"Doing It"


      (F, Best)

In my first story, I stated that it would be my first and last. That was and is still my intent with this exception based on the reader's responses.

First of all, I didn't get or expect many responses to my story. I had written it for my personal satisfaction, but, I would be lying if I said that I got an erotic thrill from reading them, especially those responses from females and couples who had or wanted to engage in the same act. (This is not a solicitation for further E-Mail, naturally I get off on reading them but you should not feel that a response I obligatory).

The common observation was that I didn't go into detail in regard to the act itself.

So, that is the purpose of this addendum to the first story and it will deal exclusively with our mating.

I have heard it said that anticipation is half the fun and although I did enjoy the build up to the event, it in no way compared to the joy of my coupling with Rex. Please note that I said "my" coupling rather than "his" coupling with me. After all, I was the human, had the ability to think and control the action. Fortunately, Rex didn't know this and it wound up with each of us fucking the other.

All of the preparations had been made, so I called him on to the bed. As I said in the original story, my ass was propped on two pillows that were covered with a towel. My legs were splayed and the soles of my feet were on the bed so that I could thrust my vagina up in rhythm with the strokes of his penis and fuck him for all I was worth, so I thought.

He was sitting between my legs and licking my cunt lips. I reached between our bodies, gripped his sheath and worked my fingers up and down on it until his penis protruded. I cooed to him and he moved over me and licked my lips.

He started thrusting with his penis and with little searching found the lips of my vagina. The best comparison that I can make is to say that it was like being raped without the emotional side effects. I wanted it and thought that I was prepared, but that wasn't the case.

Once he had his penis at my entrance, he thrust forward with such force that he actually scooted me forward on the bed. I screamed in delight (I'm a screamer) and came immediately. I have never been fucked so hard and furiously, even by a man in his short rows. I loved every thrust, but quickly realized that I couldn't keep up with his pace by thrusting myself upward, as I originally planned, so I wrapped my arms and legs around him and let him scoot me backwards and forwards on the bed with his fucking.

To deviate a moment from the act itself, I estimate that the length of his penis was between four and six inches, probably closer to six, and the circumference was about the width of my three fingers bunched together.There is no way that I can do justice in describing the eroticism of his fur rubbing on my body. I had never experienced anything like it before.

He must have had fucked me for around four minutes providing me with countless orgasms when his penis started to swell at its base. It was fully embedded in me and his thrusts subsided. I would estimate that the knot was about the size of my fist doubled up.

Then he began ejaculating in me. I have never felt a man's semen when he was Cumming, but, I certainly felt Rex's. It was warm and copious in the quantity that he spurted in me. The size of his knot increased slightly as he continued to eject and the best was yet to come.

We were tied up for around ten minutes and I came repeatedly during that time. I was completely satiated. I held him close to me and kissed him, although he would have preferred to have turned around with us being ass to ass.

Finally, his penis subsided to the point that he extracted it.

To add icing to the cake, he licked his cum of my cunt thus providing me with another climax.

That is as true and accurate description of our fucking as I can provide.

I don't see any point in describing later sexual liaisons in that they would be repetitious and the only thing that would be new would be the refinements in our techniques.

Thank you for reading my story.

- The End -


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