"Dogs and Women"


      (F, Zoo)

I work as a software consultant and travel to many companies during my work year to help them with their problems. I learned my software trade while in the US Army and after ten years of service, I got out to try my hand in the commercial world. My parents had died in an auto accident, and I decided to get out of the army when I went home and learned that I had inherited a lot of money and a beautiful home on thirty private acres on a large lake. The money gave me confidence to try being a consultant and I have been doing it now for three years, quite successfully. I'm 34 years old, single and very happy.

One day I was working for a company in our little town who wanted to "get modern." I wanted to get on the web for some information and typed what I thought was the correct email address. The machine was slowly loading and so I took advantage of the down time to go get a coffee, and go to the bathroom. When I got back, little Jenny was sitting at my station staring at the screen and didn't realize I had come back. I was in a small enclosed office and you would not know anyone was there unless you went directly to the door. Jenny was moaning and rubbing her thighs together as she watched a Great Dane fucking a tall thin girl who was on her hands and knees with the big dog humping her in a classic "doggie style" position. I watched for a few seconds and then quietly left the room and then made a lot of noise as I came back, hoping Jenny would hear me and turn the computer off. When I got to the door, Jenny was standing next to my chair and very embarrassed with the screen still displaying the doggy fucking going on. I then acted embarrassed and told Jenny the truth; that I had called up something and miss-entered by a single character, the addressed I wanted, and what was on the screen was what I got. She quickly left, red as a beet, and I was worried that she might report me as a dirty old man.

Jenny is only 18 and very shy. At the close of the day, when most everyone had gone, Jenny came to my work area and shyly apologized for being at my machine. She had taken a voice message for me and had gone to my desk to give it to me. When she saw what was on the screen, she couldn't believe what she was seeing and sat down to see more. The way she put it I sensed that this excited her a lot and so I chanced to ask her if she liked what she saw. She was standing near my door with her head down, not looking at me, and she nodded very shyly and said yes, very softly. I then asked her if she would like to see more and she looked up at me with her huge blue eyes and said "Oh God, yes." Now I knew I had her and I asked if she got wet watching the girl getting fucked. She nodded yes and said, in a soft, shy voice, "I am very embarrassed to admit it." Jenny is a tiny but perfectly built young lady with beautiful tits, not too big, but just right. She wears tight jeans most of the time and so you can see her perfect ass and she doesn't wear panties because you never see a panty line when she has on her jeans. She is about five feet four inches tall and weighs about 105 pounds. Her tiny little ass is round and firm. She looks so small that I could not imagine her taking a big prick in her pussy and ass at the same time. Was I wrong!

So she wouldn't think I was a complete pervert I showed her the address I wanted earlier in the day and then showed her how changing one character brought up the doggie show she saw. I left the screen on and it was advertising the animal farm site where there were many animals fucking and being sucked by beautiful young women. I scrolled through a few of the choices that the site was using to talk you into joining and she sat next to me and didn't take her eyes off the screen the whole time. In the middle of the show she must have had an orgasm because she leaned back, moaned, and rubbed her crotch from the outside for about thirty seconds as she came. When she opened her eyes I pulled her face to me and kissed her. She grabbed me and opened her mouth and we tongue swapped for a few minutes. I brazenly ran my hand down the front of her jeans and found a very wet pussy. I asked her if she would like to come to my house and watch the action from a large screen, she shyly nodded yes and we got up and left. She has a car and so we both drove to my house and she parked and came inside. I called up the farm and quickly joined the site.

There were at least forty different women available to watch and when I asked Jenny which one she wanted she replied - "all of them." I started with number one and as the action quickly heated up, I undressed Jenny and myself and when we were naked and the girl on the screen had a ten inch doggy cock up her pussy, Jenny fondled my cock and rubbed her pussy. I started to rub her cunt with her and she was so wet that I easily got four fingers up her hole, which made her loudly moan, and she positioned herself so that she could watch the movie while she sucked my cock. It didn't take five minutes of this gorgeous woman sucking me and I came buckets in her mouth as she swallowed all of my load.

After I came, I wanted to relax and lay back and get to know how this hot bitch was into so much sex. Although she had cum about three times as I fingered her, she wanted to continue to watch the movies and asked me very softly to keep rubbing her "bottom." I rolled her on top of me in a sixty-nine position and aimed her little face at the camera. She took my limp cock in her mouth and started to suck. I got hard soon enough and after about thirty minutes I shot another load down her pretty throat. In the meantime, she continued to have even more orgasms until she was having one about every minute as I licked both of her holes. I knew when she came because she squeezed my head with her thighs as she came. After my second blow-job she continued to suck and watch the fucking as she came over and over. Damned if I didn't get hard again in about fifteen minutes. Forty minutes after that I came in her tight little mouth for the third time that night. It was the best sex I had ever had.



