"The Family Ritual"

      by Canaco

      (M+f mf ff mf cons inc beast)

It was the night of Kaokab's 16 years old birthday. The big night she and her family had been waiting for since her birth; it was a tradition that had started in her family since her grandmother's birth. To become a woman, Kaokab would have to loose her virginity, in a very special ritual.

Kaokab's older sister, Maryam, brought her to the family's big washroom. There was no light except for candles. Maryam had filled the bath with burning water and filled it with flower petals and perfumed oils. She had to get Kaokab's hair done; while she bathed, she combed them into a high ponytail and twisted it into a bun. Kaokab got out of the bath, dried herself and came into the living room. The lights were closed, too; only candles, everywhere. At the center of the room was a long bench of red velvet, and around it was her father, uncle, cousin and grandfather. Her german shepherd dog, Hamlet, was tied in a corner, and her sister Maryam sat next to him, holding him by the collar.

Her legs shaking, Kaokab walked to the red bench, layed on her belly and brought her feet on each side of her head, like she had been taught in gymnastic class. Her brown skin was oily and soft-smelling because of the oils she had in her bath, and her beautiful vagina lips were spread open by her unusual position. Slowly, her grand father, the oldest male of the family, walked toward Kaokab. Her put his hands on her butt and held her still, then brought his lips to the beautiful pussy. Kaokab didn't moved; she was about to offer herself to her family which she honored and feared. Everybody had always been really strict about this ritual.

Her grandpa's agile tongue slid between Kaokab's soft lips as he tongued her softly with long, slow strokes. He rubbed her clitoris gently as his tongue got deeper and deeper. Although Kaokab felt uncomfortable with her grandfather mouthing her, she closed her eyes and let her loin shake with pleasure. After the 5 minutes allowed, Grandpa moved and let the second oldest member get through; Kaokab's father. Kaokab was disgusted about the idea of his father's mouth on her genital area, but the waves of pleasure her grandpa had started had stopped and left her really hot; she needed the pleasure.

Her father's mouth embraced her soft shaved pussy as his tongue shyly slid in her hot cunt, moving up and down, barely touching her clitoris, almost teasing her. The feeling was still smooth and enjoyable, but Kaokab wanted it to end. It finally did.

Her oldest uncle then walked toward her. Kaokab knew he was horny; he was always the first to get drunk at Christmas parties. She could see the lust in his eyes as he grabbed her butt and happily stuffed his tongue into the virgin pussy. His powerful tongue slid in her hot pussy as he tongued her savagely, literally fucking her with his mouth, panting. Through the loin cloth he was wearing, she could see his erection. Finally, to his regret, he had to pulled out.

The moment Kaokab was waiting for came; her handsome cousin walked slowly but surely toward her. He was only one year older then her, with short blond hairs and bright blue eyes, with a muscular body. He gently cupped each of her butt cheek with his soft hand and slipped his tongue into his cousin's soaking pussy, rubbing her clit with the tip of his tongue before stuffing it all as deep as he could, licking it over and over again as Kaokab couldn't help but moan. Unfortunately, the five minutes ended.



The last person to tongue her had to be a female, which is why Maryam opened her mouth and roughly licked each of Kaokab's lips with her mouth and tongue. Kaokab like the feeling of being tongued, even by a girl; her position was beginning to get uncomfortable though.

Finally, Maryam stopped and the biggest part came. Kaokab could finally lay on her back, legs wide open. Maryam went back to a corner of the room and brought Hamlet. Kaokab clearly knew who was about to take her virginity when she saw her sister's hand working on the dog's cock. Kaokab was so hot she couldn't help but stare at the big, red and wet penis as it grew longer and wider at each of her sister's stroke. Finally, Maryam brought the horny dog to Kaokab. It took about five second before the dog's paws got on Kaokab's hips. He humped in the air a couple of times before his penis finally hit the entrance of Kaokab's pussy. It was steamy, and the dog like it a lot. He slid his entire penis inside her, popping Kaokab's cherry. She screamed in pain, but as Hamlet penetrate her again and again, her scream became a scream of pleasure.

The dog was now pumping his big meat inside of her, fucking her madly. She could feel the gorgeous prick getting deeper and deeper as it rubbed against her clitoris, and Kaokab closed her legs around the dog's hips to make him push farther. Hamlet humped deeper as the five spectators were screaming with delight. Unable to contain herself, Maryam sat on the uncle's cock and they fucked like animals, right there on the couch, as the uncle's old but big and agile cock rammed into Maryam's young pussy.

Hamlet was still lustily frigging Kaokab as she now arched her back and screamed her pleasure, breathless. At last, Kaokab and Maryam both burst into a raging orgasm; Maryam from her horny uncle, and Kaokab from the powerful dog who was still humping faster and faster until every single drop of his cum had been loaded into the little girl's cunt. Hamlet pulled out and ran to the kitchen to clean himself. Kaokab was exhausted, but there was still one last step; she now had to choose the male of his choice for a man-woman sexual relation.

She had to pick between her granfather's experience, her father's softness, her uncle's playfulness and her cousin's youthful strength. It didn't took long; as soon as she met her cousin's glare, they both knew her choice had been made.

The young man walked toward her as they layed on the floor. He grabbed her breasts and sucked them, then kissed her savagely. He spread her legs apart, layed on top of her and stuffed his tender teenager prick inside of her, then rammed deep and fast as they were both panting and moaning. He fucked her with strong, deep trusts as she brought her loins toward him to let him penetrate her harder. After 20 minutes of wild pumping, the blond man came into Kaokab as she shivered and screamed her orgasm. The both layed on their side, exhausted. Maryam blew out the candles; the ritual was over. Kaokab was a woman, now.

- The End -

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