"First Time for My Girlfriend"


      (best, m, f, oral, zoo)

It all started when I found a site that had stories about women who had been having sex with their dogs. I thought there is no way that someone would do that. Then I found pictures of women who were engaged in the sex act with their dogs. It got me to thinking about my pit-bull and how he never was able to have sex when he wanted to. So I started talking to my girlfriend and found out that when she was in high school she let her dog lick her pussy. She said Sam (her dog back then) was able to bring her to multi orgasms.

After putting the thought in her head about what a good time she had back then, she and I talked about a week later. This was when we were fucking; well I called my dog in and got him to start licking her pussy. At first she wanted me to get him out of there. But the more he licked the more she liked it. So I got Pete (my dog) to get around her and I helped him get his dick hard so that he could fuck her. She tried to stop me but I talked her into it. (I didn't have to do a lot of talking) Her dog in high school was a female and she had never had a dog fuck her before so this was something new for all three of us.

I had seen the knot of a dog's dick in pictures but never thought that it would be that big. I grabbed Pete's dick and helped him get it in her. He wasn't able to get his knot in her so I held on to his dick to make it like he had it in her. He fucked her like mad for about three minuets and she went crazy from it. I hadn't thought to put a towel down and when he pulled his dick out of her, his cum went everywhere. Being a good dog he then licked his own cum off of her legs and pussy. This put her over the edge and she had more orgasms.

While he was fucking her she said she had never been fucked so fast and hard before in her life. Pete's dick is about six inches long and about two to three inches around. She loved his dick in her but wanted mine right then. So I did her doggy style until I came too. It was something else fucking my girlfriend as a sloppy second fuck.

The next day when she was over I had her wear a t-shirt so that his paws wouldn't leave any more marks on her back and sides. This time he knew what to do and jumped right up and tried to fuck her without anything but a lick on her pussy or two. I watched for his trying to get it in and he almost put his dick in her ass. (I think I'll have him fuck her there soon.) But I helped him again and it was real close to getting his knot in her this time. She is coming over later tomorrow and I am going to get some pictures after I make sure he gets his knot in her. I know she will love how big it gets. Besides that when his knot is in her she can't stop me from taking pictures. She loves to give me head and I'll work on her giving Pete a blowjob as well.

- The End -


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