She finally took my cock out of her mouth and said softly that she could not cum any more. Now we lay together and talked. She has a sweet little face with full lips that just beg to be kissed. I held her tenderly and kissed her and as she got aroused, she lie on top of me and slowly put my soft cock in her very wet cunt. Even though I had cum three times, I felt myself responding to her sweet pussy as she rolled her ass and went in and out for about an hour until I came for the forth time. That was a record for my tired old cock and it went limp for the night. As she fucked me she whispered, as if someone might hear her, how her mother had gotten her pills before she had her first period and explained the fun and excitement of sex and encouraged Jenny to "fuck all you can while you can." Her mother and father divorced when Jenny was five and she had almost no recollection of her father. Her mother had many men friends but never anyone seriously. Her mother often played around with Jenny in the room and several of her men friends wanted to fuck Jenny but she wouldn't let them. Jenny said she had a steady stable of boys who fucked her about ten times a week but she had no idea how excited she would get at watching animal sex with women. When I asked her if she would like to try it herself, she kissed me hard and said "yessss" over and over. About then I shot my load in the sweetest, tightest, wettest hole I had ever had. What a good fuck!!

She went home after a while and the next day looked like the virginal little sweetheart of the company. I thought about how it was going to feel with my cock up her asshole. She said the night before that she was virginal in her backside but wanted that to change! It was Friday and so I asked if she could spend the week-end at my house. I tempted her by saying that I had a big male Chesapeake Retriever that we could experiment on. She hugged me and called her mother to tell her she was staying with me over the week-end. He mother said she wanted to talk to me and so Jenny handed me the phone. Her mother, in a youthful sounding voice, told me to fuck her brains out and bring her home tired! I almost dropped the phone! I promised that I would do my best and she wished me luck. I think I am going to love this family. I asked Jenny if she would tell her mother about her K-9 fun and she said she would if it was as much fun as she thought it would be.

That evening Jenny didn't even want to eat, she wanted to see my dog! His name is Thor and he is a big, good-natured male of about 120 pounds. I have never noticed his prick buy Jenny sat next to him and rubbed the outer enclosure of his cock and his red, wet cock slid out until about ten inches were visible. Jenny got very excited and knelt down with her sweet little ass all wet and willing. Thor sniffed around and Jenny purred. Thor licked her gash and she had a huge orgasm. He was very excited but didn't know what to do next. I picked him up so that his front legs were around Jenny's waist and I guided his cock to the entrance of her pussy and when it slid into her hole, they both started humping like crazy! She was continually cumming and moaning and with a big lunge, he put his tennis-ball sized cock knot into her cunt and stopped humping. She almost fainted and fell to the rug with her ass still high and was actually drooling as he stayed in her until he popped out and a flood of his cum poured from her hole. He quickly licked her cunt, which she loved, and went to the side of the room and fell in a heap to rest. She told me how much she liked her first dog fuck and hoped there would be more. I had no idea how long Thor would rest, or if he could do it again in the same day, or anything. It ended up that after about a twenty minute nap he was raring to go again and this time the fucking lasted about an hour and Jenny lost count of her orgasms.

In the meantime, I had a perpetual hard-on and Jenny said it was time for me to get some fun and began to suck me. I lasted about two minutes until I shot my first load into her willing mouth. When Thor fucked her the second time, after they got humping together, I put my cock in Jenny's mouth and she sucked me while Thor fucked her. She really liked that. Later, she asked me to break-in her ass and I lubed her very well and slid my cock into her warm asshole. My cock is about eight inches long but fairly thick but she had no trouble taking it in her ass, pussy, or mouth. Later, after fucking with Thor for a while, we were able to put my cock in her ass and have Thor enter her between her legs with her legs spread and her cunt lifted up a little so he could easily enter her. She liked to fuck that way more than all the rest.

She told her mother everything that went on that week-end and her mother insisted on coming to my house the next week-end with Jenny so she could watch, she said. What she really wanted was to get fucked by me and the dogs. She was a beautiful woman who was just like her daughter only slightly bigger. This began a ten year relationship of constant fucking, sucking, ass fucking and many, many dog fucks. That is next time's story.

- The End -

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