato is bucking his hips, fucking her mouth. You are really going at it too, your balls slapping her clit with every thrust. You are getting into it, ooooohing & ahhhhhhing, knowing it is going to be a great climax for the three of you. I reach down to tweek one of Becky's nipples, just to heighten her ecstasy. I am pumping the dildo in & out of her ass, inserting more of it with each downstroke, until the knot is bumping up against her. You can feel me moving it in & out through her vaginal wall & it makes you leak out some precum. Kato yelps & starts pouring cum into Becky's mouth, which triggers her orgasm. She can do nothing but swallow all he gives her, as she cannot stench the flow entering her mouth. As her pussy contracts with each wave of pleasure you cannot stop your own climax, & it is a triple orgasm, a symphony of voices moaning, howling & crying out in agonal ecstasy.......

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