"A Dogs World"

      by Tracer

      (F-dog 1st reluc zoo)

I was terrified my first day. It had been a two weeks of an introduction period before I was actually up. But my stomach was still butterflies. I didn't know what I wanted more, for it to be over, or for it never to come.

My parents died when I was 14, leaving me to my uncle Bill. He was an ass. He had one too. Ha. For my nineteenth birthday Bill sold me to a pup pimp to pay a debt. He took me downtown one someone's territory and made the arrangements. I waited in the car, and when he came to get me, I found myself standing alone on a street with a lanky leather decked pimp and my uncle waving out the window as he drove away. I was sure the other hand was wafting the dollar bills under his bloated nose.

I was a tall girl, 5'8". But I still wasn't as tall as my new pimp, Steven. My legs were pretty long, and my body was modestly curvy. My waist was 26, and my chest was 34C. My hair was shoulder length and very dark. I often wore it in two braids over my ears. I have very high cheek bones, and full lips. It wasn't hard to believe that Steve himself was drooling all over me.

Although I had seen it done for years already, my introduction period was still startling. Just seeing everything so real. For a several years before my parents deaths my mother had been inviting a rotation of about a dozen large Dobermans through the house while my father was away. I could still see them, sauntering like they owned the world through the living room. Sometimes they would give my pussy a sniff, then follow after my mother into the bedroom. On more than one occasion I had snuck up to the door and watched through the crack. My mother would cry for mercy and rub her bare tits against the sheets as the dog pumped his loins into her. I hated to admit how wet it made me. And how guilty when Dad came home and hadn't a clue what had been going on.

Steve still made sure I knew what was required when I joined. He had a collection of videos he offered to have me watch, but I declined. The stories from the other girls were MORE than enough. One girl, Sherry, offered to let me hide in a closet and watch how she did it so I could get some moves down. I declined that also. They all thought the idea of having someone else watching was the hottest thing. I suspected they were already doing it. Well, how couldn't they. You couldn't walk down the room hall without even hearing a pair going at it.

None of that seemed to matter on my first night though. My head was a jumble with hundreds of different thoughts. The girls had dressed me up in a little green and red plaid skirt, with a loose white tee shirt that hardly covered my breasts. They insisted on no bra either. The panties, they claimed, were a novelty at that. Plus there was no crotch on them. They were clipped to some bands which kept my white socks pulled up around my thighs. My hair was in braids again, so at least that didn't feel so strange.

Looking at myself in the mirror I had to gasp. I looked like a school girl slut. But at the same time I could see how much I looked like my mother. I remembered her face crying out in ecstatic horniness as she bred herself with a dog.

All together I had had sex twice before that night. I wondered if I could even fit a whole canine cock in my pussy. Would it just stop when it could fit? I chewed my finger. Or would it drive right through, filling me with swollen meat? I was getting wet just thinking. I had to shake the thoughts from my head, and followed the girls out with Steve.

Outside it was pleasantly warm. We all stood around the street hanging out together. I knew six or seven of the other girls and stood with them. It was hard not to notice the healing bite marks on their neck and shoulders. I decided not to ask. It would probably just scare me.

They all had dreamy looks in their eyes, and undulated their bodies in a way which seemed that they had no idea they were even doing so. Sherry came up to fix my hair again and I asked why they did that. I heard sometimes these kinds of girls were drugged- to make them insatiably horny. She smiled mysteriously and said that they weren't.

It was only twenty minutes before a Big black Dane showed up on the beat. I had been hoping that maybe no one would show up that night. But he was the first of many. Steve began conversing with him, receiving a few nods and short barks.

I myself had never learned canine. There had been a few teachers in my high school that had. We even had a canine student. A black Dane. He was expelled when he was found breeding the vice principal like a bitch in heat in the girls locker room. That did nothing to assuage my fears that night.

Steve nodded to us, and everyone took their places. Sherry took me with her and told me to smile. She said I had nice teeth. I was more worried about HIS. He introduced the dog as Riley, and let him size us each up. Each girl gave a few cat calls, or erotic promises, wiggling their goods around. Some even flashed their asses and I was horrified. I checked up and down the street to see if anyone had caught that. Apparently no one had, and Sherry elbowed me in the side.



Riley was up to me already. I yelped in surprise and nearly jumped into Sherry's arms. She smiled to Riley and put her arms around my shoulders, setting me straight. She introduced me.

"Mr. Riley," she said in a sexy voice, "This is Lily. She's the new girl," she added lustily. I wanted to elbow her back. Before I could, Riley's intense eyes caught mine. He padded a little closer and scrutinized me. I tried not to gasp and he dipped his head under my skirt. He was getting my scent obviously. But I couldn't see why he needed to be under there to do it. It scared me.

Riley emerged from my skirt and looked up at me. An amused smile tugged at the corner of his lip. He looked back at Steve and gave a short bark. I couldn't believe it was happening. He had picked ME. He wanted to mate with ME. Holy Jeez.

"Well, show him to a room, Lil." Steve prompted. I was in a daze as I returned so soon to the house. Some of the girls that had the night off smiled and gave me thumbs up. I didn't really see who. All I could see was the room looming ahead, and hear the heavy steps of the huge dog behind me. They sounded undeniably like the steps of mothers old lovers as they marched through the house, their huge hard-ons wagging like second tails. I wondered if he already had it out or not?

I found out once we got to the room. Just my luck the first one had to be open. I stepped aside and closed the door behind him. This gave me the first look at him in good light. He was a good 150 lbs, a sheen black coat, and strong legs. His pink cock was just emerging from its sheath.

His head swung around to look at me as well. The half dozen gold chains he wore swung with it, and clinked against each other in the otherwise silent room. He gave me another long look, and motioned to the bed. I swallowed and walked to it, sitting on the edge.

