"The Perks Of Bein A Farmboy"


      (M, solo, zoo)

My name is Jeb McFullim and I come from a small farm in rural Illinois. Now there aint many benefits to bein a farm, aint no two ways about it. You get up early and you work hard all day long. To top it off most days you reek of manure makin the city folk ridicule you for doing a real days work. You know what though? Its all worth it. You see anytime I want, I can walk out to the barn and sink my cock into a hot juicy cunt and fuck it till my balls ache from bein so empty.

It all started long ago. I'd just went through puberty. Boy, back then I was all hormones. My dick did most of my thinking I believe. Well one day one of my moms poor old ewes (that's a female sheep for you city folk) stepped in a mole burrow and broke its ankle somin fierce. Most farmers would have it put to sleep rather than take the time to rehabilitate it, but not my momma. We got that poor ol ewe a sling and hung her up in it out in the barn so we could take care of her till her foot got better. Must be some life just danglin there and get food and water brought to you without raising a finger or asking. Anyway, my mom's not the most productive person so after a while she got bored and lazy with taking care of the ol ewe, she told me it was my job now. So now on top of my already heavy chore workload I had to start feeding the ewe at least 5 times a day. I can't say I enjoyed it one spit, at least not at first that is.

You see, growin up on a farm that has sheep you hear a lot of jokes about sheep-sex but up until I hit pubery I never gave it much thought I suppose. One day I was grooming the old ewe, brushing her tangles out, and cleaning her up a bit. It started out pretty normal but when I reached the back of her thigh and stood standing behind her combing out some mud from her wool something happened that changed my sex life forever. As I combed her the tension on the wool pulled her pussy lips apart. Her bright red and slightly moist cunt sent some sorta flag up to the cave man instincts in me and dark thoughts stirred in my mind. Gosh, I thought. My dick had sprung to life and my heart was pounding, I was almost lightheaded from the sight. Funny thing what a pussy does to a young man, even if it isn't his own species. Nervously I remember looking around, as if my mom would simply sense my bad thoughts and come out to whoop me. Then I thought, momma's went to town and won't be back till bout dusk. My dick stirred again, but I still didn't have it in my mind to fuck this ol ewe, just to be a bit bad I guess. I reached my right hand out and parted the lips to get another look. I gasped from amazement, and noticed my hand was shaking with the jitters. It looked a lot like the pussies I'd seen in magazines I'd seen, but the lips were bit different shape. I rubbed the entance to get my first feel of pussy. By now my dick was aching and my hormones were playing games with my boy and mind. I wasn't attracted to this ugly ewe at all. She was smelly and kinda stupid (even for a sheep). However, she had this cunt I was now violating quite eagerly with my fingers. She stirred a bit, but she seemed to know that in the sling she couldn't run away or do much else to stop her pussy from getting touched. I eased my fingers in a bit more. Then, I pussied out and I went back inside to jerk off. Pretty sad huh.



I went inside and got my one porn movie out from its location deep in my closet. I popped it in the living room vcr and laid back. I lubed up with the ky and tried to relax a bit and enjoy my movie. I couldn't shake the image of the ewe's pussy though, shining like some forbidden red jewel below her tail. The ky jelly reminded me of her slick cunt. I stopped jerking my drooling cock and stuffed it in my pants. I felt my heart pounding in my chest again. I stopped the movie and ran full speed (not sure why I didn't walk, maybe balls were giving orders by then) out to the barn. I made my way to the pen where the ol ewe hung contently in her sling eating the food I'd given her not long ago. I stood behind her and dropped my pants, my cock was still a bit slimy from jerking and the head of my dick had a massive drop of pre-cum clinging to my piss slit. The sling held the ewe about a foot off the ground. I didn t have the brains to adjust it a bit higher at the time, so I squatted and put my cock up to her cunt. I had never fucked a hole before (unless my hand counts), let alone a sheep but it wasn't hard to figure out what to do next. I held the ewe by its haunches and pushed my dick in awkwardly. As the first couple inches popped in the ewe let out a bleat that would have made a fella think she was shot. I didn't take much heed and grunted the rest of my shaft up into her cunt. Adrenaline and teen hormones surged through my body giving me a euphoria that complimented the ecstasy of my cock going through purty well. At this point my body was on auto pilot. I pumped my hips and drove my dick in and out of her roughly. My balls smacking up against the bottom of her pussy was too much for my virgin cock too handle and I started to cum hard. I pulled out in a daze and a thick glob of cum splashed onto the floor from her spooge drooling hole. I don't remember going back for seconds like I do every time nowadays, think I was pretty spent after that.

I got my pants back up and stumbled in a happy daze back to the house. I reeked of sheep cunt. I stashed my ky jelly, grabbed a fresh change of clothes, and jumped in the shower. For the first time ever my balls ached from relief. Despite being quite in shape my calves burned with exhaustion from the squat fucking. I got dressed and laid down, soon after I passed out. I woke up to my mom bellowing from my doorway.

"You have some explaining to do you little pervert, she said smirking."

My face flushed, I got dizzy, and I literally started to see stars. How did she know?

"Here!" she said, as she tossed my porn onto my bed. "Just joking about the pervert thing, you're old enough to have these now if you don t leave them in the damned vcr. OK?"

"Uh, yeah mom, I'm sorry thanks. I'm going back to bed"

- The End -

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