Instantly I realized this was NOT the correct position, and went to correct myself. Before I could do so however, Riley stuck his snout between my legs. I gasped as his cold wet nose bumped against my bare shaven pussy. A long tongue slithered out and touched the barely opened lips of my wetness. It made me gasp again.

Riley positioned himself up against the bed, making it known that he wasn't leaving just then. I had been told to always give the customer what he wanted, so I spread my long legs wide. He dove right in, running his tongue up and down my open snatch. I couldn't help but cry out. It felt so GOOD. A few times he snaked his tongue up my hole and I jolted.

For about ten minutes flat he ate me. I found if I raised my knees up on the bed it gave him easier access, and he didn't hesitate to take it. As soon as I accepted the fact that I was here to be his bitch, there wasn't much confusion any longer.

When he was done he made it apparent by backing off. I looked down at him from between my legs and glimpsed the burning look in his eyes. And the further extension of his cock. It was at least 1 and a half inches in diameter, and five inches long. The color had definitely become darker.

He leapt up on the bed and circled around me. I didn't dare move until he motioned me to. He stopped with his back legs right beside my face. I could see the cock staring right at me. Waiting for something. I swallowed as I understood what was being asked. Or demanded.

Taking the shaft timidly in my hand it lurched forward. I turned my head sideways and moved under the belly of the beast. The head easily fit in my mouth, and I fed it in slowly. I had never done something like this before, and didn't quite have the hang of it. Riley didn't care. He hunched his loins forward, farther into my mouth. I began sucking it in and out, a few inches at a time, so he wouldn't get antsy. My hand stroked up and down on the length I could fit in. I ran my tongue all over the head and shaft as it slipped in and out of my mouth.

I suddenly realized the penis was getting longer, as my hand had more and more to jack off. How was I going to handle all that? Fortunately my hand hit what seemed to be a stopper. There was no more after that. I kept on sucking and stroking on what he had unsheathed.

But as it kept getting longer, and dared to run my hand over the stopper. There was more cock after that. Which meant.... there was a huge plug in the middle of the dogs cock. How was I going to get that IN me? It was at least an extra inch in diameter.

I was so shocked that I jerked away from him. The whole cock was 9 inches long from head to base. It glared red at me, and my eyes turned as big as dinner plates. Riley marched around the bed again, and before I knew it, had gotten behind me.

Without thinking, I did as my mother had showed me, leaning down on the bed with my exposed ass up in the air. By this time I had become dripping wet, between being licked, sucking on a throbbing tool, and thinking about being bred. Riley jumped up on, and mounted me. I gasped, and almost screamed.



He nipped my shoulder before I did, and I shut my mouth. I was still afraid of being bitten. I felt the mattress beneath me as he pranced around on his back legs. Something hot and wet brushed my thigh and I gasped again. That was his cock. It brushed against the other thigh, and I realized why the girls gave me the crotchless panties. I shifted my snatch about, trying in vain to avoid his penetration. All it did was help him zero in on my hole.

With a triumphant snuff, his rod hit home. My knees slid open a little farther -against my will- as he pressed into me. I had never had something so big in me. So hard and long. I arched my back to let him in easier. Fighting him would only make it hurt more. He pulled out, and I hoped that he was finished. Instead he jerked himself back in again. I squeaked as he filled me back up. He did this again, and I got the feeling he was enjoying my discomfort.

Then the actual thrusting began. He started a rhythm up like he had done it a million times before. I closed my eyes, and saw my lusty mother again, huffing and panting for air while Rex pumped her full of steaming doggy cum. My pussy started getting wet, and I rocked my hard nipples pressed against the sheets.

Riley's thrusting made me moan. I finally understood why bigger WAS better. He was wet himself, and made his breeding all that easier. The rough fur of his underbelly sanded against my back, reminding my of the giant dog on top of me the whole time. I now wanted to see us, see him mating me. That was probably why Steve put mirrors in all the rooms.

I looked to the side, and got a good look at the two of us. My little skirt was thrown over my back, my breasts rubbing all over the messy sheets. Rileys throbbing shaft worked in and out of my pouting lips, disappearing deep into my receptive hole. The plug was beginning to bang against my pussy, like it was knocking to come in.

A strange force over took me. Simultaneously I spread my legs wider, arched my back down, and began thrusting back. I wanted that plug in me. I wanted him to jackhammer into me. I wanted it BAD. And boy did I get it. With me thrusting back, and him pumping forward, the plug pressed its way in, and brought the rest of the shaft right in with it. I screamed.

Working between panting and moaning, I continued thrusting back. Riley picked up his pace. Everything became a blur. My pussy started closing and opening around the huge prick as it flew in and out. Then it started growing. Right in my snatch. The plug was expanding, the shaft was growing, but the rhythm didn't slow at all. I started crying out out of pure pleasure.


My loins exploded. I screamed, and Riley slammed all the way in, shooting me full with steaming hot seed. My knees were buckling beneath me, but I had to stay up. His plug kept blowing up like a balloon as he pumped me to the brink, keeping my orgasm lasting and lasting. Tears kept pouring down my cheeks as I screamed, and I felt Riley bite down on my shoulder, growling carnally.

When it was over Riley's cock shrunk down enough for him to pull it from me. He laid down on the end of the bed and began licking himself. I simply flopped down where I knelt, still panting for breath. There was doggy cum dripping from my pussy as it finished its post-orgasmic spasms. I was EXHAUSTED. Clapping came from the doorway, and I laid my head to the side to look. I couldn't even get up. It was Sherry and the girls. They gave a little cheer and grinned from ear to ear. Riley looked up at the other dogs waiting in the hall. I gave them a weak wave and let out a long sigh.

- The End -

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